Tesla Model 3 Impressions!

  • Published on Jul 31, 2017
  • I drove Tesla Model 3 and I liked it. These are my full thoughts and impressions!
    Full Tesla event: tvclip.biz/video/vzT0uNT0ds8/video.html
    Correction: Full autonomous driving option is $3,000, not $5,000.
    BONUS: Tesla Project Loveday Winner! tvclip.biz/video/oSnoYEzZnUg/video.html
    EXTRA BONUS 50MP Flickr Upload: www.flickr.com/photos/92336069@N06/36194461636/in/dateposted-public/
    Video Gear I use: kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959
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  • Josh
    Josh Day ago

    Jesus loves you.

  • Joel Gonzales
    Joel Gonzales 14 days ago

    Yes I’ll take one!

    HEY SPORO Month ago

    I would jus stick to my BMW M3 Convertible...

  • WhiteBirdPlays
    WhiteBirdPlays 2 months ago

    Who’s Kibby HD

  • Dustbin Saves you
    Dustbin Saves you 2 months ago +1

    2 years and we still don't know what that bird was doing

  • Affe TV
    Affe TV 2 months ago

    Yes, I really hope I get to buy a Tesla some day!

  • Rohan Murthi
    Rohan Murthi 3 months ago

    What is the camera you used here to record yourself?

  • No8
    No8 4 months ago

    I would fucking love to get one!

  • Jay Pandya
    Jay Pandya 4 months ago


  • Tiršti Dūmai
    Tiršti Dūmai 5 months ago

    i dont like this dash at all...

  • Charles K.
    Charles K. 5 months ago +2

    I hate how cars pollute the planet. I hate how Tesla is becoming car world's apple. Premium e-cars for premium polluter who simply don't care. Take a bike.

  • whisp
    whisp 5 months ago

    Marques I'm five minutes into your first impressions video and you're still reciting specs and previously announced information. When will I get to hear your actual impressions from driving the dang thing?!

  • Neil Teje
    Neil Teje 5 months ago

    Tesla Model 3 is the iPhone XR of Tesla.

  • toma ras
    toma ras 5 months ago


  • hugoragan
    hugoragan 6 months ago

    That looks like the halo 3 three..you're a god.

  • Kato S
    Kato S 6 months ago

    Got rid of a gmc truck for ,prius hopefully soon santa will talk Elon ..i need a Tesla ....

  • JackTheBrickfilmMaker
    JackTheBrickfilmMaker 6 months ago +1

    I got a BMW ad before this

  • aluysis
    aluysis 6 months ago

    Unfortunately no Tesla model has Lidar right now. It only relies on 1 front facing radar, 8 cameras, and 12 proximity sensors.

    • Igabobalushi
      Igabobalushi 6 months ago

      The way the neural net works tho is autopilot is only going to get much better, faster since they have more cars on the road so more miles get driven, and they have a new chip going in new cars soon that would make autopilot 10x better planned within 6 months

  • Mob_Abominator
    Mob_Abominator 6 months ago

    Well it's no brainer but I'll say it

    Elon is a fucking genius.

