Killmonger's Wakandan Origins & Scars Explained | Black Panther

  • Published on Jan 29, 2018
  • Erik Killmonger, portrayed by Michael B. Jordan, is the main antagonist of the Black Panther film. From the previous editorials we’ve done for Black Panther, it seems that many people don’t know his true connections to Wakanda...
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Comments • 908

  • Eileen Chiou
    Eileen Chiou 3 months ago

    Trypophobia D:

  • Kick Nrompton
    Kick Nrompton 4 months ago

    I thought it was zits all over his body

  • Delbert Pineda
    Delbert Pineda 5 months ago

    I thought the scars were goosebumps. I thought he was just cold because he did not have a shirt.

  • Future Bballkid65
    Future Bballkid65 7 months ago

    I predict each one is for a kill😂

  • Chris Carson
    Chris Carson 8 months ago

    His scars are probably all of the people he has killed

  • richard winemalei
    richard winemalei 8 months ago

    the scars are for how many people he killed as he said in the movie

  • Alex Hernandez
    Alex Hernandez 8 months ago

    Bro I got trypopphobia this ain't cool man

  • Ameya Patel
    Ameya Patel 8 months ago

    Bruh, ur all wrong, the scars on Killmonger are for his kills, each scar is for one kill, it said it in the movie

  • ReFreshhed DW
    ReFreshhed DW 9 months ago

    No in the movie he states “one for every killed” and shows his scars as like one of every wakandan killed or one for every he killed

    KOFI THE KYD 9 months ago

    They said his scars are homage to his tribe but he’s T’Challa’s cousin so are they not from the same tribe? Shouldn’t T’Challa have tribal scars as well

  • Andrew Fenton
    Andrew Fenton 9 months ago

    Killmongers scars are for each of his kills

  • pam jones
    pam jones 9 months ago

    Killmonger scars himself for every kill

  • Rollie • Rollie
    Rollie • Rollie 9 months ago

    I think those dots around Killmonger's body represent the people he killed? Thats just my thought.....

  • md hasan
    md hasan 9 months ago

    killmonger is the best

  • Not Lungri
    Not Lungri 9 months ago

    The scars shows how many people he has killed

  • Dalton Pickett
    Dalton Pickett 9 months ago

    The scars are for how many people he killed

  • Zompod Bigger
    Zompod Bigger 9 months ago

    The marks on his body are the marks of how many people he killed

  • PocketsJuicy
    PocketsJuicy 9 months ago

    Wtf did you not watch the movie? It tells us it's one Mark per kill he has

  • Hunter Beynon
    Hunter Beynon 9 months ago

    The scars were to mark how many kills he has and because he is a mercenary he has alot of kills.

  • Lil 14
    Lil 14 9 months ago

    The scars represent how many people he killed

  • ShutterStock
    ShutterStock 9 months ago

    :D Jeff and i got the shotgun

  • BullZi
    BullZi 9 months ago

    So killmonger is basically tchallas cousin

  • SimX Builder
    SimX Builder 9 months ago

    his scars are for every person he has killed

  • Supreme Draco
    Supreme Draco 9 months ago

    His scars represent the number of confirmed kills he has

  • GoodNightnGoodLuck2u
    GoodNightnGoodLuck2u 9 months ago

    You jackass.

  • 8la2eDudeGaming
    8la2eDudeGaming 9 months ago

    The scars represent everyone he has killed

  • Typical Player
    Typical Player 9 months ago

    You obviously didn’t pay attention killmonger rolled up his sleeve and said each one is a kill

  • Radioactive Gaming control

    I heard while watching all the make up they did on the guy that it’s how many people he has killed

  • ur nan's ex
    ur nan's ex 9 months ago

    1scar on his body= 1 kill

  • Typical Player
    Typical Player 9 months ago

    The dots are how many ppl he have killed. The creators said

  • Killer_Flare
    Killer_Flare 9 months ago

    scars are for kills

  • sergio arturo garcia calderon

    No le entiendo ni una verga

  • Ryan Moses
    Ryan Moses 10 months ago

    E e e e w w w w

  • muttleo
    muttleo 10 months ago

    The Wakandan Super Primates: The Crack Panther, Malcolm X-Men, SHAHBAZ , Chlamydia Jones. Uncle Tom's Cannon, The Tarmac Daddy, Gluteus Maximus , The Dark Ages, Brother Welfare and their space monkey Barack

  • Anniya Brown Sweetie
    Anniya Brown Sweetie 10 months ago

    This is for ppl how watched the movie but didn't pay attention

  • Joseph Hency
    Joseph Hency 10 months ago

    The movie said each scar was for each kill

  • Terri_Aliyah
    Terri_Aliyah 10 months ago

    They said in the movi e it meant how many people he has 👉👺

  • Dean Root
    Dean Root 10 months ago

    Each scar represents a confirmed kill from the military.

