Giving Away $6,500,000

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
    In which John discusses the $6,500,000 donation he, Katherine, Sarah, and Hank are making to Partners in Health Sierra Leone, why the health care workers there need our support to address the maternal mortality crisis, and the long-term plan Partners in Health has developed to strengthen every facet of the healthcare system in Sierra Leone's Kono District. You can join us now by making a gift at and right now all your donations will be matched by people in nerdfighteria who came together to create a matching fund!
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  • vlogbrothers
    vlogbrothers  25 days ago +1269
    ANSWERS to some of your questions are below, but if YOU WANT TO HELP, please share this video on your social media feeds or with people you know who might be interested in donating. Sharing online makes a HUGE difference in making the algorithm think a video is popular. :) Now, onto your questions:

    1. This donation is independent from money that goes from Life's Library,, etc. to charitable causes, including causes focused on child and maternal health in SL. None of that is changing.
    2. More background: A video on systems and why systems matter: and a video on the (only) psychiatric hospital in Sierra Leone, which is supported by PIH (although that project is independent from this one):
    3. We have a lot of confidence in PIH and have a long history of supporting them (and being able to follow their work). That doesn't mean this is a no-risk proposition, though. We've tried to make this choice carefully and in partnership with the people who it aims to support, as discussed in this video about why Sierra Leone is poor:
    4. Yes, we are extremely (extremely) privileged and fortunate to be in a position to make this kind of donation, and yes, that is weird, and yes, we try to be conscious of how weird it is, and no, we should not be patted on the back for doing what any normal human being would do in a position of such privilege.

    5. A few of you have asked if this will change the Project for Awesome. Not in the short run. This year at least, we want to keep things the way they've been for the last few years, because we think it's really important to raise unrestricted funds for organizations like PIH and Save the Children. Unrestricted funds allow good charities to decide how to allocate their resources based on the needs of the populations they serve, not the desires of donors. We want, if possible, to raise money for this project separately. But whether we'll be able to raise enough without help from the p4a remains to be seen.
    Happy to answer more of your questions. Thanks as always for being here and for being such a kind and thoughtful bunch.

    • Hazel Saunders
      Hazel Saunders 14 days ago

      @Rosianna Halse Rojas
      I want to give monthly but it won't accept my debt card. The only way round seems to be to remember to give with PayPal every month. But I'm disorganized!

    • Jenn Indeed
      Jenn Indeed 15 days ago


    • Charlie
      Charlie 21 day ago


    • Mandog222
      Mandog222 22 days ago

      Just shared it on Faceook and started a $10/mo contribution. I can't wait to get updates over the years and see the improvements.

    • Taylah Emma
      Taylah Emma 22 days ago

      I'm trying to donate but it won't let me out in an Australian address, anyone know what to do?

  • Danica Ersland
    Danica Ersland 3 days ago

    The opposite of love isn't hate.

    It's apathy.

    Good video.

  • kerstin Jernberg
    kerstin Jernberg 4 days ago

    When i get paid i will donate to but i can’t give mutch.

  • Ana Brown
    Ana Brown 5 days ago

    I'm still in high school, but I was able to donate a little bit, and this is my Christmas donation present of the year, which is nice because I was having trouble deciding on one. Thank you all for encouraging people to be kind and generous.

  • Anna Lopatonok
    Anna Lopatonok 7 days ago

    Here is one for the algorithm

  • Quietsamurai98
    Quietsamurai98 8 days ago

    When I heard the story of Ruth's two dollar donation, I just started crying. Two dollars is practically nothing to so many people when it comes to buying a morning coffee, or making some impulsive purchases at a vending machine. But if and when asked to donate that money, many wouldn't and don't. Why is that?

  • leyla holland
    leyla holland 11 days ago

    As a 22 year old who got stuck at 9cm’s for 3 hours which resulted in a c-section (only 6 months ago), it breaks my heart to hear these facts. To think that I would have been that 1 out of 17, I’m feeling blessed to live in the country that I do 💔

  • StarryEyedOwl
    StarryEyedOwl 11 days ago

    *A comment for the algorithm. Move along, nothing to see here.

