A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) - Movie Review


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  • Dravianpn02
    Dravianpn02 8 days ago

    You should review Izo by Takeshi Miike

  • Damian Treat
    Damian Treat 15 days ago

    Those die hard dubs are criminal hahaha I have a hard time believing they're real

  • JAGORZ51 65
    JAGORZ51 65 16 days ago

    You Freddy Kruger is the name of a school bully to Wes Craven

  • Lucas Gill
    Lucas Gill 18 days ago

    But THEN we had Nightmare 3 wich was pretty good...
    Overall, the only ones i liked from this franchise were the ones whith Heather. That being Nightmare 1, 3 and New Nightmare

  • Anthony Amos
    Anthony Amos 21 day ago

    Movies overrated as fuck

  • War624
    War624 22 days ago

    Where does Chris get all these wonderful shirts?

  • Karanvir Kooner
    Karanvir Kooner 23 days ago

    I know horror better than both those foolish clowns who don’t know what they’re talking about

    LEXXX LUCIFER 666 26 days ago

    just literally watched shocker tonight with my son. now its nightbreed

  • Simon
    Simon 27 days ago

    4:23 reminds me of Exorcist 3, nurse station scene.

  • Matt Vowles
    Matt Vowles 27 days ago

    I love this movie. I love this review. And I love your smile...keep up the good work 💜

  • Vyxsin Fiala Savage
    Vyxsin Fiala Savage 27 days ago

    "Suspiria" also had an awesome soundtrack by Goblin......Yikes!!!

  • Elizabeth Selvamohan
    Elizabeth Selvamohan 27 days ago

    So you're not even gonna mention the blood gushing out of the bed? Ok then.

  • Zak Hunter-Gilbert
    Zak Hunter-Gilbert 29 days ago

    Also Arachnophobia & Open Season.........

  • Zak Hunter-Gilbert
    Zak Hunter-Gilbert 29 days ago

    Do the Critters series!

  • Nick XL
    Nick XL 29 days ago

    New Nightmare is super underrated imo

  • ohohvalerie
    ohohvalerie Month ago

    I liked the soundtrack for Sinister believe it or not. Esp the car/garage scene

  • Richard Lucero
    Richard Lucero Month ago

    Just wanna say hello. And great video as always

  • TheLegendkiller2100

    Screw your hall pass .

  • JustDriveMotorsports

    The first time I saw this movie I was 7 or 8 years old and I lived on Elm St.

  • abingleyboy
    abingleyboy Month ago

    You can't getaway from the really bad moment the Mom is dragged through the door window and she is the dummiest dummy ever to be filmed. She turns into a stuffed toy for Freddie's sake!!

  • Marshy23
    Marshy23 Month ago

    Im 22 and I watched this for the first time tonight and my god it's bad. Its like a slap stick comedy!

  • rainbowbunniie
    rainbowbunniie Month ago

    Wes Craven also directed an awesome movie called Deadly Friend (1986) which no one ever talks about. If you haven't seen it Chris you so should. Would make a good Hilariocity review.

  • M Pixel
    M Pixel Month ago

    Nightmare Part 2 isn't that bad; it's certainly not the worst of the series.

  • Linda Pü
    Linda Pü Month ago

    I´ve wated for this review for sooo long

  • Wesley Pacillas
    Wesley Pacillas Month ago

    John totally fucked up Wes Cravens NOES origin story.

  • Stephan Dube
    Stephan Dube Month ago

    Yipikayay Mr Falcon?!!! OMF!! HAHAHAHAHA!

  • Patrick Guilfoyle
    Patrick Guilfoyle Month ago

    Bad audio, wonder what they did differently? Normally it's fine

  • Bruno Martinez
    Bruno Martinez Month ago

    Chris, you and Johnny Flicks dialogue reviews are fantastic. You remain my favorite film critic, a worthy successor to Roger Ebert! When you two are together, Johnny Flicks... well he comes across a bit more intelligent than he does alone on his channel... LMAO‼️‼️ You are great foils. I miss the dialogue reviews of Sisley & Ebert and you two make me remember why! On a separate note, no Hilariosity (sp?) reviews in some time. I know film is and should be your second priority after The lovely Sam, who somehow conned into go out with... we kid because we love. I can’t wait to see your film!

  • ManDudeMark
    ManDudeMark Month ago

    hey! I love candy corn 😅

  • Karo Fauske
    Karo Fauske Month ago +1

    I think Nightmare on Elm Street is also based from an incident that happened with some Asian men for some reason. They fled to America and since then had terrible nightmares where they said something was chasing them and they knew they would never wake up if they were caught. And suddenly there were screams in the middle of the night and someone checked on them and found them dead. Sorry if I got the facts wrong, it's been a while since I've heard about it but it's fascinating and scary as fuck. Just think being killed in your own dream and then never wake up. Fuuuck that's scary xD

    • Karo Fauske
      Karo Fauske Month ago

      I looked it up. There was sixteen people. Scary.

