Tips for Loose & Colourful Watercolour // Draw With Me

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • Here's some tips to help you with watercolour! These are just some things I've learned that might help you. Feel free to draw with me and let me know what you're currently working on!
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Comments • 264

  • JanaAlsu ِ
    JanaAlsu ِ 2 days ago

    The painting turned out so beautiful! Enjoyed the video too

  • Heidi
    Heidi 11 days ago

    I really like your insight on warm colors being closer and cool colors being further away! Thanks :0

  • Hannah Askins
    Hannah Askins 23 days ago

    I was drawing cats while you drew this.. what a coincidence right? XD Only got two done because I love listening to your commentary

  • ClonedGentleman
    ClonedGentleman 25 days ago

    This video flew by me so quickly, it didn't feel like a 17 mins video.

  • Kristina Denver
    Kristina Denver 27 days ago

    I'm glad some one else likes orange. It's my favorite color! I think it's beautiful and useful but not everyone utilizes it.

  • Xandra Schoots
    Xandra Schoots 27 days ago

    Sooo this is so random but I'm practising anatomy while watching this video! :)
    Also, I loved watching you create this piece!

  • Nicole Gabrielle Pingol


  • Hachiman Atelier
    Hachiman Atelier Month ago +1

    What you said about the colors, the reason why they combine very well is because those colors are side by side in the color scale, for those who are interested in this, look for videos on color theory, you will see the reason why this happens and the different color schemes that are often used in art.
    Also, I love cats.

  • Kleiner Blauwal
    Kleiner Blauwal Month ago

    I don’t know why but I really want to name the cat Jamie. It just looks like a Jamie to me.

  • Apollo Aqua
    Apollo Aqua Month ago

    wow, it's adorable

  • jeff hendry
    jeff hendry Month ago

    i love the color scheme it makes the character pop

  • edgel00rd
    edgel00rd Month ago

    i was studying a picture of a guy in a lavender field :)

  • crazy milkman
    crazy milkman Month ago

    I bought this wonderful painting!! It came in a cute yellow envelope with some lovely little bird stamps! I love your art jel!!!

  • Lovemerry Ilin
    Lovemerry Ilin Month ago

    I love this style of video! Nothing sped up, and love commentary. Love it!!!

  • sassykitten 143
    sassykitten 143 Month ago

    i drew circus animals while watching this lol

  • Venus O
    Venus O Month ago

    I love how this piece turned out! Just wondering, what's the name of the brand of the brush you were using?

  • Vendettis
    Vendettis Month ago

    My fave color combo is a deep purple and deep red

  • amatøør
    amatøør Month ago

    Thank you for the video, it was really eye-opening for me and my watercolor techniques + the final piece is adorable!

  • Esma
    Esma 2 months ago

    I love using blue and orange. Or blue, purple and pink.
    Great video, lovely art work. Always happy to watch your videos. 😉😊

  • Sashimi
    Sashimi 2 months ago

    I just started using watercolor (got some from christmas thanks so much!!!) I drew kirby

  • Leda A
    Leda A 2 months ago

    Love it!! Can I ask what you use to film the drawing from above?

  • Catqueen 2107
    Catqueen 2107 2 months ago

    drew a sketch of a rose.

  • Azra Aydın
    Azra Aydın 2 months ago

    I enjoyed watching it. And liked the cat a lot. My dad likes the orange best lol.

  • Zimrian Zimrian
    Zimrian Zimrian 2 months ago


  • Akane Sakiya
    Akane Sakiya 2 months ago

    Hi there! I really like your art style and your videos in general. It's very inspiring and you have quite a relaxing voice. You're talking calmly and it is a real pleasure because it's easy to understand what you are saying even though English is not my mother tongue :)
    I love watercolor so it was an amazing video! ;)

  • Yannelis Pagan
    Yannelis Pagan 2 months ago

    Did you know that Calicos are all female? It’s super rare for a calico to be male.

  • Dez
    Dez 2 months ago

    I really like to use orange, purple, and green. I paint a lot of sunset scenes so I use all three quite frequently. Orange is my favourite colour. :)

  • Dez
    Dez 2 months ago

    Jel: "I think the scarf needs to be darker."
    *Throws navy blue on the scarf*
    Me: O_O
    Idk why but that was really hard to watch... It felt like a death scene in a movie but the person didn't actually die.

  • M o o n
    M o o n 2 months ago

    Ojala pudiera entender completamente el ingles... igualmente admiro su talento, es impresionante :3

  • JaysArtEscape
    JaysArtEscape 2 months ago

    Earlier today I ordered some watercolor supplies off amazon after wanting to try them for a really long time, and I’m super excited to try them out

  • Artelier Auxora
    Artelier Auxora 2 months ago

    Very adorable kitty! Thanks for the watercolor tutorial. I have a lot of watercolor but I’m always so afraid to use them.

