UFC 247: Press Conference Highlights

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • Watch the highlights from the UFC 247: Jones vs Reyes press conference which will also feature a second title fight between Valentina Shevchenko and Katlyn Chookagian on February 8.
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Comments • 1 548

  • Evan Terry
    Evan Terry Day ago

    God id be terrified to fight Valentina

  • John Pitts
    John Pitts 2 days ago

    There's something so unsettling about the defiant, weirdly formal way Jones says "I'm going to get you Dominic". No slander, no slurs, just presenting a cold hard fact.

  • Kylon Kane
    Kylon Kane 4 days ago

    Jones has no respect for Reyes,look at his body language during the thiago staredown and then this one, it's night and day.

  • dragon ballz
    dragon ballz 7 days ago

    Dominik looked scared and I wanted to see those girls 💋 at the staredown

  • Nicholas Bardoni
    Nicholas Bardoni 10 days ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to watch this press conference on rewind

  • nshid
    nshid 12 days ago

    Reyes or Jones? * ibet.vegas *

  • Big Yarrak
    Big Yarrak 15 days ago

    Jones time is over

  • Hamza Daali Channel
    Hamza Daali Channel 17 days ago +1

    Come On Reyes Finish Jon Jones
    Very Excited.

  • Жеткизген Нурбергенов

    Оатафак джон

  • Respectless S
    Respectless S 20 days ago +1

    Dom: I think Jon has a spy in my camp
    Jon: You’re not that important Dominic 😂.

  • り-すアンドりゆう

    gustafusson and reyes guy fight similar.

  • jbot91
    jbot91 23 days ago

    Dominick says something stupid. But Jon is too stupid to think of a response so he says "good response Dominick."

  • Tarek Anderson
    Tarek Anderson 23 days ago

    Reyes looked like his mom dressed him to go to a high school dance 😅😂

  • Andrés Fiore
    Andrés Fiore 24 days ago


  • Marcus Smith
    Marcus Smith 25 days ago

    "Everyone has a plan till they get poked in the eye" Jon Jones.

  • A Healthy Snack
    A Healthy Snack 26 days ago

    Dominick "I'm good at every sport" Reyes

  • samuel pellerin
    samuel pellerin 26 days ago

    I would love Dominik knock out cold Jones because I would do a lot of money but I know deeply that Jones gonna finish this guy with violence. He looks darker inside since his comeback. He's not the same guy. He looks impossible to beat! He just dont feel fear at all.

  • Luciferlvz anato
    Luciferlvz anato 26 days ago

    Jung da un says he’s gonna fight Jones in the future and he can beat Jones.

  • Elite Dance evolution fju

    Traduz em Portugues

  • Jordon Nelson
    Jordon Nelson 28 days ago

    I just want Thiago Santos to get a rematch. He gave Jones a helluva fight until he tour his ACL.

  • Moss
    Moss 28 days ago

    All of his controversy aside, I would not mess with Jon Jones. He's a bad dude. Reyes is in for a treat.

  • Mustseenow!!!
    Mustseenow!!! 28 days ago

    Jon wins

  • Sharrieff Vincent
    Sharrieff Vincent 28 days ago

    Valentina didn't blink once she stared into Chookagian's soul ...she's gonna fucking murder this chick First 48 !

  • Sharrieff Vincent
    Sharrieff Vincent 28 days ago

    I hope we get steroid classic KO jon jones I wanna see him personally kick Reyes ass lol


    0:41 💕💟💖
    👇 👇 👇 👇🖤

  • Razic92
    Razic92 29 days ago

    Rakić is coming

  • Devil D. Saw
    Devil D. Saw 29 days ago

    Good response dominick

    RONALDINHO BEBETO 29 days ago

    Jon Jones vs Reug Reug = tom and jerry

  • Deadlifts
    Deadlifts 29 days ago

    Another easy fight for Jon.

