Why Captain Marvel Is The STRONGEST HERO In The MCU

  • Published on Nov 27, 2018
  • Captain Marvel is 100 days away from being in theaters and people are eager to see her powers that make her the "strongest hero in the MCU"! In this video I'll talk about her powers and why Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige says she's the strongest. Let me know what you all think! Woof Woof!
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  • companyoflosers
    companyoflosers 14 hours ago

    she is NOT the strongest in the mcu. she is up there, but not the strongest according to the comics. if they defy the comics and make her the strongest by the end of the movies, its because they are trying to pander to the vocal side of the feminist movement. now theres nothing wrong with being feminist, but there is such thing as doing the wrong thing with the right intentions. Disney and Feige want to appeal to and bring a large number of women into the fandom and thats a good thing. but just like black panther, which was an average movie for marvel, the captain marvel movie is propaganda meant to show one demographic why they should jump on the marvel bandwagon. but i think calling captain marvel the most powerful in the mcu, just like saying black panther should be the movie of the year like many wanted, is taking it a bit far. she has almost godlike powers but we are forgetting that heroes like that are popping up left and right. Thor IS a god and canonically MUCH stronger. Hulk took a full power punch from her, laughter it off and punched her right into orbit! Peter Quill is a Celestial with infinite potential! the only reason they wont say any of them are the strongest is because they dont want to make another white man the center of attention. they want to cast the spotlight on a strong female who will attract lots of attention for them.

  • SinBlade
    SinBlade Day ago

    Is in the mcu but not in the mu
    If anyone wants to debate im ready :)

  • tankmon123
    tankmon123 2 days ago

    I saw the movie she wasn't that strong. She never moved a planet, the only thing she did was stop a missle

  • GingerZx 098
    GingerZx 098 2 days ago

    CM #1

  • NYC1E1
    NYC1E1 2 days ago +2

    Thor is a GOD, enough said...

  • Ninja Fortnite
    Ninja Fortnite 3 days ago

    captain marvel and thor are the same if you guys have watched the captain marvel movie thats what he mean

  • BLANK Unknown
    BLANK Unknown 3 days ago

    who cares about captain marvel i wanna see deadpool in action

  • Dylan Ziehlke
    Dylan Ziehlke 3 days ago +2

    Now I don't dislike captain marvel because she's a woman.
    I love seeing black widow and scarlet witch kick ass better than some of the men do.
    What I don't like is that every other hero in the mcu gets scaled down while captain marvel gets like 75% increase in power.
    Its obvious they did this soley for feminist reasons. And I swear to god if she basically beats Thanos in end game while hes using the infinity stones by herself...well thats just bad writing because shes a character that just recently entered the mcu and viewers wouldnt care about if she won. Its more satisfying to see familiar characters win a fight that seems un winable. It's the reason why when iron man gets a drop of blood or when Thor nearly one shots thanos it feels satisfying and intense.

    • Scarlet Rose
      Scarlet Rose Day ago

      its likely shes been around known as Ms. Marvel not Captain Marvel she hasnt used that mantle yet and she is capable of killing thanos as shes one who can same with drax......... captain marvel (is stronger cause dont forget black widow is a discount capt. america her best feat can be outdone by cap .... the only good thing going for black widow is actually her being resistant to poison ..... Wanda hasnt achieved her full potential yet ....... and her not being cannon as a mutant really dampens her actual feats as the scarlet witch ....... ... if anything Captain Marvel is at best planet killer if anything if she goes full binary only a few selected beings in the mcu can match her (not even tony he will just makes things worst hes the sole reason the whole planet died during civil war 2 if they dint stop) binary is still a force to be recon with if anything capt. marvel best feats will be at her binary form rather than her regular form she can kill thanos if someone like iron man say charge her up to be able to achieve binary form
      we all know she is protecting the galaxy much like the guardians of the galaxy so its no wonder she isint around earth half the time shits happening if anything after becoming binary/warbird that power was her own much like capt. america cause he earned his power and she got experimented on while its out of her will she was made more powerful by the kree experimenting on her she used her powers its her own the accident that gained her power has been siphoned and later regain which states it became her own it not borrowed like rogue borrowing powers if it stays with you its your own even if happens on accident

  • Dylan Ziehlke
    Dylan Ziehlke 3 days ago

    Captain Marvel: I'm the strongest hero in the MCU
    Thor: mmmmm are you though?

