Airbus A330 - Approach and Landing in Malé, Maldives (ENG sub)

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
  • The now-retired Captain Joe Moser in his earlier days with the old airline LTU. PF is First Officer Stefan Kater. Surely one of the most gorgeous approaches on Earth.
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  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown 8 months ago +51

    Won’t subscribe bc of ads in the middle of the video

    • IL-Matt
      IL-Matt 9 days ago

      OMG Steve, you can eliminate ads if they bother you so much just by using the Brave browser without even having to install an add-on. Firefox and many others also offer ad blocking through the use of add-ons. To make a complaint in a comment like this when you could solve the problem yourself is pretty lame.

    • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
      Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch 28 days ago +1

      Steve Brown, last person on earth not using ad blocker.

    • Mr 90's Music lover
      Mr 90's Music lover 3 months ago

      @Xisco Zapatero lmao. Good question, and very spot on! Some people just whine waaaaaay to much! Thanks for the laugh tho I seriously howled when I read ur comment!

    • Mr 90's Music lover
      Mr 90's Music lover 3 months ago +1

      @elcaifo I have been on premium since last summer and it's awesome, I got the family plan for $17.99 a month and 6 of us get to use it, it truly has enhanced our TVclip experience.

    • Mr 90's Music lover
      Mr 90's Music lover 3 months ago +1

      @AviationHub I subscribe to you tube premium, I am not a bot and can prove it..... ASS, LOL but you tube premium takes out all ads as well and also gives you download options to watch offline plus a bunch more of stuff, I got it for me and 6 family members for $17.99 a month, it really is a good deal if you use you tube a lot

  • Enrico H.J.S.999
    Enrico H.J.S.999 5 days ago

    👏 ruft schöne Erinnerungen an und mit LTU(A330) nach Male hervor 👍

  • Jeueis
    Jeueis 6 days ago

    Uğur kardeşimin bana maldivler sözü var sırf bu video yüzünden "hatırlatma amacıyla yazılmış bir not"

  • Ben McCrea
    Ben McCrea 10 days ago

    Fantastic video. Great work, lovely approach!

  • Jose Goncalves
    Jose Goncalves 11 days ago


  • Winmader Cobb
    Winmader Cobb 11 days ago +1

    Why can we see smoke behind the captain seat on short final ?

  • Ula Mel
    Ula Mel 14 days ago

    Jestem pod wrażeniem,poprostu cudo, nie znam słów żeby wyrazić to co czuję po oglądnięciu tego wspaniałego filmiku.👍👍👍👍pozdrowienia dla pilotów..niesamowite widoki 👏👏👏👏i te wysepki z góry i te chmurki cudo 👍👍👍👽

  • Return of the Native
    Return of the Native 14 days ago

    Had to laugh, runway 18 is the only runway, & not much of it either.

  • Russ Wicks
    Russ Wicks 15 days ago

    This captain sounds like an idiot. I truly hope he didn't land without the engines spooled up 'you don't need any throttle' Did this airline have no stable criteria?

    • AviationHub
      AviationHub  14 days ago

      I would retract the statement about him being an 'idiot'. I can't be bothered to argue, you are wrong though. Also take the subtitles with a grain of salt, I very much doubt he was commanding a complete idling of the engines, but as he stated, they were trying to bleed off speed on the approach. They did seem too far into the approach to be doing that, but this video is quite old, the accepted standards of 1000ft stabilised may not have been so commonplace - indeed it is a relatively modern standard.
      Also the cockpit is very much not-sterile

  • Alexander Hovenstein
    Alexander Hovenstein 16 days ago

    Wonderful Video ,just Subscribed

  • MrGilRoland
    MrGilRoland 20 days ago +1

    “I told you we would make it” would have been a great line in “Airplane!”, if the two pilots accidentally left open the internal comms with the passengers cabin.

  • sinver147
    sinver147 23 days ago +1

    Fascinating! Thanks for the great video.

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall 25 days ago

    One of the reasons I won't get on an Airbus... A tray table where the yoke should be and the crew looks like they can't see over the dashboard.

