Why Captain Marvel Is The STRONGEST HERO In The MCU


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  • naufal putra
    naufal putra 19 hours ago

    Captain marvel's binary mode actually captain marvel in her period

  • House Gains
    House Gains Day ago

    Even in her binary form she can't beat Thor, Strange, or Scarlet Witch

  • CorvetteKid
    CorvetteKid Day ago

    The Kree are not that powerful, so how could CM be the most powerful in the MCU ? Doesn't add up.

  • PotatoWeaver
    PotatoWeaver Day ago

    I don't like how this sounds.

  • Jackson Witten
    Jackson Witten 3 days ago

    I consider Thanos a hero so my view may be skewed...

  • Ron Clark
    Ron Clark 5 days ago

    Ridiculous! Let's not get carried away....
    Thanos with the infinity stones could suspend time, change Cpt. Marvel's reality, remove or isolate her soul, know her plans in advance or her knowledge of her plans....all and more from a distance of several light years. If Captains Marvel is relying on strength and explosion, she's defeated or even disintegrated before the battle begins....based on Thanos use of rings in the comics....These are the cosmic beings that gathered to defeat Thanos in Infinity Gauntlet in the comics and failed: Silver Surfer crashed into Dr. Strange's home whimpering.
    1. Eternity
    2. Master Order, and Lord Chaos
    3. Galactus
    4.The Stranger
    5. The Celestials
    6. Death (Wow)
    Just to name a few...only a few. The Living Tribunal would not intervene. Are you suggesting that Captain Marvel has the ability and strength and authority of The Living Tribunal. Hardly
    Strongest in All of Marvel Comics? than even Franklin Richards or The Beyonder?

  • Jesselyn Moquerio
    Jesselyn Moquerio 5 days ago

    In the cartoons didn't rouge absorbed her powers doesn't that make rouge one of the powerful marvel character

  • Samuel Huo
    Samuel Huo 5 days ago

    what if.. captain marvel goes into the quantum realm and saves ant-man who is stuck there since he couldn't be pulled out

  • Hannibal Lekta
    Hannibal Lekta 6 days ago

    yet another Marvel story Hollywood's fu%ked up........Carol Danvers is Ms. Marvel...the real Captain Marvel (Mar-vell) is a humanoid alien from the Planet Kree, who ends up dying from cancer on Saturns moon Titan

  • EasySin Music
    EasySin Music 7 days ago

    But wait isn't Jean Gray' binary power that great as well?

  • Joseph Holland Jr.
    Joseph Holland Jr. 7 days ago

    Black Panther

  • Hemanth Naren
    Hemanth Naren 7 days ago

    Imagine Thor , Hulk , Captain Marvel fighting Thanos

  • Janine Tan
    Janine Tan 7 days ago

    No, no, no, no, no, no.

  • avikingman1
    avikingman1 7 days ago

    If they make this character over powered, to the extent that it is ridiculous then this film will be a bomb.

  • randy johnson
    randy johnson 8 days ago

    Dark Phoenix is the strongest.....by far...scarlet witch also is more powerful.....

  • Wong FU
    Wong FU 8 days ago

    In the end it would just take a silent whisper by Scarlett Witch: no more Captain Marvel :P

  • Cameron Kauhega
    Cameron Kauhega 8 days ago

    Captain marvel can not be stronger thn hulk

  • Anonymous XXX
    Anonymous XXX 8 days ago

    let close the case.we all know it toooo strong cuz it made that way.if story say baby is then us baby that strong no matter wht we say

  • john brave
    john brave 8 days ago

    am because she carries marvel in her name???

  • marc johnson
    marc johnson 8 days ago

    Miss marvel being the strongest or most powerful there is rubbish..
    I'm sure the scarlet witch must find that quite hilarious..
    but it's all fun and games until my lord and master and God Galactus turns up!!
    then People shit their pants!!!
    All worship Galactus!!
    The feeding begins.....

    PETER SWEET 8 days ago

    because it a woman and a yanky , barf!!!!

  • Nadeem Mohammed
    Nadeem Mohammed 8 days ago

    I'm a Thor fan, I'd prefer Thor to kill thanos

  • einseinstein2
    einseinstein2 10 days ago

    Can she grow a beard? Cap America wins.

  • Joshua Ebanks
    Joshua Ebanks 10 days ago

    Thanos didn't move that moon, he ripped the surface off and through the surface of the moon into the battle. Still, an amazing amount of power and if he really wanted to I'm sure he could move that moon, but he still didn't move it.
    I am a Marvel fan, but I did not grow up on the comics so I don't consider myself a true Marvel fan, I just love the movies. So I don't really know who/ what Captain Marvel is, but to me, it sounds like she is Marvel's version of Super Man.

