Hood Release Cable Latch Removal BMW E46 330 328 325

  • Published on Aug 25, 2016
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    In this DIY Video, We will show you steps and tools required to remove hood latch cable. We encourage you to watch entire video before proceeding to do the work yourself.
    Removal process will work on all BMW E46 3-series models such as 330 328 325, Coupe or Sedan.
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Comments • 14

  • johnny Harris
    johnny Harris 6 months ago

    I would like to Ax you a question.
    How could you possibly post a video, About releasing a hood latch cable on the BMW and not , Mention anything concerning and stalling the hood latch release cable ? What type of shit is

  • Adolfo Arteaga
    Adolfo Arteaga 2 years ago

    If I remove it like that how about to install .I'm assuming same process but backwards ? And where do I insert the opposite end ? Does it and on the hood?

  • P Caro
    P Caro 2 years ago

    Where do I get the plastic handle carrier for bmw is that the name of it

    • bimmermerchant
      bimmermerchant  2 years ago

      You can visit our website for parts

  • Skye Major
    Skye Major 2 years ago

    at 45 seconds there was 2 wire cables hangin down..what exactly are those for? i recently bought a bmw 325ci and those same cables werent attached to anything! any info on that?

    • bimmermerchant
      bimmermerchant  2 years ago

      Great observation, Unfortunately let us look into those cables and get back to you.

  • Daniel Speese Sr
    Daniel Speese Sr 2 years ago

    how can I open the hood on the car first. my hood won't open

    • bimmermerchant
      bimmermerchant  2 years ago +1

      Unfortunately there is no easy process to open a stuck hood. You could removed the passenger kidney grill and with a long needle nose pliers pull on the latch cable. If that doesn't work, you will need to cut hood latch pins on both sides. Hope that helps.

  • cash money
    cash money 2 years ago

    where would water possibly come in when it rains because i get water on my rug right next to the trunk release appreciate any help

  • Micah Harris
    Micah Harris 2 years ago

    how can I open the hood on the car first. my hood won't open

  • NielsW124
    NielsW124 2 years ago

    can I use the broken one that is in the car to pull the new one in??? without removing so much??

    • Hugh Rhodes
      Hugh Rhodes Year ago

      The cable has the slug attached on the end so no, that wont go thru the old cable housing.

    • bimmermerchant
      bimmermerchant  2 years ago +1

      Unfortunately, this is one of those DIY tasks where you have to removed parts mentioned to accurately insert the wire correctly.