  • Leigha Jackson-Evans
    Leigha Jackson-Evans 2 months ago

    Wow, I'm blown away! I love your style, both in the painting style, and in the video style. This was very informative and comfortable to listen to. You have a commendable grasp on color theory and combinations too!

  • CoCoRocker 490
    CoCoRocker 490 2 months ago

    I actually clicked on this to have something to listen to and watch while I sketched. I was doing doodles of my oc Luna's different facial expressions lol

  • Meraki Painter
    Meraki Painter 2 months ago

    I love pink and blue. Reminds me of cotton candy 😋 and I worked on a lil sketch of a girl surrounded by peaches with colored pencil. I'm gonna post it on Instagram 🍑

  • BriTeya Desu
    BriTeya Desu 2 months ago

    I love how even if I may not be using the same medium you are, your tips always apply? How is that possible lol I was drawing digitally this time during your draw with me. I felt nostalgic and re-drew a scene from Tokyo Mew Mew. An anime that really helped push me into the world of drawing cartoon people. Your videos help me stay focused and actually finish a drawing~

  • Fujoshi Deredere
    Fujoshi Deredere 2 months ago

    I know this is random but on an app paint tool sai its being drawing in pixels and I was wondering if you knew how to get smooth lines and not pixeled ones

  • Kari Skinner
    Kari Skinner 2 months ago

    You might want to check out fabriano "soft press" watercolor paper. It is kind of in between hot press and cold press.

  • Bottle of Arts
    Bottle of Arts 2 months ago

    Just mind blowing

  • Kingery Art
    Kingery Art 2 months ago

    Sweet channel my friend! I just subbed and hit the bell button👊 I hope you sub and support back😁👍👍

  • Paola Hernandez
    Paola Hernandez 2 months ago

    This is really nice! I upgraded my watercolors recently and tried to paint with them, but it didn’t turn out so well :’( this served as inspiration to not give up! I also got some prismacolors so I’ll definitely use them in my next attempt at watercolor !! I love you and your art ! :))

  • Grace Hayden
    Grace Hayden 2 months ago

    I love watching your videos! Your voice is so relaxing! I love sitting down with a cup of tea, watching a video and taking notes. Your art style is so unique, I love it.

  • XiterCifer
    XiterCifer 2 months ago

    I was doing my math homework while watching this :'3

  • Ahri Foxfire
    Ahri Foxfire 2 months ago

    I really like your process, it was very pleasing and calming to watch :3 Thank you.
    p.s. my favourite colour comb right now is probably some neon, really bright blue+magenta+purple+cyan :]

  • simple potato
    simple potato 2 months ago

    For peeling off the tape whenever I do it too damp o can peel it very easily

  • Porcelain Dolls
    Porcelain Dolls 2 months ago +1

    I was drawing some kids wearing backpacks for no reason

  • R'john Bernales
    R'john Bernales 2 months ago

    I'm actually working on a bird design for a cartoon while you're working on the cat. I also like the orange purple combo...thanks for the video :)

  • Eclectic Alien
    Eclectic Alien 2 months ago

    Worked on male figure and colored it in using only gray scale since I turn to colors too quickly and wonder why it looks so flat >~

    • JelArts
      JelArts  2 months ago

      Ohhh yeah value studies help so much with that! That's a great thing to practice.

  • Posion Knight
    Posion Knight 2 months ago

    I drew a lizard on a bike because my friend is depressed so I will give it to her

  • Jabby The Hot
    Jabby The Hot 2 months ago +1

    A striking teal blue and a stark copper red is my favorite color combination at the moment. Went to Niagra Falls in june, fell in love immediately with the colors of the water

  • Rhian Gorman
    Rhian Gorman 2 months ago

    Your videos always put me in the mood to paint, I love it!

  • Katie Whysong
    Katie Whysong 2 months ago

    so relaxing i almost fell asleep haha ^^

  • meggn
    meggn 2 months ago +1

    orange is my all time favorite color
    my favorite color combo is brownish-copper, teal, and light orange

  • Sedna
    Sedna 2 months ago

    I love red, teal, and yellow color combinations but the purple and orange is wonderful🐱

  • Oreo the Dragon
    Oreo the Dragon 2 months ago

    I was drawing a stan lee tribute while watching this. Thank you for the wonderful watercolor tips! I struggle with watercolor more than other types of painting or artwork.