  • AHarice
    AHarice 3 days ago

    if shes stronger then the newly developed thor I'm gonna be pissed

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  • Russel Jean Lacuas
    Russel Jean Lacuas 4 days ago

    I think Hella herself can defeat Thanos lol

  • Lindane Mnguni
    Lindane Mnguni 4 days ago

    Just because your name is Captain Marvel doesn't mean you are the strongest Thor and Dr Strange underrated they're Stronger than Captain Marvel even in the comics she is weaker than Thor

  • Aksh Gop
    Aksh Gop 4 days ago

    Mcu is gonna end up like dc, overpowered charector

  • Jonathan Wallach
    Jonathan Wallach 4 days ago

    Captain Marvel is basically the human Tesseract (sp). She is the blue stone come to life.

  • Kalpesh Popat
    Kalpesh Popat 4 days ago

    No one is ever killed in comics....Thanos at most will be captured after his plan is failed by avengers

  • PaNdeM0niuM
    PaNdeM0niuM 5 days ago +1

    Phoenix is the most powerful

  • Rizhel Ann Supremo
    Rizhel Ann Supremo 5 days ago

    I'm a big Thor fan and when I watched Thor Ragnarok, I re-confirmed that Thor is the strongest Avenger but after watching the movie the other day, it made me think twice. She is way stronger. She's the only one who looks like having a chance against Thanos if they do battle out one on one. Spoiler alert: Avengers came from the name of the fighter jet that Captain Marvel piloted. So that might mean she's a big part of the Avengers' picture.

  • Garfield Pink
    Garfield Pink 5 days ago

    Where is Jean grey to shut her mind down ..coz the pheonix will be too much for her ....yall so tripping about she been the most powerful....please dont upset me plz!!!!!!!

    • Garfield Pink
      Garfield Pink 4 days ago

      +It's just me she is not ..period ...what about the hulk !

    • It's just me
      It's just me 4 days ago +1

      That's so true but please read de sub titel it says the most powerful hero in the MCU!

  • BladeMasterz916
    BladeMasterz916 5 days ago

    I move people with my fart, does that count?

  • BladeMasterz916
    BladeMasterz916 5 days ago

    00=binary form or are those her hooters?

  • Jozem Mon Carlo Dizon
    Jozem Mon Carlo Dizon 5 days ago +2

    Captain marvel is the strongest woman in the MCU

    JEAN GREY. Hold my Beer🍻 😂

    • Spartan BBX
      Spartan BBX 4 days ago

      Well X-men are owned by Fox currently though but once Marvel Studios buy them then we'll see :))

  • Kriti Neog
    Kriti Neog 5 days ago +1

    Wtf even natasha is stronger then cap marvel and deserves more credits don't know y they making so much hype about cap marvel. There are other feminist characters who could do better then cap like scarlet natasha etc

  • uyok pogi
    uyok pogi 5 days ago

    cuz she's the captain tsss😒

  • Pranav Krishna Shukla

    Thor is strongest and ironman is smartest we don't want anyone

  • Joan Kuan
    Joan Kuan 6 days ago

    I don’t like captain marvel, maybe iron man or Thor can defeat thanos

    • Tharence Tung
      Tharence Tung 4 days ago

      Even you don't like it, nothing will change the endgame story line, Kevin feige putting CM to be the strongest..

  • Rakesh Chaudhary
    Rakesh Chaudhary 6 days ago

    Because she is the daughter of super saiyan goku

  • Harold Guerrrero
    Harold Guerrrero 6 days ago

    Nah bruh..Thor is the most powerful..deez nuts are more powerful than her

    • Tharence Tung
      Tharence Tung 4 days ago

      Nah dude , Thor without his weapon just a weakling like the others , , look how hela whopping his ass like nothing , using bare hand toe to toe with CM Thor literally zero chance to win.

  • Boddje
    Boddje 6 days ago

    Thor in legit norse mythology can bop anyone

  • SilxzntGaming
    SilxzntGaming 6 days ago +1

    All these people saying they wish she not gonna be overpowered.


  • Picropideng
    Picropideng 6 days ago +6

    Because no other Marvel superhero can make fans disappear from theatres on opening weekend. This means she's the only superhero whose powers extend beyond the MCU and into our own. Take that Thor!

    • Tharence Tung
      Tharence Tung 4 days ago

      Well if Thor beat thanos by himself on endgame, I'm pretty sure box office gonna flopped as well. .

    • sorryIwin2
      sorryIwin2 6 days ago +1

      Only coment that makes sense.

