Jeffree Star Cosmetics *SUPREME* Halloween Mystery Box Unboxing! 2019

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
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    Happy OCTOBER 18 SWAMP FAM!!
    In todays video we unbox the new SUPREME size Jeffree Star Cosmetics HALLOWEEN Mystery Makeup Box!
    What do y'all think about the products we received this time in comparison to the other mystery boxes?
    Would y'all like to see me unbox the Deluxe Box/Second Supreme Box when they arrive?
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    If you read this whole description comment 'KERMIT'!
    PO BOX #2263
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  • Elise Calabretta
    Elise Calabretta 6 days ago

    Did bunny get married??

  • Aaliyah Ya
    Aaliyah Ya 8 days ago

    Please donate some to me😭😭😭😭😭😭😱😱😱😱

  • Shane King
    Shane King 10 days ago

    “I dropped some silica gel in here... don’t eat it!!” *throws it somewhere* 😂😂😂I love her

  • yerawizardsaraaa x
    yerawizardsaraaa x 10 days ago +1

    I was so sad i couldn't afford this 😭

  • Jillian Murphy
    Jillian Murphy 10 days ago

    Don’t forget that’s usd for ppl in Canada it’s even more

  • Katina Kat
    Katina Kat 11 days ago

    Aside from the wig malfunctioning, I am loving the whole look 😍🤩

  • Connie Forrest
    Connie Forrest 11 days ago +1

    I would quite personally prefer metal straw over a paper straw any day.

  • Mariana Lourenco
    Mariana Lourenco 11 days ago

    Wait.. did she not get soul sucker?

  • MADnessnailart
    MADnessnailart 11 days ago

    I remember the onyx ice.

  • MADnessnailart
    MADnessnailart 11 days ago

    I love this wig 😍😍😍

  • Thinking Moon
    Thinking Moon 11 days ago +1

    Her outfit is giving me life. I just can't it's amazing. I want it so bad!

  • alfie ralphie
    alfie ralphie 12 days ago

    I can't with how the makeup in the box matches her clothes 100% xD

  • Paige Taranto
    Paige Taranto 12 days ago

    Does anyone know wear this FABULOUS purple top is from!?!?! Bunny I am on the search for It everywhere!!! 😭💜

  • sammi partin
    sammi partin 12 days ago


  • space base
    space base 14 days ago

    You look like Effie from hunger games

  • Sab420
    Sab420 14 days ago

    OMG I love lemon pepino too!!!! add tajin to it and it taste fire!

  • eurobabe
    eurobabe 14 days ago +2

    damm, jeffree threw the whole shop in there!

  • rayray2451
    rayray2451 15 days ago

    I’ve never tried any jeffree makeup I might have to get the next mystery box as a starter kit because wow this is a good deal

  • sweetcake2121
    sweetcake2121 16 days ago +1

    Bunny’s power is at it peak. Thy Halloween 🎃 queen 👸🏻

  • Pinky
    Pinky 16 days ago


  • kozmo lopez
    kozmo lopez 16 days ago

    Try the Conspiracy Palette by Shane Dawson 💚💜💙💛🐷

    JENNIFER CARRILLO 17 days ago

    Yes do all

  • Haylius Maximus
    Haylius Maximus 17 days ago


  • Chris Queen
    Chris Queen 17 days ago

    A Gator Got Her Wings

  • Nicholas Osmanski
    Nicholas Osmanski 17 days ago

    Open up those other boxes!!!!

