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  • Turtle Boi
    Turtle Boi 24 minutes ago

    I'd like a Bralad
    *Okay, what kind of salad?*

  • D20oneA
    D20oneA 41 minute ago +1

    I love subway

  • Sophie Leigh
    Sophie Leigh Hour ago

    Your whid hahaha jocking

  • Yapotatoes 123
    Yapotatoes 123 Hour ago

    3:03 odd 1s out

  • TrueLucasTV
    TrueLucasTV Hour ago +1

    Who are you and what have you done with Smosh!?

  • YawLaZyGaming
    YawLaZyGaming 2 hours ago


  • Dean Dalton
    Dean Dalton 2 hours ago

    2:19 That scared the hell out of me when I first watched this

  • Sansy skeleton
    Sansy skeleton 2 hours ago

    oh yeah eyah

  • Trixum
    Trixum 2 hours ago

    *The Exorcist*

  • 8BitLucas Gaming
    8BitLucas Gaming 3 hours ago

    *Excuse me, where are your*
    *G L O V E S?*

  • Thicc Boi
    Thicc Boi 3 hours ago


  • Most Annoying Male Person In The World, Dylan

    I got all the pokemon, not STD's 4:05

  • Idaman Edaman
    Idaman Edaman 4 hours ago +1

    i like her scream... A SALAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Victor Carandang
    Victor Carandang 4 hours ago

    WHERE'S JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abbi Pile
    Abbi Pile 6 hours ago

    90%: Odd1sout related comments
    9%: About kids saying “you stole the jokes from james!”
    0.5%: This type of comment
    0.2%: nice vid

  • Drayk Mcintyre
    Drayk Mcintyre 8 hours ago

    I just got a sub from subway and I saw every subway ever so I was like it’s time to watch while I’m eating

    Like if same :👍

  • Lisa Granger
    Lisa Granger 11 hours ago

    Wait subway selled soup

  • Sausage Cockman
    Sausage Cockman 12 hours ago

    Chicken noodle soup is better than broccoli cheddar soup anyway

  • SerSeanIII
    SerSeanIII 13 hours ago +1

    oh yeah

  • Elowni Omer
    Elowni Omer 13 hours ago

    Its not Subway Its Sooubway

  • goldys animator the cat


  • Toni P
    Toni P 14 hours ago

    **Yawns** Ooood1sOuuuuut....... **Coughs** Soooouuuuuubbbbwaaaayyyyy......

  • Toni P
    Toni P 14 hours ago

    The Lettuce One Is From TheOdd1sOut...


  • Itz Jaiden
    Itz Jaiden 14 hours ago

    1 👍, 1 ❤️, and 1 SUBSCRIBE = how much you like these videos.

  • Kiwi Nerf
    Kiwi Nerf 14 hours ago

    3:06 is this the girl from the soobway video from the odd1sout

  • awesomepersun
    awesomepersun 14 hours ago

    This is good or whatever but the lack of gloves kills me.

  • Kan Oso
    Kan Oso 15 hours ago


  • Sami Elabbadi
    Sami Elabbadi 15 hours ago


  • Kikwi Art
    Kikwi Art 15 hours ago

    "No one ever buys our soup!"
    Literally my job
    But whenever we have soup no one wants it

  • Sophie Piceno
    Sophie Piceno 15 hours ago

    What kind of bread?

  • X-Ray RayGun
    X-Ray RayGun 15 hours ago

    Is it Subway or Sooubway?

  • Andrew Rollins
    Andrew Rollins 15 hours ago

    Wait... subway has soup?

  • SirDevo
    SirDevo 15 hours ago

    I’m getting theodd1sout vibes from the lettuce one

  • Rachel Daunoco
    Rachel Daunoco 16 hours ago


  • 500 subscribers no videos

    If you love food click this


  • kyler wang
    kyler wang 16 hours ago

    my dad is the more lettuce guy

  • Samuel Dunn
    Samuel Dunn 16 hours ago

    0:45 Goldberg's?

  • Asher Crane
    Asher Crane 16 hours ago

    2:52 is the odd1souts story

  • Hassan Sheikh
    Hassan Sheikh 17 hours ago

    Can I have a tuna sub
    We are out of tuna
    Me inside, " Nooooooooooooooo"

  • YourAverageMeme
    YourAverageMeme 17 hours ago

    lol so true

  • ashley martin
    ashley martin 17 hours ago

    They're making fun of the employees and the customers. Make your own sub at home

  • connor nicholls
    connor nicholls 17 hours ago

    Ok, I haven't been here in a couple years. Aside from Ian, who the fuck are these people?

  • Bagel Girl
    Bagel Girl 17 hours ago

    Lady: I Would Like A Salad Please
    Subway Man:Ok! What Type Of Bread Would You Like?
    Lady:Um...A SALADDDDDD!!!!!!!

  • WrestlingLife 25135
    WrestlingLife 25135 17 hours ago

    Not true I'm the managers son nothing like thus ever happens

  • Nhar Siv
    Nhar Siv 18 hours ago

    The girl that has A blue shirt on looks like my aunty

  • King GreaseMonkey
    King GreaseMonkey 18 hours ago

    *i still need more lettuce*

  • Ice Champions
    Ice Champions 18 hours ago

    You should do every angel evet

  • Francisco
    Francisco 18 hours ago

    Oh no no

  • Quoth The Raven Nevermore

    Pokemon, not stds.

