MA (2019) Ending Explained

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • #mamovie #endingexplained
    In the latest from Blumhouse, Ma follows a middle aged woman who befriends a group of teens, allowing them to party in her basement. But it turns out she has other motivations in mind, including a long held plan for revenge that comes to light. Learn all about what makes Ma so crazy, the many twists and turns to the story including explaining the ending.
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Comments • 3 506

  • What's up Wolfina
    What's up Wolfina 21 hour ago

    I might not ever look at Mrs.Spencer at the same way I have.....

  • tommytrixter
    tommytrixter 23 hours ago

    Ok,this ma straight up hits and runs over people with her f'n car !!

  • •Mystical Emma•

    my ma is scarier when she takes out what is called "LA CHANCLA"

  • Mortal SNO
    Mortal SNO Day ago +1

    This would be so much better if he used more video clips instead of pictures

  • Gangsta Creeper
    Gangsta Creeper Day ago

    Eyyyy I have a great Dane

  • Sunto One
    Sunto One 2 days ago

    Mama part 2

  • Whatever Is Clever
    Whatever Is Clever 2 days ago

    Octavia has been around for a long time and did her time taking bit parts and making them memorable this is who black girls need to be looking up to, not the thots they run behind now

  • phishbon3s
    phishbon3s 2 days ago

    As someone who is born and raised in Ohio, this movie offends me deeply!!!!
    No cornfields?!?!
    Not one cornfield!!!
    That isn't Ohio!!!
    But seriously, no cornfields.

  • TheGuyThatmakeThingsUp

    My ma is scarier why? She’s an Asian mom
    I’ll let u all figure that out. Let it it just marinate

  • Sam - The Gamer
    Sam - The Gamer 2 days ago

    This ma does not have the best weapon.
    Flip flops.

  • merry marie
    merry marie 2 days ago

    I was kinda routing for MA

  • annaleah hernandez
    annaleah hernandez 3 days ago

    Video: *halfway through*
    Me: eh not so bad
    Video: *over*

  • luke talbot
    luke talbot 3 days ago

    The real question is who the hell had sex with Ma?

  • francisco cardiel
    francisco cardiel 4 days ago

    so did anyone else notice that the girl she hit with the iron never made it out? or did i miss that?

  • MariWolflove
    MariWolflove 4 days ago

    Save your money with Foundflix!

  • Timothy Verheyn Jr.
    Timothy Verheyn Jr. 4 days ago

    I had a few issues with this movie

  • Jade House
    Jade House 4 days ago +1

    My question is what happened to Ashley? Ma knocked her unconscious in the basement that was set on fire 🤔

  • Quan
    Quan 4 days ago +1

    She don’t die the next movie pa

  • ของฟรี นะครับ

    Sound very good like sport program.

  • Raul Philip Goco
    Raul Philip Goco 5 days ago

    There’s one way to kill Ma. Just send Jotaro there!

  • Typhon Deleon
    Typhon Deleon 7 days ago

    Why the fuck are people defending this insane fuckin lady,like wth.

  • Cosix101
    Cosix101 8 days ago

    I would call for a hostage situation so the swat team would come and then while she’s distracted I would burn down the house and make sure she dies.

    There we go, I killed woman joker.

  • Aron Su
    Aron Su 8 days ago

    #endingexplained? More like entire movie explain.
    Dude just say that.

    • Aron Su
      Aron Su Day ago +1

      @Hannah Garcia I dont recall putting the #

  • Derpy_llama Exe
    Derpy_llama Exe 8 days ago

    10:44 GTA 6.

  • Hanna Sony
    Hanna Sony 9 days ago

    Lmao I’m from Ohio and still live in Ohio lol there’s fr not shit to do other then drink and get high especially in a small town especially marysville

  • J.J.
    J.J. 9 days ago

    Pause it

  • Salted
    Salted 9 days ago


  • The diamond Lesion
    The diamond Lesion 9 days ago

    Sequal called pa

  • Jo
    Jo 10 days ago


  • YouTube Rep.
    YouTube Rep. 10 days ago


  • tea ray
    tea ray 10 days ago

    So who was Ma in the closet with???

