Why did Georges St-Pierre do a 72-hour water fast?

  • Published on Oct 4, 2019
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    Chal Sonnen talks about UFC legend Georges St-Pierre possible return to 155 pounds.
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  • josh z
    josh z 18 days ago

    Chaels at the whitehouse

  • josh z
    josh z 18 days ago

    I'm not impressed by your 72 hour watercut

  • RodneyBlasters
    RodneyBlasters 28 days ago

    I saw GSP at Montreal (Trudeau) airport back in 2011. I was flying in for a job interview at a medical company. He was sitting alone in a bank of seats by one of the gates, texting. I walked up, in awe, and said “you’re GSP!”. He laughed and said “yes, I’m GSP”. His phone then rang and before he put it up to his ear, he said “I like your suit”.

  • Blaine Turnacliff
    Blaine Turnacliff Month ago +1

    Catch weight 162.5 lbs fight between GSP and Khabib. This fight won't be for the 155 lb title.

  • Михаил Сашев

    Some legendary battles about to happen

  • Oualid B
    Oualid B Month ago

    Khabib: « send me location »

  • Ken Grand
    Ken Grand Month ago +3

    UFC is a buisness first & foremost...so money will always determin who fights who

    TALON Month ago +1

    It may be Conor, but I 100% think it's Khabib. He knows Khabib and Ferguson is inevitable as the next Lightweight title fight and how much Khabib would love to fight him. Khabib has said so several times. If Fergie loses to Khabib, I think GSP will definitely make his pitch to Khabib and the UFC and show himself to be battle ready when he does. He's just getting his body right from now to prepare for that possibility. He wants to get down there to 155 and stay at that weight for a while so he can adjust properly and get completely comfortable in his strength and confidence.

  • Bigtexnick
    Bigtexnick Month ago +1

    Chael, I personally am getting sick and tired-- wait, no, scratch that. I am OVER the leprechaun boy and want to see the MMA/UFC world move past him and start making news stories and stars. Do you agree that it’s time - and can the world handle - life without little leprechaun boy?

  • James Zbierski
    James Zbierski Month ago +1

    That’s some great points mate

  • Mitch Philibert
    Mitch Philibert Month ago

    Or is it Justine Gaethje!??

  • masteroli47
    masteroli47 Month ago +1

    I thought GSP would come back for Khabib but a fight with Conor would make sense. Tony fights Khabib, GSP fights Conor. If GSP and Khabib both wins then they fight for Khabib's last fight (apparently he's gonna retire after 30 fights, he's at 28 now). That way people wont be able to say that GSP skipped line with a win over Conor and everybody gets to finally see Tony vs Khabib.
    If Khabib wins against GSP, he rides off to the sunset undefeated, if GSP wins, he's the GOAT and it wont hurt Khabib's stock since he's retiring anyways... I think it would also make sense for Dana because he's doesn't want Khabib to lose since he's now one of the biggest star in the UFC. Also GSP vs Conor and GSP vs Khabib for his final fight would make a yacht load of money $$$. The only downside to those 2 fights is that if GSP really beats Conor, Conor would lose a lot of appeal with 2 straight loses. Or they do Conor vs Tony, GSP vs Khabib right away... but I think Tony would win against Conor so we are back at the same problem...

  • Femhara
    Femhara Month ago +1

    I think GSP has become too big for 155. He's got that older mans weight on him.

    • Abdulrehman Afzal
      Abdulrehman Afzal Month ago +2

      Exactly! I think if he makes 155 his chin and body will be fragile but still he can win as he is one of the greatest.

  • Scott Swift
    Scott Swift Month ago +1

    No way Conor will fight gsp, he has less chance winning that fight then the mayweather fight.

  • Quagmire
    Quagmire Month ago

    Chael we need to see you fight with Dillion Danis and see who kicks a$$.

    THE TRUTH Month ago

    I love it when President Sonnen addresses the nation.

  • First Last
    First Last Month ago +1

    I can see Conor getting the GSP fight in 2020 just to spite Khabib since he has expressed interest in the fight, probably will wait till the tony khabib fight is announced in order to get into his head..if it’s all about getting that rematch that is..

  • Jordan Eye
    Jordan Eye Month ago +1

    I like Conor but am an OG GSP fan would love to see him come back and run through the both of them to become the undisputed goat

  • Hangu Florin
    Hangu Florin Month ago

    background and clothes gave me impression like you belong to Jehovah's Whitness

  • Prins Ricky
    Prins Ricky Month ago

    Yes, George is fighting but not till next year summer! Sorry George If you are reading my comment...

  • Randall Dugan
    Randall Dugan Month ago +1

    the only thing you can speculate is that the only way GSP fights is if there are enough zeros in the check..

  • 3 Borders
    3 Borders Month ago

    Who cares, leave m be

  • Eric Miller
    Eric Miller Month ago

    It's called a fast. Calling it a water fax is just dumb

  • Randy B
    Randy B Month ago +1

    Connor fights old men but he isn't fighting gsp

  • vadim segida
    vadim segida Month ago

    He said he want to break habibs legacy,he have no interest in MCG

  • Steven Reyes
    Steven Reyes Month ago +1


  • Ice Out
    Ice Out Month ago +2

    If Tony Doesn’t get a title shot next I’m done watching mma.