    • Happy 2BeHere
      Happy 2BeHere Month ago

      One Asian man from Thailand. I've heard the story.

  • kingofthemanties
    kingofthemanties Month ago

    I was delighted that you brought up Shocker.

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus Month ago +1

    Jason > Freddy

  • Dharzjinion
    Dharzjinion Month ago

    11:30 Speaking of X-Files - Skinner was the villain in Shocker ;)

  • Edwin
    Edwin Month ago

    Why you no review bohemian rhapsody??

  • Miriam Martínez
    Miriam Martínez Month ago

    Please please make a review of bohemian rhapsody!

  • MrVesimelooni
    MrVesimelooni Month ago

    The Chris/John collabs are always great!

  • Jett Allyson
    Jett Allyson Month ago

    I love this movie! But I agree about the ending. Wes Craven wanted the movie to end with Nancy leaving her house the next morning, having vanquished Freddy. It was the studio that insisted on a twist ending that ultimately left room for sequels. The problem, of course, is that this ending effectively means that Nancy fails.

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright Month ago

    I think Nightmare on Elm Street 2 should be a Hilariocity review ..... make it happen Stuckmann .... oh and I’m still waiting on A Vampire’s Kiss

  • Ciorchinele Suprem
    Ciorchinele Suprem Month ago

    Yippee ki-yay mr falcon..

  • Daud Hicks
    Daud Hicks Month ago

    Watched it when I was seven and grew up on the sequels. For me it’s my favourite horror series, as great as Halloween is the sequels largely sucked. I think Freddy has the best sequels in all horror series.

  • PAIR of Sneakerheads

    Yesterday is saw this movie for the first time and for the last time. What a kids movie. It felt like an episode of goosebumps. Bad acting., bad music. Freddy get owned by little girls. Freddy is being funny instead of scary. I didn't like anything about it. The people that like it always saw it in their childhood. The only thing i did like were the special effects.
    I give this movie a 4 out of 10.

  • outshyne666
    outshyne666 Month ago

    For me, freddy krueger is the greatest horror character ever made. Best horror series to.

  • Pistol1783
    Pistol1783 Month ago

    Nancy is a mouth 👄 breather in this one. Her mouth is always open it bugs the shit out of me.

  • ThedepecheTrance
    ThedepecheTrance Month ago

    Review Prince of Darkness from 1987 starimg Donald pleasence

  • Jude Tyler
    Jude Tyler Month ago +1

    Bohemian review please!!!

  • Geoff good gamer
    Geoff good gamer Month ago

    I love that home alone scene too

  • Bobby Daubert
    Bobby Daubert Month ago

    Love the review, when the focus is on the film.
    I don't watch Stuckman for the 13 year old version of himself reviewing these films. I watch them for an adult perspective. A grown human telling me his thoughts on a film after watching and studying countless others - NOT - what your CHILD-SELF would think. WHO GIVES A SHIT.
    I'm so fucking sick of hearing every youtubers 'CHILDHOOD MEMORIES'. My eyes get stuck in the back of my head everytime I hear the phrase "WHEN I WAS A KID....".

  • IsFriezaABoyOrGirl
    IsFriezaABoyOrGirl Month ago

    All time favorite horror film!!!

  • Frozen gamer
    Frozen gamer Month ago

    I just watched that movie yesterday and 50 times already.

  • Movieslinger Reviews

    I recently watched this movie for the first time and I wasn't scared at all. There were a few creepy sequences that were shot very well like the school hallway and the part where Freddy is coming through the wall and the wall turns into this liquid metal T-1000 type thing.
    But as soon as they showed Freddie, I started laughing. Seeing Freddy took away all the tension and it became hilarious to watch him awkwardly chase people, sometimes stumbling over stuff LoL

  • Austin Galyan
    Austin Galyan Month ago

    Plz review Suspiria 2018! Love your videos!

  • knoble1985
    knoble1985 Month ago

    The moment I wasn't scared of Freddy is when he fell down the stairs and from there I looked forward to the dark comedy woven in the sequels.. When he pulled Nancy mom thru the door window and the credit music had me dying😂

  • Literary Lady1
    Literary Lady1 Month ago

    You still have VHS too.

