SUPERFLY - Official Trailer (HD)


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  • Iolanda Rodriguez
    Iolanda Rodriguez 39 minutes ago

    blackman with whiteman hair idk why does it look so gayy

    DIVADIVA8 2 hours ago

    This movie wasn't as impressive as I thought it would be. Although I was a lil jealous that Priest's relaxer and pixie cut looked better than mine.

  • Carlissa Hall
    Carlissa Hall 2 hours ago

    Trevor is so freakin HOT😰 🔥

  • Thomas Crown
    Thomas Crown 23 hours ago

    Setting black people back culturally 20 years aside, this was a cool movie. Great cast, decent story, not perfect but for a 16 million dollar budget movie I thought it was excellent.

  • IamBleu Wilkinson

    This movie was GOOD ain't even gonna lie

  • hanwaisproperty
    hanwaisproperty Day ago

    Black people being sensative and acting like victims from Hollywood all over again, it's cool and all when they make mafia movies about Italian but not ok when it's gang violence in ATL okkk

  • Takumi Yuuji
    Takumi Yuuji Day ago

    Just saw this movie, i really like.
    Watch it and judge after

  • Leviathan
    Leviathan Day ago

    Just watched this!!! Amazing!! If you ain’t seen this you’re missing out!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • hiphopmusicallday
    hiphopmusicallday Day ago +1

    Great movie 10/10 i just saw it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • dee fuller
    dee fuller Day ago

    You'll are hating on a black man's movie how about this if a black man puts out another movie then don't watch it at all simple

  • Thegoldendfew
    Thegoldendfew Day ago

    Trash as movie

  • Martin Martinez
    Martin Martinez 2 days ago

    Why does he look like the weekend lol

  • Brendan H.
    Brendan H. 2 days ago

    Everybody freaking out here doesn't seem to understand that this is a tribute or remake or whatever to a blaxploitation film of the 70s "superfly". It's supposed to stereotype, that's what blaxploitation movies are. Not to be taken seriously.

  • Ilhan H
    Ilhan H 2 days ago

    Sponsored by the Democratic Party

  • Ste S
    Ste S 2 days ago

    😎 Looks Good 😎

  • becky jane
    becky jane 2 days ago

    Amazing film!!!! Future you did good!!! X

  • hardup29
    hardup29 2 days ago

    The hair Jesus

  • Taking Leave
    Taking Leave 2 days ago

    I feel like I just saw every major plot point in this trailer.

  • Anita Aku
    Anita Aku 3 days ago

    this movie was better than the trailer... very good

  • bongo fury
    bongo fury 3 days ago

    Yet another “Yo, yo, yo! We be black drug dealers, yo!”

  • Shakelia Lewis
    Shakelia Lewis 3 days ago

    I love this movie ❤💯

  • Lil Jopo
    Lil Jopo 3 days ago

    Is that fucking Zaytoven

  • robert moyo
    robert moyo 3 days ago

    Is thisnot the same guy from let it shine Chris or am thinkin wrong

  • Omir Thomason
    Omir Thomason 4 days ago

    This is my first time seeing a black guy with straight hair

  • Kaneki The Ghoul Sent by Cyberlife

    The ratings don't do this movie Justice

  • eksine
    eksine 4 days ago

    I just watched the whole movie in the trailer

  • MoStWaNtEdJk
    MoStWaNtEdJk 4 days ago

    Movie was good I though it was going to be bad but it’s good period

  • Living Life
    Living Life 4 days ago

    Great movie

  • cali budz
    cali budz 4 days ago

    lol this movie was decent but the previews make it look way better lol

  • Timna Heerah Pearly
    Timna Heerah Pearly 5 days ago

    Thanks for this trailer, no need to watch the movie lol

  • Carolyn Carter
    Carolyn Carter 5 days ago

    I enjoyed this was different.

  • Moose Olly
    Moose Olly 5 days ago

    this is a dark movie with dark plot

  • john cross
    john cross 5 days ago +1

    One of the dopest movies i have ever watched👌

  • Play3r
    Play3r 6 days ago

    Almost 2 hours waisted... smh

  • Maisha’s World
    Maisha’s World 6 days ago

    This movie focuses on facts, go watch it

  • Anna Martin
    Anna Martin 6 days ago

    Bro i seen that movie yesterday and it was goooodd definitely recommended yall...but just to let ya know its rated r and contains nudity and sexual scenes

  • Charlie Martinez
    Charlie Martinez 6 days ago

    Feels like I just saw the entire movie...🃏

  • Beau Magana
    Beau Magana 6 days ago

    Good story shitty actors

  • marco ramirez
    marco ramirez 7 days ago

    I can’t with the hair 😂😂😂

  • mike cafamo
    mike cafamo 7 days ago

    Nope. Crap...period

  • kimberly alicia
    kimberly alicia 7 days ago

    Anybody else thought that this was the actor Larenz Tate at first

  • Johnny Reyes
    Johnny Reyes 7 days ago

    I didn’t make it thru 20 minutes omg😂😂 reminds me of “the man in 3b”who’s makin theses things?!

