The UK Education System (For Non UK Students).

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  • Carline Cornelis
    Carline Cornelis 7 days ago

    Thank you, this was really helpful!

  • Salina Khan
    Salina Khan 8 days ago

    The majority of our life is in school

  • fien baeyens
    fien baeyens 10 days ago

    it's very clear! I must learn it for school and the teacher didn't explain it. So thank you for the explanation :-)

  • Yosra Bouzouita
    Yosra Bouzouita 16 days ago

    I finished my project( for tomorrow ) about schools in britain in one day thanks to this video 😎

  • JustOllie
    JustOllie 16 days ago

    I’m in year 7 and I didn’t realise college is another word for sixth form

  • JustOllie
    JustOllie 16 days ago

    Year 1 is 5-6 all the way up

  • Mertox - Gaming & Tutorials

    You missed Nursery and Reception

  • Jordan@Liverpool
    Jordan@Liverpool 23 days ago

    Not sure what you think, Chris, but schools aren't driving their students to dream big and aim for the top jobs. Moving from Secondary, to A-Levels, to uni - for example - isn't just about getting the grades. I made a video about it here, which might be of interest:

  • Azoth Hunter
    Azoth Hunter 23 days ago +2

    That's odd. In America we have Preschool, which usually starts at age 2 - 3. Then after a year or two of that, you go into Kindergarden. Then after that year, you finally start Elementary School (Primary School). You are in Elementary School from ages 5-10 (grades 1-5). Then you go into (a hell hole) called Middle School from ages 11-14 and grades 6-8. Then after Middle School, you are finally in High School (Secondary School). You are there from ages 15-18 and grades 9-12. Then after High School, you have the option of going into College (2-5 years, depending on what degree you want to get). The rest is the same as it is in English afterwards.

  • Sharon Lasaracina
    Sharon Lasaracina 23 days ago

    Very great job!

  • Amazing Amyy
    Amazing Amyy 27 days ago

    I don't know if the uk education system is the best one but when i compare it with my country just seems so better as you get to choose 10 subjects for your gcses instead of being restricted and confined to a particular 'stream' comprising of three streams that are - Science/ Commerce/ Humanities. ...that way u have more flexible learning and real learning .....India is all about marks and percentage and ranks without ever appreciating the beauty or dynamics of that subject or learning ....instead of running behind excellence all Indians consider worthy is good marks or grades=degree= job = money=status in society...without ever thinking what students really think and want....its not really education in a real way but dumbass mindset and drudgery of cramming
    On the positive side though...Indians learn the hardway and thus become enabled for many tough concepts and know how to deal with them...thats all ..for example....maths and science are given great importance. ..but thats all...I think mostly its about killing creativity and following the herd with mindless competition. .. I know I am rambling now but if I were to be the person in charge...I would make the system more flexible and creative and rational! :))

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago

    Thanks a lot mate, this was pretty helpful for me!

  • AR F
    AR F Month ago

    Do kids get part time jobs when they are in high school or in the university?

  • Alifa Noor Ameilia
    Alifa Noor Ameilia Month ago

    what's the meaning of a level or o level in uk education or cambridge curriculum

  • Emily Johnson
    Emily Johnson Month ago +1

    Reception is 4-5 and then year 1 is 5-6 so you end primary school at 11

  • Jonathan Emptage
    Jonathan Emptage Month ago +1

    I finished Primary at 11 years old as most of the rest of my class did except for those born between the end of July and the start of September

  • onion haseyo
    onion haseyo Month ago

    You go to primary school in Scotland until primary 7 then high school for 6 years

  • jana van der hak
    jana van der hak Month ago

    Oh my I finally understand it

  • Ruby Potter
    Ruby Potter 2 months ago

    It was clear but Scotland which is in the uk schools system is different

  • BoostedBass
    BoostedBass 2 months ago

    What if i start education in UK when im 16? Do i go immeadiately to college or i need to pass g.c.s.e?

