Why The World Studies Dopa's Masterful Wave Control

  • Published on Nov 16, 2018
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    Video Description:
    Hey! Once again we study Dopa's incredible wave control to help you all become a better decision maker. Why fight champions when you can fight minions?

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    • Hunter Mid/top laner
      Hunter Mid/top laner 4 months ago

      well, after i climbed up from b5 to b3 and messed up the promos to b2. I can abuse that. Thanks for your tutorials its really helping me out^^

    • Andy Lyu
      Andy Lyu 9 months ago

      I am having a tough time facing talon in mid when I play Zoe and other champs, its hard to deal with him at lvl2, could u plz give me some tips about this?

    • Rafael España
      Rafael España 9 months ago

      Nice guide, but how can i do this in silver III?

    • Uncle Jessie
      Uncle Jessie 9 months ago +1

      u think u could fix that lisp when u speak? or are we able to get a different person to commentate?

    • allan barua
      allan barua 9 months ago

      @solariaxx bruh you are retarded his name is Jeong Sang-gil i guess you're a toxic moron in league bronze shit

  • 16klamca16
    16klamca16 Month ago

    Please send this guy to logopedist.

  • chrisis
    chrisis 2 months ago

    He's not just super smart he's hot too wtf

  • hiimdisa
    hiimdisa 4 months ago +1

    Dopa #1 player for me. He's god *o*

  • NinjaOnANinja
    NinjaOnANinja 4 months ago

    You guys give way too much credit for most of this crap.

  • Jonathan Adler
    Jonathan Adler 5 months ago

    If I freeze and poke the enemy when He tries to last Hit meeles, i get minion agro and they Run under Tower and the freeze is broken.What to do ?

  • EndLess
    EndLess 5 months ago

    he got lucky

  • KEP
    KEP 5 months ago

    Thought it was a midbeast video lol

  • Riley Evans
    Riley Evans 6 months ago

    10:55 why didn't irelia walked back towards turret, but instead chose to walk that way and isolate herself?

  • Ezekiel Luna
    Ezekiel Luna 6 months ago

    Where can I watch him stream plz respond

  • Is partisan zeal?
    Is partisan zeal? 6 months ago

    the way you talk: boring, lazy, uninteresting

  • Beast The One
    Beast The One 6 months ago

    turn to 1.25 speed. thank me later

  • shabaldony
    shabaldony 6 months ago

    I slept while watching

  • Kiowa DeBerry
    Kiowa DeBerry 6 months ago

    Is there any link to the original, non-commentary, replay?

  • ZeoDyce
    ZeoDyce 6 months ago

    Title should be: Basic common sense strategy that has nothing to do with Dopa.
    As for the question around 6:00 .. wouldn't a 4 man gank at bottom be better (push mid lane)? Irelia was returning to lane and Jax and Taliah were in top lane. So enemy bot lane would have no help other than the turret. They'd probably get a kill and first turret if they want.
    The only variable would be: does the enemy have teleport - is it available? If only Jax does, they'd still out number and win the fight.
    But yeah, this is all about team work. Nothing to do with Dopa other than to attract views.

  • Chops
    Chops 6 months ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Soham Chowdhury
    Soham Chowdhury 6 months ago

    11:41 uhh

  • Mr. Mary Juana
    Mr. Mary Juana 7 months ago +1

    “Irelia gifted her body”

    • Bouja
      Bouja 4 months ago

      i was scrolling just to see this comment xD

  • Dominik K.
    Dominik K. 7 months ago

    in the end he lost his team threw :P

  • fireflame ft
    fireflame ft 7 months ago

    Me playing LoL: 1+1
    Dopa playing LoL: P(GN ) ≤


    • fireflame ft
      fireflame ft 7 months ago

      E_n = - R_H \left( {\frac{1}{{n^2 }}} \right) = \frac{{ - 2.178 \times 10^{ - 18} }}{{n^2 }}joule

  • Alkuzad
    Alkuzad 8 months ago

    Lies, Bam has worlds best wave control

  • Will Bryant
    Will Bryant 8 months ago

    The thing people don't get about this sort of play style is that they freeze wave and lose control of the enemy jungle

  • Xerendity LoL
    Xerendity LoL 8 months ago +1

    11:38 lewd O\\\O

    • Paul Sim
      Paul Sim 8 months ago

      She gifted her body alright.

