John Wick 2 - Suiting Up.

  • Published on Jul 9, 2017
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  • Zephalux
    Zephalux Month ago +728

    Does anybody knows the name of more movies like this one? Like with the same topic, with the same style.

  • Alex de Cuber
    Alex de Cuber 7 hours ago +1

    Very fun fact: The Gun Sommelier is the same guy from the Kitchen Gun meme.

  • Kevin Little
    Kevin Little 9 hours ago


  • y m
    y m 11 hours ago

    i love the guy selling guns like he is selling food

  • MrKajithecat
    MrKajithecat 11 hours ago

    But what about a "kitchen gun"?

  • Precision Lift
    Precision Lift 15 hours ago

    ROBUST and PRECISE indeed!!!!!

  • Kjca
    Kjca 20 hours ago

    Peter Serafinowicz KILLS this part.

  • Shaffiq Mokhtar
    Shaffiq Mokhtar 21 hour ago

    and a dinner reservation for 253 + a lobster.... and a dog

  • noob noob
    noob noob Day ago

    After this,
    Cops- we have arrested a heavily armed men. All his weapons are seased and interrogation is going on.

  • Content Creator
    Content Creator Day ago

    It's a shame he didn't introduce him to the kitchen gun...

  • renewer
    renewer Day ago

    Fucking ads

  • Captain Kenji
    Captain Kenji Day ago

    "DESSERT" 😏

  • Izain Martinez
    Izain Martinez Day ago

    The guy that was selling John wick the guns should've gotten the role for the new 007 movie they are gonna make.

  • FrediTheGamer
    FrediTheGamer Day ago

    John wick is gladiator from for honor?

  • Đạt Nguyễn
    Đạt Nguyễn Day ago


  • Shoegum
    Shoegum 2 days ago

    The underground world that takes care of these killers and their secret businesses catering to them was the most interesting idea brought up in the movie.

  • Stanley Shady
    Stanley Shady 2 days ago

    The way he says, "Tactical" just gives me goosebumps 2:12

  • PlaguesNStuff
    PlaguesNStuff 2 days ago

    Sommelier was gonna give John a kitchen gun but he'd run out.

  • J FIzzLE
    J FIzzLE 2 days ago

    LOVE IT!!!!

  • jean-paul fanti
    jean-paul fanti 2 days ago

    Does this get boring ever. I don’t think so.

  • GimmeAllUrMoney
    GimmeAllUrMoney 4 days ago

    Peter Seranifowitz makes everything better

  • Galdi
    Galdi 4 days ago

    Sells him guns
    Then tells him to enjoy his party
    What a Wick-ed universe

  • OneBigBugga
    OneBigBugga 4 days ago

    why does the guns guy look like he has a Sink stopper on his chain?

  • varun namdev
    varun namdev 5 days ago

    15m+ views for a suit up scene ?
    Well that's Keanu Reeves for you

  • Reggie Kei Abang
    Reggie Kei Abang 5 days ago

    Does that Sommelier sell that Kitchen Gun and that Toilet Grenade?

  • Rakesh Khanna
    Rakesh Khanna 6 days ago

    Anyone else comes back to this these videos, just for John wick jokes

  • dark_socerer
    dark_socerer 6 days ago

    Y'all know what they talking about


    0:43 why he turned like a Robot 😒🤔???

  • Filin
    Filin 6 days ago

    I don’t know, why, but this is one of my favorite scenes in John Wick 2

  • Jeb NJimbo
    Jeb NJimbo 6 days ago

    "Robust, Precise?"
    Hands him a Kitchen Gun with Special Night Vision Scope*

  • Ronald Cubero
    Ronald Cubero 6 days ago

    Cheap seller, beginning with glock? Even a Bersa is better

  • Saige Haythem
    Saige Haythem 7 days ago

    I swear if they make the fourth chapter like this. *John Wick - Chapter 4 - Agent 47 And The God Of Death*
    And its just John Wick having a duel or even an alliance with Agent 47 to take down the high table and they'd meet after one of John's missions. I'm imagining a scene where John is fighting off a bunch of bad guys then sniper fire came from like a opposite window and it was Forty-Seven assisting John. That would be amazing.

