SUPERFLY - Official Trailer (HD)


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  • Carlos Miguel Ugalde
    Carlos Miguel Ugalde 17 hours ago

    no curtis mayfield... no go.

  • Moy Choirunnisa
    Moy Choirunnisa 20 hours ago

    This don't seem good but hey, I'm here for Trevor

  • Mayatfdcctc M
    Mayatfdcctc M Day ago

    A trailer full meat n guns. I wonder if this movie has a story

  • Farhan swaggy
    Farhan swaggy Day ago

    who ever made this was diclkless racist. why all the casts are black

  • bigstresss
    bigstresss Day ago

    Негры! Негры! НЕГРЫ!! Плантации по вам скучают!

  • j j
    j j Day ago

    funny the original superfly 1980 was light skin. and how funny even more malcom x was mix race and they gave that roll to darkskin danzel. and even more funnier most real gangster in the past 70yrs were lightskin brothers if u don't belive me go and check-out. funny funny.

  • Ta'aroa Rua-i-tupra

    Did i just watched the entire movie at 2:42 mins?!?!

  • Sick Thugz Wolf
    Sick Thugz Wolf Day ago +1

    This trailer looks too sick for words.

  • Pentagon Dark
    Pentagon Dark 2 days ago

    OK 😆😂😭

  • andre riley
    andre riley 2 days ago

    When I watch it; it felt so real like I was in the movie. I think he good enough.

  • Schalk Bloem
    Schalk Bloem 2 days ago

    this looks awesome!!!

  • Jiminie Trash
    Jiminie Trash 2 days ago

    I feel as if this would be better as a series than a movie , way to much drama to be wrapped up in a movie. THATS JUST MY OPINION ‼️‼️

  • Jiminie Trash
    Jiminie Trash 2 days ago

    I’m sorry it’s the hair 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • B. mul
    B. mul 3 days ago

    Will be passing This, these crime movies getting more and more over The top for me

  • Matthew Swiss
    Matthew Swiss 3 days ago

    This was a good movie

  • M Sanchez
    M Sanchez 3 days ago

    Gracias for including that big MEXICAN im interested in watching this movie.

  • Penny Stallworth
    Penny Stallworth 3 days ago

    Movie crap! But dude in the white can get it all..

  • TRMN8R82
    TRMN8R82 3 days ago

    Sheeeeze..its just a movie guys..calm down. Nothing political about this, its just entertainment.

  • Heriberto Mendoza
    Heriberto Mendoza 3 days ago


  • Axel Rodriguez Armas

    raven daughter of trigon raven, s world

  • Lil J
    Lil J 4 days ago

    Almost everyone dies

  • Babygirljj Jj
    Babygirljj Jj 4 days ago +1

    My dad was like show the movie to your mom but I can watch it but he was like it was a scene not for me🧡💕

  • Gee  Whiz
    Gee Whiz 4 days ago

    I generally don't like remakes. But thus is pretty good. For starters in the 1st one, Priest didn't have a rival drug gang going against him. Plenty of twists but I won't tell

  • Jimmy Wonder Boy Headrick

    I just don't understand why this film was even made. The original Super Fly (1972) was a classic and pretty much jump-started the entire Blaxploitation genre, paving the way for Coffey, Foxy Brown, etc, This seems like a cash-grab to me.

  • Travis Pete
    Travis Pete 4 days ago

    Dope movie...

  • Apollo Sun
    Apollo Sun 5 days ago +1

    Sorry but a black man having white people hairstyles is totally culturally inappropriate.

  • Bupe Milambo
    Bupe Milambo 5 days ago +1

    His wig is causing me anxiety

  • Rehan Perera
    Rehan Perera 5 days ago

    Count on this!

  • n c
    n c 5 days ago

    im 13 and i wanna hustle and be a drug dealing bad man, if someone starts on me ill pull my glock out and bada bing bada boom!!

  • Opvpz
    Opvpz 5 days ago

    Best movies ever. Superfly,Uncle drew,Space Jam

  • Kanto Terror
    Kanto Terror 5 days ago

    So racist

  • MattyAllen
    MattyAllen 5 days ago

    This is the worst remake ever. Loved 90% of the acting though. 2/10.

    SHAN'S VLOG 5 days ago

    whats with 1:39 that rechargeable gun hehe

  • Ascetic View
    Ascetic View 5 days ago

    The Movie Was Okay..
    It Could of Gone Straight to
    Nerflix To Be Honest

  • VJ Rei
    VJ Rei 5 days ago

    Superfly... is this Marvel?

  • tom tom
    tom tom 5 days ago +1

    The guy is too young for the remake of this. Should be a seasoned guy at least in mid 30's like the original to give it credibility of a well schooled experienced guy. This looks ok to watch but poor compared to original!