  • Joshua Ebanks
    Joshua Ebanks 10 days ago

    Thor with his new powers and hammer is the strongest fight me.

  • Felix Hudson
    Felix Hudson 10 days ago

    Rogue takes her powers right?

  • Jason Rohan
    Jason Rohan 10 days ago

    From what I remember from the past in Marvel comics, I thought Captain Marvel was a man. But this unifies the expansion & equality. JR

  • Arragoth Gaming
    Arragoth Gaming 10 days ago

    I can't believe all the bitter morons in these comments.

  • Wheng Gomez
    Wheng Gomez 10 days ago

    DR. STRANGE is the strongest.

  • Wheng Gomez
    Wheng Gomez 10 days ago

    the character lacks charisma

  • NomaKGaming
    NomaKGaming 10 days ago

    World war hulk is stronger and unlike captain marvel, hulks are unlimited. My outside theory is banner will suggest a way to increase his power which captain marvel and rocket will help provide. The catch is which banner will provide is the hulk can no longer be aimed, giving a lullaby. This time hulk will be dangerous to friend or foe alike. Which i think iron man n cap will banish banner, betraying him, leading to black widow griefing hence the standalone film and possibly an avengers film vs world war hulk ie can destroy a planet with one punch or grab a meteor out of space etc. Far fetched but possible

  • Prince Aguada
    Prince Aguada 10 days ago

    Thanos:you will die like them
    Captain marvel:great joke
    Thanos:I have 6 infinity stones
    Captain marvel:not anymore
    Iron man:on the loose!
    Spider-Man:grabs one infinity stone while mantis is holding Thanos
    Thanos woke up then throw them out
    Captain marvel:I’m not gonna play your game I’m gonna end it
    Thanos:hold my beer
    Captain marvel punched thanks in head:ur drunk?

  • NubiaRising
    NubiaRising 10 days ago

    I know why... because feminist will "feel" and MCU will suffer:)

  • Ky L
    Ky L 10 days ago

    I am beyond excited to see Captain Marvel in action and to see how Marvel takes her into the future.

  • Gursimran Rajvansh
    Gursimran Rajvansh 11 days ago

    no superhero will ever be strongest for too long..it is just following a current trend of female superheroes...Wonder Woman being my personal favorite there.. but there always will be superpowers re-distribution among them and the new ones...that's the whole deal. I like Batman.

  • Maxwell Lynch
    Maxwell Lynch 11 days ago

    I would not put it past the MCU if they made the “ONE ABOVE ALL” a neutral gendered Character.

    ARMAGEDDONx9276 11 days ago

    I'm stronger than Brie Larson, I mean Captain Marvel.

    ARMAGEDDONx9276 11 days ago

    Thanks, wont be wasting a dime, or a minute on this shitty attempt at MARY SUE!

  • Pyro Jaeger
    Pyro Jaeger 11 days ago

    why not let her help the avengers....but instead take the credit after they fail

  • Pyro Jaeger
    Pyro Jaeger 11 days ago

    Thor is best

  • Pyro Jaeger
    Pyro Jaeger 11 days ago

    interesting that a woman is the strongest. that's reversed racism

  • Sith Lord
    Sith Lord 11 days ago

    She can't even beat android 18 lol.

  • Josh Holley
    Josh Holley 11 days ago

    If she is the strongest.... Why would she be "the backup plan"? Why wouldnt she be plan A?

  • Steph Guinita
    Steph Guinita 11 days ago

    Jarvis, give me a suit and get me out of here.

  • Angel Pena
    Angel Pena 11 days ago

    Thor is the strongest in the MCU, idc what anybody says

  • ahr. tube
    ahr. tube 11 days ago

    For me Phoenix is the strongest hero for me.

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 11 days ago

    By far the strongest what a joke liberal ideology feminist nonsense geez ruin everything good in the world move planet's hahaha move outa Thor's way is what she needs to be doing

  • Emmanual Inwang
    Emmanual Inwang 11 days ago

    She Could Be The Most Powerful, It Depends On What Narrative They're Going With... We Have Seen Hulk Turn Red And He's On A Different Level In That Form... Thor Could Become Rune King Thor Which Is On A Different Level. So It Just Depends, A Lot Of These Characters Haven't Reached Their Full Power Potential Tbh

  • EstablishedHeritage
    EstablishedHeritage 11 days ago

    Here we go again. Just like Star Wars, in this feminist society, even tho all the other characters over time has been growing and coming into their own here comes a woman to save the day! Oh, and she's the strongest of them all! 😒😒😒😔 Gmab!