  • Enes Bala
    Enes Bala 6 months ago

    Who else is watching in November 2018

  • Darolaho
    Darolaho 6 months ago


  • Meseret Isaak
    Meseret Isaak 7 months ago

    Considering the gas and oil and pollution. Count me in TESLA

  • Arham malik
    Arham malik 7 months ago

    wow wow great

  • Denis Hooper
    Denis Hooper 8 months ago

    fck U show the car not Ur ass

  • LiamUltraRacer
    LiamUltraRacer 8 months ago

    stop eating aa batteries and drink some petrol

  • Trae Fauntleroy
    Trae Fauntleroy 8 months ago

    Marques, yo you gotta talk to your boy Elon about this SEC situation. Crazy

  • Sufia Khatun
    Sufia Khatun 8 months ago

    You talk too much
    Why don't you show the car

  • Paul Ngugi
    Paul Ngugi 9 months ago

    This guy thinks he's so smart as if he was part of the design n engineering team

  • K.k technology
    K.k technology 9 months ago

    Friend please promote me please

  • Nanof Urbiznis
    Nanof Urbiznis 9 months ago

    Not a fan of the touchscreen. Not everything futuristic has to be with touchscreens. Sometimes physical buttons are just easier. I think all tech designers for any product ever will have to realize that someday. Having to open the glovebox with the touchscreen too? Are you serious? I realize with some getting used to it'll get easier to control but what exactly is the point? It's not easier than opening it manually.

  • Nanof Urbiznis
    Nanof Urbiznis 9 months ago

    I think he invited you because he's sick of MM. They're so disingenuous and deceitful he decided to let a TVclipr in instead. He knows you won't be like them at the very least because you don't have agenda or are controlled by billionaires with agenda.

  • moofymoo
    moofymoo 9 months ago

    well.. now I'm considering to deal with my depression, sort shit out, become sucessfull and get this car.

  • Christiam disciple
    Christiam disciple 9 months ago

    I want one but I live in the Caribbean. Does Tesla have any plans to deal with Caribbean customers? I love Teslas.

  • Sabir Mystery
    Sabir Mystery 9 months ago

    Oil SC jibdgjioxj2homvbo zwuvrjiifjinx ujmofrbinrihfyhintbxecnomfeubdhubdnokntevjolmnfd4biyfbfejincryo fjvkihtjcingsufhkibdiuhbcrihxtyfugtkvobswupnz Zion khljee

  • steve kno
    steve kno 9 months ago

    Man, that interior is very disappointing.

  • Станислав Лем

    btw there is no lidar

  • David Seaton
    David Seaton 10 months ago

    i got a model 3 yesterday

  • SimonChampa
    SimonChampa 10 months ago

    The review was a fail right at the point Marques said "They've done most of that"
    No not really even a little bit:
    "Use the money to build an affordable car" - nope Model S and X are rich (or the financially incompetent) people's cars
    "Use that money to build an even more affordable car" - nope Model 3 right now is 12-18 months away from the fabled $35K version (if it ever comes)
    "Don't tell anyone" Musk's tweeting and media antics render that void
    Oh and I didn't even discuss how negative their FCF is meaning all of the above hasn't to date been even close to self financing.
    Marques, my advice is that if you want people to take you seriously - do some research before opining.

  • the.abhiram.r
    the.abhiram.r 11 months ago

    I'm getting mine in a week

  • porfaboor
    porfaboor Year ago

    Does it have AUX connection?

    DJ DING Year ago +1

    Christiaan created guns& came out the ICE

    DJ DING Year ago +1

    Do u wanna help me with changing the edu, like to revolutionize them like to teach the middle school students that ICE came from Christiaan's invention of guns.

    DJ DING Year ago

    My dude, I think the basic education of U.S.&China need to change, especially physics education.

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia Year ago

    Very imformative! Ty

  • thomasucc
    thomasucc Year ago

    Volvo design

  • sevan grigoryan
    sevan grigoryan Year ago

    The model s isn’t affordable at all. Those things start around 80k and max out over $100,000

  • Abhik Maji
    Abhik Maji Year ago


  • Rajat Roy
    Rajat Roy Year ago

    Why not
    Spacex announces its personalised warp drive. It comes with a mobile app that uses open ai. The speed is so ridiculous that it's not even a point.

  • Peter Ros
    Peter Ros Year ago

    I like tesla performance..but not a big fan of its "looks"..a bit boring for me. Especially that big ipad-like lcd inside..its like an after thought..like slapping a tablet in the midde.

  • vitality of spirituality

    The j Cole instrumental intros are thee bomb dot com

  • yankees gohome
    yankees gohome Year ago +4

    It’s still way too expensive, dude.