  • Teneysia Leno
    Teneysia Leno 8 days ago

    Yikes.. was hoping for better.. this is what should be protested. Shut it down.. this looks bad.

  • IIAlbertII
    IIAlbertII 8 days ago

    This would been better if DMX was main actor......Belly

  • suggie Clarke
    suggie Clarke 8 days ago

    Black life matter,think smart n see what happened next.

  • NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes

    someone watched power and thought they can rip it off in a movie

  • NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes

    that hair tho wtf is he a gangster or a fucboy?

  • A B
    A B 8 days ago

    This was a good a movie. People comparing this movie to Black panther.. why? They can both be great in their own right. Remember its just a movie. Stop taking things so personal, Superfly has been around since the 70's 80's... We weren't comparing the Black Panther to Superfly back then and neither will we now.. I am pretty sure most the individuals who commented about this watched Belly, Paid in Full, New Jack City... all great films in their own right... Remember its art not reality, stop being so sensitive world.

  • jasmine pearson
    jasmine pearson 8 days ago

    Good Movie. I recommend. It was a lot different then I expected.

  • Silent Lurker
    Silent Lurker 8 days ago

    its a shitty movie. dont waste your time!

  • Lindani Mphuthi
    Lindani Mphuthi 9 days ago

    This movie is greatly directed. Its about crime and drugs but it doesn't taint or give black people that kind of image. You can tell it did not have a big budget, however, but while watching it that doesn't cross your mind in every scene. I would give it a 7/10. I really enjoyed it. Plus the fact that it did not have the big stars that have a global house hold name. That for me is a bonus.

  • Snek
    Snek 9 days ago

    Superfly is NYC,,, not that atlanta crap.

  • Jeremy L
    Jeremy L 9 days ago

    In a world where white people are only allowed to be cops

  • miiych yulla
    miiych yulla 9 days ago

    This movie look so black

  • Vandel Savage
    Vandel Savage 9 days ago

    This show is a No No -_-

  • T Daniel
    T Daniel 9 days ago

    Movie is full of black people hahaha wtf

  • Koko Black
    Koko Black 9 days ago

    Just finished watching.. Good Movie !!

  • Huncho
    Huncho 10 days ago

    watched the whole movie in this trailer

  • Cindy Blanker
    Cindy Blanker 10 days ago

    Wow the whole trailer is the movie and tells the plot.

  • John Pratt
    John Pratt 10 days ago

    My people in hell

  • Zoe Wilson
    Zoe Wilson 10 days ago

    This movie should have bin a TV show . it left me wanting more

  • Tyy
    Tyy 10 days ago

    Black cast - Im offended!! They aren’t good guys and they’re black!!!
    White cast - How dare you?? Stupid whiteys! I bet the writers voted for trump!
    Half and half- Not enough black people! Racist!!!
    Literally ppl will cry and find something to be offended about unless the movies Black Panther 2.

  • Jac Maingi
    Jac Maingi 10 days ago

    the white gang seemed to be the stars but confusing,is superfly a police guy, drug baron undercover i dont know....

  • Floris Fiedeldij Dop
    Floris Fiedeldij Dop 10 days ago

    Looks as boring as black panda was.

  • abdi ahmed
    abdi ahmed 10 days ago

    just finished watching the movie, i must say I have enjoyed this film!!

  • Mazin Alzadjali
    Mazin Alzadjali 11 days ago

    Typical Sony garbage

  • F dL
    F dL 11 days ago

    Emma Swan of Once Upon a Time!

  • M.A.J.
    M.A.J. 11 days ago


  • shin shin
    shin shin 12 days ago

    Stop hate the movie was good an he's fine 😍

  • Xolotl Xtrapolator
    Xolotl Xtrapolator 12 days ago

    Straight to VHS.

  • Justin Hiebenthal
    Justin Hiebenthal 12 days ago

    I like how the good guys wear black and the bad guys are in all white...Maybe I'm overlooking but that seems intentional. Also the part where the guy goes "we're black there's no where safe" then the cop starts shooting at people in the car is in bad taste.