  • Smö Kié
    Smö Kié 6 days ago +18

    Captain Marvel can never be stronger than a god. And the more Thor grows, the stronger he gets
    Thor can easily wipe her out

    • Raven Whiteduck
      Raven Whiteduck 3 days ago +1

      Agreed their just retcons for the movies their no longer loyal or respectful to the source material

    • Lucoa Quetzalcoatl
      Lucoa Quetzalcoatl 4 days ago

      Don’t like what the people who made Thor and Capt. Marvel made them to be? Lol you don’t have a say in what they do bud

  • Sulieman Farg
    Sulieman Farg 6 days ago

    I hope she’s not the strongest it would be lame

  • Leopoldo Ynclino
    Leopoldo Ynclino 6 days ago +2

    Everyone says captain marvel is weak
    Didn't watch the movie
    Sorry im bad in English

    • Tharence Tung
      Tharence Tung 4 days ago

      Then go watched it for once, and find out yourself whether she weak or not.

  • nicole june nicolas
    nicole june nicolas 6 days ago

    You should be happy that she exist and joined the avengers even shes new to.the team i know its been how many years but the movie needs a new character to spice things up and to look forward too .to beat thanos and see her powers is a great way to start the fans cant sleep at night idiots HAHAHAHAHA

  • Ish vish
    Ish vish 7 days ago +3

    Thor the strongest avengers....

  • Sunil Kumar
    Sunil Kumar 7 days ago

    No... she is not. According to Marvel comics, Thor is the strongest character in Marvel team.

    • sorryIwin2
      sorryIwin2 6 days ago

      I hope that it stays that way just bcs this new moovie doesent make any sense to me.

  • Del Jacunab
    Del Jacunab 7 days ago

    I still love Wanda than her..

  • Wouter d.B.
    Wouter d.B. 7 days ago


  • Tripti Kalita
    Tripti Kalita 7 days ago

    Captain Marvel is my favourite

  • uhh tubric
    uhh tubric 7 days ago

    Scarlet has almost the same powers except flight. And Thor is stronger, because he made a new weapon just to kill Thanos. Only to be stolen by Captain Marvel.

  • Eisham Manulon
    Eisham Manulon 7 days ago

    Thor can move planets

  • Local Union
    Local Union 7 days ago

    Saw the movie and not that great. I hope next time she bring more bangs and impress fans

  • Dewin
    Dewin 7 days ago +2

    No the cat in captain marvel is the most powerful

  • Archie Zoldyck
    Archie Zoldyck 7 days ago

    Lol off the charts? Rogue put her to coma. Hahaha

  • Crislan Villa
    Crislan Villa 7 days ago

    oh yeah WHY???? ..simple She brings the name of MARVEL studio, she owned it..hahahhaha ✌️✌️🙄🙄

  • Wtfhow
    Wtfhow 7 days ago

    She used her infinity boobies on Thanos

  • Manuel Gonzales
    Manuel Gonzales 7 days ago +1

    In facts meaning the comic books captain marvel isnt the strongest its what there trying to do in movies for money but strong lieing marvel studios captain marvel isnt even top 5

  • That1boi
    That1boi 7 days ago

    This video is terrible. Read a damn comic. Dont just cherry pick facts. She is not close in strenght to Hulk or Thor. Hell even some armors of Iron Man could take her out easily.

  • Lingesh 27
    Lingesh 27 7 days ago +21

    Captain marvel: I'm the powerful character in MCU

    Goose: hold my milk bowl...

  • Jesseg0815
    Jesseg0815 7 days ago

    All these people complaining. If she was a dude, it would be different

    • Vazu
      Vazu 7 days ago

      Jesseg0815 It has nothing to do with her gender many are saying that Scarlet is more powerful. Watch a video called "Captain marvel is much weaker than Thor" by thor talk.

  • creepingpcy gaming
    creepingpcy gaming 7 days ago

    How can nick fury know that she is not wiped out with the others and still alive

    • creepingpcy gaming
      creepingpcy gaming 7 days ago

      +Luke Lee but spiderman and others that are with spiderman are not on earth still they are wiped out

    • Luke Lee
      Luke Lee 7 days ago

      Because thanos's snap was to clear half the population on earth. She was in space

  • Prasad Scarlet
    Prasad Scarlet 7 days ago

    She's just an Auntie Carol😁

  • Lorenzo Tabada
    Lorenzo Tabada 8 days ago

    what is MCU??

  • Reece Raymond
    Reece Raymond 8 days ago +7

    Because Thanos fall in love with her. Then Thanos bankrupt and become homeless.

    • King Soft
      King Soft 4 days ago

      +Reece Raymond It was a meme but O.K.