  • bubblesandbackflips
    bubblesandbackflips 11 days ago

    For the thorough explanation of the emergency, the deep commitment to meaningful roads to change, and the concrete ways to help, thank you.

  • kunairuto
    kunairuto 12 days ago

    I always feel bad because I can barely take care of myself, but there are people so much worse off. Sending my spirit energy.

  • Eric Boles
    Eric Boles 12 days ago

    Made my donation. Sorry, can’t afford more.

  • aggwex
    aggwex 12 days ago

    sometimes I’m just really amazed by how awesome people can be. thanks for giving me some hope today. I really needed it. ❤️

  • SavvyPlateTechtonics
    SavvyPlateTechtonics 12 days ago


  • Charles Bushman
    Charles Bushman 13 days ago

    John I want to thank you guys for bring this issue to my attention. Without your videos I would not be able to help this wonderful cause.

  • jacobcrayola
    jacobcrayola 13 days ago +1

    wow you guys are real humanitarians. john green for president :)

  • iTuber012
    iTuber012 13 days ago +1

    So the $25 million is to staff PIH? Wouldn't it be better to build a hospital for Sierra Leone? And then continue to donate to their health ministry to keep it running and the staff trained?
    Wouldn't that be a better system? (To have the government take ownership of the hospital and slowly use tax revenue to maintain until such a time that PIH is no longer needed)

  • MichiruEll
    MichiruEll 13 days ago

    Feedback on the donation form: it requires for you to choose a state even if you chose "Switzerland" as a country. Don't really know how to fill it out now.

  • Jenn Indeed
    Jenn Indeed 15 days ago

    Algorithm comment y’all

  • thefantasticalworldofsara

    This video made me tear up; to hear of Ruth and her commitment to her community was so heartwarming and sad at the same time. I also love the Vlogbrothers commitment to systemic long term solutions because those are the most impactful and important.

  • Jake Broe
    Jake Broe 17 days ago

    You have my attention! I love you guys and everything you have done the last 10+ years to decrease world suck!

  • Mikayla D
    Mikayla D 17 days ago


  • Ana Chen
    Ana Chen 17 days ago


  • Aytac Kiran
    Aytac Kiran 17 days ago +1

    Vlogbrothers are our brothers. Genuine, honest, humbling and part of the family. Heartfelt thanks to you, your immediate families and the larger Nerdfighters family that all contributed to this beatiful moment of solidarity.

  • Isobella S
    Isobella S 17 days ago


  • Elle Palabra
    Elle Palabra 18 days ago

    I couldn't be prouder to be part of a community that truly believes in change for the better and acts like it. I want to help end this crisis but also to prove just what can be accomplished when people work together for good.

  • MsPurpleAfro
    MsPurpleAfro 18 days ago


  • Disenchanted Humanist
    Disenchanted Humanist 18 days ago

    Comment to get this trending

  • Fish
    Fish 18 days ago

    Didn't I read about this place in A Long Way Gone?

  • Lucy Harris
    Lucy Harris 18 days ago

    Okay, if I'm being an idiot let me know, but is there anyway to donate from outside the US/Canada?

  • Lily Bartley
    Lily Bartley 18 days ago

    Long term, systemic change. Bless.

  • K VanNorstrand
    K VanNorstrand 19 days ago

    Just signed up for my monthly contribution! I am lucky to have stable income and I so appreciate the opportunity to make a years-long commitment toward this cause. I am glad to be contributing alongside my nerdfighter siblings.

  • Cathal Daly
    Cathal Daly 19 days ago

    Just got a pay rise. Very happy to share my good fortune with those that need it most.

  • Jan Baars
    Jan Baars 19 days ago

    it's too hard to donate using paypal (from another country than the US)
    please just send us a simpler way to monthly donate using paypal.

    • Jan Baars
      Jan Baars 19 days ago is currently unable to handle this request.