  • Gas Abelgas
    Gas Abelgas 12 days ago

    And a black dude got his hair straight lmao

  • Nuke Duken
    Nuke Duken 12 days ago

    Wankharder 4evea

  • HisMajesty2266
    HisMajesty2266 13 days ago

    i truly enjoyed this movie. priest sexy mf! danggggummmm

  • Amjed Abdalla
    Amjed Abdalla 13 days ago

    WAtch it first and judge 🤗
    Good movie indeed 👍✋

  • TheCausation
    TheCausation 13 days ago +1

    "Director X" 😂

  • Dogon Star Films
    Dogon Star Films 13 days ago

    Some people act as if Black Panther was the greatest movie ever made. There's spike Lee's Malcolm X, Nate Parker's Birth of a Nation as an example. If we want more movies with black people in a positive light then we build our own studios and start filmimg our own movies telling our own stories.
    White folks have always been writing scripts and telling stories that depicts us in a negative light. I honestly, enjoyed Superfly, and the acting was not bad at all.
    Given the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion sometimes we judge and critize too much when our own people make movies like this. When white folks do it we keep our mouths shut.

    TRELLE POPPIN 13 days ago

    His was a good movie lol all the white ppl mad tho

  • armando banda
    armando banda 14 days ago

    Honestly i always say it was ok to a movie everyone hated, but i actually thought it was going to be a decent movie. Was i dissapointed honestly its only good cause of the Setting meaning all the Cool Cars, Hot Girls, Nice Houses, Clubs. But Story and everuthing else was garbage. Entertaining just to watch once, but hell no this wasn't a good movie. Just Ok music lol.

  • Alex Grady
    Alex Grady 14 days ago

    Why do trailers tell the whole story these days? So weird

  • Sparky :P
    Sparky :P 14 days ago

    Best movie EVER

  • erzan
    erzan 14 days ago +1

    Where's the film about a Black person struggling through Cambridge or Havard?
    Where's the film about a Black person struggling through Apple or Google?
    Where's the film about a Black person struggling to the Moon or Mars?
    Why are we 9/10 reduced to being slaves, criminals or poor? Ridiculous.

  • cpu554
    cpu554 15 days ago +1

    What ,no Fred is dead?

  • mytye1
    mytye1 15 days ago

    This movie had potential but failed miserably. I'm a big fan of gangsta and drug lord type movies. Of course, Scarface, Blow, New Jack City, Casino and Belly 1 are a few that I can rewatch. These are timeless.
    This movie is not even close. This movie wasn't worth paying for, although I saw it for free. Between under-developed characters and horrible writing. Maybe another director and writer could have improved it...until then it should have not been remade. I really wish Hollywood would leave classics alone.

  • Selena beauty and vlogs Hernandez

    Why do people hate this movie so much? I just want to know someone explain it to me because I thought it was a pretty good movie

  • Johnny Exama
    Johnny Exama 15 days ago

    Snow patrol 😂

  • John G
    John G 15 days ago


  • Dragon Z
    Dragon Z 15 days ago

    This actually a very good movie!!!

  • DubsIsGod
    DubsIsGod 15 days ago

    Gonna watch this until his mentor pulled a gun on him in the trailer. Na

  • Fariq Qiraf
    Fariq Qiraf 15 days ago

    change it to "superlame"

  • Joe Grand
    Joe Grand 15 days ago

    Garbage af

  • Dusko Cakinovski
    Dusko Cakinovski 15 days ago

    His hair ruined this show.

  • korshonn mckenzie
    korshonn mckenzie 15 days ago

    this was a good movie.

  • ImAbraham
    ImAbraham 16 days ago

    People are so easily offended that it's actually funny making them even more mad 😂😂

  • Viktor Markov
    Viktor Markov 16 days ago

    When a rich millenial turns his fantasy into a movie

  • Demily Carter
    Demily Carter 16 days ago

    At least it trna say that you can be more than a gangster.. I think that's a faor enough story

  • vic8610
    vic8610 16 days ago

    just saw the whole movie

  • Azden Gouair
    Azden Gouair 16 days ago

    so much drama not my money not my dollars , you people make me feel like this movie is gonna change something... nor the one before it, we need to change the way we think before they change the way they produce > be the change you wanna see.

  • GloriousRed
    GloriousRed 16 days ago

    that hair tho

  • David Saul
    David Saul 16 days ago

    I don't see Mexicans commenting why they always associate Mexico with drugs n cartels. Scarface, Sicario, once upon a time, american made chill out... its a gangster movie period. Its just a gangster. Was anyone else reminded of trey songz watching this?