  • Kayla Noodle
    Kayla Noodle 2 months ago

    haha I just recently got that palette :)

  • ooXChrissieXoo
    ooXChrissieXoo 2 months ago

    I love this painting! I always like the more loose painting, but I unconsciously add details to it, then it looked weird cause it's like lots of detail but also very loose, so i started to add detail but I'm not good at it, so the entire piece gets ruined. Need more practice, but thank you for reminding me the beauty of loose painting.

  • Mana Patel
    Mana Patel 2 months ago

    Your art style is so cute!😍

  • littleinkstain
    littleinkstain 2 months ago

    i was drawing a frog wizard

  • Noelle
    Noelle 2 months ago +2

    My favorite color combination right now is maroon and gold. There’s so much you can do with them together, and I’m also realizing that I own a lot of maroon clothing. I really like to put browns and greys in that mix, too. Also, wonderful video, as always! I love the bushes.

  • NefariousHippie
    NefariousHippie 2 months ago

    Really educational to see your process in detail as you compose!

  • Derek Cutsinger
    Derek Cutsinger 2 months ago

    Great style! I'm learning watercolor and really like this approach. Subbed!

  • gatomosfeles
    gatomosfeles 2 months ago

    this is sooo pretty

  • Sarahs Sktchbk
    Sarahs Sktchbk 2 months ago

    Drew a little fox in the woodsss

  • Nadya Annjeanette
    Nadya Annjeanette 2 months ago

    this turned out so beautiful! and yes I love the orange and purple combination, blue and yellow too! the last part which you mentioned about color pencils is so true, I like to add finishing touches with them, it really brings out the watercolor piece and makes it pop!

  • Lydia Rogers-Hinks
    Lydia Rogers-Hinks 2 months ago +1

    Wow this is really informative! Beautiful art.

  • Nico
    Nico 2 months ago

    This video was so calming and uhhh idk the right word but...educational? Informative? Your voice was nice to listen to and you were also saying important things haha. I loved the cat, I will probably pre-order as soon as I can. :D Love your work!!

  • Hal Illustrations
    Hal Illustrations 2 months ago

    This video was so helpful! I was actually thinking about getting watercolor soon. It seems like a really interesting medium and I love the look of it!

  • Chelsdagr8
    Chelsdagr8 2 months ago

    This was an absolute life saver also how long did it take in total

  • Fear Zero
    Fear Zero 2 months ago

    Tummies 😂

  • LabAccident
    LabAccident 2 months ago

    Ahhhh- incentive to get out my stuff and work on something.
    Even though I just got home from work and I’m tired
    Also, my favorite colors to use are usually indigo (I have three different versions from three different brands in my palette), deep greens, and little splashed of pink.

  • Despicable Penguin
    Despicable Penguin 2 months ago

    I was painting an alien space girl on my jacket

  • MusicalRaichu
    MusicalRaichu 2 months ago +1

    have you tried watercolour pencil? after you draw you can go over it with an almost dry brush and let it dissolve. that way it will blend in nicely with the watercolour underneath.
    also, i find a regular colour pencil underdrawing doesn't work with watercolour for me because the wax/oil of the pencil repels the water.

  • Katrīna Vanaga
    Katrīna Vanaga 2 months ago

    What a cute drawing! I enjoyed hearing your thought process! I decided to swatch a watercolor set I got and thought about what I could draw since I've used watercolors only once, I think, and want to give them a try.

  • Adrianna Escalante
    Adrianna Escalante 2 months ago

    loved loved loved this piece >

  • Sarah Vilhelmsen
    Sarah Vilhelmsen 2 months ago

    I'm so stiff with watercolor and it just takes me forever to get anything finished, but I'm very inspired by the way that you do watercolor very loosely and all, so while I've been watching you paint I've been painting along, just trying really hard to be more free in doing so. thank you for showing how you paint the way you do, I still haven't figured out how to paint like that x)

  • ArtsyBritt
    ArtsyBritt 2 months ago

    I like these videos because I'm new to watercolors thanks for showing the process

  • EmilyArts
    EmilyArts 2 months ago

    This was so insightful and helpful, thank You! 😄

  • Valeria Badra
    Valeria Badra 2 months ago +1

    I literally just bought watercolors today.... this is just perfect thank you!

  • Anikka Eldard
    Anikka Eldard 2 months ago

    This was such a good painting. I love the colors you used and your style is just amazing. I will certainly keep your tips in mind the next time I watercolor.
    While I watched you draw, I was outlining a drawing I did of a guy hoping over either a bar or a ledge.

