12 vs 1: Speed Dating 12 Musicians Without Seeing Them

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
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    Dav - digitalxdav
    Andrew - apat720
    Sèdo - maestrosedo
    Alec - alec_sievern
    Max - corduroyslim
    Mark - mark_hana_
    Brandon - thebrandondiebold
    Fernando - jayalves.music
    David - shenyunofficial
    Mikey - mykey.the.artist
    Roman - byromboy
    Maria - marias_stories
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Comments • 24 500

  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  3 months ago +9148

    Some people say, “The great love of their life is music”, but can you fall in love with a musician JUST by hearing their music?
    In today’s Vs. 1, we wanted to see if that was the case. Check out the episode & let us know which musical performance/musician you would want to get to know more.
    For our Post It Wall, please send in your illustrations( get creative!) to 9029 Airport #91598
    Los Angeles, CA 90009!

    • Cruxvy
      Cruxvy 5 days ago

      Rx_Dncr 81 4252#\/..3/a as aZ
      Es SeatGeek/.d see w si are wZ we/{as we A.

    • Cruxvy
      Cruxvy 5 days ago

      FridayImp s(a sea A

    • Cruxvy
      Cruxvy 5 days ago

      Pamela Rowles a AS 32a//.2x2z..///93/e 9 was ease/Tessa‼️//.w.:/2 /Teresa a Assad as ave//asada’s eraser/:2/:///s/5

    • Cruxvy
      Cruxvy 5 days ago

      A a a5 2a Aizawl was/es u3/ we a un/

    • Cruxvy
      Cruxvy 5 days ago

      Sèdo Tossou . .54. A set ret seas 4/3/6]/s/:z5/.:/5/3

  • Tiger -Maine
    Tiger -Maine Hour ago

    “No offense your ugly”

  • Geoff McLay
    Geoff McLay Hour ago

    The guy at 2:29 is playing my fav piano piece of all time. It was featured in the call me by your name film........my fav movie. The dudes got taste.

  • Antisocial Vic
    Antisocial Vic 3 hours ago +1

    So no one gonna mention how sedo hit that’s scene from white girls with terry crews lmao

  • Tortoiseking 47
    Tortoiseking 47 4 hours ago

    anybody feel bad for the drummer

  • Isabelle noneofyourbusiness

    Her laugh is so sweet 😊

  • Avery Smith
    Avery Smith 4 hours ago

    No offense, much respect to her, but her laugh sounds like a hyena

  • Sophia A
    Sophia A 5 hours ago


  • Miles Kelly
    Miles Kelly 6 hours ago


  • draglemations AnImAtEs
    draglemations AnImAtEs 7 hours ago +1

    Mikey’s legit the best 😂😂😂

  • Santago Valadez
    Santago Valadez 7 hours ago

    Aba was the best

  • Demetrius Bitler
    Demetrius Bitler 7 hours ago

    My man Alec getting the relationships with Debussy. Classical pianist master race!

  • JkMaN
    JkMaN 7 hours ago

    No cap I would of married mark if he made me sing along like that

  • Why the pineapple
    Why the pineapple 7 hours ago

    The end just bombed

  • Sika
    Sika 8 hours ago

    DEV DAV or whatever I believe in you keep going it was amazing ;))

  • Juan Antonio Rodriguez

    I think she should have chose either marc,Dav,or mikey

  • D/L Spoinges
    D/L Spoinges 8 hours ago

    What is your goal
    My goal is to never wear pants
    Has jeans on

  • Znijik_the_Zed
    Znijik_the_Zed 9 hours ago

    I'd date a triangle player in a heart beat. I know usually people go for doing percussion in general, but if someone has devoted themselves solely to the triangle, that shows me that they have no fear for commitment, and that's the hottest quality a person can have.

  • Vinylworks. c
    Vinylworks. c 9 hours ago

    What place is she. in to judge these guys?? when she can't even. play an instrument let alone speak English?

  • master 1789
    master 1789 10 hours ago +1

    What's the song from 6:30?