    KYUTIE BOOKIE 17 days ago

    Try to clean your camera

  • MaskedWarrior
    MaskedWarrior 17 days ago


  • NaRa NeCa
    NaRa NeCa 17 days ago

    The products are amazing , I mean c'mon it's Jefree she's amazing, but sorry to say, your video itself is.... bad.
    You "love" everything but said nothing about ingredients or retail price (ever heard of beeing prepared before doing a video?)
    Especially when people who don't know JS Cosmetics watch the video and/or are new into the cosmetic world. They don't wanna hear that you love every product and the important point like retail prices or ingredients were not discussed.... You also didn't said if you can choose the size of the jumpsuit. Did you - or did JS cosmetics chooses the size of the jumpsuit?
    And sorry but throwing away the box... are you a child that hasn't a good behaviour? 😏 or did you thought that's funny? O.o

  • Racquel Mendoza
    Racquel Mendoza 17 days ago


  • Sway N Wonderland
    Sway N Wonderland 17 days ago

    Hello Bunny!!! 🙋🏼Plus awesome fun fact... All jeffree's liquid lips are also all eye safe, which of course still dry down matte so it can definitely be used as an eye shadow!

  • Molly G
    Molly G 17 days ago

    Pepino is another word for cucumber, so the comparison does make sense!

  • Elena Brady
    Elena Brady 18 days ago


  • Kate Louise
    Kate Louise 18 days ago

    KERMIT 🐸

  • Gen D.
    Gen D. 18 days ago

    4:35 Happy halloween. 👻

  • Jacob Martinez
    Jacob Martinez 18 days ago

    Yes we want to see the other boxes.Are you buying Shane dawson makeup collection???

  • Taja Devi
    Taja Devi 18 days ago

    you are so pretty darling! loved this video dear :D

  • gcmora.
    gcmora. 18 days ago

    Other cosmetic companies need to take note- this is what a mystery box is meant to look like

  • Danielle Bridgewater
    Danielle Bridgewater 18 days ago


  • Madison Schnepp
    Madison Schnepp 18 days ago

    Yeehaw! Girl I love you

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 18 days ago


  • Totally Talia
    Totally Talia 18 days ago +2

    Bunny fangirling over Jeffree Star for 18 minutes straight xD

  • emma southworth
    emma southworth 18 days ago

    Am I the only one who noticed she only has one eyelash on 😂

  • Loulou Vitt
    Loulou Vitt 18 days ago

    We Say Car-mull just like you. A Texas thing?? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Roxxi C
    Roxxi C 18 days ago

    Yes 🐰 bunny would love to see the other boxes.
    It's showing up well.

  • Ellimae Dawson
    Ellimae Dawson 18 days ago +1

    I was too late for the large and medium box but i got the small white box and i got 3 shades of lipstick and also the mini pallet😭😭😭 i feel so f*cking grateful, i love jeffree so much!!!😭😭😭 From New Zealand❤

  • bellakoler
    bellakoler 19 days ago


  • aSyMbolden
    aSyMbolden 19 days ago

    The posh Mark situation is crazy

  • aSyMbolden
    aSyMbolden 19 days ago

    'KERMIT' 🐸 🎃

  • Kelly McKenzie
    Kelly McKenzie 19 days ago


  • Annastasia Galpin
    Annastasia Galpin 19 days ago

    Kermit 😉

  • Damonte Price
    Damonte Price 19 days ago

    Bunny? you look like a dead person who was in a funeral home embalmed. and in a casket.

  • bri alejandre
    bri alejandre 19 days ago


  • Are you Serious
    Are you Serious 19 days ago

    Extra sexy today. I wish I was in your bra.. lol :)

  • Fox
    Fox 19 days ago

    You're confusing cost with worth

  • katty kat
    katty kat 19 days ago

    How do I get one

  • Cabbage Patches
    Cabbage Patches 19 days ago +3

    I love this outfitttttttt, the hat and shoulder poofs are AMAZING!

  • Minnie Hernandez
    Minnie Hernandez 19 days ago

    Bunny you look amazing!

  • Michelle Alvarado
    Michelle Alvarado 19 days ago

    You got everything that would match your outfit right now. Spooky lol

  • James Robson
    James Robson 20 days ago

    Jeffree was clearing out the warehouses to make room for the massive order of collab palettes and products for the Shanexjeffree launch that’s why this is extra generous I feel

  • Jessica
    Jessica 20 days ago

    This whole look is amazing! Especially your eyes! Would love to turn it all into a makeup palette or something 😅