  • Najee_eee
    Najee_eee 2 months ago

    pulling the tape parallel to the surface and towards the rest of the tape makes it easier to take off and less likely to rip

  • Kleur
    Kleur 2 months ago

    I loved it! Also love that color combination! My fav color combination is blue and red😊
    Aaannddd I was drawing and still drawing a comission (two pretty dogs)💛

  • Moon Wing
    Moon Wing 2 months ago

    I was drawing one of my OCs ^-^

  • Marvs htlla
    Marvs htlla 2 months ago

    Duuude!! Seeing the process you did on this just how you do things not in a speed paint thing really gives us ideas and tips to what to do with the pieces we do. Really loved the calming vibe of this video. 😍 Can't wait to do my personal projecr using some of your tips. 😊

    • JelArts
      JelArts  2 months ago +1

      I'm so glad you enjoyed it! These are a lot more fun to film!

  • Eva Bardoka
    Eva Bardoka 2 months ago

    you're just like a young Bob Ross ∩__∩ l lov u ❤

  • Tiffany Grey
    Tiffany Grey 2 months ago +1

    Orange and purple are the best combos! I love that you like 'em too! Happy new year!!

  • anne
    anne 2 months ago

    My Favorite Color is *Orange* and I'm a cat person, really loved how your art turned out ^_^

  • Gracie Phillips
    Gracie Phillips 2 months ago

    You always make it look so easy! 😅

  • Rav :3
    Rav :3 2 months ago

    I LOVED the video and kind of the way or the atmosphere of it💛🐰. + it's really an interesting topic to me because one of my " goals" *like I've ☻ *is to use watercolors and improve on it. And I Really agree with you that I can't just use watercolors I always mixed with pencil crayon /colored pencilled in the piece I'm working on, +I think it's more fun to use different medium together:) . Anyway sorry for such a long comment and I hope you're having a nice day :3🐰

  • Miny Cool
    Miny Cool 2 months ago

    I colored LeBlanc (lol) while watching your vid. It very chills me while drawing!

  • jose ortiz
    jose ortiz 2 months ago

    I was actually painting a magenta cat with a yellow/orange background lolol

  • fitz ditz
    fitz ditz 2 months ago +2

    Ok I totally hear you on the “lineless=better” bc I’ve been feeling that super hard lately!!! but it’s so hard with watercolor...and adding pencil has helped me too! Thanks for talking abt your struggles ʕ♡ᴥ♡ʔ lately I’ve enjoyed Orange + Green !!!!

    • fitz ditz
      fitz ditz 2 months ago

      JelArts It’s likely bc there’s a lot of people saying stuff about recognizing silhouettes & digital artists with smooth lineless art, something about having to define the silhouette with lines feels like defeat or like I’m just not trying hard enough -BUT not everything irl is recognized on sight! So we’re imitating rl!

    • JelArts
      JelArts  2 months ago +1

      Ah, I'm glad I'm not the only one! I don't know why I feel that way cause I enjoy adding lines to stuff and I should just embrace it!

  • Harley Lynn
    Harley Lynn 2 months ago +1

    I love your storybook illustration aesthetic. 😍

  • Emerson Telltale
    Emerson Telltale 2 months ago +1

    I tried watercolor for the first time while watching you do this, I made a purple and blue heart and I’m sketching out a tree, I don’t know what I’m doing but it’s fun either way

  • Hannah Cartier
    Hannah Cartier 2 months ago +2

    My favourite colour combo is actually blue and brown. They can both be so rich and vibrant or more faded and I just really like using them together

    • JelArts
      JelArts  2 months ago

      I love that combination too! They work so well together.

  • Eleven-Year-Old Authoress

    I liked before watching the video, knowing that it would be as inspiring and calming as always

  • abby poulson
    abby poulson 2 months ago +7

    I just got a watercolor set for Christmas so you posted this video at a perfect time!

    • Eleven-Year-Old Authoress
      Eleven-Year-Old Authoress 2 months ago +1

      I know you probably don't care, but I got a drawing tablet ((:
      I guess we both got art media!

  • Kathrin Jenner
    Kathrin Jenner 2 months ago

    I love drawing while watching your videos, today it was a peaceful floating mermaid because your videos are always so calming😊

  • Master Cheese
    Master Cheese 2 months ago +4

    Your commentary is already relaxing enough but watching you draw amazing landscapes with adorable animals is a whole other level which ultimately makes you the best you tuber I watch.
    Gotta love the cats tho

    • JelArts
      JelArts  2 months ago

      Thank you so much!!

  • Lai Sancho
    Lai Sancho 2 months ago

    How do you get your watercolours to not get into little drops in the plastic palette once they are activated?

  • Vanessa R
    Vanessa R 2 months ago

    I was just doodling some shoes in my sketchbook while watching this!