  • DavidArchie 1863
    DavidArchie 1863 2 months ago

    Somethings there are intermediates that are only 7 and 8

  • Fawcett
    Fawcett 2 months ago +1

    It's VERY different up here in Scotland. Who else is Scottish? ;3
    If you're not Scottish, here's our system.....

    3-4 y/o: Nursery.
    5-6: Primary 1
    6-7: Primary 2
    7-8: Primary 3
    8-9: Primary 4
    9-10: Primary 5
    10-11: Primary 6
    11-12: Primary 7
    12-13: S1 (Secondary 1)
    13-14: S2
    14-15: S3
    15-16: S4
    16-17: S5
    17-18: S6
    You can choose to go straight to University or go to College then University...then when you graduate *BAM!* work time.

    • kitten behavingbadly
      kitten behavingbadly Month ago

      Rebecca F same except for in my northern Ireland grammar school it's
      Form 1-5 (or year 8-12) the we have
      Lower 6 L6
      Middle 6 M6

  • Abd Rahman
    Abd Rahman 3 months ago

    Thanks !

  • ItzNitroBoi
    ItzNitroBoi 3 months ago

    In Scotland it's different.
    First you have nursery (3-5 years old).
    Then primary, so 5-6 yrs old for P1 up to P7 at 11-12 years old.
    Then High school, you start at 1st year from 12-13 years old up to 6th year, (or S6). From 17- 18 years old.
    You have a choice at 4th year to drop out of school or not. But usually u won't get a good job.
    Then College and everything is the same in this video.
    And We have Catholic schools and Private schools and Public schools (catholic schools are usually public).
    If u live near a high school u don't wanna go u can do a few exams to try and get in to your desired school.
    If u live near a Primary you don't wanna go to, you can simply just register for another school by going there. Uniform is required in all schools except for Uni (university) and College. From a blazer, shirt, tie, colour of Muslim scarf's and shoes and stuff. Usually schools have their own colour/s for their school.
    In UK they provide you with jotters and textbooks and everything. But they suggest you should bring your own pens/pencils.
    So that's all I have to say pretty much

  • rZiNe leGaCY
    rZiNe leGaCY 3 months ago

    P7 is in primary school

  • rZiNe leGaCY
    rZiNe leGaCY 3 months ago

    What about p7

  • rZiNe leGaCY
    rZiNe leGaCY 3 months ago

    I live in U.K. But doesn't know how it works homeschool

  • Dano Tha5th
    Dano Tha5th 4 months ago

    I have 7 years in primary

    • Ruby Cardie
      Ruby Cardie 3 months ago

      Aurora Aurora in Scotland you start secondary school a year later dumbass so places do have 7 years at primary school.
      Nursery years:
      Nursery year one-3-4
      Nursery year two-4-5
      Primary years:
      Primary one- 5-6
      Primary two- 6-7
      Primary three- 7-8
      Primary four- 8-9
      Primary five- 9-10
      Primary six- 10-11
      Primary seven- 11-12
      Secondary years (mandatory):
      First year- 12-13
      Second year- 13-14
      Third year-14-15
      Fourth year- 15-16
      Senior secondary years (non mandatory):
      Fifth year- 16-17
      Sixth year- 17-18
      Then uni and college are the same

    • Aurora
      Aurora 4 months ago +1

      Dano Tha5th nobody does,otherwise your school is shit

  • Gregory May
    Gregory May 4 months ago

    And what A levels is?

    • Cassidy Cap
      Cassidy Cap 3 months ago

      Gregory May a couple of exams you take at the end of your 6 form/ college

  • lauren cosgrove
    lauren cosgrove 4 months ago

    this is only england though

    • Ruby Cardie
      Ruby Cardie 3 months ago

      Lauren Cosgrove yes someone that understands me the Scottish system is different and it annoys me that people don’t get it.

