Why Captain Marvel Is The STRONGEST HERO In The MCU

  • Published on Nov 27, 2018
  • Captain Marvel is 100 days away from being in theaters and people are eager to see her powers that make her the "strongest hero in the MCU"! In this video I'll talk about her powers and why Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige says she's the strongest. Let me know what you all think! Woof Woof!
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Comments • 1 690

  • Nia Relaford
    Nia Relaford Day ago

    Strongest marvel character my ass

  • Chemical Z
    Chemical Z 8 days ago

    Long story short, in the comics she is like a bug compared to thor

  • Chemical Z
    Chemical Z 8 days ago

    This is why captain marvel isn’t. Dr.strange is the most powerful. Dr.strange put thanos with 3 infinity stones in a hard position even while strange didn’t even use the time stone, and thanos was forced to use a black hole to destroy the mirror dimension. There isn’t any proof that captain marvel is the strongest.

  • Mariana Mariana
    Mariana Mariana 16 days ago

    uh y'all hate her is it?

  • M.Sharif Khan
    M.Sharif Khan 20 days ago

    Is she really the strongest? When there is Surtur, Dormammu etc.

  • Joshua J WARS
    Joshua J WARS 20 days ago +1

    Holy Cow that lady is nuts all the basic powers she can take now add in Binary instant Binary making her body flow river of cosmic energy from Black slash White Holes? Outrageous.

  • Katie Campbell
    Katie Campbell 22 days ago

    Captain America could beat her in a fight

  • Bettina and D'Bugelites
    Bettina and D'Bugelites 22 days ago +5

    Captain marvel:i im the strongest mcu character


  • Fitz Sabali
    Fitz Sabali 22 days ago

    TVclip: Why Captain Marvel is the strongest hero....

    THOR: Cap hold my Hammer....

  • 9-BitXavier
    9-BitXavier 25 days ago

    She's a total pleb!

  • Scarlet wWitch Fan
    Scarlet wWitch Fan 25 days ago

    I saw in the real avengers endgame power level by SL made is actually thanos with all the stones 2nd most powerful is thor with mjlonir and stormbreaker 3rd most powerful hero is captain marvel

  • Its Adaś
    Its Adaś Month ago

    No she isnt strongest Thor is the strongest

  • Mike Ross
    Mike Ross Month ago

    Most over powered bland character ever ....

  • Baris Bal
    Baris Bal Month ago +2

    did not watch the video, im gonna tell my opinion and leave. people need to relax about the question of who is the strongest.

    about captain marvel: first of all i dont think feige make her the strongest just because she is a woman. i think thats because she is part of the new era of mcu, and in the new era new heroes will be even stronger. there is no guarantee that she stay as either the newest or the strongest. and since cinematic universe works different than the comic books i think this is a good decision, if the universe gonna get bigger so the new characters are suppose to be which this shouldnt taken as disrespect to any veteran characters. either way i dont see any feat that she can but hulk or thor's can not. from what i see, she is only exceptional than the others, when there is some energy source that she can absorb.
    about thor: until now thor known as the strongest. but for me when it comes to strenght he share his throne with hulk. my eyes, mcu thor didnt do any feat to surpass mcu hulk. he had more screen time and more chance to do some bad-ass things thats all. anyway, his feats also quite similar with CM and hulk. i dont know is he gonna get any strengthening in the future. but for now there is no plot to make him exeptional among them. but we can never know. as i follow, since ragnarok he is only in his odin force thor mode, we still see some rune king thor or ultimate universe thor. hell, we didnt even see his warrior madness mode. so its still to early to say thor not the strongest.
    about hulk: when it comes to hulks power its never the question of how much, its question of when. hulks being weak or strong is all about timing. if you strong enough to knock him out you should do it fast otherwise your potential strenght wont be enough eventually. this is how thanos beat him. he wasnt stronger than hulk, he was stronger than hulk only for a moment. and he use it smart.
    my point is in mcu pover levels are flexible and variable. that is why there is no point to asking. its never defined by numbers like ones and zeroes. for me doctor strange, scarlet which and antman were most powerful heroes so far. and yet even they could be pretty much vulnerable by any one of these heroes. due of their weak durabilities. its all about possibilities during the moments which no one can fully analise them. that is why
    iron man could beat hulk
    cap beat spiderman

    hawkeye trolled loki, scarlet which, quicksilver once.

    hell, we saw that cap could be as powerfull as thor or star-lord can be a celestial

    • flamerunner runs flames
      flamerunner runs flames Month ago

      @Baris Bal yeah man, u are really sensible, most people hat captain marvel simply because of the actress, it bugs me, that being said thor, scarlet witch, and captain marvel are my favorite, they are all badass in their own way. have a good one man

    • Baris Bal
      Baris Bal Month ago

      @flamerunner runs flames thanx. all these which one is the stronges videos pushed me to analyzing. and im kind of glad that there is no real answer. so each heroes fanbase can be happy.

    • flamerunner runs flames
      flamerunner runs flames Month ago

      im not letting a comment that had so much effort and time and thinking have no reply or like

  • Detech81
    Detech81 Month ago

    If I were in a comic book store and said this out loud. I would get dirty looks and probably kicked out. I don't mind Brie for the role I think she did good.

  • OOFmachine2000 •
    OOFmachine2000 • Month ago

    nothing could actually be further from the truth

  • Emotional Adolf
    Emotional Adolf Month ago

    What Baloney! Everyone knows that NFL SuperPro is the strongest in the Marvel Universe! From football Hero to Super Hero!

