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  • Nick G
    Nick G 16 hours ago

    Leander 😂😂😂

  • svtsnake
    svtsnake 17 hours ago

    Holy shit jah, you funny as fuck. best skits man

  • Lawrence Jones
    Lawrence Jones 21 hour ago

    She said I bout to whip that ass 😂😂😂😂

  • jesseblackhawk
    jesseblackhawk Day ago

    Who else got scared when she said drop your pants, then was relieved when she only pulled out a belt?

  • Wesley King
    Wesley King 3 days ago

    Yo they got Martin playing in the background.. that's wassup

  • Landscpaer Scaperlannd
    Landscpaer Scaperlannd 9 days ago +2

    All you guys thinking the extra thick on is somehow sexier than the other one...🤡🤡

  • Ray Epps
    Ray Epps 10 days ago

    She hella thick & juicy😁 but I'd stick wit the 1st baby-girl... Fine as fu..👍

  • Bernardo Oseguera
    Bernardo Oseguera 11 days ago

    Lmaoo shit they both some fine pastry made chocolate

  • Scrape Smith
    Scrape Smith 11 days ago

    They sisters in real life!

  • Jaiyla2355
    Jaiyla2355 12 days ago

    He winning though... he already smashed both of them... 😂😂😂

  • Stewart Huval
    Stewart Huval 13 days ago

    He opened the door An closed it lmao

  • Mark Sozano
    Mark Sozano 13 days ago

    This man is the shit
    Ha ha ha

  • Kenny Albert
    Kenny Albert 13 days ago

    She’s not thick, she’s fat.
    Let’s get it right

  • Dat Boi Vic
    Dat Boi Vic 14 days ago

    Are they related in real life? I always felt like her and Persephanii looked alike

  • O corley
    O corley 14 days ago

    Tig ol bitties😲

  • Jarelle Mourant-King
    Jarelle Mourant-King 15 days ago

    Ohhhhhh my days. This dude is hilarious!!! You need to come over to England and do a show.... 2 da maaaaaaaax

  • Pg RobG
    Pg RobG 16 days ago

    Lmao wtf is a LeAnder?

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas 17 days ago

    LMAO, always 2 DA MAX!!!

  • givemefivebucks
    givemefivebucks 18 days ago +1

    He said he was dropping a single 📀 with no hook , just all bars, lol !!!

  • Dereamius Foster
    Dereamius Foster 19 days ago

    bruh i have been in this exact situation in high school my mom let a girl in the house when i had pone in the house and she come knocking on my door lmao but deadass i was making a song with the girl that was already in the room on my computer

    SDBROOKS08 19 days ago +2

    Came back 10 months later just for Persephani

  • Feelin Nice
    Feelin Nice 20 days ago


  • James Bergin
    James Bergin 22 days ago

    fist of fury featuring leander, tone loc, and sir mix a lot lmao

  • Chicago773 Williams
    Chicago773 Williams 22 days ago

    I woulda ran 😭

  • K.B.  Clark
    K.B. Clark 23 days ago

    Every Playas nightmare when you ain't payin attention !! Oh by the way, WHO THE HELL IS THAT THICK GROWN AS WOMAN !! HAWT !!!!😛

    MOBB DEEPER O'DELL 23 days ago


  • Maggie & Kasperr
    Maggie & Kasperr 24 days ago

    That “Hmmmh” At 1:58 Get Me Every Time 😂😂

  • Alien Slayer
    Alien Slayer 25 days ago

    I just finished thinking about him asking her if she got asthma with all that breathing shit 😂🤣

  • Donny
    Donny 27 days ago

    Gimme the slim one.

  • Jamie Michael Kerepa
    Jamie Michael Kerepa 27 days ago

    Get her pregnant already, damn she finnnnnne

  • Think1stAct2nd
    Think1stAct2nd 27 days ago

    Leeander tho??? Lol

  • Zazroh
    Zazroh 28 days ago

    “U filthy”😭😂

  • DEUS Ha
    DEUS Ha 28 days ago

    It's ok Big Jahh. Lightskin girls don't really spank butts. You good.

  • Antwon Robinson
    Antwon Robinson 28 days ago

    Too funny 😂 u got some beautiful women in ur video that’s what’s up

  • Ran  Ware
    Ran Ware 29 days ago

    My niga u stay with the bad ones every vid never a let down

  • Nba. Seann
    Nba. Seann 29 days ago

    Fist of fury Tone loc ft sir mix alot 🔥🔥😂

  • dmcarden
    dmcarden Month ago

    Lol..cold busted!

  • brownshuga24
    brownshuga24 Month ago

    Are those ladies sisters for real cuz they really do look alike.

  • Yeimwill
    Yeimwill Month ago

    Nigga said We droppin a single no hooks all bars 😂😂

  • DJ Mozzy Phil
    DJ Mozzy Phil Month ago


  • HighAce GMSB
    HighAce GMSB Month ago

    Who is that (😅😅😭😭🤪girl scouts no shortbreads) I cant even bruh...
    Shevon (dog bark killed me) all hooks no bars having ass

  • HighAce GMSB
    HighAce GMSB Month ago

    Oml closed the door on her ass..his background sound effects (DAM) lol like exactly what’s going thru your head when u in hot water...but his face is stone cold...

  • Carlos Muhammad
    Carlos Muhammad Month ago

    He really thought he was getting group action with her sista... smh! He should have sensed the ambush coming lol

    FUZE ONE Month ago

    bro! i NEED to know where you find these joints omfg!!

  • Mandwell Duncan
    Mandwell Duncan Month ago


  • S T
    S T Month ago

    Y'all trippin there only one bad chick in this video and it wasn't the fat one

  • Phantm_Bake
    Phantm_Bake Month ago

    My eardrums are bleeding 1:25

  • maestrowick
    maestrowick Month ago

    Persephanii's makeup is flawless!

  • Jaime Gonzalez
    Jaime Gonzalez Month ago


  • VivaSanNico
    VivaSanNico Month ago

    Whoop his ass!!!!!

  • Jd F
    Jd F Month ago

    You got some bad bae up in ur vids homie is why Amma keep on tuneing

  • Tautar Pearce
    Tautar Pearce Month ago

    Hahaha shit

  • Sole Survivor
    Sole Survivor Month ago +1

    Wassup with the clock? One minute it is 5:20 and the next it 6:00 o'clock

  • Amina Toure
    Amina Toure Month ago

    The way he opened the door and closed it then tried to play it off and then she opened it like a scary movie

  • Quay Wognum
    Quay Wognum Month ago

    What are the fine females ig

  • mams1701
    mams1701 Month ago +1

    He should have told the truth :
    Who is she?
    Why she's the The Pillsbury Doughboy..!👍 😃

  • queen bee
    queen bee Month ago

    Damn..she FINE!!!

  • innerpowerup
    innerpowerup Month ago

    Who is she? Thick to death.

  • universal man
    universal man Month ago

    Redbones got stank pussy......

  • dc7236
    dc7236 Month ago

    LeAnder nigga that's your name...... LeAnder