  • Rebecca 1501
    Rebecca 1501 4 months ago +1

    I'm sorry but u already got the beginning wrong. Firstly u go to nursery age 2-3 and then u start primary school. Year R (Reception) is age 4-5 year 1 5-6, year 2 6-7 year 3 7-8 year 4 8-9 year 5 9-10 and year 6 10-11. Hence why us start secondary school at age 11 not 10. I like how u do a video about U.K. School system yet u fuck it up right at the beginning 😂👍👏

  • turner pike
    turner pike 4 months ago +3

    Oh my God you only have 11 years of school in the United States we have 12.

    • Rebecca 1501
      Rebecca 1501 4 months ago +2

      turner pike no. We start school at age 4 and is compulsory to finish at 18 but before primary school u also go to nursery so that's at least 16 years and then if u want to go to uni it's even more

  • The Lebron James Hate Channel

    The US education system..... you do years 1-8 then drop out & sell drugs or work in mcdonalds

  • EmilyHartleyy
    EmilyHartleyy 5 months ago

    10 GCSE exams???? I did 25 GCSE exams 😒😂

  • Mikayla Phantom
    Mikayla Phantom 5 months ago

    Americas easyer

    Yea we spell easyer like that bc thst our education system

    • Rip Curl 69
      Rip Curl 69 3 months ago

      Exactly America's one is easier. No wonder the UK had a higher IQ lol

    • Aurora
      Aurora 4 months ago

      Mikayla Phantom youre spelling proves that us system is shit,oh and btw its "easier"

  • Jonathan McCarthy
    Jonathan McCarthy 5 months ago

    Scotland and Ireland are different than England

  • Edible Trash
    Edible Trash 5 months ago

    It's nothing like this in Scotland

  • Tanzanite comments
    Tanzanite comments 5 months ago +1

    you did it wrong
    Primary School
    Reception 4 - 5
    Yr 1 5 - 6
    Yr 2 6 - 7
    Yr 6 10 - 11

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown 5 months ago

    Reception is 4 to 5. And so on

  • Katie Potatie
    Katie Potatie 6 months ago +10

    okokok you got primary ages wrong...
    Nursery = 3-4
    Reception = 4-5
    Yr1 = 5-6
    2 = 6-7
    3 = 7-8
    4 = 8-9
    5 = 9-10
    6 = 10-11
    Secondary school
    7 = 11-12
    8 = 12-13
    9= 13-14
    10= 14-15
    11 = 15-16

    • Foot Ball
      Foot Ball 18 days ago

      its also like 30 exams for 10 subjects

    • kitten behavingbadly
      kitten behavingbadly Month ago

      Katie Potatie for me (northern Ireland) it's
      Nursery 3-4
      Year 1 4-5
      Year 2 5-6
      Year 3 6-7
      Year 4 7-8
      Year 5 8-9
      Year 6 9-10
      Year 7 10-11
      Form 1 11-12
      Form 2 12-13
      Form 3 13-14
      Form 4 14-15
      Form 5 15-16
      Form L6 16-17
      Form M6 17-18

  • Take M8
    Take M8 6 months ago

    I have finally finished primary school! I'm in year 7 in sectember hopefully it goes well

    • Rebecca 1501
      Rebecca 1501 4 months ago

      Take M8 primary school so much better than secondary. I've finished secondary now and going to college and I hated school so much

  • MrPenguin 208
    MrPenguin 208 6 months ago

    You noodle! You start at reception an year 6 is 10-11

  • Anna Rodrigo
    Anna Rodrigo 6 months ago

    What's AS and A2? Is it the same as A level!

    • Matthew Moore
      Matthew Moore 5 months ago

      A2 is your a levels, AS is your advanced subsidiary level, these were sat in the first year of sixth form. This has now changed and from the year starting September 2017, year 12 students will not sit AS.