  • Yung Mizery
    Yung Mizery 12 hours ago

    I wanted Mickey to win

  • Influenzerzwerg
    Influenzerzwerg 13 hours ago +8

    Alec: *starts playing a beautiful piano piece*
    E-Piano: Lol no *clickclickclickclick*

  • AdrianMartha LopezZar
    AdrianMartha LopezZar 14 hours ago

    Dav- I don’t think she gets it
    Uh I do t think any of us get it

  • Giovanni Legue
    Giovanni Legue 14 hours ago

    i hateeeeeeeee that she chose him and not the last gutiarist

  • Spoopy Noopers
    Spoopy Noopers 14 hours ago

    Her voice is jarring

    CRONATOZ 14 hours ago

    Daaang that drummer woulda been so smooth

  • Elena Mckowen
    Elena Mckowen 15 hours ago

    Bro is David ok wtf

  • Jack the Ripper Founder of THOT Patrol

    If she turned her laugh into an alarm every whore out there would be alive.

    Atrocious sound.

  • Kris Raul
    Kris Raul 17 hours ago

    11:10 ... Give this guy an award😂

  • Jenessa Murrieta
    Jenessa Murrieta 17 hours ago +1

    No offense I don’t like her laugh the girl 😐

  • Bella Pardede1445
    Bella Pardede1445 17 hours ago

    If i be her , i will pick roman hahahah

  • iam Awesome
    iam Awesome 19 hours ago

    Roman guy is so hot

  • Demonetization
    Demonetization 23 hours ago +1

    Roman is those old record players ,but is actually a human

  • Felix Sosa
    Felix Sosa Day ago

    The dude at 2:50 IS SO WAY BETTER THAN THE DUMBASS AT 1:34

  • Robert Wells
    Robert Wells Day ago

    Use the term musicians lightly haha

  • Lucas Olivieri
    Lucas Olivieri Day ago

    She’s ridiculously beautiful holy hell

  • Cody Murphy
    Cody Murphy Day ago

    Max was so good tho

  • Dog dog
    Dog dog Day ago

    4:30 that’s how school shootings happen. Like wtf bro love yourself. Find a girl that finds you amazing. Lower your freaking standards

  • Dog dog
    Dog dog Day ago

    Why are the guys in sucks ?

  • Tristen Hansen
    Tristen Hansen Day ago

    Call me gay IDC but I would of gon with Mikey

  • Afghan Lion
    Afghan Lion Day ago

    Can we talk about how she said "the most attractive instrument is the guitar" BUT NOBODY PLAYED AN ELECTRIC ONE!!!

  • Laura Gouveia
    Laura Gouveia Day ago

    eu pagaria pra ir em um show do Mikey, que voz INCRÍVEL

  • ElmoTops
    ElmoTops Day ago

    2:00 Is that a reference to guardians of the galaxy?

  • Jocelyn Culaton
    Jocelyn Culaton Day ago

    4:28 “I wanted to blow someone’s mind. I guess it was wrong of me to assume that anything I do, will blow somebody’s mind”

  • Dean Hayes
    Dean Hayes Day ago

    what song was max playing!!!!!!! I NEED TO KNOW!!!!! it was sooooooooooooooooo good!!!

  • Turtle Meat
    Turtle Meat Day ago

    F aba

  • Julie Johnson
    Julie Johnson Day ago


  • Bruh Swlwa
    Bruh Swlwa Day ago

    The police came at 11:13

  • JanoF
    JanoF Day ago +1

    "it's fine, she'll have to learn" bruh that Dav guy is crazy😂😂

  • Anika Srinivasan

    Mikey sounds so good🔥

  • Siddharth Roy
    Siddharth Roy Day ago

    That girl looks like an angel. Another level of beauty

  • Crayon Monkey
    Crayon Monkey Day ago

    The first guy lol

  • •Oh Yeah Yeah•

    have you realized allllllll of them are wearing a white shirt and black pants, like even including the girl💀😂

  • Trap Bobby
    Trap Bobby Day ago +1

    Dav is one of those idiots in college or highschool that think their 💩 music is gonna blow up because his friends support him

  • TheRealPicard
    TheRealPicard Day ago

    Mark was stunning, Mikey sang so well !

  • **************
    ************** Day ago

    4:29 hurt me man

  • OrangePerson 123
    OrangePerson 123 Day ago +1

    Lol wanted max to win

    T0XIC_SHAN K Day ago

    2:28 all i could hear was the smashing of his fingers

  • Francis Helem
    Francis Helem Day ago +1

    she looks like a girl version of caps
    from " G2 Esports "Caps"

  • piker
    piker Day ago

    She and mikey is kinda cyute

    I ship