  • Erasmos
    Erasmos 11 days ago

    Glade to see them up the ante on power. Wolverine my favourite.

  • RaverDude00
    RaverDude00 11 days ago

    I'm going to wait to hear from others to see if Captain Marvel defeats Thanos. I won't watch it if that is the case. I am sick and tired of this effort to masculinize women at the expense of men. To "prove a point" that is almost non-existent in real life with rare outliers, and even those cannot match the strongest/fittest men. She can help, no problem, but if it's "woman over all!" then like Dr. Who and it's SJW b/s I'm tuning out and watching Aquaman.

  • Aaron Lachiondo
    Aaron Lachiondo 11 days ago

    why? cause she has failed so many times in making a good comic series, and sucks in games as well...time to shove her female power down the movie fans throats...hope the MCU can survive it. they are at least going to take a pretty devastating hit with this choice. but you can always fall back on in failed cause she's a female character. it would have not have to do with her very small fan base, or the fact I'm guessing she will be a Mary sue since she is going to be instantly the strongest hero in the MCU

  • System overlord
    System overlord 11 days ago

    It’s all part of the me2 agenda the unstoppable woman saves the day. Let’s ruin the movie franchise like they did Star Wars. Yeah

  • Maurice Norris
    Maurice Norris 11 days ago

    stronger than phoenix?

  • Cor'Darius Brown
    Cor'Darius Brown 11 days ago

    Actually she's not stronger than Phoenix nor Scarlett.

  • bottosrob
    bottosrob 12 days ago

    If she is stronger than the infinity gauntlet than that whole struggle on the second walkthrough is going to be so dumb to watch

  • RuggyRat
    RuggyRat 12 days ago

    Thanks. This will be very interesting to watch. Can't wait.

  • TheMass33
    TheMass33 12 days ago


  • Aravind Nair
    Aravind Nair 12 days ago

    Ugh, she's not..

  • Slain By Tzuyu
    Slain By Tzuyu 12 days ago

    Thor will one shot this fodder.

  • Ancient Chi
    Ancient Chi 12 days ago

    Thor is the greatest you'll see soon enough

  • James
    James 12 days ago

    Garbage Captain Marvel was a man and never should of been changed to a women period .Done watching this sjw crap they've ruined everything.

  • Richard Miroslawki
    Richard Miroslawki 12 days ago +1

    SJW/ Feminist bullshit

  • Michel-Ange
    Michel-Ange 12 days ago

    Brooooooo she is a super saiyen man that’s why she the strongest.

    • James
      James 12 days ago

      She is not a man she is a women placed in an icons position .It's Captain Marvell not miss America .Stop destroying the original comics with this sjw crap.

  • Moon Star
    Moon Star 12 days ago +1

    I thought captain marvel name supposed to be ms.Marvel

  • Darrin Moon1
    Darrin Moon1 12 days ago

    Is she still going to have a flat ASS in the movie or did they CGI it?

  • Darrin Moon1
    Darrin Moon1 12 days ago

    She was defeated by Rouge so...not as bad ass as you might think.

  • Russell Roefer
    Russell Roefer 12 days ago

    I think I’m going to have to get some Captain Marvel comics. Thanks for the awesome videos!

  • 2SLipo
    2SLipo 12 days ago

    This Captain Marvel is a plot hole to begin with. Where was she when Thanos and his minions were destroying the earth? If she is the strongest super hero, she would not sit and let everything around the earth get destroyed. There was no need for Nick Fury to contact her in the first place because the destruction happened everywhere. It would be better not to include her in the Avengers series at all.

  • Na`vi iv`aN
    Na`vi iv`aN 12 days ago

    She's just one of pawn of mcu chess piece, yeah another cost meek revenue

  • Robert Hall
    Robert Hall 12 days ago

    Captain Marvel is not the strongest character... she will lose to Thanos alone... be interesting how this plays out....

  • Mike
    Mike 12 days ago


  • Tiffany Fickling
    Tiffany Fickling 13 days ago

    Yes. A woman is going to save the 🌎!!!

    • James
      James 12 days ago

      Yeah right lol .

  • I'm Him
    I'm Him 13 days ago

    She doesn't need anything to breath in space..