    • Reece Raymond
      Reece Raymond 4 days ago +1

      King Soft because as you know woman tend to change man if he is crazy. Woman cares the world, she feed him vegan food, so he loses all his muscles. she takes away all his power, sues him, takes away all his money and will. Then leaves him like skinny tramp.

    • King Soft
      King Soft 4 days ago

      how can anyone be homeless? Just buy a house forehead.

  • durai prasanth
    durai prasanth 8 days ago

    Marvel got her powers from an infinity stone .... How come she is the most powerful avenger

  • durai prasanth
    durai prasanth 8 days ago

    Justice league made superman over powered and the movie is shit...if Marvel is overwhelming end game will be shit too

  • CaYlYa
    CaYlYa 8 days ago

    no ghost rider is

  • real Cruz
    real Cruz 8 days ago

    Bad idea..

  • cheesecake_24
    cheesecake_24 8 days ago

    Couple with me..then u will be a strongest person ever !!! 😍😍😍

  • Tamara Jones
    Tamara Jones 8 days ago

    She is so trash

  • boss6390
    boss6390 8 days ago +17

    Thor is 100% more powerful

    • Six O Seven
      Six O Seven 2 days ago +1

      MCU Captain marvel’s powers are composed of one single infinity stone. Thor overpowered all six infinity stones.. Again this is MCU, not comics. End of debate.

    • NYC1E1
      NYC1E1 2 days ago +2

      It's not even close but Thor's a white man so Feminist can't have that...

    • Jonny B Goode
      Jonny B Goode 3 days ago +1

      +LGBT IS BAE and its lazy writing... especially when everything before points to the contrary.

    • Jonny B Goode
      Jonny B Goode 3 days ago +1

      +Lucoa Quetzalcoatl I'm not trying to fight anyone. I'm simply pointing out bad writing. Character building for 10 years only to introduce a character and actress with the personality of a manilla envelope is what sinks franchises that are loved.

    • Lucoa Quetzalcoatl
      Lucoa Quetzalcoatl 3 days ago

      Jonny B Goode you’re trying to fight the people who made the characters... also the MCU is BASED off of the comics not straight up ripped off of them, so outcomes can be different

  • Mahi Sarkar
    Mahi Sarkar 8 days ago

    I hope MCU doesn't make the End Game alike Justice League.. here apparently replacing Superman with Captain Marvel (love her though), because no one wants to see the Avengers as the sidekicks & one character.. who will come & conquer all.. just like they did with Superman in JL & well deserved it proved ahem! ahem ! Hope EVERY CHARACTER gets to play their important part of the STORY.. what their individual JOURNEY has culminated for them.
    I BELIEVE in MCU to successfully do what they have always done, TO MAKE IT ABOUT TEAM WORK ! It's all about, "Avengers Assemble" ..that's what makes Marvel, what it is today ♥️🎬

  • Norma Grixti
    Norma Grixti 8 days ago +1

    I really hope Captain Marvel has alot more to do with the battle and even beats Thanos

  • diamond prince
    diamond prince 8 days ago +6

    If you think about it.. ant man in mini mode can go inside thanos mouth and inside his body.. once inside,activate giant mode. Booooom! And of thanos. Ant man saves the day.

    • Tripti Kalita
      Tripti Kalita 7 days ago +1

      Wow u r the next director

    • Roseal Greenwood
      Roseal Greenwood 7 days ago +1

      diamond prince that would work for sure and so simple hahaha

    • diamond prince
      diamond prince 7 days ago +1

      +Roseal Greenwood ikr. Why that shouldn't work puzzles me.

    • Roseal Greenwood
      Roseal Greenwood 7 days ago +1

      diamond prince omg hahah that’s brilliant

  • kim manejero
    kim manejero 8 days ago +1

    what if deadpool and the X MEN join the war.

    • werdo Atlaw
      werdo Atlaw 7 days ago

      Same i want deadpool to be in infinity wars.that will be awesome

  • Rishabh Gupta
    Rishabh Gupta 9 days ago


  • bodasactra
    bodasactra 9 days ago +1

    She was bad ass when she went OP. She will fit in with the Avengers just fine. Its a decent film. Not great but solid.

  • Parthasarathi M S
    Parthasarathi M S 9 days ago +1

    Dr.strange fans like here

  • Gopu Gopi
    Gopu Gopi 9 days ago

    Iron Man is powerful avenger

  • Leslie Grayson
    Leslie Grayson 9 days ago

    Actually I saw one youtube thing that proved that Thor was able to move 20 planets and got hit by a nova and blah blah etc Im not listening to MCU. Men have 3 times the muscle density of a woman and THOR has had 1500years or more years to have his muscles get dense.................................. captain marvel not so long.

