I Paid Artists on FIVERR To Finish My Drawing...

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • Video Idea Credit to SamuraiGuitarist: tvclip.biz/video/PmnHPdQTGQI/video.html
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Comments • 14 328

  • Shailin Jugjewan
    Shailin Jugjewan 5 hours ago

    Zhc to

  • Do not sub to me or I’ll tell your mom

    6:43 I guess you could call it a “cook” ;)

  • Elijah
    Elijah 2 days ago

    25 dollar one was great

  • Ari G
    Ari G 2 days ago

    I like the $100 one. Attention to details were amazing

  • Kyera2Toasty
    Kyera2Toasty 3 days ago

    So did you end up using any of their video ideas? (:

  • Amelia Martin
    Amelia Martin 3 days ago

    9:14 Me: *sees cat* DA KITTY KIT!!!!!

  • Dry Saliva
    Dry Saliva 4 days ago +1

    The 100 dollars one was good enough

    MPCNY 4 days ago

    The 25$ and 100$ are the best, the rest are JUnK

  • der da
    der da 4 days ago

    bottom left corner is the worst spot for camera window

  • Sarah Salway
    Sarah Salway 5 days ago

    Was laughing at the chicke crotch and was like ITS HIS LITTLE PECKER...

  • Sasuke Kun
    Sasuke Kun 5 days ago

    I think $25 and $100 Cover art was the best for price.

  • Vortex
    Vortex 6 days ago

    1:27 bruh you sketch is too professional lmao make it basic

  • adi gal
    adi gal 6 days ago

    I think the 100$ is one of the best artwork I ever saw

  • Markaiser
    Markaiser 7 days ago

    lol 25$ is the best for a bookcover (in my opinion )

  • David Tucker
    David Tucker 7 days ago

    somone should write that story

  • Karan Gaming 06
    Karan Gaming 06 8 days ago

    The $100 one is the best $25 one is good for its price tho

  • Mikeys Muffin
    Mikeys Muffin 8 days ago

    please work those video ideas out!! they were so interesting and i’d love to see you try some of those things 😂

  • Draw Animator
    Draw Animator 8 days ago

    Il mio primo video

  • J P
    J P 9 days ago

    $ 150

  • Fluffy Dragon
    Fluffy Dragon 9 days ago

    id love to see you do this again

  • Syahidir Hassan
    Syahidir Hassan 9 days ago

    yo what? 45 bucks for a single character tht are average with no background... heck so what the hell am i doing by question my own skill lol.... if that dude can sell that kind of art for 45 then i can too lmao

  • Peter A Edwards
    Peter A Edwards 10 days ago

    The $100 is about the best with the $25 over delivering and under charging. To be truthfully honest it is a difficult call between those 2 how about a draw in that case.

  • Dakishi
    Dakishi 10 days ago +2

    You redraw artwork that was originally created by a schizophrenic human this idea was originally created by shrouded hand

  • Honk Honk
    Honk Honk 10 days ago

    100 dollar one was my favorite

  • Fiddly Finn Gaming
    Fiddly Finn Gaming 10 days ago


  • Jason Solomon
    Jason Solomon 10 days ago

    I actually like 25 the most

  • kooper currier
    kooper currier 10 days ago

    25 dollar one is definitely the best

  • Gabriel Gurney
    Gabriel Gurney 10 days ago +1

    OMG I can't believe it was you who paid me I was one of the ones to make the robot and hero

  • Topan Freeblade
    Topan Freeblade 10 days ago

    Seeing the commissioned works, especially the book covers, is pretty inspiring for me as an artist. I need to beef up my skills.

  • Experimental Indotaurus

    The first two of the robot were AMAZING

  • M Tea
    M Tea 11 days ago +1

    9:16 would have that one as a wallpaper, where can download ?

  • Darragh Mckenna
    Darragh Mckenna 11 days ago

    I would do 25

  • willingmaster101
    willingmaster101 11 days ago

    When he said "Chicken crotch" he should've said "Cock"

  • _robin_
    _robin_ 11 days ago

    the 25 dollar one was my favorite

  • Gio Alex
    Gio Alex 12 days ago

    $100 is the best for me

  • The cool Team
    The cool Team 12 days ago

    May 7 is my birthday

  • Danes Art
    Danes Art 12 days ago

    No, I don’t like your transition effect.

  • Red Reaper808
    Red Reaper808 13 days ago

    WhTs the black thing on his hand

    • VideosbyLade VBL
      VideosbyLade VBL 9 days ago

      Red Reaper808 It’s a glove you wear when using graphics(drawing) tablet.

  • byHyko
    byHyko 13 days ago

    The 100 USD is amazing I Love it ❤️😍

  • FearGFX
    FearGFX 13 days ago

    Can you plug the 25 dollar artist? his stuff looks amazing!

  • Chocobo_09
    Chocobo_09 13 days ago

    Please make another fiver video

  • BlazingRetrix
    BlazingRetrix 13 days ago

    I loved the $100 dollar one 😍😍

  • The Bible Science PH
    The Bible Science PH 14 days ago

    As a freelancer in Fiverr, stop selling under-price service.

  • Stefanie C
    Stefanie C 14 days ago

    Dammit now I wanna read Garius’ story...get somebody from Fiverr to write the story 😆
    i liked the $150 one best, the most expensive one is hella epic, but they didn’t include the cat and I can’t forgive it

  • Sergio Breton
    Sergio Breton 15 days ago

    Anybody has Mikel's (the 25 bucks artist) e-mail? I would like to hire him for our canyoning t-shirt design. Thanks!

  • darf der kevin spielen kommen

    100€ is so awsome

  • Matthew Kunikun.
    Matthew Kunikun. 16 days ago


  • Matthew Kunikun.
    Matthew Kunikun. 16 days ago


  • Jaden Jackson
    Jaden Jackson 17 days ago

    Is it just me or is jazza wearing a bow and arrow glove

  • SVT Vasquez
    SVT Vasquez 17 days ago

    This video was popular do another one

  • Purplemacaroni 11
    Purplemacaroni 11 17 days ago

    Omg I was doing string art while watching you

  • Tigere Runno456
    Tigere Runno456 17 days ago

    love your videos

  • Kyle Boss77
    Kyle Boss77 17 days ago

    on the thured drawing then chiken embalim looked like the holden logo

  • Meme Gang
    Meme Gang 17 days ago

    All of the ideas are awesome

  • Hacked hacked
    Hacked hacked 17 days ago

    I approve this video do this agin with people on face book

  • Bra Briefs
    Bra Briefs 17 days ago

    the $100 was great!!

  • AmethystMoon
    AmethystMoon 18 days ago

    Please do this again. This was very amusing to watch XD
    Also, looking forward to see the ideas that were suggested in your future videos

  • Soap Bear Productions
    Soap Bear Productions 18 days ago

    ASCII art pleassssssssseeeeeeee

  • CreepyGhoust566 MyChemicalRomanceFan

    Now I guess he has to write a book.

  • Jake Doucette
    Jake Doucette 18 days ago

    bruh ZHC did this ages ago