How Actors Fake Puke In Movies And TV | Movies Insider

  • Published on Sep 5, 2019
  • In everything from comedies to dramas to horror movies, all your favorite movies and TV shows often contain sometimes hilarious, and sometimes horrifying, puke scenes. We visited NYSPFX in Brooklyn to learn what goes into a fake puke mixture, and how an actor can most convincingly look like they're really doing it.
    Thanks to NYSPFX. Check them out here:
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    How Actors Fake Puke In Movies And TV | Movies Insider
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Comments • 409

  • Shauzab Nashyaan
    Shauzab Nashyaan 14 hours ago

    This is disgusting, dude why am I watching this?!

  • Grace Johnson
    Grace Johnson 22 hours ago

    okay did he say that that guy who makes pukes name is MIKE MYERS? make sure he is not Michael myers or your dead.

  • I can’t be bothered To think of a name

    Should I be watching this while ill with tonsillitis

  • U K
    U K 3 days ago

    They made this video to make everyone think they fake puke

  • Unicorn XCL
    Unicorn XCL 4 days ago

    Why am i watching this after eating?

  • Nova Gaming
    Nova Gaming 4 days ago

    Imagine if you accidentally digest a few drops of it

  • Midaa Hwii
    Midaa Hwii 5 days ago +1

    Him: "Look how good that looks"
    Me: Are you okay Sir?

  • Midaa Hwii
    Midaa Hwii 5 days ago

    Watching this while eating. Well.

  • Franklin-Xavier Batres-Tenorio

    What the heck movie is 6:54?

  • F Mochi
    F Mochi 6 days ago

    wasting food to make vomits really

  • Nickz stuff
    Nickz stuff 6 days ago

    Mike Myers MIKE MYERS!!!!!!!!!??????

  • ʟєяȏʏ ιɛɛ
    ʟєяȏʏ ιɛɛ 8 days ago

    I puked all over my laptop while eating -_-

  • Lily Coventree
    Lily Coventree 8 days ago +4

    Who else thinks the berries puke looks like blood.

  • Mbbreak
    Mbbreak 8 days ago

    2:47 guy has cancer? Look at his neck

  • Ash Jax
    Ash Jax 9 days ago +2

    He looks like Brendon Urie to me. Lowkey looks like Brendon Urie.

  • B Sharp
    B Sharp 9 days ago

    I know it's fake but can't watch this.

  • Tejaswini Chaudhari
    Tejaswini Chaudhari 12 days ago +1

    I really puked

  • Sheryl Liu
    Sheryl Liu 16 days ago

    (Pitch Perfect?)

  • Dhruv Pattan
    Dhruv Pattan 17 days ago

    Nice! His face has the disgusting expression throughout 😂

  • 『salty energy 』
    『salty energy 』 19 days ago +1

    0:40 ok but that smile was HOT ❤️💜🖤🧡💛💚💙💕💘💖❣️💗💓💞💝🥵🤭😍🤪😓😋😁😁😁

  • buskid3090 1
    buskid3090 1 19 days ago

    1:59 eds suce XD

  • Barbie
    Barbie 23 days ago +1

    the guy is so cute omg

  • rainbow quartz 2.0
    rainbow quartz 2.0 24 days ago +1

    what about the “zombie land” movies?
    Edit: nvm

  • Adarsh Kumar
    Adarsh Kumar 26 days ago +2

    1:57 That guy sounds just like the "Hardly Boys" from South Park.

  • Baby Taɇ Taɇ
    Baby Taɇ Taɇ 28 days ago

    I don't really like vomits as I have a fear of them, but why am I watching this still even it's fake?..

  • tall boi Dimitropoulos

    why am I watching this i have emetophobia

  • Mario Fan!
    Mario Fan! Month ago

    I think I lost my appetite

  • Moi
    Moi Month ago +1

    La unica pelicula que no ha hecho vomito falso es jackass.