  • Bart MK
    Bart MK 8 months ago

    I just had a similar scenario in p1-d5 EUW. I had a freeze close to tower as zed vs kass cus they had twitch jgl and u obv don't want to push until you have ur w at lvl 2 or 3. My nidalee literally walked 5 steps from botside bush, completely ignored the free kill on kassadin ( it was a free kill 100%), invaded enemy jungle and died 15 secs after cus bot had priority and twitch already came from top to bot.
    Cool videos, very helpful, sad that it only works in high elo, cus I feel like a lot of p1-d5 players belong in gold-silver.

  • coochie god
    coochie god 8 months ago

    It seems every dopa video gets more insightful. This one was great :)

  • Goku ASMR
    Goku ASMR 9 months ago

    *Dopa Farts*
    Dopa used this technique to freeze his lane

  • Andy Faull
    Andy Faull 9 months ago

    I remember dopa once saying that you should wait for the jungler to approach before initiating, then with changes said that it has to be the laner to initiate first

  • Andy Faull
    Andy Faull 9 months ago

    Dopa is lelouch reincarnated

  • 4th Wall
    4th Wall 9 months ago

    tbh, tf is the most basic mid champion, to be a good midlaner, play tf...

  • wanderer
    wanderer 9 months ago

    why doesnt dopa become pro?

  • Reciomane
    Reciomane 9 months ago

    the sound in this video has a buzz?

  • GRM
    GRM 9 months ago

    6:30 is just out of this world imo

  • Name Less
    Name Less 9 months ago

    7:30 the enemy jungler hit the plant in that direction purposefully to see if dopa would react or stay extended(if his jungler was nearby and on bot side). So the enemy jungler actually had calculated this also as he worked out where kindred was for the his own team.

  • Emir Özer
    Emir Özer 9 months ago

    this lane freeze tactic is a common doing in high MMR dota games as someone whos coming from dota I was pretty confused why people didn't freeze and always tried to push.
    now i can boast to my friends about how my tactics were way better than theirs when i started the game.

  • Lewis Kane
    Lewis Kane 9 months ago

    These videos are just brain masturbation, league isn't that complex when you break it down. Push lane to roam, Assist jungler / drakes when lane is about to reset/ or when is even / when you pushed it. Don't waste summoners when your teammates are going to follow up and circle the guy.
    12:30 mins of content easily breakable down in less than half the time. Nobody who actually needs to understand this kind of information is going to watch and understand this for 12:30 minutes. Make it short and sweet.

  • Eishiro Sugata
    Eishiro Sugata 9 months ago

    your voice makes me moist.

  • Martim Lourenço
    Martim Lourenço 9 months ago

    Hey, can u guys also post the runes that they use? Ty

  • Farhan Sadiq
    Farhan Sadiq 9 months ago

    Is dopa gonna go pro any time soon since he is so good.

    • Eldy Fe Gonzales
      Eldy Fe Gonzales 8 months ago

      he is considered the top mid laner, even faker said so but he did something illegal, the reason he got banned

  • J
    J 9 months ago

    just keep complaining about your JG and hope you climb up

  • FBI
    FBI 9 months ago

    man, this looks so easy in theory, but consistently maintaining such balance throughout the game every game is not easy

  • Ja Ha
    Ja Ha 9 months ago

    I barely know how to freeze a wave.

  • pristinemirage
    pristinemirage 9 months ago

    While the videos are great I would like to see one of these done in live action while the game is going on. The reason being I don't know if you are merely creating a narrative that just happens to fit the video or whether this train of thought could be something that is actually happening.

  • Nguyen ha chau
    Nguyen ha chau 9 months ago

    So how to lane?
    Freeze the m********ker out of it.

  • J P
    J P 9 months ago

    4:14 I understand why Irelia is losing CS and exp but why is Dopa losing next to nothing? Aren’t they both losing CS in mid?