  • Daisy Faith
    Daisy Faith 6 months ago

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  • Abhishyant S.T.
    Abhishyant S.T. 6 months ago

    what books do u need for gcse ...I can't find it pls reply

    • Take M8
      Take M8 6 months ago

      Abhishyant S.T. search on Google mabye

  • Sean Schollaert
    Sean Schollaert 6 months ago

    Isn't there also something called BTEC? I've heard it mentioned by UK students before

    • Ellie McLean
      Ellie McLean 5 months ago

      Sean Schollaert a BTEC is a form of GCSE and Alevel

  • Hayfever Dreamer
    Hayfever Dreamer 6 months ago +4

    you missed nursery and reception, also sixth form is not college, they are differenet

    • Cosmina Draghia
      Cosmina Draghia Month ago

      Hayfever Dreamer lol sixth form is like college

    • Zara_H
      Zara_H 4 months ago +3

      Hayfever Dreamer in the uk college and sixth form is the smae thing . Sixth form is a part of a school a college in yr 12 and 13 in a seperate building

  • Joe Gray
    Joe Gray 6 months ago +7

    I've never heard anyone call secondary school high school....

    • Shannon Dyer
      Shannon Dyer 7 days ago

      We say both in Wales...

    • Sara CB
      Sara CB 25 days ago

      Where I live no one ever says secondary school everyone says high school

    • Cosmina Draghia
      Cosmina Draghia Month ago

      Joe Gray lol u can say both

    • Ola Burr
      Ola Burr 3 months ago

      nope in Cheshire everyone says high school

    • EmilyHartleyy
      EmilyHartleyy 5 months ago +1

      Joe Gray oh? Round where I live it's like 50/50. Some say high school others say secondary

  • Smythy
    Smythy 6 months ago

    You said 10 exams for GCSEs, I would like to say I just finished 24 exams not 10.

    • Smythy
      Smythy 6 months ago

      oh i see what he means now sorry

    • A. Ham
      A. Ham 6 months ago

      Yeah but did you get 24 GCSEs or 10? Obviously a few GCSES have more than one exam

  • Abilio Neves
    Abilio Neves 6 months ago

    what about subjects?

    • Take M8
      Take M8 6 months ago

      Abilio Neves you came to the wrong vid

  • Sara
    Sara 7 months ago

    This system is wrong coz Scottish is different and honesty more simple. You go to primery school for 7 year till u are 12 and then go to high school for 6 years and if u want you can leave high school in fourth or fifth year if you want and go to collage for courses and if you have the qualifications you can go to uni

  • Tiger Warz
    Tiger Warz 7 months ago +2

    YAY NO MORE AS LEVELS AS THE GOVERNMENT GOT RID OF THEM (how long until the next tests come)

    • Matthew Moore
      Matthew Moore 5 months ago

      Basically, the government decided to remove the AS level entirely, and just use both years of Sixth form (or college) to do A2 (or A-levels). At the end of which the A2 exams will be sat.

    • Tiger Warz
      Tiger Warz 6 months ago

      I was just one day the last about it

    • Tiger Warz
      Tiger Warz 6 months ago

      Well all I know is there gone and my brother was the last year to do them (Year 12 2016-17)

    • LollyPop Lolly
      LollyPop Lolly 6 months ago

      TIGER WARZ hey, what do you mean the government got rid of AS levels? Can you explain please?

  • Pippilottadegalan
    Pippilottadegalan 7 months ago

    Can You also go to university when you finish at the age off 16/17 and you do exam in 4 subjects?

    • Matthew Moore
      Matthew Moore 5 months ago

      No you need A-levels for university (A2)

    • Kingpin
      Kingpin 6 months ago

      Pippilottadegalan no

  • Jake
    Jake 7 months ago +17

    And after all this you become a waiter...

  • GameNation
    GameNation 7 months ago

    You start when you are 4.
    Nursery = 1yr
    Reception (KinderGarten) = 1
    Primary School = 6
    High School = 4
    Sixth Degree (College) = 2
    University = 2/3

  • melanie black
    melanie black 8 months ago

    G.C.S.E is also known as CXC

    • Matthew Moore
      Matthew Moore 5 months ago

      no they are different things, but are taken at the same time

  • Huzaifa Tariq Tariq
    Huzaifa Tariq Tariq 8 months ago

    1 Year of Students is wasted in UK Education System...As compare to Asian Education System.

  • Harry p0tup
    Harry p0tup 8 months ago

    I left school at end of year 10,


    iam 16 moving to england ,iam i going to start direct high or most i do the exams to get to high school

