You've Never Seen A Rabbit Harvest Like This! Processing Meat Rabbits

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • You never seen a rabbit harvest like this before. How to process meat rabbits. The rabbits dug out of their tractor and with Gabby help I was able to catch one so then I show you a step by step way to clean your own rabbit fast and easy! Meat rabbits are very tasty and they are great for you.

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  • Daniel  Webber
    Daniel Webber 26 days ago +241

    why is knowbody talking about the rabbit running around top left corner at 11:22

  • T Powerhouse
    T Powerhouse 36 minutes ago

    Butter and Bacon

  • Lisa Serrano
    Lisa Serrano 5 hours ago

    New watcher, my only question is can I have a gabby puppy?😁😁❤❤ awesome video. btw wetting the fur, that is the first time I heard that and a great idea❤

  • BravoDaSwatt Wilson
    BravoDaSwatt Wilson 7 hours ago

    What's up doc.... you in some gravy bugs...

  • Dale Blalock
    Dale Blalock 10 hours ago

    Dutch oven cooking

  • MrLemaire1
    MrLemaire1 10 hours ago

    I would have camped out the rabbit and tanned it. Too nice of a fur to just rip apart.

  • Gavin Schmidt
    Gavin Schmidt 11 hours ago

    Why a Flemish giant I show them Do other rabbits

  • Henry Webb Barger
    Henry Webb Barger 12 hours ago

    I have not

    FBS MONIE 12 hours ago

    Chef Dutch or master dutch

  • javiersambrano36
    javiersambrano36 12 hours ago

    Dutch's kitchen is this the title for your new channel?

  • Paul Robbins
    Paul Robbins 13 hours ago

    Dutch Kitchen

  • Ilsa Serrano
    Ilsa Serrano 15 hours ago


  • Laney and Larkyn Official

    Brat rude why put it on camera

  • Tiffany Doss
    Tiffany Doss 18 hours ago

    Dutch's fresh kitchen

  • Maurandis Da Radus Films

    Rabbit is deeeeeelishis 😋

  • Tawny Animus Animations

    Im crying 😭

  • Konner Moore
    Konner Moore 23 hours ago

    Write now

  • Matt Green
    Matt Green 23 hours ago

    Duchess kitchen

  • yari ortiz
    yari ortiz Day ago

    Cooking it like Dutch

  • Alice
    Alice Day ago

    At 8:50 it looked a bit cr@p you standing over a little bunny with a gun pointed at its head.

  • Sal sallier
    Sal sallier Day ago

    Awesome channel I want to learn to process my own food buddy of mine trying to convince me to get into it. This was a great into to processing my own meat.

  • Jon brown
    Jon brown Day ago

    I wack them on the head and Just go limp.

  • Cody Desselles
    Cody Desselles Day ago

    11:22 your other rabbit runs around top left corner of the screen

  • Shayden Toland
    Shayden Toland Day ago

    Hey I think it is called Dutch oven

  • Purified Michael

    Look in the back of the video at 11:21 the white rabbit ran right in front of ur dog

  • Bill Willingham
    Bill Willingham Day ago

    Thats a hell of a good dog.

  • Sue Szloch
    Sue Szloch Day ago

    Dutch's Southern Cookin'

  • Ayedub
    Ayedub Day ago

    Dutch’s oven

  • Pop rider 2015
    Pop rider 2015 Day ago +1

    cooking with dutch

  • Mason Pollard
    Mason Pollard Day ago

    Cooking it Dutch😂

  • Plessie YT
    Plessie YT Day ago

    Look in the Top right corner at 11:12 the other rabbit is there

  • runee spahr
    runee spahr Day ago

    No thanks

  • Brandon Jackson
    Brandon Jackson Day ago

    No I haven't

  • marcos Bedolla
    marcos Bedolla Day ago


    BRODY BARNES 2 days ago

    dutchman's kitchin

  • lukas surritt
    lukas surritt 2 days ago

    Cooking it with dutch

  • Mr.smiley 426
    Mr.smiley 426 2 days ago

    The Dutch kitchen

  • Travis Shaw
    Travis Shaw 2 days ago +1

    I'm sad

  • Baha komron
    Baha komron 2 days ago

    new name (Asshole) i thinks so

  • Tilapia Killer
    Tilapia Killer 2 days ago +3

    Dutch oven. 😂
    Liked and subscribed. 👍

  • semaj sumerlin
    semaj sumerlin 2 days ago

    anything but a rabbit there so cute

  • Brigitte Charette
    Brigitte Charette 2 days ago

    A dutch of meat!