  • Batman cieć
    Batman cieć 9 months ago

    bring back 2nd speaker cuz your accent is garbage... i cant hear it

  • MonkaS league players
    MonkaS league players 9 months ago

    What if kindred and taliyah are contesting scuttle at 2:27, while dopa still lv1 and Ire is lv 2

  • Isaac De Gracia
    Isaac De Gracia 9 months ago +1

    Plot twist: enemy jax became insanely fed and crushed them all

  • Yeray Quereizaeta
    Yeray Quereizaeta 9 months ago

    One cuestión is any way to know what card is going to appear first when you press W

  • Palmeras Video
    Palmeras Video 9 months ago

    everytime i hear looking for harass i understand "looking for her ass"

  • Rando Karatajev
    Rando Karatajev 9 months ago

    Yep you got the eye of an eagle there."Dopa didn't flash because enemy mid wave was pushing." ? Not that irelia used her flash last fight and Dopa knew she couldn't have gotten away when trying to escape through the enemy jungle :D so why would have he wanted to waste flash in such scenario?? but yeah.. of course... Dopa didn't flash there because enemy minions were pushing mid, otherwise he totally would have right ??

  • moldaris
    moldaris 9 months ago

    I was bronze 5, after watching this video I'm still bronze 5 but now I'm a creatonist. Evolution is a myth.

  • Orlando Jose
    Orlando Jose 9 months ago

    the world? or just lol players

  • Josep Mor
    Josep Mor 9 months ago +3

    I'm studying engineering and today my signals & systems teacher started talking about Dopa's Masterful Wave Control

  • isak oskal
    isak oskal 9 months ago

    I'm only a silver/gold player, so please correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't option 2 (let it push to tower to bounce/reset the wave) also make it so he would get a better back timer? Cus if he decides to freeze, whilst it's an easy gank, Irelia still has come back with at least a long sword most likely, so is stronger than TF in a 1v1. Shouldn't stuff like that also be taken into consideration, or?

  • Favio Delgado
    Favio Delgado 9 months ago

    What software do u use for ur video editing? Great technique btw

  • Raz G
    Raz G 9 months ago

    4:32 wait isnt it the other way around?

  • Harry Singh
    Harry Singh 9 months ago

    my gold 5 brain hurts

  • Desired Atropos
    Desired Atropos 9 months ago

    Jokes on you silver junglers never gank unless they're under your tower so they can give the irelia TWO kills because they don't know how to play their champions.

  • Jimmy Giang
    Jimmy Giang 9 months ago

    Grasp? I’d bring like fleet footwork but never thought of grasp even on teemo whoa!

  • Liam Walker
    Liam Walker 9 months ago

    the music from this sounds kinda like my ringtone. So it being in the background makes me pause and check it constantly thinking im getting call

  • Kenabi San
    Kenabi San 9 months ago

    I love how much time u gave us to think why he didnt used his flash LOL

  • KLAY
    KLAY 9 months ago

    Where is the exact Rune setup from this game?

  • Claire Lovely
    Claire Lovely 9 months ago

    Insightful video!

  • CrisTV
    CrisTV 9 months ago

    3:55 I don't play TF but even I flashed into my own head to stun that Irelia there XD

  • simon shum
    simon shum 9 months ago

    Do a TheShy video!!

  • Echo Realtz
    Echo Realtz 9 months ago

    This is what those low elo players should learn. Not those mediocre montage.

  • Tchaipo
    Tchaipo 9 months ago


  • Spooch
    Spooch 9 months ago

    great videos but very questionable commentator... that voice im sorry i just cant that accents is too annoying... i really tried

  • Seven
    Seven 9 months ago

    10:51 If Irelia ran towards her tower, her survival chance is higher

  • Max Lemson
    Max Lemson 9 months ago


  • Marcel Barle
    Marcel Barle 9 months ago

    Pros are good but dopa is a god

  • GiorgeiX
    GiorgeiX 9 months ago

    speechless. he is really good. wow!

  • Daniel Chursin
    Daniel Chursin 9 months ago

    Dopa: *does something random*
    This channel: "woaaah that was well planned"

  • n4gauge
    n4gauge 9 months ago +5

    and after finishing the video you still learned nothing

  • TheToxicAD
    TheToxicAD 9 months ago

    It would be nice to see the difference in CS, and how much CS Irelia actually losses overall.