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  • Angel
    Angel 9 hours ago


  • Kevin Cole
    Kevin Cole Day ago

    was hard to watch... alot of weird looks and ass shakin.. this is boxing.. if ur a badass... prove it.. couldnt even knock this other cat out..

  • Josh Dukes
    Josh Dukes Day ago

    This fight holds 2 records for most boring fight and least punches thrown.

  • Tru God
    Tru God 2 days ago +1

    Good first fight Bmore we'll get em next time

    • Adam Williams
      Adam Williams 12 hours ago

      We gotta get a real b more nigga out here

  • Juan321C
    Juan321C 2 days ago

    Chillum thinks he's a boxer so he comes to the ring...wearing boxers.

  • Hands BlohNATION
    Hands BlohNATION 2 days ago


  • Mr Mua
    Mr Mua 3 days ago

    Chillum says he’s always humble 😂😂😂little cocky to only have that uppercut of of mortal Kombat lol

  • Matt Butler
    Matt Butler 3 days ago

    This was hard to watch. Dude is dancing around and acting silly cuz the other guy did nothing but look for counters. Throw some jabs even if they don't hit and keep the other guy guessing. I really wanted to see a jab take chillum out of his cockiness

  • KingParisBuckingham
    KingParisBuckingham 4 days ago

    Its a draw yall cheaters.rematch wtf

  • Jah_sells_everything

    Chillum looking like smokey from new Jack city

  • Timothée Meto'o
    Timothée Meto'o 7 days ago

    He probably learned to box playing video games like ready 2 rumble

  • Omar The Tent Maker
    Omar The Tent Maker 8 days ago

    5:15.. nasty... just a beautiful shot... dude can box

  • Sauleh Ahmed
    Sauleh Ahmed 8 days ago

    Chillum lowkey look stupid asf like he rlly don’t know how to box... all his punches are body weight not pivot and all his punches come from the side of his body not straight out... he just tryna look tough but the match was boring as fuck tbh

  • charles Thompson
    charles Thompson 8 days ago

    Dude accuracy is cringe. How you gone come in cocky and not land a clean punch

  • Coenie Meyer
    Coenie Meyer 9 days ago

    Since when does clowns feature in boxing....???

  • Sam Sule
    Sam Sule 9 days ago

    it goes on in the dmv

  • I don't know
    I don't know 10 days ago +1

    Chilllum was exhausted,

  • moto1p1
    moto1p1 10 days ago

    Chillum's been watching too many of the GOAT's vids. Sorry fool you're not Roy Jones Jr Jr

    • jumpshot Reek
      jumpshot Reek 10 days ago +2

      moto1p1 lol I was lookin for this comment

  • Cody Farmer
    Cody Farmer 11 days ago

    Anybody else notice that his hands went down because he was tired but his bravado shot through he roof

  • Gods Son
    Gods Son 11 days ago

    Chillum ah lame

  • Michael White
    Michael White 12 days ago

    Boring! like watching someone chase a chicken 🐔

  • Don Jazzy
    Don Jazzy 12 days ago +1

    Chillum entertained :)

  • 2010afakasi
    2010afakasi 12 days ago

    Wish dude was more interested in boxing instead of dancing. Dude in pants just didn't know how to defend the rush. Need faster foot movement bro.

  • Olivier Katombe
    Olivier Katombe 12 days ago

    why are they only boxing ????

  • cameron freeman
    cameron freeman 12 days ago

    Sorry fight

  • Ross Jay
    Ross Jay 12 days ago

    Don’t showboat when your fighting shit lol

  • tsyu7
    tsyu7 13 days ago +1

    Dude ain't as fast as he things he is. He's fairly skilled, but real raw. A trainer could turn him into a solid fighter IMO.

  • Yu Jin
    Yu Jin 14 days ago

    This Chillum seems to think boxing and grappling = the same thing.