  • Manny Nice
    Manny Nice 10 months ago

    The marks on him are from how many people he kills so if he kills someone he’ll mark homsel

  • Islander Kuei
    Islander Kuei 10 months ago

    Tribes of New Guinea Does those marks to Worship a Crocodile and also at 18 they get those scars, is a way of becoming a man.

  • Overlord
    Overlord 10 months ago +1

    Many people are commenting about how Killmonger's scars represent his kill count and how the uploader of this video is wrong. Please keep in mind that he made the video *before* the movie hit theaters lol. You don't have to throw it in his face over and over when all he did was present a theory.

  • Biniam Tariku
    Biniam Tariku 10 months ago

    Ethiopia Ejiwochiwan wade semayi Tezergalechi! Keberwam yimelesal!

  • Steven Varner
    Steven Varner 10 months ago

    No dum ass watch the movie

  • tonyae08
    tonyae08 10 months ago

    I’m confused as if he gave himself the scars are or they grown on him naturally

  • Zane Zamorae
    Zane Zamorae 11 months ago

    So nobody finds those scars disgusting

  • Jay Mccloud
    Jay Mccloud 11 months ago


  • Charles Pedersen
    Charles Pedersen 11 months ago

    The scars indicate how many kills he has.

  • Josefina Calo
    Josefina Calo 11 months ago

    killmongers scars are aqually marks of how many people he killed in different countries

  • Richard Nelson
    Richard Nelson 11 months ago

    I love blacl panther omg it was awsome

  • Doglover96gamer Pro
    Doglover96gamer Pro 11 months ago

    OMG U IDIOT WATCH THE MOVIE HE SAYS "the scars are from every person I killed" and he is the dude in the beginning when black panther killed that dudes son DUH

  • Darius Strong
    Darius Strong 11 months ago

    Each scar is for a kill as he said in the movie

  • Jay Atwood
    Jay Atwood 11 months ago

    Kilmonger said his scars are for every person he has killed. You lied throughout the whole video. Go watch the movie!!!

  • Jay Atwood
    Jay Atwood 11 months ago

    According to the movie he was born in Cali

  • Ruben Stevens
    Ruben Stevens 11 months ago


  • _Slim _
    _Slim _ 11 months ago

    The reason Killmonger has those scars is that every time he kills someone he makes a scar on his body haven’t you seen the movie!!

  • Gara Doolah
    Gara Doolah 11 months ago

    1:40 those are images of a Papua New Guinean tribe nick named the 'Crocodile Tribe'. The scarification is a Rite of Passage into manhood, and is made to imitate the scales and spikes of crocodiles, as the crocodile is of spiritual significance (hence the nick name of their tribe).

  • sebastian aung
    sebastian aung 11 months ago

    I watched black 🐆

  • Matthew Forde
    Matthew Forde 11 months ago


  • Jose Misael
    Jose Misael 11 months ago

    Each scar is for every single person he has killed shitlock 😂

  • Alyas Lambo
    Alyas Lambo 11 months ago

    Each scar is for how many people he killed

  • Alyas Lambo
    Alyas Lambo 11 months ago

    Mill monger is n’jobos son so he is from the same tribe as t’challa

  • Cordell 350
    Cordell 350 11 months ago

    He has the bumps because he has each in to represent a kill

    A1 DOCUMENTARY 11 months ago

    How You Get To : 280K Any Tips Plz

  • Daman Khangura
    Daman Khangura 11 months ago

    Killmonger is so bad at acting bro😆😆

  • Doggy Le
    Doggy Le 11 months ago

    I think the scars represent every kill

  • Keorlos Salama
    Keorlos Salama 11 months ago

    He has 1 scar for every person he killed

  • Mek Jen Rui
    Mek Jen Rui 11 months ago

    I got here from goat care videos lol

  • Holly Keen Keen
    Holly Keen Keen 11 months ago

    Each one is for a kill

  • Calvin Barrett
    Calvin Barrett 11 months ago +1

    you said you were going to explain his scarification all you said was that oh certain tribes in Africa have scarification will certain tribes in America have scarification to that then explained the particular nuances of his why did Marvel Cinemas decide to give Erik killmonger who was born and raised in America scarification. and for that matter while it does going with the story why is he suddenly the Black Panthers cousin as opposed to being a wakanda who is kidnapped by claw. he became the leader of nadaka Village and here's another one why did Marvel movies I don't know what their proper name is the side instead of the 18 tribes of wakanda to just have five. and instead of naming them they call them the Border tribe the River tribe and what about T Challa other brother Hunter also known as the white wolf. or his brother who became a mutate. I hate when writers that don't know the story change the previous story that's like well Martin Luther King getting shot wasn't good enough so now we're going to make him the president and he was our 38th president at least he was because we decide to write it that way. I hate when New Riders failed to respect the already existing story it pisses me off when they can't keep continuity

