AIR FORCE ONE Departs Prestwick Airport July 2018 | USAF Boeing VC25A | President Trump UK Visit

  • Published on Jul 15, 2018
  • Hi all. During the afternoon of the 15th July 2018, US President Donald Trump departed Prestwick Airport, to Helsinki onboard Air Force One. He is the second US President to visit Scotland, whilst in office, the first being George W Bush in 2005, for the G8 Summit. His visit to Scotland was the last part of his UK wide tour. He spent the weekend playing golf at Turnberry, which his company bought in 2014. He is heading to Helsinki to meet Vladimir Putin. It was great to see Air Force depart Prestwick as well. It’s the best movement of the year at Prestwick, by far. I hope you all enjoy.
    1. USAF Boeing VC25A (747-200) 92-9000: 00:00
    2. USAF Boeing VC32 (Boeing 757-200) 99-0016: 04:13
    Camcorder: Panasonic HC-VX870EB-K
    Tripod: Velbon DV-7000
    Microphone: Rode Video Mic Pro with Rode Deadcat VMP Windshield
    Video Editing Software: VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Suite
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Comments • 224

  • Drogheda 974
    Drogheda 974 2 days ago

    Comment se fait il qu'air force one soit toujours un 747 de nos jours avec l'évolution de l'aviation ?

  • pete ziriaah
    pete ziriaah 6 days ago

    LOL! No permission to depart. Made the turn and pushed the throttles.

  • J R
    J R 11 days ago

    Proud to be an American and proud of my bad ass president!!!🇺🇸

  • glow bunni
    glow bunni Month ago +2

    BIG DADDY POTUS!! We love you!!

  • Ahmed Zakwani
    Ahmed Zakwani 4 months ago

    Having ever been 200ft away from Air Force One while in Tanzania during the last days of George Bush The 2nd .This magnificent Iron Bird left me in total admiration and love I felt as if it was talking to me in a friendly manner and yet I knew that it is the hugest military technology in the world.

  • bobsbornfree
    bobsbornfree 6 months ago +1

    Wow! Amazing view!

  • donktheclown
    donktheclown 6 months ago

    Thank you...........

  • michael Callinan
    michael Callinan 6 months ago

    he is a nice guy

  • Sanjeev Kakade
    Sanjeev Kakade 6 months ago

    These is the plane of obama

  • dennis pepin
    dennis pepin 7 months ago

    What a majestic sight she is. I love her and all that she represents in every corner of the world, and our own USA. Lord, please keep her safe.

  • Douglas W. Bush, M.A.
    Douglas W. Bush, M.A. 8 months ago

    Fantastic video!!!

  • larry gray sr
    larry gray sr 8 months ago +2

    Our great President on his way in spite of stupid comments.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸MAGA.

  • Dan Conner
    Dan Conner 8 months ago

    Beautiful Bird, just sad that it carries someone like Trump on it

  • lorenzo lohman
    lorenzo lohman 9 months ago +2

    Who will be the person to invent a wheel drive system for taxiing, saving tons of fuel?

    • stephen starrs
      stephen starrs 11 days ago

      The fuel saving is negligible compared to the weight and energy penalty of having a drive system on board the wheel area. It w would need to be hydraulic with the accompanying plumbing and safety concomitants. They can taxi on one or two engines at idle thrust .

    ISSA JI 10 months ago


  • Karen Nina
    Karen Nina 11 months ago +1


  • sim win
    sim win Year ago

    Just a thought, if a member of ISIS wanted to fire a RPG at a plane, surely this would be the perfect opportunity. Or do they just attack civilians?. I just thought that looked really close to the plane for security reasons.

  • nesta ted
    nesta ted Year ago +1


  • Bruce Billings
    Bruce Billings Year ago +3

    The most stunning plane
    In the world!! And the
    Pilots are amazing !!!

  • Patricia Speicher
    Patricia Speicher Year ago +1

    Great Jobs our wonderful pilots! Thank you!

  • Matthewdoesmc81 //

    i wish they would upgrade their plane....

  • Lorenzo Moore
    Lorenzo Moore Year ago

    What is the other plane for?

    • Daniel Sander
      Daniel Sander  Year ago

      Back up plane incase the 747 breaks. Thanks for watching :)

    NOTJOKER 28 Year ago

    i wonder what air force one would look like if it was made by airbus?

  • Jay 22
    Jay 22 Year ago

    I thought they had fighter jets with airforce 1?

  • Stuart Moran
    Stuart Moran Year ago +1

    Wow that was so incredible with them two really close up.

  • Jayen4
    Jayen4 Year ago

    Does anyone know what those 2 bumps are on top of both planes , please ?? Don't recall seeing that on any regular aircraft...

  • Tim Thompson
    Tim Thompson Year ago

    What a waste of tax payers money...Sure none of it came from the "ducks own pocket...One aircraft should have been ample !!

  • distingushed commenter

    Very nice job. Thanks for capturing and sharing this.