  • james mackenzie
    james mackenzie 18 hours ago

    this happened to TheOdd1sOut 3:04

  • Heathers and Hamilton Are life :3

    *Ive got every single one.... Pokemon, not STD's*


  • 독성dc
    독성dc 19 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Adam Cyr
    Adam Cyr 19 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Giselle Flores
    Giselle Flores 19 hours ago +1

    A salad 🥗

  • Jeremy Curnew
    Jeremy Curnew 20 hours ago +1

    Greeting sir or mme I came here because I want eat healthy sorry can I just have a little more lettuce just a little maybe more a lot more more more more more more MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jungkook Is my wife
    Jungkook Is my wife 20 hours ago

    Who heard shaynes voice crack

  • Ekn 213
    Ekn 213 20 hours ago


  • Overlord63731 Rocky
    Overlord63731 Rocky 20 hours ago +1

    Did they steal the more lettuce for James form the Odd1sout

  • Amanda Stone
    Amanda Stone 20 hours ago

    How did you get the subway?

  • Jose Lara
    Jose Lara 21 hour ago

    1:34 when your mom comes in your bedroom with a belt

  • Jc games014_YT
    Jc games014_YT 21 hour ago

    They'd all be fired no e of them wore gloves

  • Cheeky Chicken
    Cheeky Chicken 21 hour ago

    Odd 1s out reference?

  • gavabel137
    gavabel137 21 hour ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • ivan velazquez23
    ivan velazquez23 21 hour ago

    Do evry hacker ever

  • The Illusionist
    The Illusionist 22 hours ago

    E A T F R E S H E A T F R E S H E A T F R E S H

  • jay Gaming
    jay Gaming 22 hours ago +1

    Hi hi

  • some guy
    some guy 22 hours ago +1

    Oh yeah yeah

    • some guy
      some guy 22 hours ago +1

      +Swimmy B its funny how this is kinda creating a brotherhood

    • Swimmy B
      Swimmy B 22 hours ago +1

      some guy oh yeah yeah

  • Saima Ahsan
    Saima Ahsan 23 hours ago +1

    Subway more like soobway

  • Pupsterpup 1
    Pupsterpup 1 23 hours ago

    0:03 me when i make a sandwich

  • Little Dusty
    Little Dusty 23 hours ago

    What type of bread????

  • Panic
    Panic Day ago

    i love this video

  • reverse TNT
    reverse TNT Day ago

    You owe me 20$

    What type of bread

  • Gaming WithAleks

    0:20 couldn't he just take another half bun ?

  • Archie Animations


    A skeppy reference and a Odds1Out reference, wow

  • escarsegat
    escarsegat Day ago

    true as f

    • escarsegat
      escarsegat 22 hours ago

      +Swimmy B oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeas h

    • Swimmy B
      Swimmy B 22 hours ago

      escarsegat oh yeah yeah

  • mr memer
    mr memer Day ago

    This is dumb

  • Bree
    Bree Day ago

    What triggers me is where are the gloves?????

  • Dank The Memer
    Dank The Memer Day ago

    *Eat Flesh.*

  • InserTroll
    InserTroll Day ago

    I guess the salad was theodd1sout

    Ok I’m out

  • George Johnson
    George Johnson Day ago

    *if ya have a problem take yo ass down to McDonalds it’s right round the corner*

  • Sam
    Sam Day ago


  • Samej Detfielh
    Samej Detfielh Day ago

    0:41 2x speed is hilarious

  • Sau Ling Ho
    Sau Ling Ho Day ago

    More like SOOBWAY

  • Kawaii Watermelone 133

    Why does the part where he says “more lettuce” remind me of TheOdd1sOut,......? Hmmmmmmmm 🤔

  • Atheus
    Atheus Day ago

    Customer: can I have the soup?
    Chef: sure, what kind of bread?
    Customer: *takes his ass down to McDonald’s around the corner*

    FAZE STEM Day ago

    Subs SUBscribe 🤔

  • FlamingThumbs YT


  • RK900
    RK900 Day ago +1

    *puts mustard on the sub*
    “I Actually Said Light Mayo”

  • Misty Tredwell
    Misty Tredwell Day ago

    Who else wants the salad parts to be a horror movie or series? Those two have chemistry...

  • Dynamite24
    Dynamite24 Day ago

    I luv subway.

  • scribble cub
    scribble cub Day ago

    Subway is her extroverted people

  • KO Toonz
    KO Toonz Day ago

    Dont praise the customers who order soup

    It is those few customers who order a pizza we should show honor to..

  • reepee
    reepee Day ago

    What kind of bread?

  • Mr. ic33
    Mr. ic33 Day ago

    There are so many TheOdd1sOut fans here, but how many of y'all have been subbed to him since before 1,000,000.

  • ChimpanzEE
    ChimpanzEE Day ago

    1:47 put on English subtitles.

  • McKenna Sullivan
    McKenna Sullivan Day ago +1

    *”what kind of bread?”*

  • Hannah Gerow
    Hannah Gerow Day ago

    You want a what?

  • Blaze gamer AX
    Blaze gamer AX Day ago

    Lol going to be honest I didn’t even know they have soup and i love subway

  • The TNT Warrior
    The TNT Warrior Day ago

    or whatever game you right

  • The TNT Warrior
    The TNT Warrior Day ago

    or your bad at fortnight