  • Calvin Barrett
    Calvin Barrett 11 months ago

    I really did not like the Hanuman BS

  • Rainbow six Fan
    Rainbow six Fan 11 months ago

    Micheal had to hate this shit

  • Layken Gaming
    Layken Gaming 11 months ago +1

    No Killmongers scars are for every person he killed he said it in the movie dimbo

  • ayden holliday
    ayden holliday 11 months ago

    killmonger is my favorite character out of blackpanther

  • Shamal Powell
    Shamal Powell 11 months ago

    It says in the movie that each scar is a representation of how many he’s killed.

  • elibankc
    elibankc 11 months ago

    Nice vid

  • Sandy Alonzo
    Sandy Alonzo 11 months ago

    I like the black panther movie I'm going to watch the movie today

  • marcos Villagomex
    marcos Villagomex 11 months ago

    The scars on him represent all the times he had to beat his meat

    TINY MAN 11 months ago

    Killmongers scars are from all the kills he got in war and other various places.

    NOBODY NOBODY 11 months ago

    I found out each scar is for each ass he punked.

  • Marcus Vincent
    Marcus Vincent 11 months ago

    Spoiler the dots are the people he killed

  • Jack Flather
    Jack Flather 11 months ago

    Didn’t he say in the movie that there were for all of his kills

  • Salted
    Salted 11 months ago

    What I wanna know is Were the bumps real ???

  • Souless- Dragon0
    Souless- Dragon0 11 months ago

    The dots on his skin is from all the people he’s killed

  • Skullreaper 2489
    Skullreaper 2489 11 months ago

    The scars are from how many people he's killed to get to t'challa

  • Charlie Fiction
    Charlie Fiction 11 months ago

    the scars are also meant for people hes killed, there is an Indian tribe that does it. There motto is and eye for an eye, death for death. Forgot there tribes name, but its not from africa but i believe from some where from the philopenes. lol

  • Cris pin
    Cris pin 11 months ago

    He looks badass when he come out of the van

  • Alex Novak
    Alex Novak 11 months ago

    Spoiler alert in the move kilmonger says every kill he gets he adds a scar

  • Kid 1412
    Kid 1412 11 months ago

    I have trypophobia T.T

    OH YEAH YEAH 11 months ago

    I watched the movie he has those cause for every kill he gets a new one ... I was like “ dammmmmmmmm “

  • Cyber Wolf
    Cyber Wolf 11 months ago

    the scars are everyone Kill monger kills as it says in the movie

  • uganda Ice cream and soda

    1 scar = 1 kill
    Tchaka has a brother, Erik killmonger is that brother's son

  • therealisaac 3
    therealisaac 3 11 months ago

    His scars is all the people that he killed so every time he kills he scars him self

  • Isaiah Brown
    Isaiah Brown 11 months ago

    Sorry guys for spoiling it

  • Isaiah Brown
    Isaiah Brown 11 months ago

    Them became king again

  • Isaiah Brown
    Isaiah Brown 11 months ago

    Then he thought that black panther was dead but he wasn't the he will him

  • Isaiah Brown
    Isaiah Brown 11 months ago

    I whatched the movie and that not what it's for the scars are for how many people he killed and he whanted to be king

    IRONMANTIS4 11 months ago

    The dot-like scars represent the many people Eric Killmonger has killed, he explained it when Klave asked how Eric is supposed to fit in / blend in when he plans to go to Wakanda (Pulls back his sleeve to show the dot-like scars in his arm to Klave ).
    - J

  • Anonymous Someone
    Anonymous Someone 11 months ago +1

    Killmonger's scars are for how many people he has killed. One scar for each person.

  • Russell Grier
    Russell Grier 11 months ago

    kill monger's Origin is very impressing but people saying that he's low key evil and a villain if you didnt watch his origin then no one shouldn't call him evil cause he's trying to set an example of the revenge of his parents death and blames T'Challa , the comic book is pretty good should check it out everyone ^_^