  • Jerron D Cauley
    Jerron D Cauley 14 days ago

    Chillum he was to cocky showboating. BM Brawler dont wait go in take those shots because chillum he had alot of open spot open if chillum was in ring with a amauter or a professional boxer he would get ass mop around the ring

  • I Am Wunderland
    I Am Wunderland 14 days ago

    What a boring fight. One dude who didn’t wanna throw anything and another one acting like hot shit when he’s not throwing sloppy punches lol

  • T H81
    T H81 15 days ago +3

    Who ever told him he was handsome must have been his momma. Or his sister

  • Chivo Ramirez
    Chivo Ramirez 15 days ago

    Lame fight, REF should have pushed them to fight, White dude instead of trying to not lose as bad should have pushed the pace, and probably would have won.he did some good counter punching in the second round. Brother should be DQ;ed. I think he should improve and be real good.

  • motomaniac 69420
    motomaniac 69420 16 days ago

    Chillum is annoying I wish I could fight him

  • Tim Sawyer
    Tim Sawyer 16 days ago +2

    chillum reminds me of the gay brotha on revenge of the nerds, wearing all that flash

  • axmortz
    axmortz 17 days ago +1

    Young Chris Rock before making it in.

  • J
    J 18 days ago +1

    Wtf is this? White dude got robbed of a win.

  • Realist
    Realist 18 days ago


  • Dylan Ellis
    Dylan Ellis 19 days ago

    Boring af

  • Alex Wampler
    Alex Wampler 19 days ago

    There's a reason chillum doesn't do MMA cage matches.. even tho all he wants to do is dance and grab.

  • tk fox30
    tk fox30 19 days ago

    I wanted mr. Show boat to get knocked out.

  • Jl gamer
    Jl gamer 20 days ago

    Boxing or acting being prince naseem

  • istillsuckatguitar
    istillsuckatguitar 20 days ago

    Huh? Unanimous?

    XORX ZORZ 21 day ago

    I like boxing. Don't like a clown show. There was one boxer, one clown.

  • Slickk_breezy03
    Slickk_breezy03 21 day ago

    He can't be repin BMORE fightin like tht cuz im a Bmore boxer but other then tht he did good fr

  • Soldier Of Life
    Soldier Of Life 22 days ago

    What the hell? Y'all gave him that... SMH. Boy can't fight...

  • Shane Thomas
    Shane Thomas 22 days ago

    Don't let him get a break... steady pressure

  • crazychick3n
    crazychick3n 22 days ago

    Chillum is trash...he just lost he aint no 2-0

  • Aaron Lott
    Aaron Lott 22 days ago +1

    Brotha Chillum wearing a got damn diaper 😂

  • Ueno54
    Ueno54 23 days ago

    I'm not an expert, but these guys are standing around flat footed and need to get on their toes.

    TheCFRANKY 23 days ago

    All the black did was run wrong decision

  • Live Extreme
    Live Extreme 23 days ago


  • alsonee
    alsonee 23 days ago

    when you think you are roy jones jr., but you are not.

  • Gm 4L
    Gm 4L 23 days ago +3

    chillum too cocky i knew he was gonna burn out quick boy was goin crazy first round

  • Eric ee
    Eric ee 24 days ago

    When you show boat but you're a terrible fighter, lol. Also, Sean had so many opportunities and did nothing to capitalize on them. Awful fighters, both of them.

  • Jack Lewis
    Jack Lewis 24 days ago +2

    When you stand around waiting to throw the same counter hook for three rounds, you're going to get clowned _and_ lose the fight.
    If your opponent finishes an entire dance routine without interruption; are you in a fight, or did you get a front-row ticket for 4D Strictly Come Dancing?

  • Andrew Roberts
    Andrew Roberts 25 days ago

    At 1st, I put my money on "Chris Rock" but then "Moby" came back with some good counter-punches!🤔

  • DMVHippie 240
    DMVHippie 240 25 days ago

    brotha chillum remind me of homie from ready to rumble on the dream case

  • Tactical T PB
    Tactical T PB 26 days ago +5

    Chillum has the type of face I dont like

  • Red Spain
    Red Spain 27 days ago

    Both of them should’ve been disqualified what a sucky fight.

  • DylanAaron
    DylanAaron 27 days ago +54

    Who else switched sides as soon as Chillum started trying to be cute?