  • L W
    L W Month ago +1

    Such a clever and well made slasher. The casting was great Nancy and Glen actually looked like high school kids, the casting in the later movies had actors in their late 20s trying to play 'teenagers.' Freddy is smartly used sparingly. There's like a 30 minute stretch of the film towards the end where we don't see him which raises the tension for the final fight. Freddy is horrific in his design and portrayal. The writing is really strong too, Nancy has internal conflict to deal with, "am I crazy?"conflict with her parents who don't believe her as well as conflict with the antagonist. The practical effects are also great and still hold up. There's definitely sexual undertones too, we only see the girls nightmares with Freddy and Nancy & Tina are usually in their pjs in their bed when he appears and attacks them.

  • Jimmy D
    Jimmy D Month ago

    You would LOVE the Japanese indie "one cut of the dead." Watch it, and review it!!!

  • shaesham
    shaesham Month ago

    >though Chucky was real
    I'm convinced.

  • tom peters
    tom peters Month ago

    The true horror is your chemistry together.

  • Raul Zavala
    Raul Zavala Month ago

    Shocker is just dumb fun.

  • Fury Fire
    Fury Fire Month ago

    The booby trap part is kinda like predator when arnold is preparing to face the predator

  • Josh Downham
    Josh Downham Month ago

    The censored version of Die Hard 2 is one of the great comedies.

    • Raul Zavala
      Raul Zavala Month ago +1

      Josh Downham - the very least they could have gotten the voice to sound like Bruce Willis.

  • Julia cotton
    Julia cotton Month ago

    70s & 80s horror movies are the best. Hollywood don't make good horrors anymore ... can you review John carpenter's THE THING.

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez Month ago

    Perfect soundtracks for horror IMO:
    The Thing
    Nightmare on Elm St.

  • Adrian Vaughn
    Adrian Vaughn Month ago +1

    Hitting 'like' before having seen the video ♥️

  • Hayden Scott
    Hayden Scott Month ago

    I watched Nightmare on Elm Street about two and a half weeks ago in my friends basement and it was fun seeing one of my friend's first seeing of the film

  • Alhawaii1
    Alhawaii1 Month ago

    Chris grew up as Freddy

  • H. Lecture
    H. Lecture Month ago

    I wonder if Ted Bundy played an unwitting role in the whole "triumphant female lead" trope. Maybe it's a part of his legacy. He gained infamy for the brutal murders of a large number of women. He and his deeds were also dragged out of the dark and into the light in 1975, a year after Hooper directed The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (which I'm still asking Chris to review, Chris). Only a few years later we start to see Michael and Jason and Freddy and Chucky, etc., all of whom find their nemeses to be female characters. Serial murder was big news in the sixties and seventies, definitely having a strong influence on the slasher movies of the eighties. Back then it was Manson and Bundy. Today, we have ISIS, etc. Come to think of it, this planet is just plain crazy as f**k. That's why we have all these movies!

  • H. Lecture
    H. Lecture Month ago

    Don't forget about Robert Englund's dreamy tongue action ;)

  • Braeden Lange
    Braeden Lange Month ago

    So what happens if we do in fact watch “A Nightmare on Elm Street” at 3am, in a basement boiler room, and don’t get scared?

  • Kyle bedient
    Kyle bedient Month ago

    Nightmare on elm street is my favorite horror movie franchise. I agree with everything you guys said. Wish you quickly touched on the remake. Personally I like that film visually everything else falls flat. Jackie gives a fair performance. You are right the second one sucks. For me though the halloween, nightmare and the original childs play theme are my three favorites. I'm glad you guys love it. If you didnt I'd have to walk in and say "This is god". Lol


    I saw this in 84👈

  • James Morant
    James Morant Month ago

    Nightmare on elm street is A A+ just a great horror movie the Story effects every thing and Freddy Krueger screen time is 7 minutes

  • Tim Walden
    Tim Walden Month ago

    I like part 2 more than any of the other sequels. At least the tone is still serious before Freddy became a cartoon.

  • Reviews From The Beyond

    And I'm looking forward to what you think about Suspiria 2018.

  • Reviews From The Beyond

    The ending shot of the 1st Nightmare was Robert Shea's Idea i think he he Directed that scene also. Wes Craven said he hates that scene in multiple interviews.

  • Rebeca Jimenez
    Rebeca Jimenez Month ago +1

    Have you guys ever reviewed hellraiser? As a kid that movie HORRIFIED me but I don't remember if it was actually good or not lol

  • Ant-Man Salinas
    Ant-Man Salinas Month ago

    I just heard Chris say that he didn’t grow up with something for the first time and I’m literally shocked.