    • Hannah Garcia
      Hannah Garcia Day ago

      @tea ray Oh I didn't notice! I thought he'd just stepped out of the closet, but I haven't seen it in awhile

    • tea ray
      tea ray Day ago

      @Hannah Garcia but wasn't he outside the closet in the end? she was tricked into spending her time with the closet with someone else, and I was wondering if we find out who that person was

    • Hannah Garcia
      Hannah Garcia Day ago

      The main character's boyfriend's dad

  • YES!
    YES! 11 days ago

    lol "black" list

  • So what if I like orange juice2

    “So let’s dive into Ma”

  • Slap Head
    Slap Head 11 days ago +1

    @foundlix are you going to do a ending explained on midsommer

  • AnimeFlo
    AnimeFlo 11 days ago

    "underaged drinking gets you into trouble"

    me as a german: Does it though?

    • AnimeFlo
      AnimeFlo 9 days ago

      @Ajehy Trust me I'm happy to not have to go drink in a creepy basement. Also thanks.

    • Ajehy
      Ajehy 9 days ago

      AnimeFlo - I get the blackout thing... but at least you don’t have to do it in a creepy basement!
      No problem about the punctuation! If I was typing in German (or French, which I have actually studied) I would be MUCH worse. You can pass for a native speaker!

    • AnimeFlo
      AnimeFlo 9 days ago

      ​@Ajehy Yeah, the biggest difference comes probably from the age you start drinking since the laws in germany are very different since you probabbly will start drinking in germany as soon as you are 16 and you pretty much have free range when it comes to picking a place since drinking isn't seen as that bad of a thing in germany. So yeah there is a very big difference between america and germany when it comes to drinking. Although the whole drinking till you black out thing seems to be normal in most countries. (I hope you don't mind punctuation)

    • Ajehy
      Ajehy 10 days ago

      American teen drinking culture is very different from European. Kids have to sneak around, and there’s this culture of getting completely smashed, totally black out drunk. Nobody teaches them how to drink responsibly, and they don’t build up tolerance with small amounts.
      On a choir trip to Prague in my teens, three girls decided to try drinking for the first time, by splitting a 40oz bottle of Absinthe. One wound up in the hospital. None of them were allowed to sing in the concert.
      (Note: not all American teens are like this, not by a long shot. Some get wasted on their 21st birthday, some never get wasted at all, but it’s definitely part of the culture.)

  • Unknown Miggles
    Unknown Miggles 11 days ago +3

    She protec she attac but more importantly she gives boos and crack

  • Matt F
    Matt F 11 days ago

    Ahh the good old days, hangin out in front of the liquor store, asking complete strangers to buy you alcohol, it was always the weirdos who agreed, and one even let us use his basement. Luckily it never turned into a situation like MA.

  • FlopMotions _916
    FlopMotions _916 11 days ago

    Fuck yeah pizza rolls are awesome

  • Broncos Country
    Broncos Country 11 days ago +1

    This movie is lit 🔥🔥🔥seen it twice already the plot was on point keeps you on your toes a lil scary a lil thrillish a combo of different genres definitely will be considered a classic

  • laisha renai
    laisha renai 12 days ago

    "Ending explained" more like whole movie explained

  • Bennett Everhart
    Bennett Everhart 12 days ago

    Hey I live in a small town in Ohio that rude man don't disrespect me state

  • cinnamonstar808
    cinnamonstar808 12 days ago

    Teen stereotypes lives on 😌

  • Tito bobby
    Tito bobby 12 days ago

    Can we start a patreon to get him a better mic

  • Valerie Quezada
    Valerie Quezada 12 days ago


  • Valerie Quezada
    Valerie Quezada 12 days ago


  • Valerie Quezada
    Valerie Quezada 12 days ago


  • Valerie Quezada
    Valerie Quezada 13 days ago


  • Jollytapestry .C
    Jollytapestry .C 13 days ago

    This movie sucks

  • :エリン
    :エリン 13 days ago

    So.. did Andy die? I mean he was stabbed

  • Anime Rink
    Anime Rink 13 days ago

    I feel if they were to make a sequel it would ruin it cause wasn't the reason for her acting crazy was because of ppl of her teen years?? Yeah and she got back at their children too so the sequel would probably be stupid unless she wanted to get back at the girl and her mom but I feel as if that movie would be pointless

