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Why I Hate Harley Davidson

  • Published on Jun 11, 2016
  • Riding around, watching idiots do their thing. Which obviously isn't driving well. Haha. A short compilation of bad drivers and things that amused me.
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Comments • 3 817

  • NoNonsenseKnowHow
    NoNonsenseKnowHow 2 months ago

    You sound like a jerk off in this video just to be honest with you. You should have been waving the guy in anyway. He's one of your own. A two-wheel Rider. And I don't even ride a Harley by the way

  • Ticky Tocky
    Ticky Tocky 2 months ago

    Loud pipes save lives so next time you need a doctor or paramedic call a harley instead.

  • Michael Cabonilas
    Michael Cabonilas 3 months ago

    First time seeing this chicks videos. Are all the rest of them crying on a bike too?

  • punchrover
    punchrover 3 months ago

    HD riders snowflakes followers 😂😂😂👍

  • A10Pilot
    A10Pilot 3 months ago

    harley meatheads

  • Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez 5 months ago

    You are a bitch

  • Too much Toofar
    Too much Toofar 6 months ago

    Hang on he’s a prick but you decided NOT TO LET HIM IN BRO doesn’t that make you the prick ?

  • vincent deconza
    vincent deconza 6 months ago

    What you'd expect a keyboard tough guy to sound like...

  • Jimmy t
    Jimmy t 6 months ago

    Mother fucker 8.3k 👎💥😵😵😂😂😂😂🤗🤗

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez 6 months ago

    why are you full of so much hate?

  • M Barker
    M Barker 8 months ago

    Wow!!! So much Dislikes in the world.

  • ballistic fury
    ballistic fury 10 months ago

    Hey snowcat did u know that not all Harley riders are jackasses, people on motorcycle can be one to u know what I mean like I'm about to buy a Harley in a few weeks and in my opinion what u are saying is that I'm a dumbass just for people who do buy a Harley that's how I feel when I watch this video 😞👿

  • Rassane Lasso
    Rassane Lasso 10 months ago

    Dude you suck

  • card hutt
    card hutt 11 months ago +4

    dunning-kruger effect on full display here folks


    What a whiny little soft ass bitch.


    You hate things you can’t afford.

  • Jurgen Adventures Group
    Jurgen Adventures Group 11 months ago

    OMG now i now why people start to shoot to one a other,

  • Mr Noncredible
    Mr Noncredible Year ago

    I'd hate to see you drive in Winnipeg.

  • Mr Noncredible
    Mr Noncredible Year ago

    Do just wake up angy bro?

  • Jayant Kumar
    Jayant Kumar Year ago

    I hate Harleys. Unless they pay me to like them.

  • Fred Esch
    Fred Esch Year ago

    Fuck you with your shit bike. Buy a harley

  • 88 Heckenlively
    88 Heckenlively Year ago

    Is that all you do is ride around looking for other assholes? What's wrong with you? Classic covert narcissist. Sad.

  • Thompson Jacob
    Thompson Jacob Year ago

    You hate Harley cuz you can't afford them. end of story.

  • Dan Swindell
    Dan Swindell Year ago

    Damn, pop a couple midol dude.

  • Rooster
    Rooster Year ago

    Garbage racist jackass; congratulation.

  • Mike Spain
    Mike Spain Year ago

    So you just ride around and criticize people and act superior. Another millennial douchebag among millions.

  • fortyeu789
    fortyeu789 Year ago

    If you honestly think sport bike riders are infallible to mistakes on the road, you must either be completely biased, or just so unbelievably unaware that you don't see all the sports bike groups going at least 100 mph on the freeways and break-checking cars because they think they own the road. It's pretty funny because most of the time it is the cam-bikers who are the calm and collective ones... You are just an idiot... Surprises me how you are even Asian.

  • fortyeu789
    fortyeu789 Year ago

    You are very obnoxious and narcissistic. Is all you do complain how people drive? Are you the absolute paragon of how a biker should maneuver through traffic and make decisions on the road? Are you unable to make interesting commentary or at least shut up so we can just see the scenic view? You have a beautiful camera but your shitty fucking attitude totally ruins it. I hate Harley bikes too, but I though you would at least give an in depth explanation on why you dislike Harleys. Not make a hateful video calling someone out like a PUSSY behind someones back. You get angry so easily at the smallest circumstances... Are you just an angry guy or do you have some kind of low IQ?

  • bastionbooger
    bastionbooger Year ago

    that`s why i like harleys

  • Paul Raistrick
    Paul Raistrick Year ago

    Hey man. Get a real bike... like a tractor on 2 wheels :D Over here in the UK, Harley riders are nice old guys enjoying their retirement and just chilling on the back roads. US Harley riders seem to think their some sort of sad arse badass. However, I'm sure some of them are just regular dudes :)

  • Nikos_ GeekMan
    Nikos_ GeekMan Year ago

    You hate the driver not the bike dude ....