  • Tk Bailey
    Tk Bailey 2 days ago

    I'm from Oklahoma

  • Jason Meyer
    Jason Meyer 2 days ago

    Omg all those bugs are deafining

  • Renzo Martinez
    Renzo Martinez 2 days ago

    Did anyone see the rabbit at 11:21.never mind someone already said dident see it

  • GeT mOnEy
    GeT mOnEy 2 days ago +1

    You didn't seem like you enjoyed ripping that rabbit apart, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  • denise harris
    denise harris 2 days ago

    Dude!!! I've missed your cooking!!!!! Can't wait to see more...

  • KFlash Gaming
    KFlash Gaming 2 days ago

    No plz not the pig

  • Andrew Russell
    Andrew Russell 2 days ago

    Thank you for protecting our freedom

  • timothy Roosa
    timothy Roosa 3 days ago

    The Dutch Oven ...

  • Tracy Bautista
    Tracy Bautista 3 days ago

    I clicked on your video of Gabby giving birth, because we love, and own, German Shepherds, but I had no idea that your channel had this kind of content. I am not a vegan, but I am an animal lover and I don't understand how "processing" (as you call it) these beautiful animals doesn't make you sick and keep you up at night. To each his own, I guess, but this was horrible. I see many comments on here with others that live like you do, and aren't bothered at all with the killing, catching, animals feeling fear, pain, death, and butchering, so they won't understand why people like myself are horrified. It is one thing to eat meat, but for Heaven's sake, the least people can do is treat animals with love and compassion and not make their last moments terrifying and painful. It is very hard to understand the mindset of those who can so easily pick up a weapon and target an animal. I get so much happiness watching animals live and experience their beauty. Yeah, yeah, I know, "food doesn't grow on trees". I'm not saying it does, but there are those that find much glee in hunting and killing. That, I don't get. No need to respond at all, I won't be clicking on your videos again, and I doubt, anyway, that you even understand why I (and many others) feel this way.

    • noah_juan_ishome
      noah_juan_ishome 2 days ago

      Holy shit Karen grow a pair. He was beyond respectful to the rabbit and he is fostering a much greater appreciation for his food than almost anybody else in this olsce

  • James H Mullins Mullins

    Cooking with dutch

  • black mamba
    black mamba 3 days ago

    Cooking with dutch

  • Eiden Msdrid
    Eiden Msdrid 3 days ago

    I love to shoot

  • Mariana Gomez
    Mariana Gomez 3 days ago +1

    Bro f u stop killing rabbits bro what they do to u

  • J Money
    J Money 3 days ago

    Man this video was badass! Your dog helped save the day and feed the family haha. What a cool dog

    • J Money
      J Money 2 days ago

      Travis Shaw something actually happened to the dog recently. Hopefully he’s okay. I just seen he made a video on it if you wanna check it out

    • Travis Shaw
      Travis Shaw 2 days ago +1


  • Roy Hines
    Roy Hines 3 days ago

    Stuff that with barely and mushrooms throw a crabe apple to it and invite me to dinner that rabbit looks delicious

  • Roy Hines
    Roy Hines 3 days ago +2

    Had a rooster wen I was a boy that would hunt with me we where tight.evert ended ower friendship lol but the girls did not starve and school went well.

  • Rashelle Marie
    Rashelle Marie 3 days ago

    I again have two German Shepards I LOVE ALL ANIMALS. but his way of life in the country is LIFE. bunny's are adorable but it's fucking life.

  • Taleya Freeman
    Taleya Freeman 3 days ago

    This is the symbol on the video $