  • IcyKoalaXK
    IcyKoalaXK 13 days ago

    I’m hearing noises I don’t like that at all

  • Ess Heirr
    Ess Heirr 13 days ago


  • edge lord
    edge lord 13 days ago

    You should do one of these on ¨The Curse of Robert¨

  • TheUpwardSpiral
    TheUpwardSpiral 14 days ago +4

    Munchausen (sp?) by proxy though isnt it? Cuz shes using her daughter and making her daughter sick.

  • Laverne Blaszczyk
    Laverne Blaszczyk 14 days ago

    I loved this movie, the perfect parenting movie lol. And the leads were all brilliant, so many amazing beautiful women, they all did good. And the darkest part for me was how she treated Darnell, that paid off nicely😊👍👍

  • Mingle Dingle
    Mingle Dingle 14 days ago

    I would do MA

  • not that serious
    not that serious 15 days ago

    Good review and good movie 🙌🏾

  • Kurt Berliner
    Kurt Berliner 15 days ago

    Trailers once again ruined this movie for me. I would have loved if it was made a trailer for a teen funny movie, and just have a brief glimsp of the terror. But nope.

  • Charles Swedenburg
    Charles Swedenburg 15 days ago

    This movie looked really dumb, thanks for saving me money

    • Charles Swedenburg
      Charles Swedenburg 14 days ago +1

      @Laverne Blaszczyk ok cool

    • Laverne Blaszczyk
      Laverne Blaszczyk 14 days ago +1

      No no- it's really good!! Lol show it to little kids, they'll never talk to strangers again

  • Blue bubble Gaming
    Blue bubble Gaming 15 days ago

    Still not as scary as when your mum says your full name

  • Rewiind YT
    Rewiind YT 15 days ago +1

    Hold on, her names Octavius?..... Oh no man, Peter Parker better look out

  • BobiHC
    BobiHC 15 days ago

    Sorry but I had to 🤣

  • Russell Westbrook
    Russell Westbrook 15 days ago +3

    So this whole movie is just a lady going trough a mid life crisis?

    • Laverne Blaszczyk
      Laverne Blaszczyk 14 days ago

      Kind of...she was bullied as a kid and never got over all came to a SPECTACULAR head lol

  • Any User
    Any User 15 days ago

    Black lady chaining up mostly white teens in the basement. Role-reversal 100

  • munchOnToys
    munchOnToys 15 days ago

    plz do annabelle comes home plz

  • Wyatt Webb
    Wyatt Webb 15 days ago +1

    Who else felt the ending scene of Ma felt like A Rose for Emily?

  • Falken
    Falken 15 days ago

    Good thing MA wasnt asian

  • 起床う圭敏
    起床う圭敏 16 days ago +1

    Wow Guess drake and josh wasnt on Ma's Hit List. Lucky.

  • TeacupTempest
    TeacupTempest 16 days ago +8

    Wait, can pumping yourself full of animal blood really kill you?

    • Ajehy
      Ajehy 10 days ago +1

      Additional note: humans CAN donate part of their blood (the serum protein) to dogs! But it requires stringent regulations and processing to be safe:

    • Ajehy
      Ajehy 10 days ago +1

      The concept is called “Xenotransfusion” and is being explored for human use of the donor demand ever outstrips supply.
      Of course, that’s with pig blood, dog blood is very different. Dogs don’t have the same blood types as humans, so it would cause an allergic reaction, like putting A-Type blood in a B-type person.
      The director explains it in this article:

    • Laverne Blaszczyk
      Laverne Blaszczyk 14 days ago +1

      At least he died with his penis attached...and politely covered with a towel lol

    • Collin Maxey
      Collin Maxey 15 days ago +2

      TeacupTempest yes because it is a different sort of blood I think

  • Tristan Bagley
    Tristan Bagley 16 days ago +1

    She doesn't come close to scarey when your mother picks up a broom,sandal ect. 🤣🤣🤣