  • Devil Shrestha
    Devil Shrestha 9 days ago +1

    Bcoz mcu need a hero like dc have superman

  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns 9 days ago +9

    THOR is a GOD!!!
    Thor single handedly moves 20 planets.
    she's a mere mortal.

    • Tharence Tung
      Tharence Tung 4 days ago

      God huh? Well Thor 90% of the strength came from the hammer/stormbreaker , and without it? just a weakling like the others, if Thor just bare hand toe to toe with CM he gonna die , Hela using nothing but just a bare hand to beating Thor until head bleeding.

    • dileep koppu
      dileep koppu 7 days ago


  • Angels of the Oblivion

    Can anyone explain "binary form" ? I didn't get it.

  • Milagro And Milagrosa

    To all Capt. Marvel haters,you talk a lot. Why don't you go and make your own movie.

  • Devonta Young
    Devonta Young 9 days ago +11

    Technology Thor and doctor strange and even Scarlett witch is more powerful than captain marvel soooooooo.

    • Tharence Tung
      Tharence Tung 4 days ago

      Well nah, Scarlett witch gonna die if fight CM.

    • Leslie Grayson
      Leslie Grayson 9 days ago

      World breaker Hulk is just too angry to mention'

  • ismail wahab
    ismail wahab 9 days ago

    Captain marvel is powerfull? Time to say good bye mcu. I hate captain marvel.

  • Vladimir Pereira
    Vladimir Pereira 9 days ago +3

    I hope they really not make her the most powerful hero in Endgame. That should be Thor and not her. Second rate power is enough for her.

  • Army Dog
    Army Dog 9 days ago

    WTF/Wth? She would get KILLED by Hulk, Thanos, Thor, Black Bolt, Sentry, & alot more!

  • Totally_Not_Gay
    Totally_Not_Gay 9 days ago

    How she dies the first 10 minutes of endgame

  • NBA2k Jumpshot Script Master

    Trash movie

  • Hypergiant Star
    Hypergiant Star 9 days ago +1

    Is she (supposed to be) the strongest because the “strengthening women” meme.?

    • Tharence Tung
      Tharence Tung 4 days ago

      Nope, because CM was Kevin feige favs hero.

  • A-kil
    A-kil 10 days ago

    Tony stark will make a bianary buster nd throw hands lmao hes good at fuckin up god tier characters. Kinda annoyed shes all of a sudden stronger than everybody just from a fraction of the space stones power

  • jeriel rufaida
    jeriel rufaida 10 days ago

    Jane from xmen is the strongest

  • john lim
    john lim 10 days ago

    Doctor strange all the way

  • Harshad Baviskar
    Harshad Baviskar 10 days ago


  • M. Ramirez
    M. Ramirez 10 days ago

    Just like Rouge of the Xmen

  • I got the Magic
    I got the Magic 10 days ago

    Lol "strongest"

  • Abhishek Mohapatra
    Abhishek Mohapatra 10 days ago

    i just wanna see hulk beating out of ass of thanos..and justifies the strongest avenger ...

  • Saint Says
    Saint Says 10 days ago

    Because she can do magics?

  • tinyrocket
    tinyrocket 10 days ago

    No thor would destroy her

  • Jason Kostelecky
    Jason Kostelecky 10 days ago

    she doesnt deserve to get all the credit, the credit should be given to the whole team not just one member. Thats what made avengers great it was always a team effort.

  • Merula Uchiha
    Merula Uchiha 10 days ago +24

    She lied. Captain Marvel didn't move a planet. Thor had better feats.

    • Leslie Grayson
      Leslie Grayson 9 days ago +2

      stopped a planetoid.. huge rock.. but couldnt life Thors weights in his gym lol

  • Jorge Juarez
    Jorge Juarez 10 days ago

    Mcu stands for ?

  • Myster King
    Myster King 11 days ago

    Bring back Thor's sister, Thanos dead

  • Pavel Noah
    Pavel Noah 11 days ago

    Thor is the most powerful

  • Queensy Sumalpong
    Queensy Sumalpong 11 days ago

    i love all the characters of avengers of course!

  • Queensy Sumalpong
    Queensy Sumalpong 11 days ago +3

    yes she is! ive watched it already and i love her character! i already like you brie!❤😍

  • Oumar B
    Oumar B 11 days ago

    I don't want Thanos to diiiiie 😖😖😖😖😰😰😰😰😰