  • Gleb Popkov
    Gleb Popkov 27 days ago

    Как же там красиво!)

  • David Verheyden
    David Verheyden 27 days ago

    Amazing Video !!

  • Name at Random
    Name at Random 27 days ago +1

    9:50 (left side of screen) is that smoke in the cockpit ?

  • Stan Rivera
    Stan Rivera 28 days ago

    Is this a sim?

  • donka b0mber
    donka b0mber 29 days ago +1

    deuche discipline ✌️✌️✌️👍👍👍

  • mouse lee
    mouse lee Month ago +1

    that's the way to show these flying videos

  • mouse lee
    mouse lee Month ago

    beautiful views!!

  • mehmood khan
    mehmood khan Month ago

    very impriceve landing

  • anji yarra
    anji yarra Month ago +1

    Very good

  • Brett Wood
    Brett Wood Month ago

    Nice video 👍

  • Aegon Targaryen
    Aegon Targaryen Month ago

    W8 is the runway look and sounds familiar to the one i've been playing in fsx ??!

  • D-Gauss
    D-Gauss Month ago +1

    Tom Cruise honeymooned there but he had rented an entire island.

    • Hardeh
      Hardeh 17 days ago

      D-Gauss sad enough. Overrated and overpaid Scientology Victim

  • Mr Coffee
    Mr Coffee Month ago

    Nice landing!

  • Alex Delchini
    Alex Delchini Month ago +1

    I have been to Maldives spectacular with the landing strip in the sea

  • slayer
    slayer Month ago
    watch this baby woooow.

  • Emanuel Spiteri
    Emanuel Spiteri Month ago


  • Akirah Adiarn
    Akirah Adiarn 2 months ago +1

    Was raucht da beim linken Pilot? 9:49

    • steven Cigale
      steven Cigale Month ago +2

      i guess it's captain fart...

    • q80aziz
      q80aziz Month ago +1

      Akirah Adiarn Dampf. That is condensation from the AC system due to humidity outside .

  • Bill King
    Bill King 2 months ago +1

    Captain Joe what a professional I would feel very safe in his hands wonderful pilot now the first officer had to be guided a bit his height on approach was out and his speed and Captain Joe had to repeat himself and tell him to let it bleed off but hey I suppose great pilots are created after many flights & many years of experience.

  • Sir_Flankalot
    Sir_Flankalot 2 months ago

    Well that captain has been constantly saying LTU730 and not Lima-Tango-Uniform 730, I’m annoyed unless there is a valid reason for it in Male then sure.

    • 82648947
      82648947 Month ago

      It is not normal practice anywhere to say call-signs phonetically .

  • Wilton Lopes
    Wilton Lopes 2 months ago

    what did the gpws said after last retard call? 8?

  • Larry Oakley
    Larry Oakley 2 months ago +1

    Superb camera work gentlemen, thank you.

  • mariusvon
    mariusvon 2 months ago +3

    9:20 What is there smoking in the background of the captain?

    • Avantime
      Avantime 2 months ago +6

      It's misting because hot, humid outside air is entering the aircraft for air conditioning, and the air conditioning packs couldn't remove all the moisture while it's being chilled to a comfortable temperature, so that excess moisture condenses into a small "cloud" around the vent.

    • Thai Tastic
      Thai Tastic 2 months ago +2


  • andrii r
    andrii r 2 months ago

    Отлично! Have free ticket for me?

  • n0rpp4
    n0rpp4 3 months ago +3

    Jeremy Clarkson giving the altitude readings during the landing

  • Xaomi Xaomi
    Xaomi Xaomi 3 months ago

    Когда немцы говорят по англ. это слушается!

  • Clarence Aaron Jones
    Clarence Aaron Jones 3 months ago

    I like how they run thru checklists rather than rely on memory. Aviation protocol is great.

    ANTIQUEFOTOS 3 months ago

    How does the short co-pilot help fly when he can't see over the dash??

  • Erwin
    Erwin 3 months ago +8

    Best pilots ever... Fly secure... They're like a marriage.