    • God Isgod
      God Isgod 3 months ago

      Not with 12000 tax credits

  • C11H15NO2
    C11H15NO2 Year ago

    The car gets updates... won’t it get like new glitches with every update then? Probably someone gonna die because their car “updated” its self driving bo shit and straight up rams a tree

  • Nick Taylor
    Nick Taylor Year ago

    Rise of the Machines...

  • Matic Raztresen
    Matic Raztresen Year ago

    I cant believe, Marcus is such a fan boy of this cult. And by the way tesla doesnt use LIDAR sensors as he said.

  • biocybernaut
    biocybernaut Year ago

    Tesla made a net loss of $ 2.2 Billion (with a B) in 2017, I doubt they'll make it to 2020

    • Jay Bz
      Jay Bz 11 months ago

      Amazon has been operating without profits for decades because they are trying to grow. Look at how much Amazon's market cap now. That's the long game, profit is not everything.

  • Fardeen Akhtar
    Fardeen Akhtar Year ago

    Background sound

  • Radhika Vij
    Radhika Vij Year ago

    Did I really just spend my 11 mins only listening to a guy sitting in the car talking?? Just talking and talking... Wtf

  • Iris Gross
    Iris Gross Year ago

    I think Americans expect ostentation in their luxury. But I remember how weird the iPhone was when it first came out. People quickly got used to it

  • Wayne Shaffer
    Wayne Shaffer Year ago

    With 100% of the controls on the touch screen, I imagine a lot more attention is taken away from the road. That seems a bit dangerous, especially for models that don't have autonomous driving.

  • Søren Markov
    Søren Markov Year ago

    lol that halo 3 font

  • Frank Bonilla
    Frank Bonilla Year ago

    Excellent review.

  • Haider Alshimary
    Haider Alshimary Year ago

    you forgot to say that the main reason/ concept is that is made with the idea of car sharing (Tesla Network) and also fully autonomos as you mentioned.
    so any buttons like clovebox could be things that people that share your car, could brake or wear from extensive use.
    And having a button for a glovebox means people could access it. you might not want that.
    And the car also have a cabin facing camera to eventually monitor the people inside when shared. when you look at it that way the design makes more sense.

  • Humble Opinion
    Humble Opinion Year ago

    minimal yes, what if the screen gets damaged? ) lol

  • venkata kishore
    venkata kishore Year ago

    Your voice is super cool.

  • Joshua Jones
    Joshua Jones Year ago

    What was that bird doing

  • erzan
    erzan Year ago

    Elon Musk. Legend.

  • RobGamer
    RobGamer Year ago

    Theres a 7 seat model

  • RobGamer
    RobGamer Year ago

    Wish I could afford one of these cars these cars are amazing and if i could afford one i would totally support the company and buy one

  • mugove maruzane
    mugove maruzane Year ago

    Samsung should join the hype😎😎

  • Rock-E Oldboy
    Rock-E Oldboy Year ago

    i drive an oldschool 76 c 10 with a 379 diesel and get more than 35 mpg.. but i look forward to these inventions....

  • Kierre Hodges
    Kierre Hodges Year ago

    These cars are horrible looking. They look like Mazdas. Why can’t they create something unique? The technology is there but it looks too much like a cheap Mazda.

  • Yoko
    Yoko Year ago +1

    That bird will poop on yar tesla

  • Endoe Kronic
    Endoe Kronic Year ago

    its horrible.. this or that is great.. but then this or that sux. They need to go back to the drawling board.

    CJ CREATIONS Year ago +1

    So practically you can’t drive the car if the screen gets some complaint.

  • Astro CS
    Astro CS Year ago +1

    Does it gather speed limit, stop signs, yield signs, etc in automous mode from online data pools, or does it actually read the street signs live??

  • Lionnel L
    Lionnel L Year ago

    voice command would be a great plus for that screen.

