Talking Tech with Elon Musk!


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  • Juan Pablo Carrasquilla Gomez

    omg you are so lucky men

  • Keshi Thinks
    Keshi Thinks 18 hours ago

    I bet Elon thinks about multiple things when he's speaking

  • Tunde Phillip
    Tunde Phillip 22 hours ago

    Tesla's car is my next car :) ;)

  • JTM712
    JTM712 Day ago

    Oh yeah, I was scratching my head tryna find out who he looks like, Elon looks like Harrison Wells a little bit

  • Jobe Porter
    Jobe Porter Day ago

    10:10 every girls panties, *dropped.*

  • Pixel Profi
    Pixel Profi Day ago

    Oh, come on. No single critical question? Im not saying, Tesla is a bad company, but critical questions and answers to them are always important. This only gives a picture of the best of the best technology stuff in there. That is good, bit its still just that

  • Carlos La Borde
    Carlos La Borde 2 days ago

    man the lighting & production quality on this is incredible

  • A55tech
    A55tech 2 days ago

    Looks like somebody took the Supersize Me challenge.

  • codygocam
    codygocam 2 days ago

    Marques. Is the Roadster going to have 2 layers of 18650s or 1 layer of 2170s??? You guys got sidetracked and didn't finish the Roadster Battery......Please help!

  • Cameron Reay
    Cameron Reay 2 days ago

    elon "umm" musk

  • James Middleton
    James Middleton 2 days ago

    elon musk, although a very clever man; when is he going to ad a sound to the tesla whilst it is at low speed so that the one on my road doesn't almost run me over every morning when it pulls out silently at ten past eight????

  • James Middleton
    James Middleton 2 days ago

    the squares in the background on the walls in the intro arn't straight, my ocd is going mental lol

  • Dirtcake
    Dirtcake 2 days ago +1

    10:30 Damn, it looks awesome

  • Aterhallsam
    Aterhallsam 3 days ago

    Why would he make a cheaper car? They already get too many orders on the expensive ones!

  • Top10
    Top10 3 days ago

    Elon looks really unhealthy, I dont know why.

  • daniel elbaz
    daniel elbaz 3 days ago +1

    Elon looks like he smoked some weed at the factory

  • can we hit 5000 subscribers without any video?

    I heard "Uh", "Um", "uhhh.." 130+ times

  • PrO_RaZe
    PrO_RaZe 3 days ago

    bruh they displayed 40 years of evolution of phones talking about making it affordable but displayed iphonex lol

  • Edward Ferrill
    Edward Ferrill 3 days ago

    I would love to talk with elon about neuralink

  • William's Biking
    William's Biking 3 days ago

    Model: *S*
    Model: *3*
    Model: *X*

    Good old Elon

  • Kin
    Kin 3 days ago

    i wonder if regulators could be convinced to let manufacturers use live camera feeds as side mirrors instead

  • Sergio Nieto
    Sergio Nieto 3 days ago


  • NomadApe
    NomadApe 3 days ago

    I wonder what the smartphone market would look like today if Elon had gone there and smashed Apple and co. Sounds crazy but he's not scared of super competitive markets, so if cars are ok why not consumer electronics.

  • Josh S-TV
    Josh S-TV 3 days ago

    What phone he use?

  • KillBill Grill
    KillBill Grill 3 days ago

    Could you please turn the black square on the right a little bit. That annoyes me so hard 😂. *OCD is tingling*

  • Samim Ahmed
    Samim Ahmed 4 days ago

    Elon the Rockstar

  • GabbishLee Gifted
    GabbishLee Gifted 4 days ago

    Maybe it’s just me, but I like how Elon always sounds /speaks like a normal .. “dude”.. he fumbles and hesitates like it’s a real conversation not PR bs. A normal man doing abnormal things .. maybe it’s just me 🤔 but I appreciate him

  • Doxy
    Doxy 4 days ago

    Love his passion. "Are we gonna talk about track mode?" sounds like he's really enjoying his work and like a kid that really wants to do show and tell

  • Martin Flores
    Martin Flores 4 days ago

    Is that the real Elon Musk? He looks homeless. Maybe he hadn't had his weed yet. 🙈😝🙈

  • Jason Mulligan
    Jason Mulligan 4 days ago

    Cocaine is a hellllllova drug lol

  • Mr2techie
    Mr2techie 4 days ago

    Great Interview... especially the Spaceballs reference 12:10. it was nice to hear about the car and specs instead of stock prices

  • mukhtar jugger
    mukhtar jugger 5 days ago

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug!😳🤪😵

  • Iskander Aguppta
    Iskander Aguppta 5 days ago

    You can tell thinks just beyond the limits of the English language...he has to slow down and think of a term that will do this particular thought justice.

  • Iskander Aguppta
    Iskander Aguppta 5 days ago

    Unfortunately, Elon doesn't have enough capital/reasources and time to get his all ideas into the real world. But, I'm sure plenty of people will want to launch many of his other ideas.

  • John Lopez
    John Lopez 5 days ago

    Should of asked if theres a pick up truck coming up

  • Ash4 Life
    Ash4 Life 5 days ago

    Elon Musk: Umm, Umm, Umm.....and so on............