  • Pizza Zombie
    Pizza Zombie 7 days ago

    Dick Mod sucks. Glocks feel like bricks.

  • Ganerio
    Ganerio 8 days ago


  • Markus Allen
    Markus Allen 8 days ago +15

    I love how they talk about the guns like he’s looking for wines

    • Rob
      Rob 5 days ago

      Lmao 😂😂😂😂 Bro best comment

    • B RYAN
      B RYAN 5 days ago

      Markus Allen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Markus Allen
    Markus Allen 8 days ago +5

    This scene has something that many other arming up scenes in movies sadly lacks

  • mad_over_wheels
    mad_over_wheels 8 days ago

    A couple of change goes a long way for john wick

  • Tennessee Dipper00
    Tennessee Dipper00 8 days ago

    I’d do anything to be him.

  • TVS Brah 101 XXX Kolo So Lo

    John Wick:I want something Robust and Precise
    Pulls out a Giant Pencil

  • Tim Phipps
    Tim Phipps 8 days ago

    I’m sorry, but isn’t this how everyone who goes to Cabelas goes shopping?

  • anten das
    anten das 8 days ago

    Keanu Reeves was born to play the role of John Wick 👏👏👏

  • Turbo-Fan
    Turbo-Fan 8 days ago

    he needs something robust, and get offered an AR15...., thats like the least robust weapon there is, im no gun expert, but an Ak seems a far better option here

  • Wing DEAD
    Wing DEAD 9 days ago

    Thanos collects infinity stones.
    John wick suiting up.

  • E. eugene Martinez
    E. eugene Martinez 9 days ago

    The dealer in the gun shop is from Shaun of the dead.

  • Ryan Melean
    Ryan Melean 9 days ago

    "are you here for the pope." I didn't get it at first but then I was like ooooo shoot.

  • Natalie Winsor
    Natalie Winsor 9 days ago

    Why is Jack Bright in john wick

  • Darth Destructus
    Darth Destructus 9 days ago +2

    Gotta love how this man's reputation just gets him everything he needs. All be needs is to show any identifier that he's in the know and he's good to go.

    • Darth Destructus
      Darth Destructus 8 days ago

      @Margin Walker indeed. But I still think it's fun that everyone knows him by name and are more than willing o accommodate his needs because if his reputation, and maybe a little money.

    • Margin Walker
      Margin Walker  9 days ago

      Well that is the Continental Rome, You would think they know him...

  • Henry Koenig
    Henry Koenig 9 days ago

    Gun dealer should've offered him vanilla ice cream and a 2011 Honda Accord while he was at it.

  • David Buckley
    David Buckley 9 days ago

    only arnie can do a suit up scene commando watch the movie

    • Margin Walker
      Margin Walker  9 days ago

      LOL, I hated that movie as a kid. Maybe I'll give it another shot now that I'm old.

  • Abdullah Ansari
    Abdullah Ansari 9 days ago

    Robust precise , just give him mjolnir

  • Sparil D'
    Sparil D' 10 days ago

    In fact, this sommelier(gunsmith) did not introduce 'Kitchengun'.

  • C Day
    C Day 10 days ago +2

    Bruh imagine being so well-known and respected to the point that these people simply bring you in and simply go with all of your requests, even after years of not seeing them, as some of them stated.

  • Christ Jin
    Christ Jin 10 days ago


  • wing 0
    wing 0 10 days ago

    I can't wait to see chapter 4 will be call the high table

  • John K Lindgren
    John K Lindgren 11 days ago +1

    *Helevetin Hyvää Meininkiä! Bangkok-Jomppa CarSanooK Media Thaimaa*

  • Shahzaib Raza
    Shahzaib Raza 11 days ago

    I fell in love with this character.

  • 64025537
    64025537 12 days ago

    Buying a suit will never be the same

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike 12 days ago

    John Wick is so badass that he makes Agent 47 talks casually

  • eggnogui
    eggnogui 12 days ago

    Weapon guy's voice is smoother than silk

  • Tnv Madhav
    Tnv Madhav 12 days ago

    May I present to you "The Pencil Box"
    9mm HB pencil for precision
    Fountain pen for fluidity
    Ruler for striking the line
    And finally the box itself,
    "Strong, sturdy, titanium mallet body with everlasting rigidity.