  • Shaheed Timmons
    Shaheed Timmons 13 days ago

    My fav superhero is black panther and I think she gon save tony stark

  • Orion Homes
    Orion Homes 13 days ago

    I must meet this, Captain Marvel.
    She intrigues me.

  • Roberto Soto
    Roberto Soto 14 days ago

    My question is how does nick fury know the power of thanos to the point that he wouldn't have ALL the avengers assemble to fight an enemy he doesn't know of? After seeing what aliens can do as they almost destroyed NY why only assemble a handful of hero and not call on all of them at one time? My favorite is the hulk and I hope he kicks butt in this next film. Keep up the good work

  • Will Billi
    Will Billi 14 days ago

    Hulk is the strongest period....or Phenix

  • bryanmc650
    bryanmc650 14 days ago

    Deus ex machina

  • bryan gomez
    bryan gomez 14 days ago

    Thanos will be defeated by the power of feminism

  • V3N8MOUS
    V3N8MOUS 14 days ago

    Dark Phoenix is the strongest character

  • donny russell
    donny russell 14 days ago

    I still say the Hulk is the strongest! Hollywood made him weak!! Bring back the real HULK!! Not that pussy

  • 11 bANg BanG
    11 bANg BanG 14 days ago +2

    She's the strongest because Hollywood's filled with nothing but SJW's. Men need to start being men again, enough of this politically correct crap. Surprised they didn't make Thanos white.

  • Darin Wagner
    Darin Wagner 14 days ago +1

    Carol Danvers is a garbage character as Captain Marvel. She's a typical SJW Sue designed to fulfill the power fantasy of sexually frustrated women and girls.

    • James
      James 12 days ago

      Yeah visions of grander.Bunch of idiots.

  • Berry13 Berry13
    Berry13 Berry13 14 days ago +1

    Put dark pheonix from xmen gurrll
    Bye 👋

  • KillerOffRoadHobbyz
    KillerOffRoadHobbyz 14 days ago

    Of course she will be the most powerful in the MCU, because Hollywood is very heavy into pushing political movements such as the fake womens inequality crap going on right now. If Thor killed Thanos in just a couple seconds with Stormbreaker when Thanos had all 6 stones how will this movie be any good when she will kill Thanos even easier? Remember Thanos only lived because of the soul stone. I grew up reading comics and have loved most of the movies so far but if Marvel starts pushing these political movements they will lose a fan in me for sure.

  • Joe Hollywood
    Joe Hollywood 14 days ago

    MCU heroes are weak. That's why they fail. Even the dark phoenix is weak because of how unstable she is. Even Thor is weak as he doesn't even regenerate his eye. Even the Hulk is weak as he's too much of a wimp now and doesn't even want to fight. Captain Marvel is their superman and only true hope.

  • Keysha Ross
    Keysha Ross 14 days ago

    Why in THEE unlimited eff would they wait until the earth and universe is split in half before this heifer is called. What sense does that make. All of these leader filler movies and she becomes "THE ONE" gtfohwts.

  • Donna Lynn Douglass Price

    Can't wait for Captain Marvel

  • The300ZXGuru
    The300ZXGuru 14 days ago

    Dark Phon or Eternity is be far way powerful then this marvel chic

  • Andrew Morris
    Andrew Morris 14 days ago

    The one above all is the strongest

  • George Culpepper
    George Culpepper 14 days ago

    What about the Blue Marvel? the guy is stronger and smarter than DC's Superman.

  • Omar G
    Omar G 15 days ago

    good video

  • Debasish Sundar Ray
    Debasish Sundar Ray 15 days ago

    Cap marvel sucks ! May be not the movie but I don't like the character ability .... Feels like superman with 0 vulnerable

  • Isjs Jsue
    Isjs Jsue 15 days ago


  • Jean Jay Quitayen
    Jean Jay Quitayen 15 days ago

    Captain Planet would be on the "Avengers Aftermath". He will clean and go green.

  • balort santa
    balort santa 15 days ago

    Strongest hero? Not really. Rogue drain her so bad, she dialed 911.

  • Brandon Grsham
    Brandon Grsham 15 days ago

    Binary modes nice but wouldnt thanos have control over any elements that power her?(space stone alone) Hollywood over correcting for feminist slights of the past again i.e. star wars..

  • el negro el negro
    el negro el negro 16 days ago

    She gets more powerful when she opens her sweet black hole☻

  • el negro el negro
    el negro el negro 16 days ago

    Superman is my favorite advenger.......