  • ReReWithLove
    ReReWithLove Month ago

    I have emetophobia, why am I watching this

  • LucarioTheFox _
    LucarioTheFox _ Month ago +1

    Try not to vomit

  • Mona Artis
    Mona Artis Month ago

    you could have choosen any kind of thumbnails, but you choose this...
    some peoples, and by "some" I mean a LOT of peoples are emetophobic.
    Please, this is a HUUUUGE TRIGGER to just see something like this pop out of nowhere on you TVclip feed.
    you really weren't considerate while choosing the thumbnail. This is awful. I don't know if I want to stay suscribed to this channel anymore, I don't trust you.
    (P.S.: my boyfriend is the emetophobic one, this is why I came here to say this, but he was really shocked and specifically asked me to come unsuscribe and write this.
    you're NOT welcome.)

  • Brianda Mason
    Brianda Mason Month ago

    Ramen can fix anything

  • Dr Scruffy
    Dr Scruffy Month ago

    I do that in the shower

  • Gol Major
    Gol Major Month ago

    Y’all exposing all kinds of secrets

  • live Dr
    live Dr Month ago +1

    I just can think of scary movie ...exorcist scene..that was grosss🤢

  • Jannessa Heo
    Jannessa Heo Month ago

    ben is a hotter version of noah centimeo

  • Belinda Dei
    Belinda Dei Month ago

    So the vomiters scene doesn’t go well and the receivers shirt is already wet so I can imagine how many time they change and all

  • raisinboi63
    raisinboi63 Month ago +2

    i have emetophobia

    • Mona Artis
      Mona Artis Month ago +1

      I'm so sorry you had to see this.

  • Blox with Maya
    Blox with Maya Month ago

    this is ugly one time my dog puke at the door that was ugly my dad and mom cleaned that Puke andi was 16

  • Heather West
    Heather West Month ago

    man im gonna puke now

  • Mints_are pink
    Mints_are pink Month ago

    I think I need to go to the bathroom after watching this....

  • Juliet Rench
    Juliet Rench Month ago +1

    I have a phobia of puke so I was dying during this

  • CD
    CD Month ago

    That scene of Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, from what I have read, was actually not fake or scripted. He actually got sick from some bad food. A chicken sandwich, I believe.

  • Kenneth Ho
    Kenneth Ho Month ago

    He has quite a neck.

  • Elle LiviornoSalad
    Elle LiviornoSalad Month ago

    Do I really need this information?

  • Alexandria Perry
    Alexandria Perry 2 months ago

    Ok but It’s still disgusting

  • BastaYeszhaaa Ml
    BastaYeszhaaa Ml 2 months ago

    Hmm...thats so different to what puke acting is like when I imagined it...

    I’ve always thought that they stick a hose to their buttholes up their mouth...

  • Ava Morin
    Ava Morin 2 months ago

    We've got Mike Myers, and then Ben Nigh, Bill Nye's long lost brother

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 2 months ago

    How is none talking about his name being mike Myers

  • Finnea Abdessalam
    Finnea Abdessalam 2 months ago


  • Chrishalee Pacheco
    Chrishalee Pacheco 2 months ago

    Ok! after pimple popping and Toe nail removal now Fake puke? Thanks TVclip 😂

  • ThE_sHoRt_GoDeSs
    ThE_sHoRt_GoDeSs 2 months ago +2

    Their just giving kids a easy way to stay home from 🏫

  • Julia loves stranger-things Eleven Eleven

    I’m doing nothing but watching this

  • Jennifer Waldron
    Jennifer Waldron 2 months ago +1

    Yeah, he’s also Shrek.

  • Cassandra Tay
    Cassandra Tay 2 months ago


    PANGOOO 2 months ago

    I saw the sign hahah

  • sunset the kittydog choco swirls wife and gf

    Brandon Rogers doesn't use that technique

  • Adonai Flores Solis
    Adonai Flores Solis 2 months ago

    Instead of fake vomit they should just have drank sprite and bananas

  • Rhetz Yoshioka
    Rhetz Yoshioka 2 months ago

    Mike Myers ?? Michael Myers 😱😱

  • Carly's World
    Carly's World 2 months ago +10

    Me: ***puts tootsie roll in mouth***
    Him: "you might not wanna eat while you watch this"
    Me: ***Swallows***
    Him: ***talks***
    Me: ***continues to eat tootsie rolls***