I Dressed Like My Indian Grandmother For A Week

  • Published on Oct 21, 2018
  • I spent a week with my Indian grandmother (dadi ma) living her lifestyle and wearing her clothes. :) Check out 23andMe if you want to do your own ancestry test! 23andMe.com/MichelleKhare
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  11 months ago +2625

    I am so proud of how this video turned out. Originally it was just going to be a video following trends..and turned into such a special video with dadi ma. isn't she the cutest? :) hope you guys loved it!! tell me what u think!

    • Chain Z
      Chain Z Month ago

      having you say something like "Dadi Ma" makes me feel so happy, i feel like part of the rest of the world...

    • Horse lover 1234
      Horse lover 1234 2 months ago

      Michelle Khare OMG you look great in those sorrys and your grandmother is so sweet!

    • Dadrienne Williams
      Dadrienne Williams 4 months ago

      I absolutely adore you. I’ve been binge watching all your videos and just seeing how much detail and hard work and dedication you put in your videos is very inspiring to me and to learn your background and see how genuine you and your grandmother are really touched me. I just love how you give your all without caring too much what anyone has to say. Well idk if you’ll see this but i just wanted you to know that your amazing and a special human being☺️

    • Ann Barwick
      Ann Barwick 4 months ago

      You were so respectful to your dadi ma

    • John Ming
      John Ming 5 months ago

      Michelle Khare will you marry me Wokka wokka

  • Bts is Life
    Bts is Life Day ago

    Damn! I didn’t know you were Indian. I’m indian too 😁😁

  • Rajalakshmi Ramachandran

    In Indian dress

  • Rajalakshmi Ramachandran

    I am a Indian and u are so beautiful

  • Mimi Waqas
    Mimi Waqas 7 days ago

    I am a muslim

    DARSHIKA DWIVEDI 9 days ago

    Loved your dadi ❤ I hope you spend more time with her.

  • 24441Chris
    24441Chris 11 days ago

    Now the government has your DNA😯 im just kidding lol😂 loved the video!

  • Tan Joll
    Tan Joll 12 days ago

    Your dadi ma is so beautiful

  • Rocking Dude
    Rocking Dude 16 days ago +1

    It is pronounced as "buh-naa-rus"

  • Heather Nelson
    Heather Nelson 17 days ago

    I'm watching this almost a year later and this video is just awesome and priceless

  • T Angel Forever
    T Angel Forever 18 days ago

    I am Half Indian to

  • Adriana Z
    Adriana Z 21 day ago

    Your grandma is lovely :) Love the outfits....especially the anarkali dress. Traditional Indian clothing to be so pretty and colorful!

  • Leo19rash
    Leo19rash 22 days ago

    Ugly crying and binge watching Michelle awesome Michelle

  • Third Eye Awake
    Third Eye Awake 24 days ago

    Wow i love your grandma! So darling!!

  • GM
    GM 25 days ago

    Your dadi ma’s house is gorgeous and so clean and organized omg

  • GM
    GM 25 days ago

    You should try and collaborate with Avan Jogia he seems very passionate about biracial individuals!!

  • Izzy Cordova
    Izzy Cordova 27 days ago

    "What is home? Home is your family" I loved that she was so positive! I know it is incredibly difficult to feel at home and comfortable when you migrate somewhere where everything is different! I like that she felt at home and happy with her family despite all the sacrifice and difficulties immigrants go through.

  • Chocolate-biscuit
    Chocolate-biscuit Month ago

    this video is so emotional Indian and Fijian my grandma sadly died when I was two days old

  • Kshell.F .F.
    Kshell.F .F. Month ago +1

    You look like naomi scott i guess?!?!?♡

  • Angela Manzer
    Angela Manzer Month ago

    You are so inspirational! I love how important family and culture is to you. I am most definitely multiracial and I liked how you addressed that topic in your video. I watched the fashion show video and the Victoria Secret model video and I am inspired to get into shape but also love my body and have the confidence to just be me. I can't wait to see more!

  • caroline hudson
    caroline hudson Month ago +1

    Awwwh her grandmother is so sweet!

  • D Marie
    D Marie Month ago

    I love when Indian women wear their traditional clothing!! One of my friends is Indian and she only wears her saris for special occasions but she looks so beautiful when she does wear them!

  • Mary M.
    Mary M. Month ago

    Woooow, you're so beautiful!😍

  • Roomy Mostafa
    Roomy Mostafa Month ago

    You are so beautiful with wearing saree love it! Also my favorite Vendi Mashala!

  • André Ammermann
    André Ammermann Month ago

    In India, I bought a short kurta, a very simple one. Of course, Saari is a very nice cloth. Short Kurta is more the India /western style.