  • Lin Xu
    Lin Xu Year ago

    35k tesla car is not affordable.

  • Electrified
    Electrified Year ago

    I think having all the ugly knobs everywhere looks bad and they break easily so doing everything from the screen is a plus. somethings may take a little more time and getting used too, IMO is a better design.

  • craig me
    craig me Year ago

    Would be interesting to know how the range of the car drops over time...so after three years do you only get half the range? Do you get any warrantee on range/battery life?
    Can you replace batteries without gutting the thing?
    Parked in the sun itll get to 140 degrees in there, that lcd screen might melt in the sun placed up there like that. Can you read it in the sun?
    Sure is a beautiful design

  • Daniel Minic
    Daniel Minic Year ago

    I'm a few thousand dollars short of finishing a street racing car. But I'm starting to think fuck it I want an electric car.

  • Unique377
    Unique377 Year ago

    That company is running in the negative every day just consumer confidence is what is keeping them in business

  • Anthony O. Mayaki

    you sure Tesla uses LiDAR in its cars? You said so in your video but internet searches I've done say otherwise.

  • NawLZEE
    NawLZEE Year ago

    There's nothing I hate more in a car than cycling through options to do something simple. Some audis are like that, the q7 for example. By making it more "simple" they are making it more complex then it needs to be. Cycling through options is not simple it's inconvenient and frustrating.

  • PowerLeef
    PowerLeef Year ago

    The thing is, I'd really like to own one. But here's the thing. If you were low on a charge and say you were on a road trip across country, where would you re-charge the engine? I could imagine a lot of gas stations not interested in giving you any business because you're essentially plugging your car into a wall. Heck they might want to charge you a premium for the trouble.

  • Bryant A
    Bryant A Year ago

    So is there anything better about it vs the S?

  • Asyraf Toothbrush


  • Hailsoup
    Hailsoup Year ago

    When you say Software Updates, referring to a car, it makes me legitimately wonder how susceptible this technology will be to hackers.

  • C Power
    C Power Year ago

    I'd end up in jail with an electric car. Because if you not hauling ass in it, the electric vehicle would be real boring. Way worse than driving an automatic gas burner.
    Cool looking machines but nah.

  • Foreign Express
    Foreign Express Year ago

    This is the ultimate anti-driver car.

  • Deanthony .R
    Deanthony .R Year ago

    Probably my first car.

  • jc almestica
    jc almestica Year ago

    Yes i woukd

  • ibezag0
    ibezag0 Year ago

    Not a review if you can’t drive it!!!

  • Anthony Singh
    Anthony Singh Year ago

    Where's the spare wheel kept?

  • Alcovitch
    Alcovitch Year ago +1

    Must be nice being a rich youtuber who can afford a Model S.

  • Huddleston Zimba
    Huddleston Zimba Year ago

    I guess the best to have in future with such a monitor based control systèm is to incorporate a voice command system as well....

  • naeema alkiyumi
    naeema alkiyumi Year ago

    It looks like Porsche paramera from front

  • coolvideo28
    coolvideo28 Year ago

    310 mile range for the long range No thanks.

  • rudolph nash
    rudolph nash Year ago +1

    Don’t forget you get a 10k rebate!!!! So if you get the 44k it’s really 34k and then u can slap on 10k worth of options and get everything you want for 44k 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾so pretty much for about 45k you are gonna get the top of the line model 3. Mind you ain’t no gas ⛽️ baby!!!!!! Free charge!!!!!!! Omg people pay 300.00 a month on gas alone for a sedan type car. Your putting 300.00 a month back in your pocket!!! Saving 3k a month add that times 5 years!!! On a 5yr finance you’ll save 15k in 5yrs!

  • Tom Hudson
    Tom Hudson Year ago

    Talk to Tesla?!

  • Mr. Perfect !
    Mr. Perfect ! Year ago +1

    *T E S L A I S L I F E*