Exposing My Internet Search History


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  • Suaibu Jallah
    Suaibu Jallah 10 days ago


  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 17 days ago

    Ceaser attacked the Roman Empire, Lettuce pray. 🥬

  • Shon Emery
    Shon Emery Month ago

    Awe, you’re adorable - I’d marry you in a heartbeat....

  • Nick Charles
    Nick Charles Month ago

    Just saw this. Love the t-shirt. Thanks for remembering those of us who fought.

  • Maddie Bolland
    Maddie Bolland Month ago

    Connor is the most pure human being

  • Izzy Parker
    Izzy Parker 2 months ago

    ok but why is he so cute

  • Anonymous Piggy
    Anonymous Piggy 2 months ago


  • Cloey Palmer
    Cloey Palmer 2 months ago

    Even when he's raising his voice, he's like not yelling. How?

  • Cristella Meli Attard
    Cristella Meli Attard 3 months ago

    Comfy kitten loves your channel

  • no life
    no life 3 months ago

    'That's me bitch'

    What instantly comes to my mind ...ITS BRITNEY BITCH

    Dont know how to spell it ...ITS LATE MY BRAIN ISNT WORKING DONT JUDGE MEH😭

  • Margaret Stiker
    Margaret Stiker 4 months ago

    Nice stonewall t-shirt connor. Good gay.

  • Kate Heffernan
    Kate Heffernan 4 months ago

    You took pictures of Billie Eilish?!??

  • Susan May
    Susan May 4 months ago

    My internet history’s deleted every day and alarms once done with them

  • Trashy Queen
    Trashy Queen 4 months ago

    Lol I have so much drarry smut

  • Kami Norris
    Kami Norris 4 months ago

    *>Who writes Yelp reviews?>*
    *...My mother who’s not afraid to speak her mind...*

  • Kat Rain
    Kat Rain 4 months ago

    I love u so much your the best😁💜😁

  • SkyeLeelouChiya Fangirl

    The first ten things on my search history are about powers. I don't remember why. The rest is pretty much fanfictions and definitions.

  • TC 123
    TC 123 4 months ago

    I went to see a similar John Williams concert it was 👍👍

  • Jonathan McClure
    Jonathan McClure 5 months ago

    The levels of domestic in your searches reached levels of adorable.

  • Christine Barnes
    Christine Barnes 5 months ago

    whenever he didn't look at the camera..........I was like ummm what r u looking at?

  • Carmelo Padernal
    Carmelo Padernal 5 months ago


  • Lil Bitch
    Lil Bitch 5 months ago

    I looked up “sexy Patrick” once (from spongebob)

  • love sky Jones
    love sky Jones 5 months ago


  • Maeve Yarbrough
    Maeve Yarbrough 5 months ago

    Half of connors videos consist of him talking to the viewers but looking anywhere but the camera

  • 3Dsadness™
    3Dsadness™ 5 months ago

    Lmao “laundymats”

  • Paeunia
    Paeunia 5 months ago

    love pg boy

  • sad bitch
    sad bitch 5 months ago

    connor deserves so much love MWAH

  • Rainbow llama Corn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • rachel gerhardt
    rachel gerhardt 6 months ago

    “virgin america” *sighs* “Close”

  • Anders Persson
    Anders Persson 6 months ago

    I have sound cloud

  • Larissa Leigh
    Larissa Leigh 7 months ago

    im going to reveal like the first 20 things of mine.....even tho no one cares lol
    jin sexy
    bts meme
    sorry in romanization for korean
    jimin eating
    joonies dimples
    your doing great sweetie
    jimin being a tiny mochi
    jungkook being sexy
    yoongi being squishy
    namjoon being squishy
    jungkook being squishy
    jin being cute
    bts being squish
    cute hobi
    cute namjoon
    cute joonie
    cute taetae
    cute kookie
    jimin being squishy
    jungkook being a squish
    really in front of my salad gif
    photo collage editor
    love yourself tear concept photos
    photo collage editor
    love yourself tear
    bts concept photos
    yoongi saying swag
    sweg yoongi
    jimin selca
    vlive bbmas ticket giveaway
    yeah thats basically a day of my google search history

  • Cristian Cortes
    Cristian Cortes 7 months ago

    I forgot you did this shoot with Bilie bitch I fucking love her! You did amazing btw luv ya con💕

  • I like food
    I like food 7 months ago

    *Purest male youtuber ever.*

  • Yong Yan
    Yong Yan 7 months ago +1

    I’m such garbage...🌚 Relatable🌚

  • Aden
    Aden 8 months ago

    Connor you're so precious the person you marry is gonna be so lucky awwhh 🍓💛

  • Ashta Barbor
    Ashta Barbor 8 months ago

    He’s wearing a stonewall shirt

  • Zeynep Sağlam
    Zeynep Sağlam 8 months ago

    Love youuuuu💟💟💟

  • Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn
    Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn 8 months ago

    'Call me a house-husband'
    'Actually wife me'
    'Somebody marry me'
    'M- *breaks into laughter*'
    Way too pure

  • Jessica Righi
    Jessica Righi 8 months ago

    I don't think you're boring! Believe in yourself!