  • Edwin Worsech
    Edwin Worsech Year ago

    Bro you're annoying as fuck.

  • ChromerSatanas
    ChromerSatanas Year ago

    you're gonna die soon

    JESUS CHRIST! Year ago

    LOL So a rude rider cuts you off like a jerk and you don't like Harleys? That's stupid! I see assholes on crotch-rockets all the time riding like idiots and that's not why I don't own one!!!

    JESUS CHRIST! Year ago

    lol WoW You're the dumb ass you obviously never drove an 18 wheeler!!!! Tires are expensive dipshit so curbing them cost lots of money!!! When you see an 18 wheeler give them some fucking space!!!! I ride Harleys so I wanted to hear why you hate them
    (free country hate whatever you like) but, but, I've never heard someone who was so miserable while on his bike, you complain about everything!!!!! You idiot !

  • Justmyopinionlol
    Justmyopinionlol Year ago +1

    This guy just go around terrorizing people. This will not end well.

  • The Truth
    The Truth Year ago

    Snowcat, just to let you know I stopped halfway through because of your nonstop complaining.

  • Logan Hendrix
    Logan Hendrix Year ago

    What a d bag this guy is. Well guess what you little cocky fuck, the feeling is mutual, Harley riders hate your ass too

  • SlidewaysKenny
    SlidewaysKenny Year ago

    Damn I thought I sounded like a little bitch

  • slowstang88
    slowstang88 Year ago

    Complains about shitty car drivers, hangs front wheel on public road.... eat shit..

  • Robert Parnell
    Robert Parnell Year ago

    He got in front of you cause he's wearing that cut. You're lucky he couldn't hear you talking shit you fuckin crybaby

  • mike k
    mike k Year ago

    Just as those idiots we encounter in cars on the road, you will also encounter idiots on Harleys, and metrics, and rocket bikes... Its the fault of the driver, NOT the kind of bike he rides! I ride a Harley and I'm routinely amazed at the stupid crap I see other riders do on whatever bike, not just Harleys. Courtesy and safe riding is the responsibility of the rider.

  • Bl4cKCuBE
    Bl4cKCuBE Year ago

    you smelling shit

  • Marlo Renee
    Marlo Renee Year ago

    This guy is just a whiner in general. It doesn’t matter who cuts him off or if they didn’t cut him off at all, he’s just miserable in general.

  • Spoon tan
    Spoon tan Year ago

    Wow. What a poor like:dislike ratio

  • marc lester
    marc lester Year ago

    wow we are so lucky this guy drives for everyone... ... peeww lucky us..

  • Сука Влять

    Whiny cuck

  • Schwen
    Schwen Year ago

    Very first thing, he bitches about a truck taking up some road space. Clearly, he knows jackshit about how to drive with any sort of trailer. So, not only does he ride like shit, he doesn't know shit, either.

  • skynard847
    skynard847 Year ago

    What a douche.

  • Snake Bite
    Snake Bite Year ago

    Snowcat, you are a douchebag!

  • Neapolis
    Neapolis Year ago

    This is an example of a complete Idiot!

  • Lutz R.
    Lutz R. Year ago


  • Ryan Karg
    Ryan Karg Year ago

    Holy fuck you bitch a lot. First timer last time. Fucking whiner

  • StayTheCourse
    StayTheCourse Year ago +1

    "why i hate harleys" as your making racist comments about that Chinese/Japanese guy .. your scum bro

  • Gregers Rasmussen

    A bike is NOT a toy

  • King Austin
    King Austin Year ago +1

    You guys don't see why he hates Harley's? He can't afford one and if he can then his credit is terrible and he can't get one hahaha. Fucking cry baby.

  • Nick Facenda
    Nick Facenda Year ago

    this video was fucking stupid

  • graycloud057
    graycloud057 Year ago

    I gave up riding after a friend got wiped out by a lady texting on her f-ing cell phone. These cell phones are worse than drunk drivers ever were. Be safe.

  • Radyo Aktive
    Radyo Aktive Year ago +7

    . . after watching several of your videos I gotta say . . you're your own worst enemy . You seem to care more about calling other people out than riding safely yourself . I saw you learn that two wrongs don't make a right when you got wiped out in that video of yourself trying to overtake that idiot with GPS . Anyone with any road experience should have seen that coming . And in another of your epic shows of arrogance , pulling forward right in front of a left turning truck just so you could flip him . . . seriously !!!! . . and in another video bragging about getting a ticket for doing 20 over the speed limit . . . dude you're part of the problem not the solution !!!!!!!!

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Year ago

    I think you're a complete fucking moron really look when did you start riding you know and another thing I graduated the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute I took late model early model Harley-Davidson I took Honda tech 24 also graduated universal Technical Institute took automotive technology to I hate people like you such a novice people like you don't even know how to work on your own damn bike I could build a fucking Harley I could build a custom back I know how to work on the shit you're irritating you're one of these guys that irritates the hell out of everybody like I don't even know how you got subscribers