  • Ashutosh Kumar
    Ashutosh Kumar 5 days ago

    Elon raising his hand first for handshake shows how noble he is❤️

  • Ashutosh Kumar
    Ashutosh Kumar 5 days ago

    Elon Musk reminds me of Harrison Wells and vice versa

  • Henning Air
    Henning Air 5 days ago

    Pause at 13:22

  • boxsterviper
    boxsterviper 5 days ago

    well done Marques! some really good questions asked, Throughly enjoyed it. I subbed.

  • Vox Quod
    Vox Quod 5 days ago

    Elon Musk always creeps me out. Something physically disturbing about him.

  • Branch Li
    Branch Li 6 days ago

    Notice how he says "umm" and "uhh" a lot.

  • MrWalker1000
    MrWalker1000 6 days ago

    i wonder if he knows about rimac automobile?

  • the so called gamer
    the so called gamer 6 days ago

    why do i feel this is like tony stark with peter parker

  • Melvio Racing
    Melvio Racing 6 days ago

    Biggest fan of Elon musk.

  • Jenifer Mason
    Jenifer Mason 6 days ago +1

    would be great to have electric cars that would drop us of to work, then go home until quitting time..pre programed daily traffic in designated lanes would cut down tremendously on traffic jams 👌

    • Jenifer Mason
      Jenifer Mason 5 days ago +1

      then by all means, stay to the right in the manual lane
      for however long that may be 🤔

    • Jj ru
      Jj ru 6 days ago

      Yeah but allot of people actually like driving

  • Ip Man
    Ip Man 6 days ago

    You've come a long way!!!

  • very gray shark
    very gray shark 6 days ago

    love hearing Elon speak when he's actually comfortable. great interviewer

  • David McGarry
    David McGarry 7 days ago

    Elon talks like that other crazy fool, Henry T Ford

  • matlob gulzar
    matlob gulzar 7 days ago

    men never grow up. their toys just get bigger

  • Kenny Anderson
    Kenny Anderson 7 days ago

    elon musk is a fucking computer full of information no-one else has access too

  • Mark Jacobs
    Mark Jacobs 8 days ago

    Thanks for the vids bro

  • Mohammed Azeem
    Mohammed Azeem 8 days ago

    Difference between CEO of TESLA and Other companies is ... ELON MUSK Shows himself saying very specific info in Interview!!!

  • Bdbxbxb bxbxbx
    Bdbxbxb bxbxbx 8 days ago


  • Elizabeth McGinn
    Elizabeth McGinn 8 days ago

    Side mirrors are the mattress tags of the car world. And thank you for the distraction of the MX, ‘cause they are beautiful and I love mine.

  • Yassin Yasser
    Yassin Yasser 8 days ago

    Marques looks like he's the one getting interviewed.

  • Finn Cauble
    Finn Cauble 8 days ago

    Elon is a good human.

  • Mr. Mark
    Mr. Mark 8 days ago

    Excellent interview...never have seen Elon more at ease and enjoying himself....Marques you have a great future!

  • nick tan
    nick tan 8 days ago

    Tesla vs China start-ups? Look at Apple..

  • Daniel Wiles
    Daniel Wiles 8 days ago

    take a drink every time someone says "like"

  • Kustro Gallery
    Kustro Gallery 9 days ago

    Just like the first days of an Apple product launch... wow ohhhhhhh woooooooo aarrrhhhhhh ill give it 2 years and all this hype will fade away whats left... a poorly manufactured product with still some major production issues... don't start me on the after warranty service.. wheres my tool box ill start servicing it myself... as for your non updates because I've serviced it myself now thats a joke... hope some upcoming court cases clear that up... wheres the keys to my V8 super charged beast. bye

  • Joey Ortiz
    Joey Ortiz 9 days ago

    Have to give respect to this man.. He fucking works his ass off and is a very good hands on boss. Doesnt seem like a dick either like a lot of other ceo's or bosses with a lot of money. Genuinely looks and sounds like an average guy proud of his work/. Good job Elon. Oh and well done to you too Marques, you sounded like a champ and didnt have any hesitation. You 2 should work together.

  • Vivaan Jain
    Vivaan Jain 9 days ago

    15 August in India is Independence Day

  • R.J.S
    R.J.S 9 days ago

    lol I love that man lmao

  • ultravioletstarCL
    ultravioletstarCL 9 days ago

    I can totally see myself having endless conversations with Elon. He seems to be such a fun person to talk to. And we can talk about tech all day long! Well, talking about being nerds here... lol

  • Decent balderas
    Decent balderas 9 days ago

    affordable CELL PHONES ??

    yet they are becoming more expersive
    and we have this year an Apple phone over 1,000 dollars

  • Md Atif Akhtar
    Md Atif Akhtar 9 days ago +1

    one of the best collab.can we have collab with Mark zukerberg too,there we can discuss featuring AI in smartphones?