  • Martha The Tea Spiller
    Martha The Tea Spiller 8 months ago

    your thumbnails are so beautiful, they look so simple yet so pretty!

  • Hey I’m emo
    Hey I’m emo 8 months ago

    Trust me, im Australian And when I saw your book in my local bookstore (because that’s what I do in my spare time, don’t you judge me.) I grabbed the book as fast as I grabbed the slytherin books set of Harry Potter and Bought it. I was willing to spend my life’s earnings. And you better know I’m not kidding.

  • nutcracker
    nutcracker 8 months ago

    #Incognito #PrivateBrowsing! just kidding 😹

  • Butcher Puppy
    Butcher Puppy 8 months ago

    Where is the porn biatch?!

  • Michael! In The Bathroom

    Oh boi poor Kim

    Jk sike

  • Skye Lehman
    Skye Lehman 8 months ago

    Dude I love u Connor and u inspire me to be open about being a lesbian. Thank u

  • Nani Simmons
    Nani Simmons 8 months ago

    I delete some of my history online if it's a pop up too much spam I barely have time but if someone needs to use my phone for the Internet.
    My history
    Gay Fanfic
    Marvel movies
    Conspiracy theories
    Pride Parade
    Hair dye
    Connor stop being so cute and fluffy your making my chest hurt.

  • Kelly Lawson
    Kelly Lawson 9 months ago

    your being but i still love you

  • Nisha Gupta
    Nisha Gupta 9 months ago

    I love your eyes...!!! oohh am falling for you....someone kill me please!!!

  • Brigitta Seire
    Brigitta Seire 9 months ago

    Do you know that you can put screen recording from settings? (No hate)

  • sufferwave
    sufferwave 9 months ago

    this was made on my birthday aw

  • Natalia Murad
    Natalia Murad 9 months ago

    You're amazing

  • Freddy FazBoy
    Freddy FazBoy 9 months ago

    Saw the title and said, "oh boy."

  • Daniel Ene
    Daniel Ene 9 months ago

    Wow you say you are boring as fuck and i collapse in laughter xD

  • Mystical Nuke
    Mystical Nuke 9 months ago

    I scrolled across ur channel last year watched a vid and I was like this guys giving me gay vibes *scrolls back a while* title:coming out
    Me: called it

  • Anjeli Modi
    Anjeli Modi 9 months ago

    Lol love ya

  • Sadrien
    Sadrien 10 months ago

    I have no internet history.

  • Rachel Bazilian
    Rachel Bazilian 10 months ago

    I can't legally leave the worst thing in my search history. Yes, even when you use an incognito tab, it saves to Google's search history for your computer/phone. Whatever you searched it on.

  • Rachel Bazilian
    Rachel Bazilian 10 months ago


  • Siona Mathias
    Siona Mathias 10 months ago

    I MISS THE OLD CONNOR who made videos with Superwoman and had much creative ideas than this!

  • jackson flower
    jackson flower 10 months ago


  • Jb Tropical
    Jb Tropical 10 months ago


  • k1drama
    k1drama 10 months ago

    He jinxed his record now he’s not uploading

  • Tahlia Talks
    Tahlia Talks 10 months ago

    On a side note you should name a plant after me. It’d be the best day of my life

  • brandoncorby
    brandoncorby 10 months ago

    Biittcchhhh you look young n tan spill that skincare routine

  • phoenix 1018
    phoenix 1018 10 months ago +1

    He's so cute I can't

  • Jurassic Joseph
    Jurassic Joseph 10 months ago


  • Kieran Piles
    Kieran Piles 10 months ago

    Hans Zimmer > John Williams 😂

  • Eera Anjum
    Eera Anjum 10 months ago


  • Lisa A.
    Lisa A. 10 months ago +1

    You're just too adorable + precious I can't😚💘🌈🌟💗

  • kylecoolky
    kylecoolky 11 months ago

    Why didn’t you use the native screen recording? It’s in the settings.