  • Cannonball Lindz
    Cannonball Lindz Year ago

    Your American tax dollars at work hahaha

  • Milky Way Galaxy
    Milky Way Galaxy Year ago

    Who flies in the smaller, 2nd plane, the 757? I didn't know that Air Force One was followed by a smaller plane. Interesting.

    • Daniel Sander
      Daniel Sander  Year ago +1

      The 757 is the backup plane encase the 747 breaks. Thanks for Watching :)

  • mrhoffame
    mrhoffame Year ago +2

    The pride just swells when I see that.

  • Shadi Jabri
    Shadi Jabri Year ago +1

    LoL😂😂 You can here in the background all those onlookers cussing Trump as he departs😂😂

  • Karl Zimmer
    Karl Zimmer Year ago

    Another golf weekend.

  • Misssparkles
    Misssparkles Year ago

    dont want it or him aywhere near the UK again until a better President is on it, oh and you do know hes been to Scotland 3 times this year by Private plane to golf, get agrip you lot hes useless

  • Misssparkles
    Misssparkles Year ago

    pity that particular President is on it, but then we dont know he could be on the other one,as one is always used as a decoy

  • Shane Christopher

    The Boeing 757 is one of my favorite airplanes. It's a beautiful aircraft!

    TRUMP 2020!

  • AdenCarrollツ
    AdenCarrollツ Year ago

    i went past Prestwick airport when going to ayr

  • Lorenzo Moore
    Lorenzo Moore Year ago +1

    Great video sir of these 2 birds taking off.

  • Mike Patton
    Mike Patton Year ago +4

    Can't wait to see what color scheme president dipshit comes up with to destroy this classic livery. Sacrilege.

    • Phil Montejano
      Phil Montejano 9 months ago

      Sorry Hillary lost.
      Dipshit beat her?
      She's still hasn't got over it and looks like you haven't either

  • johnopal316
    johnopal316 Year ago

    Great video except for the jacka$$ sitting inside the plane.

  • MouldyBolog Bolog
    MouldyBolog Bolog Year ago +1

    very good thank you

  • jose manzur
    jose manzur Year ago

    Hermoso video !!!

  • Janine Bell
    Janine Bell Year ago

    What is carried in the second plane .

    • Daniel Sander
      Daniel Sander  Year ago

      Thanks for Watching. The second plane is the backup one encase the 747 breaks. Its usually 2 747s that come over.

  • Zg Nyatta
    Zg Nyatta Year ago +1


  • Tee Jay
    Tee Jay Year ago +6

    Great plane. Shame about the numpty inside it though.


    America has never been in better hands under this President, we are a shining light again thanks to one man's vision, thank you
    @potus Trump for restoring faith in our future. #trump2020

  • Desmond C.
    Desmond C. Year ago

    Yeah! Now fuck off till you have your -8’s!

  • ebu touy
    ebu touy Year ago

    two 747, 757 and 2 C5 for uk visit.. glad im not american paying for this

  • bananamanuk TBP HYMAR Aviation Videos

    Excellent. Brilliant views and nicely filmed and edited. The close-up's are excellent. Very enjoyable to watch this spectacle, regardless of who is President.

    • Jc cagney
      Jc cagney 8 months ago

      From one ahole to another

    • Daniel Sander
      Daniel Sander  Year ago +1

      Thanks Mate. Spot on, I was only caring about the plane.

  • paul Parker
    paul Parker Year ago

    Good riddance

  • chris kelly
    chris kelly Year ago

    Poorest president ever to sit in that iconic 747

  • an 147
    an 147 Year ago

    And never come back, POTUS, we just had enough of your bloody presence and your fucking bad manners.

  • embrj145
    embrj145 Year ago

    two goddamn airplanes?

    • Mike Ophoven
      Mike Ophoven 6 months ago

      AF1 always flies with another. They also have several other planes that get there before AF1 to bring the President's car and other equipment.

    • Daniel Sander
      Daniel Sander  Year ago

      Thanks for Watching. The second plane is the backup one encase the 747 breaks. Its usually 2 747s that come over.

  • SoupFork
    SoupFork Year ago +1

    interesting, never seen that second one before

    • Qis Rice
      Qis Rice Year ago

      The 747 BBJ

    • Daniel Sander
      Daniel Sander  Year ago

      Thanks for Watching. The second plane is the backup one encase the 747 breaks. Its usually 2 747s that come over.

  • glow bunni
    glow bunni Year ago +1

    Sweet. MAGA!!! Love the POTUS!!

  • George aye
    George aye Year ago +2

    Thanks for the visit to your mother's homeland Mr. President.

  • Darragh pratt
    Darragh pratt Year ago

    Who would be in the smaller plane

  • Simon Strong
    Simon Strong Year ago

    Please stay away!

  • granskare
    granskare Year ago

    could you guys keep 'the donald"? check online msncs thanks

  • Chris Dorsey
    Chris Dorsey Year ago

    Knowing whose on that plane I could careless #fucktrump