  • Aj Turner
    Aj Turner Month ago

    Also, I can watch nightmare on elm street in any situation and not get scared lol I’ve watched MUCH scarier. Wes craven is literally my idol though, he’s what made me want to become a filmmaker

  • Aj Turner
    Aj Turner Month ago

    The first elm street they said “Fred is coming for you” they changed it to “Freddy’s coming for you” because they started referring to him as Freddy after the first, and not just Fred Krueger

  • Stranger Jones
    Stranger Jones Month ago

    I grew up with Chris Stuckmann

  • lmbmedia l
    lmbmedia l Month ago

    Freddy did to basements what Jaws did to 70s tight speedos **shimmers**

  • Diane S
    Diane S Month ago

    Chris, you said that you think Craven did this to get away from the exploitative films but with Freddy being a child molester and killer exploitative? I guess you were referring the way this movie plays out as we don't see Freddy doing anything other than killing the kids of the people who murdered him?

  • Diane S
    Diane S Month ago

    I love candy corn it's my crack! LOL I eat it all year long, cannot help myself.

  • Metro A
    Metro A Month ago

    nightmare was not based on one case of a guy dying in his sleep from fright in L.A. it was from cases. at the time Wes came up with the concept their was a number of these cases happing in a immigrant community there and a large number of young men in this community were dying. it was a big case because it was just that community and so many healthy young were dying.

  • Vatabg
    Vatabg Month ago

    wtf is this immitation of "Half in the bag". FRAUDS

  • ???? ¿¿¿¿
    ???? ¿¿¿¿ Month ago

    Why don’t you start working out with your friend and stop being a anime fanboy with cringe tattoos little bitch

  • Michael G
    Michael G Month ago

    This movie is pure 😬. It's so dated and not scary. You said, "watch it in a basement at 3 AM and try not to be afraid." I did. And I wasn't scared. Honest to god.

  • Ryan MacQuarrie
    Ryan MacQuarrie Month ago

    Why you covering those sweet tattoos??

  • zouge gaming
    zouge gaming Month ago

    I watched a nightmare on elm St for the first Time in 2016 The classic one . I watched the reamke in 2011 I hated the remake

  • darkwriterxx94
    darkwriterxx94 Month ago

    If I remember correctly, wes craven originally envisioned Freddy as a pedophile but it was considered to dark even for an r rating. However there are still hints at it including Tina’s death and the bath tub scene. I’d suggest the documentary Never Sleep Again which dedicates nearly an hour to each NOES film.

  • Brian Baer
    Brian Baer Month ago

    Nightmare on elm Street does not hold up anymore

  • Kenny Velazquez
    Kenny Velazquez Month ago

    Chris keeps looking like his arms are pulled into his sleeves in this video.

  • P-Degree
    P-Degree Month ago

    Funny story. Back when Shocker came out. My cousin and I wanted to watch it in theaters. But were too young to watch it without an adult. So our plan was to get tickets to The Bear and sneak in. We sat in the beginning of The Bear and began to leave the theater and go to see Shocker. Needless to say there was an usher at the door checking tickets. So we went back in The Bear. And watched that. I actually enjoyed it. Lol

  • Matthew Bradshaw-Batt

    You say there's 2 soundtracks for horror, Halloween & Elm St!! What about The Exorcist? Surely Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells is THE most iconic horror soundtrack?!? Other than that, great review!!

  • Wayward Winchester
    Wayward Winchester Month ago

    One of my all time favorite movies!

  • Leech Miller
    Leech Miller Month ago

    The best horror soundtrack I think is in The Thing.

  • Randal Graves
    Randal Graves Month ago +1

    I saw NOES 2 when I was 10. I had the NES game, also Friday the 13th. And the glove, plastic obviously.

  • Cool hive
    Cool hive Month ago

    They forgot to mention the score to The Exorcist. Tubular Bells was even a Top 10 hit.

  • Nicholas Boljkovac
    Nicholas Boljkovac Month ago

    Shoker is an underated classic. If its self-aware then why is it so bad? House 3 is worse! Elm Street 2 is great, better than any of Chris's reviews(yup I said it).

  • Tristan Smith
    Tristan Smith Month ago

    He directed The People Under the Stairs too

  • Jeremy Falkner
    Jeremy Falkner Month ago

    "The basis of the film was inspired by several newspaper articles printed in the Los Angeles Times in the 1970s on a group of Southeast Asian refugees, who, after fleeing to the United States from the results of war and genocide in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, were suffering disturbing nightmares, after which they refused to sleep. Some of the men died in their sleep soon after. Medical authorities called the phenomenon Asian Death Syndrome." -Wikipedia-- I always thought this was the conception for the film.