  • Karina Mulloo
    Karina Mulloo Month ago

    Im half italian and hindu which means indian 😀

  • Clever Puppy Studios

    I almost choked on my cookie when she said she moved to Birmingham Al. Omg I live in Birmingham and it’s really cool there’s a connection between your family and my hometown

  • pradeep ranjan
    pradeep ranjan Month ago

    exactly where from east india, Ur dadi is ??

  • Honey SweetHeart
    Honey SweetHeart Month ago

    Not even an indian, but always want to dress up like that everyday.. I just watched too much bollywood movie growin up lol

  • Shriya
    Shriya Month ago

    Are you Indian

  • Daphne Hernandez
    Daphne Hernandez Month ago

    aah im crying here. I'm the immigrant. But to think that my daughter can achieve great things here. Well that just brings tears to my eyes.

  • Army Babe
    Army Babe Month ago

    Michelle's grandmother literally looks like an older version of her.

  • neeru chugh
    neeru chugh Month ago

    i'm indian

  • hyma rao
    hyma rao Month ago

    I didn't know that you were an Indian

  • Sandra Carli
    Sandra Carli Month ago

    It's a pity when children aren't taught both languages. What a lovely lady your grandma is!

  • Hannah Williams
    Hannah Williams Month ago

    The last saris reminds me of princess jasmine and you look a lot like her wearing it 💗

  • Shreya G
    Shreya G Month ago

    I am an Indian but live in dubai

  • Scrub Nubz
    Scrub Nubz Month ago +1

    Well Mexicans dont measure food either..

  • Mihika Bangarbale
    Mihika Bangarbale Month ago

    8:40 lol my mom's fav

  • Mihika Bangarbale
    Mihika Bangarbale Month ago

    5:27 i swear if that tag said Soch im gonna scream

  • Haley Cardoso
    Haley Cardoso Month ago

    I absolutely love learning about all the different religions! I challenge you to be Catholic for a month. Going to mass and maybe even a catholic wedding.

  • Arna 564
    Arna 564 Month ago +1

    अच्छा वीडियो ।

  • m m
    m m Month ago

    You look like Rani Mukherjee 😄

  • Pavithra HEMANTH RAO

    I am INDIAN too

  • Rayna S
    Rayna S Month ago

    i love this video so much 😭😭 im from nepal but we have many cultural and religious similarities and this def made me feel closer to my grandmother who passed away a couple years ago. i hope dadi ma is doing well!!

  • Writaja Chakravarty

    Michelle you look like a traditional Indian ❤️
    Love from a fellow Indian 🇮🇳
    EDIT : Michelle, you're so lucky to have your dadi. I have no grandparents and watching you bond with her so beautifully made me tear up.
    I wish I was that lucky. I wish so much.

  • mani pradhan
    mani pradhan Month ago

    We want to know your grandma's skin care routine 🤩

  • H S
    H S Month ago +1

    You should go to india and do this!

  • Ria Rajah
    Ria Rajah Month ago

    I used to think I was half white and half Indian, but then I got the news I was fully Indian 😐😂 (my real father is somewhere in India with his other family)

  • Zara Hoffman
    Zara Hoffman Month ago

    Dadi Ma is AMAZING. She's an awesome woman.

  • Hannah P
    Hannah P Month ago

    This was awesome very interesting, I love your channel Michelle :) Your Dadi Ma is so sweet and lovely :)

  • Inaya Sameer
    Inaya Sameer 2 months ago

    I’m actually from Pakistan in fact I’m here right now and there’s a lot of things in common with India and Pakistan 🇵🇰 🇮🇳

  • Moaath MAS
    Moaath MAS 2 months ago

    She look 98% Indian!! Not half White at all

  • mscrazy yashu
    mscrazy yashu 2 months ago

    as a INDIAN , i always knew that somewhere INDIA is in ur genetics ..

  • Jaya Mishra
    Jaya Mishra 2 months ago

    You are a very beautiful girl from outside and inside but I think you should not leave a country you are born and just forget the culture.There may be a part of India 🇮🇳 inside of you because of your grandma.

  • aliyah ortiz
    aliyah ortiz 2 months ago

    The part where they were holding hands was so cute 😭 4:08

  • LunaFox 45
    LunaFox 45 2 months ago

    I feel like all the Indian clothing style is so unique and beautiful, but not many people can wear it and look nice in it. I’m not saying that only particular people can wear them, but they suit some more than others. I think that you looked beautiful in them, and that you really have a beautiful culture in you. I’ve always loved other cultures and seeing what they have to offer.

  • Kpop Edits
    Kpop Edits 2 months ago +3

    I find Hinduism such a beautiful culture

  • Recksz N Kingz Activities #RKA T.V.

    Looks sexy in the Indian clothes you mad oh yes man oh yes 😍🔥🎉💭

  • ThrowMeToTheNewWorld :
    ThrowMeToTheNewWorld : 2 months ago

    I love Bhindi 😋