  • friedchicken
    friedchicken 3 months ago +5

    9:21 what's with the smoke behind the captain's shoulder?

    • sugersnail
      sugersnail 3 months ago

      Miles Peterson 😂😂😂

    • friedchicken
      friedchicken 3 months ago +2

      @Miles Peterson LOL XD

    • Miles Peterson
      Miles Peterson 3 months ago +5

      He just hit the bong he keeps back there

    • Ranjit Mene
      Ranjit Mene 3 months ago +1

      I'm guessing it's condensation from the air conditioned air due to the high humidity

  • Samo46dr
    Samo46dr 3 months ago

    that's the ugliest plane i ever seen, sry not the plane but the orange & white colored stripes , omg how ugly

  • SD1 Wolfyy
    SD1 Wolfyy 3 months ago

    At least not ryanai

  • sherryperry
    sherryperry 3 months ago


  • eivind grøttland
    eivind grøttland 3 months ago

    great approach

  • eivind grøttland
    eivind grøttland 3 months ago

    great approach!

  • Andreas Maciejewski
    Andreas Maciejewski 3 months ago

    Coole piloten

  • Martin Trade
    Martin Trade 3 months ago

    Loved the approach and landing with you guys, so easy, so smooth ... "wir bekomnmen die hundert rein, lass sie raus schiessen" yeah! Thats moren than cool. ♥

  • Rhonda Mims
    Rhonda Mims 3 months ago


  • Niklas Enblom
    Niklas Enblom 3 months ago

    Amazing video!

  • orxnge btw
    orxnge btw 4 months ago

    Schönes Video :)

  • Sulaiman Bin Mohd Yusoff.

    Normal checklist of takeoff and landing.

  • Shawn Murphy
    Shawn Murphy 4 months ago

    Beautiful video thank you great views

    GUİLE 4 months ago

    İstanbul was snowy i had warm clothes. İ opened my eyes in summer . i took off And jumped in to sea and swam with sharks. İ was like dream holiday

  • Andy
    Andy 4 months ago +4

    That's some seriously impressive stopping power wow!!

  • WhiteAlbatraouz
    WhiteAlbatraouz 4 months ago

    9:53 why smoke by mauser?

  • Carlos Krueger
    Carlos Krueger 4 months ago +1

    LTU is A Awesome Airline..Lots of Fond memories.....

  • eduardo monforte
    eduardo monforte 4 months ago


  • Sternchen Stinker
    Sternchen Stinker 4 months ago

    LTU gibt es noch?

    • Sternchen Stinker
      Sternchen Stinker 4 months ago

      Ok, schon gecheckt. Betrieb 2009 eingestellt. Schade drum. Mein erste Flugerlebnis war mit LTU nach Kreta. Habe mich schon gewundert. Habe 2004 in Frankfurt bereits keine LTU mehr gesichtet ^^

  • tabaks
    tabaks 5 months ago

    RIP LTU.

    INANYMIN 5 months ago

    What is the path indicator ?

  • bigplameuk
    bigplameuk 5 months ago

    Ya der Fuhrer will set da glideslope, ya

  • Rafael Prados Barbosa
    Rafael Prados Barbosa 5 months ago

    why this airbusses planes keep insulting the pilots calling them "retards"?

  • The FlightSim Boy
    The FlightSim Boy 5 months ago +8

    Great job with the landing! Nice vid!

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G 5 months ago +4

    Enjoy the view while you can because with sea level rise most of these islands will probably be underwater in 40-50 years. 🌊🌝

  • Daniel Marleau
    Daniel Marleau 5 months ago

    LTU? Wie alt ist das video! Die gibt es nicht Mehr seit jahren!

  • Black Swan
    Black Swan 5 months ago

    Beautiful view of Maldives group of islands. I bet the passengers dont get such a nice view!

  • Gary Nunn
    Gary Nunn 5 months ago +2

    Couldn't care less if there's ads, I enjoy watching all these videos and appreciate everyone's involvement in making them available to the general public. Thanks!

  • Душан Бркић
    Душан Бркић 5 months ago

    Awesome smooth landing!