  • Ban
    Ban 6 days ago +2

    Can someone explain to me how black people find pride in Black Panther which is about a non existent land where black people reign and not this movie just because it portrays crime? You cant escape from the truth boyos, WAKANDA4EVER WE WUZ KANGZ. Lmao.

  • Erv Columbus Striders

    Good movie..better than the first more action from start to finish. .

  • Sean Paulson
    Sean Paulson 6 days ago

    Wtf is that haircut

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung 6 days ago

    this is why sony sucks

  • badegg3210
    badegg3210 7 days ago

    One look at that haircut, you know this will be a stinker.

  • darlene simmons
    darlene simmons 7 days ago

    Dam this looks good !!!

  • candy5742
    candy5742 8 days ago

    The guy from that Chicago show and Detroit is a good actor

  • Empire22
    Empire22 8 days ago +1

    *1:42** song please*

  • Neka96 YOLO
    Neka96 YOLO 9 days ago

    Great movie....⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • NegitiveFeedback
    NegitiveFeedback 9 days ago

    Ooo they "shot" the girl at 1:20 right in front of Opera and South City kitchen! Kinda cool to recognize streets like that

  • Bulmaro Sanchez
    Bulmaro Sanchez 10 days ago

    Someone please make a jojo reference

  • Tavoy Salesman
    Tavoy Salesman 10 days ago

    Is it online on any website or app I wanna watch it ??

  • Male Isac
    Male Isac 11 days ago

    Black movies, are always all about gangsters ,money, drugs😳 . Not watching it. Thanx for trailer thou

  • Brandon Kidz
    Brandon Kidz 11 days ago

    Isnt he the guy from shine or let it shine the movie with everybody hates chris xd

  • White Emerald_
    White Emerald_ 11 days ago +2

    This looks dope!
    I get why people won't support it. But eh, I will watch it. :)

    DROP ZONE MEDIA 11 days ago +2

    This movie is so good😔 Smh, I haven’t seen the first one but I’m sure it was full of words like “Jive Turkey” 🤢 I don’t want to see the first one. Please watch this film

  • Chris Rose
    Chris Rose 12 days ago

    can't wait to see that

  • Shanese Mack
    Shanese Mack 12 days ago

    Micheal is my uncle, love u uncle

  • Khiya jones
    Khiya jones 12 days ago

    If anyone watched this movie, please tell me if it’s good or not bc I bought tickets and now I’m upset

  • jay lo
    jay lo 12 days ago

    why did he straighten his hair for the movie

  • Mr.Wonderful
    Mr.Wonderful 12 days ago

    The light at the end of the tunnel is rarely if not ever seen by those who live the life of crime. But for the rare few who have lived it and actually risen above that lifestyle to become truly good people who now inspire others to live right and work hard to become what you dream to be. Ask the pioneer and true icon O'Shea Jackson Sr. Better known as Ice Cube. We can all agree that Hollywood promoting the association of blacks and crime is degrading and stereotyping, but when we look at real world statistics of black Americans and crime & murders, we can clearly see that there's valid proof of it. It's time to break that vicious cycle and stop falling victim to the race-baiting propaganda of the liberal Mainstream media and the corrupt Democrat plantation. Think for yourself and stop believing the lies and mind games that keep you mentally enslaved. Kanye West is right. People CHOOSE to continue being slaves to the Democrats and lying, manipulating MSM propaganda machine who's purpose is to keep people dumb and brainwashed so they can get your votes then forget about you Dont buy into the propaganda anymore. Hollywood is nothing but liberal elites. They dont care who they make look bad.

  • 360freeminds
    360freeminds 13 days ago

    Drugs and guns its the same narrative. I was hoping black panther would change that but I guess I was wrong.

  • shaQ Mmed'
    shaQ Mmed' 13 days ago

    these foooools ,u spoilt the twist man

  • Teddy G
    Teddy G 13 days ago

    Oh shut up, it’s just a movie... people are so sensitive nowadays!

  • jairtzinio
    jairtzinio 15 days ago

    Terrible movie

    • Volanthat
      Volanthat 14 days ago

      jairtzinio Like your entire ego.

  • J Y
    J Y 15 days ago

    Is this a car commercial or movie?

    • Volanthat
      Volanthat 14 days ago

      J Y Yeah, I agree with that one. The original idea was taken away.

    • J Y
      J Y 14 days ago

      Volanthat gotta admit... movie is a disgrace for the classic one

    • Volanthat
      Volanthat 14 days ago

      Car commercial.. Yeah. Definitely.