    • Matthew Moore
      Matthew Moore 5 months ago

      you don't 'need' any qualifications to enter high school

    • Abilio Neves
      Abilio Neves 6 months ago

      ikran abdi same here

  • Zachary Lewis-Briers
    Zachary Lewis-Briers 9 months ago

    Not everywhere in the U.K has this system I went through first school, middle school, high school and then college

  • Michael Rendina
    Michael Rendina 10 months ago

    Bastardo ti abbiamo visto in classe

  • Andrew Tyberg
    Andrew Tyberg Year ago

    Very well explained!

  • teo entertainment

    So since English education systems shows that Indians can betrayed there identity, languages, country, relatives and lands - so it is Gypsy vs Indians

  • Sharjah hHshjahjs

    Suck me tit

    • Take M8
      Take M8 6 months ago

      Sharjah hHshjahjs WTF

  • Someone
    Someone Year ago +54

    I'm from the UK and I go too a British school yet I am watching this and I don't even know why ;)

  • CJ 10
    CJ 10 Year ago

    It's different in Scotland, we have 7 years in primary school then 6 in high school or academy

  • Hias Lorenz
    Hias Lorenz Year ago

    Thanks dude you helped me a lot

  • toddbod94
    toddbod94 Year ago +8

    AS doesn't exist anymore

    • yas
      yas 3 months ago

      They do, depending on what you're doing. My twin sister does history english and psych and i do chemistry biology maths and geography. I have but she doesn't lol

    • Matthew Moore
      Matthew Moore 5 months ago

      I just took my AS exams about 8 weeks ago, so yes, they do

    • LollyPop Lolly
      LollyPop Lolly 6 months ago

      toddbod94 Hey, can you tell me why "AS doesn't exist anymore"?

    • JW
      JW Year ago +4

      toddbod94 It does, just not in the same sense as it did before. Despite the fact AS no longer account to 50% of your overall A Level grade, you still take AS exams in year 12 which will go on your uni application, and then you retake those AS exams along with the A2 exams in year 13.

  • Lois Xoxo
    Lois Xoxo Year ago

    I've lived in England my whole life and year 6 if for 10-11 year old isn't it?

    • Take M8
      Take M8 6 months ago

      Lois Xoxo yup

  • DemonaLlama
    DemonaLlama Year ago +16

    This is the England and Wales education system :/

    • Fawcett
      Fawcett 2 months ago

      it's different in Scotland.

    • Ellie McLean
      Ellie McLean 5 months ago +2

      24KT no I'm not sure about Scotland but in Northern Ireland this is never used

    • Sean Yalcin
      Sean Yalcin Year ago +1

      WJEC exam board is used around most of the UK. I think it's the most common.

    ACCULINO Year ago

    But wait he didn't say what happendes if u move to the uk at the age of 16 dod you do the exams ???

    • A. Ham
      A. Ham 6 months ago

      Depends really on you're situation and when you're birthday falls on

    • Arzzier
      Arzzier Year ago +1

      ACCULINO yep also in the end of primary you have to do Sats

  • Ismail Ahmed
    Ismail Ahmed Year ago +1

    u did it wrong u start with Nursery and reception!

  • Nadine x
    Nadine x Year ago

    Very well explained, I hope I got it now😅
    Your handwriting is really cool btw

  • Mark Difort
    Mark Difort Year ago

    No middle school!!??

    • DemonaLlama
      DemonaLlama Year ago

      Some places have middle school in the UK, maybe a third.