  • Sherry Sung
    Sherry Sung 19 days ago +1

    I had no friggin' clue Hank and John (or as John prefers to call it, John and Hank) were wealthy enough to give away this much money! I joke about how we'd still love them if they lived in ginormous mansions and owned yachts, but I didn't realize that they could literally do that and have just chosen not to. I am simply floored by their humbleness and generosity.
    Isn't it maddening that Jeff Bezos cannot think of a single thing to do with his billions except *go to space*, while these brothers are donating a giant portion of their savings to a good cause?

  • caprafan
    caprafan 19 days ago

    The fact that PIH hires local staff is one the keys to making their projects sustainable; the hospitals won't close when international conditions change, and trained local health workers can pass on their skills.

  • simsoundschannel
    simsoundschannel 19 days ago

    Ruth's story is such an incredible one, thank you for bringing this story to light. Will definitely be sharing this around.

  • Zraluer
    Zraluer 19 days ago

    Have you ever heard of the Effective Altruism Organisation? It tries to optimise ur altruistic output- Bill gates funded some of it

  • BriannasBooks
    BriannasBooks 20 days ago +1

    As someone who works in women’s healthcare this moved me to tears. I do wish the care women have here could also be the care they can have anywhere.

  • heypookeybearitisi
    heypookeybearitisi 20 days ago

    5 a month in Ruth's honor is the max I can do right now. I really can't afford that much, but that's the minimum donation. I'll make it work. Alice turns off the lights for the polar bears. I'll turn off my heat for Ruth.

  • Hussien Sh
    Hussien Sh 20 days ago

    6.5m? Thats alot of condoms

  • Hazel Saunders
    Hazel Saunders 20 days ago

    In from the UK. And tried to donate but it insists I have to enter a us state as my residence.
    It also will not accept my debit card.. How can I get round this and give regularly to this cause?

  • Ryann ??
    Ryann ?? 20 days ago

    Cancel one streaming service you don't use. Cancel Hulu or Netflix or Amazon prime or Spotify premium. Pick one and get rid of it. Take that money and donate it instead.

  • ruth joanna julim
    ruth joanna julim 20 days ago

    Commenting for the algorithm because everyone needs to see this

  • Ali Abdulla
    Ali Abdulla 21 day ago

    thank you

  • Hege Valle
    Hege Valle 21 day ago

    I'm barely covering rent at this point and #TeamTrees took the $5 I didn't have to spend(I have halved my mobile data and cancelled streaming subscriptions, I really don't have money atm) so here's a comment and a while liking comments and sharing on social media as the very least I can do

  • Alex Schendel
    Alex Schendel 21 day ago +2

    John, you just recreated a parable that Jesus told:
    He called his disciples and said to them, “I tell you the truth, this poor widow has put more into the offering box than all the others. For they all gave out of their wealth. But she, out of her poverty, put in what she had to live on, everything she had.”
    Mark 12:43-44

  • Shannon Linder
    Shannon Linder 21 day ago

    He really did that ❤️

  • Christine Bingham
    Christine Bingham 21 day ago

    How wonderful that you have the power to effect such great change and do so much good. What a meaningful life!

  • SilentProgram
    SilentProgram 21 day ago

    This really sounds like a great project. I have just one question: Why was it so closely timed with #TeamTrees ?
    I don't think it's a good idea to divide public attention (or the attention on youtube) between several good causes. In no shape or form, I want to discredit or diminish the importance of health in Sierra Leone. That being said, a public statement for climate change (both financially and verbally) takes precedence, at least at this moment in my opinion.

  • elfchild9
    elfchild9 21 day ago

    Thank you for not just raising awareness, but for doing all the legwork and research to make sure that the money will be well used and useful to the recipients. Your story from another video, about the donated generators that were totally useless, has stuck with me.

  • Ann Can
    Ann Can 21 day ago

    thank you for bringing attention to this, John. I feel grateful to be in a position where I have enough money that I can help.

  • emily boj
    emily boj 21 day ago

    + This is awesome!

    Ade ROGERS-WRIGHT 21 day ago

    This is a very noble move. Thank you everyone for your comments and contributions. Sierra Leone is close to my heart. ♡♡♡♡

  • Me
    Me 21 day ago

    Commenting for the algorithm

  • For Porn
    For Porn 21 day ago

    Love it