    • Jason Bourne
      Jason Bourne 9 days ago +1

      Zuckerberg is a one trick pony. I think he's good at ONE thing and ONE thing only. Beyond that, I couldn't care less about what he thinks about anything else because I don't think he knows a whole lot outside of facebook. His stint in front of congress pretty much showed that. Plus I don't trust him ... he's a liar at heart.

  • Meru Fpv
    Meru Fpv 9 days ago

    what kind of a loser can dislike this..

  • Cain Able
    Cain Able 9 days ago

    Totally missed the Space Balls joke there....

  • MalarkeyMan
    MalarkeyMan 10 days ago

    Does Elon work at the cheese cake factory?

  • ʏs ᴀɴɪᴍᴇ
    ʏs ᴀɴɪᴍᴇ 10 days ago +1

    He wouldn't have thought that after *1 Month* he'd be a Living Meme

  • undertaker11ism
    undertaker11ism 10 days ago

    elon musk: “you down with SEC, yea you noe me!!”

  • Hermit
    Hermit 10 days ago

    I wish i could talk to him to. mostly about philosophy

  • Harry Kilzi
    Harry Kilzi 10 days ago

    oh cool I met elon musk 😐

  • J W
    J W 10 days ago

    Great interview!

  • Possert74
    Possert74 11 days ago

    Fuck the haters, Elon Musk is a genius.

  • Ritesh Rampal
    Ritesh Rampal 11 days ago

    @marques great question @12:05

  • helis swift
    helis swift 11 days ago

    He is my idol.i love him 😊😊

  • The Life Of Aboi
    The Life Of Aboi 11 days ago

    He should hire you as a consultant.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 11 days ago

    I'm just wondering, but wasn't Elon balding way back in early 2000's..? Now that is some impressive hair-groth engineering..

  • Hemant Bubna
    Hemant Bubna 11 days ago

    I think Elon ( like any other person) is complex, as an inventor alone he can be seen as a visionary and somebody who really has almost singlehandedly taken electric cars fwd, but naturally its difficult to separate this side of his from what he has said/or done as a person. Tesla has been suffering from big issues ( production wise) as many companies in this stage of their life face but due to how successful it is and is expected to be, these problems are more magnified and in the public’s eye. I really can’t imagine the pressure this guy must be in and taking some responsibilities away from him might actually do him some good.

    • Hemant Bubna
      Hemant Bubna 11 days ago

      Just like to add, great interview Marques.

  • Aadityakiran S.
    Aadityakiran S. 11 days ago

    Marquees wasn't very good at interviews... Still not much better.

  • Stephan
    Stephan 11 days ago

    Your awesomeness knows no limit bro. Keep going hard at what you do. You’re the best as it by far.

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 12 days ago

    Did you ask where the initial investment of $5b came from?

  • courageous saif
    courageous saif 12 days ago

    Lesson learnt- People don't talk about what they like, they talk about what they love.

  • Beatrice Gane
    Beatrice Gane 12 days ago

    I didn't really hear the South African accent at first because I couldn't pin it but then I was like wow he sounds exactly like Troye Sivan who is South African so now all I can hear is Troye Sivan

  • Dr. Dunken
    Dr. Dunken 12 days ago

    I live out near Chicago ... I would like to see more videos on winter driving before i can dedicate that much cash into a Tesla.. Not interested in roadster but the one that sit little higher up is nice since I am disabled and getting into a low riding car is out of the question.

  • giftyunho
    giftyunho 12 days ago

    So amazing!!! Seeing you and Elon Musk in the same video talking tech is just awesome! Thank you so much Marques. God bless you and the team.

  • Josh Prentice
    Josh Prentice 12 days ago

    I feel like a german accent pops out every once in awhile.

  • Kyle Rangerstown
    Kyle Rangerstown 12 days ago

    Did he just say “word” to Elon musk? Hahahaha what guy

  • Anton Mies
    Anton Mies 12 days ago

    Great interview (talk), I'm more astonished about the fact that you were able to get hold of Elon for such a long video considering his schedule.

  • BeepBeepBoopBoop FC
    BeepBeepBoopBoop FC 12 days ago

    I am way too dumb to understand what they are saying right now 😂😂

  • Pallav S
    Pallav S 12 days ago

    Whats the diary for beside you?

  • Neysa
    Neysa 12 days ago

    Wow, Elon's so transparent. Like he wouldn't care at all if Marques started another electric car company. He just wants the knowledge out there. That's dope.

  • Shashank Shekhar
    Shashank Shekhar 13 days ago

    He talks about human in 3rd person i like it .... pretty sure he is a alien

  • Nico Odeku
    Nico Odeku 13 days ago

    he built like a retarded guy

  • yashsirugudi
    yashsirugudi 13 days ago

    elon was definitely high

  • Blue Cheese
    Blue Cheese 13 days ago

    Should have smoked a blunt

  • Boris B. Vassilev
    Boris B. Vassilev 13 days ago

    Love your channel Marques, you are the best!

  • aestheticsforlife
    aestheticsforlife 14 days ago

    elon used to be completely bald and now he has a head full of hair, things money can do.
    also he is a woman beater. he beat that blonde hoe. forgot her name