  • Gabriel Peterson
    Gabriel Peterson Month ago

    Gsp just had a time slip of 3 days not a big deal

  • The One Patriot
    The One Patriot Month ago

    speculative but A LITTLE BIT, we love you chael

  • Steve Salazar
    Steve Salazar Month ago

    Chael!!! For some reason I really enjoy your channel man ! Straight facts !! And very interesting points. Great work man huge fan

  • omgUniqueName
    omgUniqueName Month ago

    Maybe as replacement if Tony decides to, you know, kick a metal lap post or wear his shades indoors again. Keep the show on the road because it'll be a huge event.

  • dude
    dude Month ago

    GSP Vs Connor, Ferguson Vs Khabib?

  • Aloush UAE
    Aloush UAE Month ago +1

    But Dustin said he is fighting Conor, so, how does that workout in this loop of speculations?

  • Y J
    Y J Month ago +1

    This would be awesome!!!!

  • bobby boucher
    bobby boucher Month ago

    Dana want the fight to drag on the older gsp the better chances kahbib has. But still gsp is too good. He is the best there is the best there was and ever will be.

  • Abdullah Umar
    Abdullah Umar Month ago +1

    GSP vs Tony will be an awesome fight tho

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. Month ago +2

    Why would conor fight GSP when he lost to khabib and GSP is probably better than khabib lol

  • BadgerBJJ
    BadgerBJJ Month ago

    Why would Connor want GSP, having gone 2-2 in his last 4 fights, and a throttling from Khabib? An ass kicking from GSP, and McGregor will be back to fighting Jose Aldo.

  • 4!RF0RC3 JU4N
    4!RF0RC3 JU4N Month ago

    I don't blame Khabib.... I wouldn't want to fight Tony neither.

  • Anthony Chojin
    Anthony Chojin Month ago +1

    Imho, connor will want to fight gsp. I don t think he will allow his image to be shattered by fighting an actually ranked fighter. Loose against a legend, just call it an exhibition and "good fun". Tony will fight khabib i think.

  • luckistryke13
    luckistryke13 Month ago

    He’s fasting for his health, a detox. Dont read up into it too much. I fast 3-5 days and 2-3 times a year.

    • Da Zendi
      Da Zendi Month ago +1

      Oh shit man you must be GSPs twin. You must know what you're talking about

  • oM4Di50No
    oM4Di50No Month ago

    Whoever is engineering audio needs to keep noise in between words. This sounds weird

  • lil omision
    lil omision Month ago +1

    Trash talk between George and Conor McGregor would be funny

  • Sean Mcclure
    Sean Mcclure Month ago +1

    Tony vs Khabib.... co-main Conner vs George.....winner fights winner! That is a win-win-win scenario! Kinda follows Beltors tournament style....get rid of rankings.... Much-anticipated fight, between Tony and Khabib. Great comeback fight for Conor and guarantees St-Pierre a title shot if victorious. That I guarantee would be a record-setting pay-per-view..

  • Wunn Sen
    Wunn Sen Month ago +1

    Imagine seeing the day GSP fights, better yet ANYONE ELSE fight for the LW division title before T Ferg 🤣. Crazyness, even hearing it come out my mouth lol. Im not interested in seeing Khabib fight unless i hear its against Tony. Word is, Khabib's looking at waiting till april and after that he wont be able to fight till September because Ramadan😂. Imagine happily catering too one guys religion, does nothing but hold up the division. As theres now a 'timeframe' to fight a champion who fights once MAYBE TWICE (if your lucky) a year 😂. Madness

  • MMA Talk
    MMA Talk Month ago +1

    GSP 72 hour water fast is fr the khabib fight chael duh! Fuck that irish irrelevant princess.

  • Vinny Haddad
    Vinny Haddad Month ago +1

    Extended fasts are legit. Let your body concentrate on itself without having several meals going into it every fucking day.

  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby Month ago +1

    Cheal 2020

  • Gotta Go
    Gotta Go Month ago

    GSP cashin in on a new Canadian diet pill infomercial

  • pommy pom
    pommy pom Month ago +1


  • Zach Thomsen
    Zach Thomsen Month ago +1

    If chael would check GSP’s Instagram he would see he does these water fasts all the time

  • Joe Blogs
    Joe Blogs Month ago

    4 man tournament, Khabib Vs Tony and
    Gsp Vs Conor. I hope the losers fight each other aswel 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • mimih23
    mimih23 Month ago

    GSP stay out of it. We need to see Ton and Khabib fight!!

  • Dean Russo
    Dean Russo Month ago

    I don't care and George St pierre anymore. He ain't coming back

  • MRios1128
    MRios1128 Month ago +1

    I do this all the time. Sometimes for an entire week. It's been proven to be good for the digestive system and also decrease chances of cancer.

  • Andrew Campbell
    Andrew Campbell Month ago

    GSP suffers with Ulcerative Colitis. He is taking the load off his digestive system.

  • #guitarcovers
    #guitarcovers Month ago +1

    Tony ferguson is the type of guy to water fast for 72 hours before a heavyweight fight with werdum

  • Ordinary Guy
    Ordinary Guy Month ago

    Are you intoxicated?!!
    GSP: Nahh bruhh, 72 hour water fast

  • s bright
    s bright Month ago +1

    I’ve done a 22 day water fast. Who cares about 3 days

  • Charles zeine
    Charles zeine Month ago

    Only person gsp is fighting is Connor, nobody else is worth it for him plus he knows he’ll win and walk out with the most insane payday ever. Dana is a business man and this is a business move . Everyone’s happy . End of story .. if gsp beats Connor and khabib beats Ferguson . Dana will have us salivating at that fight
    Business 101 like a champ