  • TejanoJ DC
    TejanoJ DC 29 days ago


  • FLamBoyAnt
    FLamBoyAnt 29 days ago

    So holly Holm changed her name huh ??

  • Rome Russia
    Rome Russia 29 days ago +1

    Dominick Reyes will be knocked out cold 🥶

  • שי גאן
    שי גאן 29 days ago

    Dem jones look old

  • Joseph Peralta
    Joseph Peralta Month ago +5

    "I can kickbox you to living death"
    -Jon Jones

  • Sifo Giorgi
    Sifo Giorgi Month ago

    The only blood Dominick Dracula Reyes is gonna taste, is his own.

  • Luke Tohi
    Luke Tohi Month ago +1

    I’m Dominick Reyes and for just $699 you could score this 1998 Toyota Corrolla, the perfect car for a family of 4!

  • George Allen-Griffin

    Jon got that mean young Mike Tyson look going for him.

  • B-Conn66
    B-Conn66 Month ago +1

    Jon "I'm gonna get you" Jones.

  • Louvin Balonglong
    Louvin Balonglong Month ago

    beautiful shevchenko's gonna do another domestic violence

  • MrHaYn89
    MrHaYn89 Month ago

    Reyes absolutely lost his fight against Oezdemir

  • Kuku Alvarado
    Kuku Alvarado Month ago

    Dominick "Count Dreculaa" Reyes..

  • Kuku Alvarado
    Kuku Alvarado Month ago

    This dude is IT graduate... Something i doubt Jones will ever achieve in a lifetime.. So as far as overall skills and knowledge as a proper human being s concerned, Jones is inferior... Could even be just an employee of Cruz had he not known how to poke eyes, i mean fight...

  • Nathan Gonzalez
    Nathan Gonzalez Month ago

    I really felt the strongest highlight of the conference was when it ended

  • McSkillet
    McSkillet Month ago

    Lmao the audience is absolutely hilarious when Jons on stage

  • Michael Pham
    Michael Pham Month ago +1

    Don't let this rookie make a name off ya Jones.

    FUN-TIME Month ago +1

    Dominic is going to get dismantled. Jon has a beard now... it's over.

  • Hunter Azaola
    Hunter Azaola Month ago

    I like Jones!

  • Dollparts
    Dollparts Month ago

    Jon Jones styling himself after a vicar who just touched up multiple 7 year old altar boys and a mumma just asked him to quote genesis.

  • Connor Davis
    Connor Davis Month ago

    Cringy ass press conference

  • chrism95
    chrism95 Month ago

    The fact that reyes thinks being an extreme athlete is enough to be a different fight for jones.... yikes.
    Jones has an entire family of elite athletes, and he has fought some other great athletes.... i mean come on

  • Erv Brown
    Erv Brown Month ago

    lmao i see two title fights that could potentially be two funerals.

  • Donte Dupree
    Donte Dupree Month ago

    Jones definitely hurt his feelings.

  • stephen rooney
    stephen rooney Month ago

    This is the kinda conference you watch and think “where’s McGregor when you need him”

  • Goatly Goatvington
    Goatly Goatvington Month ago +1

    Commentator: How are you different from all the other guys Jones has beaten.
    Dominick: I played Baseball and Football

  • Ryan B
    Ryan B Month ago

    All i see is Jones smashing Doms head in with Elbows

  • Andrej N
    Andrej N Month ago

    Jones will murder him tbh

  • Keval Joshi
    Keval Joshi Month ago

    Bullet is love. Bullet is life. I still think she can take Nunes and become the true goat of women's mma. Plus she's a proper martial arts samurai...

  • Best World
    Best World Month ago


  • Toke Tuita-Smith
    Toke Tuita-Smith Month ago

    Jon Jones knows he can beat every fighter that’s given to him but it’s funny when he also promotes his opponents saying how good they are just for the viewers but we all know the result for each fight and it’s not worth the ppv watching him dominate everytime

  • Fatih Vural
    Fatih Vural Month ago

    WhoThaF...IsDominickReyes ???