    • Arzzier
      Arzzier Year ago

      Mark Difort Secondary school is middle school and high school

  • Josh McAllister
    Josh McAllister Year ago

    u missed p7 noob


    what if you are 16 years old and moving to england from sweden . in sweden when you are 16 you go to three years of college and then university . please someone tell e what iam going to start i mean which year or something

    • Arzzier
      Arzzier Year ago

      ikran abdi You'll either start at Sixth Form or the final year of secondary

  • Domestos Bleach
    Domestos Bleach Year ago +12

    That's strange I had to be 6 to be in year 1 and 10 or 11 for year 6

    • homie bob
      homie bob 23 days ago

      yeah he forgot about reception so the ages were all wrong

    • Sohana K
      Sohana K Month ago

      Skrrr you ar dumb cause I jst finished year 6 this year 2017 and I was 11

    • Sohana K
      Sohana K Month ago


    • Skrrr
      Skrrr 5 months ago

      Domestos Bleach ur dumb

  • Aviator
    Aviator Year ago +11

    Calling this "The UK education system" is a bit of a misnomer. There are 3 different education systems in the UK. England and Wales, the Scotland, then Northern Ireland.

  • BigFace Basketball
    BigFace Basketball Year ago +6

    I have watched several videos about the UK education system and you explain the most clearly. Thank you.

    • Zara_H
      Zara_H 4 months ago

      BigFace Basketball this is wrong he missed the two earliest years so the primary school explanation is wrong because he put the wrong ages

  • budywudy9
    budywudy9 Year ago +1

    1) very well explained. I think non-uk students will understand this
    2) do you still cube or have you quit / given it up?

  • virtually Esther
    virtually Esther Year ago +56

    Chris you missed out reception class... :P good explanation though, very clear :)

    • Aiman Motin
      Aiman Motin 9 months ago +1

      haribo41296 I am from the UK

    • Cheeko Extras
      Cheeko Extras Year ago +1

      haribo41296 bro this is so similar to Australia (obviously because of 1788)but here are some differences
      1.School can either start at 4 or 5 (if ur 4,u turn 5 before June 30th. If u were 5 like me,you turn 6 like after June 30th)
      2.We don't start school in year 1 (we used to)we start in Prep
      3. until 2015,nearly all states in Australia have had year 7 in High school (before it was year 8,but South Australia has year 7 in Primary School,but I'm not from South Australia)
      4. We don't have Sixth form/College,we end High school with our Atar (used to be OP)and we have dreaded block exams(the subjects u choose in year 11 for year 11 and 12 will be apart of ur Block Exams/OP (Atar)
      5.Uni isn't 4 years for everyone,depending what ur course is
      6. School starts in January and ends in December
      ok so I hope u like these differences,I really liked the video and also I graduated Primary school in December last year and I'm going to High school

    • CanChrisSolve?
      CanChrisSolve?  Year ago +7

      +virtually Esther I have failed as an english student D:

  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright Year ago

    Scotland is very different lol…

  • Ren Tier
    Ren Tier Year ago

    They're getting rid of AS

  • Stanley Mitchell
    Stanley Mitchell Year ago +34

    This is wrong , year 1 is 5-6 year 2 is 6-7 year 3 is 7-8 year 4 is 8-9 year 5 is 9-10 and tear 6 is 10-11

    • Take M8
      Take M8 6 months ago

      Zombiesize you are wrong a lot year 5 is 9-10 y4 is 8-9 and y6 is 10-11

    • Just a Jungkook stan
      Just a Jungkook stan Year ago

      +Zombiesize yes

    • ezray
      ezray Year ago +2

      +Zombiesize right now I'm in year 8 12-13

    • ezray
      ezray Year ago

      +Zombiesize no it's not.

    • Zombiesize
      Zombiesize Year ago

      Grade 5 should be 10-11 grade 4 should be 9-10 and grade 6 should be 11-12

  • TheSilentCuber
    TheSilentCuber Year ago

    Interesting, very different from Sweden.

  • WolfWithAGun
    WolfWithAGun Year ago

    in us we have elementary (1-6), middle (sometimes 6-8) and high (9-12)

  • Shelby G.
    Shelby G. Year ago

    Super helpful, Chris, thanks! It's always a little confusing when people talk about high school in the UK vs. high school in the US. Keep up the good videos!

    • Kassidy Hope
      Kassidy Hope Year ago

      Yeah I know I have friends from America and they are always on about middle school and stuff over text and I'm sat there like 'wth are you on about?!' Lol it's so confusing! XD