  • Catdreamer
    Catdreamer 15 days ago


  • Alexa Berrios
    Alexa Berrios 15 days ago

    I very much enjoyed this movie 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • S Bullard
    S Bullard 16 days ago

    This movie was awesome. Not corny at all and does NOT try to reinvent the original movie! Must see

  • Monique Val
    Monique Val 16 days ago

    I could not with his hair the entire movie lol

  • sam hamdan
    sam hamdan 16 days ago


  • LeGaNdArY MeMeS
    LeGaNdArY MeMeS 16 days ago

    It’s a good movie but it’s rated R so I had to sneak in with my friend high asf 😂😂

  • Kevin Green
    Kevin Green 17 days ago

    The movie was good go see it for yourself

  • 600 Gangland
    600 Gangland 17 days ago

    Called having a fire stick lol tuck paying for any movie

  • Candace C.
    Candace C. 17 days ago

    he sounds like cough drop 🤣🤣he cute tho

  • The North Swamp
    The North Swamp 17 days ago

    Pretty good movie
    The ending was a bit rushed though😶

  • Bama S
    Bama S 17 days ago

    They're wanting to be Kings and Queens again............Dumb it Down!!!!!!

  • TheMassMurderer
    TheMassMurderer 18 days ago

    A younger superfly... with his fro replaced by too much perm and the major weight difference.... it's just sad...

  • MC Shiznip
    MC Shiznip 18 days ago

    Stop being such a hater. This movie looks great

  • Matthew Hauxwell
    Matthew Hauxwell 18 days ago

    No Curtis on the Soundtrack then.

  • Dbelleza Sherie
    Dbelleza Sherie 18 days ago

    Movie was dope! Too much nudity but besides that it had a lot of action in it. This kept me on the edge of my seat 💺. Plot was on point. Good job production 👏🏼 ❤️ 😊

  • BrandonSeattle
    BrandonSeattle 19 days ago

    This movie looks like it sucks. It reminds me of scarface too much. And the show Power. It looks depressing.

  • Vonn 2x
    Vonn 2x 19 days ago

    Everyone hates remakes n all but this was really good🔥 just seen it yesterday

  • diane carr
    diane carr 19 days ago

    I 💘loved it, Trevor is Super Fine. I gotta see if again!

  • Chenale Gaines
    Chenale Gaines 19 days ago

    Great movie!!! Can’t wait to see it again!!!

  • Najeeb_da-gamer -
    Najeeb_da-gamer - 20 days ago

    i saw this yesturday AND THIS MOVIE WAS FIRE

  • The Credit Finesse Kid

    Trevor Jackson fine as hell, but this is not super fly...they should of named it something else.

  • Cedric Artis
    Cedric Artis 20 days ago

    Good movie

    LUV LYRIC 20 days ago

    Wait, is that the one guy from let it shine?

  • Roland Bidari
    Roland Bidari 20 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this guy looks the mixture of king Bach and the weekend?

  • Cole Douglass
    Cole Douglass 20 days ago

    Good trap movie I'll watch it

  • Jefferson Silva
    Jefferson Silva 21 day ago

    Português BR Por favor sony, nunca te pedi nada :D

  • Audio Fella
    Audio Fella 21 day ago

    Please remake Dolemite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesslynne Jones
    Jesslynne Jones 21 day ago

    To everyone downing this movie just because there is gangs and violence tell me what movie doesnt have that besides children's movies. Its a movie yall really taking this to a different level.

  • Shaya Kells
    Shaya Kells 21 day ago

    Looks trash

  • Mskeshia TrustNoone
    Mskeshia TrustNoone 21 day ago

    This movie is so good..

  • San Shinobi
    San Shinobi 21 day ago

    Turns out this _is_ a reimagining of the 70s original. Given how the new movie has a much more deconstructive feel to it, I wouldn't've believed it if not for the classic movie's trailer. While I can't tell you how _SUPERFLY_ fairs as an adaptation, I can say that it is about as bad a movie in its own right as it is family-friendly.

  • Manzaa183
    Manzaa183 22 days ago

    Really boring movie.

  • Jay Goodman
    Jay Goodman 22 days ago

    My teen years was like this 83-88 Spokompton:)

  • boywhohadatiger
    boywhohadatiger 22 days ago

    Face it you can’t make this generation OGs

  • Kevin Kirindongo
    Kevin Kirindongo 22 days ago

    This movie is really great I will watch again

  • Raye Johnson
    Raye Johnson 22 days ago

    Funny this is everyone that's complaining about this are the same idiots that ran to go spend their money that took Hollywood 100 something years to make a movie with a Black cast. You people move on their time remember that. 😂😂

  • Yvette So Real
    Yvette So Real 22 days ago

    Priest fine

  • Yvette So Real
    Yvette So Real 22 days ago

    Just saw this today . I thought it was pretty good