People Play 2 Truths And A Lie

  • Published on Mar 26, 2019
  • "The thing about lying is you got to put little nuggets of truth in there."
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Comments • 1 162

  • Marc-André Blais

    2:35 you see at this moment she is lying, she is having a hard time to say it and her voice is shaking a bit
    Edit: yay i got them all right, this was not that hard after all

  • Alexis Hatfield
    Alexis Hatfield Day ago

    I got some hehe.
    1. The only time I've been out of the U.S was when I went to Japan
    2. I am a weeb
    3. I love horror films.
    Take a guess.

  • Maggie Kleinhenz

    When she said turtle days in Indiana, I’m pretty sure it’s only that town that he was from. I’ve never heard of a turtle day or anything and I’ve lived here for 10 years 😂

  • deadkiddo
    deadkiddo 2 days ago

    Every mofucka has had a drink before

  • Sumu B.
    Sumu B. 2 days ago

    I got 3 out of 4 the first girl was really good

  • Amy Shaw
    Amy Shaw 2 days ago

    Oof the first girl was hard. I got the last girl right cuz when she said "I don't have a sibling" she said it with such determination as if to say "you won't catch me"

  • LuckyOwl777
    LuckyOwl777 3 days ago

    Not that anyone cares or believes me, but somehow i got all of those right! Granted the last one was kind of a lucky guess, lol). Now I want to become a detective or an investigator, lol

  • Digby Dooright
    Digby Dooright 3 days ago

    I missed all of these, lol. -,-

  • Bogdan Alionte
    Bogdan Alionte 3 days ago

    Worst tips and tricks i ve ever heard

  • Carsity
    Carsity 5 days ago +1

    that was super awkward when the guy got offended over the beach boys thing

  • Inverity AJ
    Inverity AJ 8 days ago

    i knew the hand getting run over was a lie because my mom only got her thumb injured and it was months of surgery and physical therapy

  • Erin L
    Erin L 11 days ago

    Lol I know I’m late to seeing this; but I had a broken arm and wasn’t allowed to get my cast signed.

  • Kar K
    Kar K 11 days ago

    Here are 2 truths and one lie:
    ○ When I was younger my family had about 30 to 40 cats
    ○ I have a boyfriend who is 20 years older than me
    ○ I ate crocodile and zebra meat once

  • fruitoson
    fruitoson 12 days ago

    is that party harderson??

  • Penelope R.
    Penelope R. 12 days ago

    Aubrey was my favorite because she relates to me

  • sheis Livvy
    sheis Livvy 14 days ago

    I like pickle juice am i weird

    • sheis Livvy
      sheis Livvy 14 days ago

      I always drank it out of the jars and at my schools party we had they had pickles and i ate a lot

  • Alexis Fernandez
    Alexis Fernandez 15 days ago

    no joke i was thinking about how my uncle was in the beach boys and how that would be a good thing for 2 truths and a lie and then all of a sudden 5:18 comes around and i was like WOAH

  • Ace
    Ace 15 days ago

    Or if they look left it means theyre making something up because when youre recalling in your memory you always look to the right

  • trox_angel
    trox_angel 24 days ago

    I gots 3/4 right! I'm proud of myself lol

  • Lizzy Howard
    Lizzy Howard 25 days ago

    Okay idk if it's just me but I find the first womans voice really soothing and calming

  • TotallyNot AnAlien
    TotallyNot AnAlien 29 days ago

    Piercings are thirteen and tattoos are sixteen in my state

  • romin alekseev
    romin alekseev 29 days ago

    The blond guy I thought he was PewDiePie

  • Karlie Scales
    Karlie Scales Month ago

    I knew that the hand one was a lie bc there was whyyyy to much detail

  • Pastato
    Pastato Month ago

    You can tell the first girl was lying so easily who drops their phone next to a car and tries picking it up it just sounds idiotic

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa Month ago

    After googling there was never a Steve as a member in The Beach Boys....

  • Sharkz And Sea33
    Sharkz And Sea33 Month ago

    *Guesses Answer*
    Woah how'd you know that?
    *Well if my calculations of the 4x57c8x8=7 Was correct, you have siblings.*

  • PhoenixTTV
    PhoenixTTV Month ago

    I've never had a drink and never will. I just can't do any kind of alcohol. Not even like church wine.