  • Hope Imel
    Hope Imel 11 months ago +1

    I love this man

  • •_•*_*
    •_•*_* 11 months ago

    You missed the porn sites . We appreciate you anyway.

  • joaquin caro
    joaquin caro 11 months ago

    'marry me'
    'wife me'

    dont tempt us Connor

  • Kaitlyn Burton
    Kaitlyn Burton 11 months ago

    “Edison bulbs...actually wife me” I’m deceased😂😂

  • Nimmy Priya
    Nimmy Priya 11 months ago

    You're not boring as fuck. Stfu.

  • Jing You
    Jing You 11 months ago

    Can anyone tell me his what all he's using for this browsing his search history randomly😂😂😂

  • Madison Southnest
    Madison Southnest 11 months ago

    Just gonna say... I watched a few videos and just fell in love with your channel/you! Love your dear kids video 😂😂 Subscribed straight away! ❤

  • MORTT778
    MORTT778 11 months ago

    I have this weird thing where I can tell if people are gay is he?

  • Ydaze
    Ydaze 11 months ago +1

    Literally the most innocent! I love it

  • Mei
    Mei 11 months ago +1

    You’re literally the sweetest wtf

  • Dan Kesler
    Dan Kesler 11 months ago

    FUN FACT( if you didn't already know ): there is a new feature on your phone that you can screen record if you have an iphone

  • Cherry Boi
    Cherry Boi 11 months ago +1

    Connor is real life version of Nate Archibald.

  • lottie VC
    lottie VC 11 months ago +1

    does he know that on IOS 11 you can screen record without downloading anything...

  • Qestra Trueheart
    Qestra Trueheart 11 months ago +2

    connor is literally the cutest person ever EXCUSE ME

  • Winnie Gavin
    Winnie Gavin 11 months ago

    I’m hearing a bunch of motorcycle sounds outside of my window, what gang is having a battle in the middle of my street right now???

  • Shayla Gibson
    Shayla Gibson 11 months ago

    I'm sorry I love you connor as well

  • Shayla Gibson
    Shayla Gibson 11 months ago


  • tiffani lucas
    tiffani lucas 11 months ago

    Marry me Connor 😍

  • Elliot DiDonato
    Elliot DiDonato 11 months ago

    But you’re still a mood so can I be the one to marry you

  • Elliot DiDonato
    Elliot DiDonato 11 months ago

    You’re a mood in every way except for the not deleting anything because I am too fucking spastic for that shit lmao

    • Elliot DiDonato
      Elliot DiDonato 11 months ago

      and let’s not talk about my rating because it is NOT “P-G”

  • Georgia
    Georgia 11 months ago


  • Abbey Clarke
    Abbey Clarke 11 months ago

    I just subscribed because you are so funny and adorable 😂❤️

  • Nikolay Podolskiy
    Nikolay Podolskiy 11 months ago

    ConnorFranta i love you

  • kfrose
    kfrose 11 months ago

    I'm like a month late but I decided to go through mine and post the best ones.
    -manatee mug
    - "3 reasons why your puppy is breathing fast" (?? I don't even own a dog)
    - Stephan Jenkins net worth (who let me listen to 90s pop punk again)
    - donkey basketball
    - the forgot your password page for club penguin??? (rip)
    - "is doge dead"
    - farmersonly.com
    - athazagoraphobia
    - penny loafer w/ penny (yeah im confused too)
    - "when is thanksgiving 2017"
    - we are number one ukulele tabs
    - "is Ashley from black veil brides a girl?"
    - some sketchy website I wanted to buy kazoos in bulk from (???)
    - what is it called when people eat other people (oh boy)
    - camel fetish (it was for an aRT PROJECT I swear google it)
    - "unknown substance"
    - ryan ross live journal entries (??)
    - "sour cream"
    - "penguins vs ducks"

    okay that was more than a few but these were gold and needed to be shared

  • Corinne
    Corinne 11 months ago

    i got your book for Christmas which was yesterday and I love it

  • Kylie Swaziek
    Kylie Swaziek 11 months ago


  • miss keisha? miss keisha?
    miss keisha? miss keisha? 11 months ago +1

    This video is gay

  • 선훈윤
    선훈윤 11 months ago


  • Aeryn Harris
    Aeryn Harris 11 months ago

    most of my internet search history is me looking up pictures of william beckett

  • igglychu •
    igglychu • 11 months ago