  • Dk Nurul
    Dk Nurul Month ago

    @1:01 what they listed are mostly my habits.. Tbh, I don't usually lie but the fact above mentioned most of my habits.. HABITS 😛

  • Gabbie Flanzurmomgay

    The guy all the way on the left looks like pewdiepie

  • Denae Wesson
    Denae Wesson Month ago

    I live in busco

  • someone who fell in the kpop hole

    HOL UP


  • Vee Is a Duk
    Vee Is a Duk Month ago

    Here’s 2 truths and a lie
    •My brother cut off half of my toe
    •I almost fell off of a bridge due to my grandfather
    •and I once thought a sex swing was an Ariel silk ribbon

  • Sammi Sheridan
    Sammi Sheridan Month ago

    i’m literally so good at this game

  • amauri
    amauri Month ago

    here’s two truths and one lie
    -i love pickle juice
    -i have 4 sisters and 3 brothers
    -I have a boyfriend

    STEFANIA Month ago

    4:35 THATS WHY HE DIED!!

  • Omq_ItzGachaPlayz YT!
    Omq_ItzGachaPlayz YT! Month ago +2

    Ok I Got This Idea From Somebody But I Wanna See If You Get It Right.
    1- I Love Cake Pops :>
    2- I Don’t Sing In The Shower.
    3- I Think Cats Are SUPER CUTE ( Edit: Press Read More If You Want To Join The Challenge. )
    The 1st Ten People To Answer I Will Interact To. One Of Them Are A Lie, Two Are The Truth.
    If You Get It Right, I Will Add You In One Of My Next Videos. You Just Say How U Want To Look Like After Putting Your Answer.
    I Will Come Back To This Comment In A Week :> Also If Your 1st Put That Your 1st, And The Rest. Cya In A Week!

    • I’m me.
      I’m me. Month ago

      Omq_ItzGachaPlayz YT! I think its number 1

  • Nyxendale
    Nyxendale Month ago

    Damn I’m such a good liar that I got all of them right with no hesitations... I’m so proud of myself lol is that good wtf

  • Lucy Catoe
    Lucy Catoe Month ago +1

    I’m a compulsive liar so u would never know

  • MoonX Star_Xrose
    MoonX Star_Xrose Month ago

    Another red flag is when he doing things with their fingers like taking things out nails, peeling skin, bitting nails, combining fingers,and taking out clicks

  • Naturally Mystique
    Naturally Mystique Month ago +1

    She kept it real tho loved this video

  • Mona Müller
    Mona Müller Month ago

    One hand was on my mouth the other was in my hairs while they told us how to spot a liar. Didn´t think you would catch me.

  • Justin Boswick
    Justin Boswick Month ago

    This is the first buzz feed I liked

  • I Found The Olives
    I Found The Olives Month ago +1

    Wait I live in Rensselaer Indiana, and you grandpa started Oscar the turtle?

  • chas walker
    chas walker Month ago

    I got all of them right!!!

  • Paige Cronk
    Paige Cronk Month ago

    Haha the turtle place in Indiana is real

  • Kierra
    Kierra Month ago

    Reminds me of a job interview.

  • De Dotel Family
    De Dotel Family Month ago

    7:22 u can see a hand behind the right guy

  • Mr beastley 2.0
    Mr beastley 2.0 Month ago

    Anntresting 🤔. 🤣😂🤣😅 😀 😂🤣

  • madison w
    madison w Month ago

    wait i wanna know where her piercings are

  • Suga, Tea, & Kookies
    Suga, Tea, & Kookies Month ago +2

    *I played 2 truths 1 lie with my friends and my lie was I jumped off a building right now*

  • Kriptik Tutorials
    Kriptik Tutorials Month ago

    I touch my hair a lot and I dont lie almost at all

  • Melissa-Lee Tua
    Melissa-Lee Tua Month ago

    in the beginning, i got some tips THANKS

  • Grace S
    Grace S Month ago +1

    Anybody else see the extra hand by the dude on the far rights head at 7:21 lol

  • Prxtty Bxby
    Prxtty Bxby Month ago

    I can come up with a great lie on the spot

  • Chattur
    Chattur Month ago

    Another LYing Red Flag: If they say they are lying they are most likely lying about lying.

  • Ella Van Sloten
    Ella Van Sloten Month ago +4

    My 2 truths and a lie would be:
    -I’m an only child
    -I’m a twin
    -I once sliced of part off my finger.

    If you want to guess what my lie is just comment and I’ll try my best to reply.

    • Joe C.
      Joe C. Month ago

      Ella Van Sloten The lie is “ I’m an only child” 😁

  • Mimmi Eds
    Mimmi Eds Month ago

    I have five siblings and say the wrongs names all the time when people ask me about them

  • Avery Byrd
    Avery Byrd Month ago

    8:57 oml that dude just rolled off that chair😂😂😂

  • Scarlett H
    Scarlett H Month ago

    I got round 1, 2, and 3 right but got round 4 wrong. I guessed the lie was the middle name thing

  • 니빈
    니빈 Month ago

    Actually funny because when I lie I do the exact opposite of what they said