  • Dustin P
    Dustin P Month ago

    Binary Power!

  • 3xtic GamingX
    3xtic GamingX Month ago

    She only destroyed Thanos ship

    *Iron man kill Thanos army and him self*😂

    • 3xtic GamingX
      3xtic GamingX Month ago

      She just buy💵 a time

    • Baris Bal
      Baris Bal Month ago +1

      she also stop thanos's snap and destroying the universe which that gave tony enought time take the stones.

  • Ryd Stallion
    Ryd Stallion Month ago +2

    (Endgame spoiler)......although I like Thor and think he is a powerful movie character....I did really like Captain marvel, and I've never seen at any time through the Avengers movies, the enemy focus all their firepower directly on one opponent, like they did in Endgame. She's like a missile, she just burns through any ship there is, and the bad guys knew they had to try and stop her before she destroyed them. I personally think she could have ended Thanos, had Thanos not taken one infinity stone off his glove and hit her with it.

  • Erwin Bosma
    Erwin Bosma Month ago

    she is not stronger than thor watch the movie

  • Sean Fisher
    Sean Fisher Month ago

    ....because of marketing lies, a lack of knowledge of the actual comic universe, and garbage politics, that's why.....that's why.

    PUBG STAR Month ago

    Doctor strange

  • Shari Blanchard
    Shari Blanchard Month ago

    Then along comes Rogue .....

  • blurry face
    blurry face Month ago

    Captain Marvel should make Thor her bitch lol.

  • blurry face
    blurry face Month ago

    Brie deserves to squash all the testostorone in the MCU films and be the strongest. I hope she kicks ass in her coming movies.

  • Illyria86
    Illyria86 Month ago

    People say she is overpowered. But the only overpowered characters are the humans black widow and Hawkeye.

  • Aaron Sanchez
    Aaron Sanchez Month ago

    More like why capitan marvel is te weakest hero in the mcu

  • Kyle Gun
    Kyle Gun Month ago +1

    In reality, she’s equal to scarlet witch... both of them received their powers from infinity stones... and both were only humans beforehand. Thor is a god, and ultimately(when he ages and obtains the ‘thorforce’) the strongest god, able to defeat galactus and equal to the silver surfer in speed and strength

  • XxMr eNdEr rEaPer MAn Xx


  • XxMr eNdEr rEaPer MAn Xx

    She’s not the strongest in the mud it’s Thor who’s the strongest in the mcu

  • X a V i e R
    X a V i e R Month ago

    Theres no way a blonde country girl going to be stronger than a god

  • All about CP
    All about CP Month ago +1

    My favourite is Captain Marvel

  • anna feretzaki
    anna feretzaki Month ago

    Bullshit, of course she is NOT man
    Thor, Cap, Doctor Strange, Loki, Scarlet witch, vision, silver surfer, galactus
    Brie Larson lies

  • kaizoisevil
    kaizoisevil Month ago +3

    Scarlet Witch would like to have a word.

  • Ady •
    Ady • Month ago +1

    so movie's out, captain marvel got sent back to space kitchen by one infinity stone in her minute of useful screentime, thor overpowered all six and basicly could have easily killed thanos if he wasn't too shocked by the snap. How's captain marvel even close to thor?😂 even scarlet witch would kick her ass I'd say.

  • Sly Silver Skull
    Sly Silver Skull Month ago


  • Gacha Gurl Lover Playerz

    Captain marvel is one of my favs but same with scarlet witch
    But i believe Scarlet witch is a bit more powerful than her.......
    Because captain marvel just got her powers from one of the infinity stones
    It was sad seeing scarlet witch’s brother get killed same with vision
    But i just watched endgame and It was actually unexpected........
    Captain marvel didn’t have a lot of screening time because
    I think she was busy saving other planets soooooooooo yeah
    Scarlet witch and thor are stronger

    • geckcgt
      geckcgt Month ago

      People seem to forget that Scarlet Witch practically has the power of the fingersnap.
      In the story arc House of M, she suffers an emotional breakdown and utters "No more Mutants", in a blink of an eye, every mutant around her disintegrates and the millions of mutants around the world lose their powers

      Nothing Captain Marvel or any of the MCU characters introduced thus far can even come close to that power

  • Xtreme Yeet Zone
    Xtreme Yeet Zone Month ago

    Thor is The Strongest.
    Actually it Would have Been Better if Adam Warlock was there.
    I Think Thor is Better Cause he is a God and He Fight’s Good But I Think I Ship Thor and Captain marvel in The Endgame.
    1 Like - Thor ❤️ Captain Marvel
    Reply - No

  • joe coyle
    joe coyle Month ago

    Well looks like you were wrong...

    ELEMENTAL DELTA Month ago +1

    I’m sorry but are you saying she’s stronger than Odin?

  • GnSt4vo
    GnSt4vo Month ago

    Where does she get her power from?

  • Hanz Bulaun
    Hanz Bulaun Month ago

    Scarlet witch

  • You Know Those Dudes?
    You Know Those Dudes? Month ago +11

    Let's not pretend this isn't altering the source material because of a woke agenda

    • Mahin Khan
      Mahin Khan Month ago

      You Know Those Dudes? Lol in a story with superheroes, Titans, and aliens, you’re complaining about a female character being made stronger than the male characters. Ok... 👌

  • Jackle Smithda3rd
    Jackle Smithda3rd Month ago

    Hollywood is trying to make females the alpha and take the masculinity of the men

  • Zero8880
    Zero8880 Month ago +2

    I think they boosted her powers up to Silver Surfer level, bc his major role in the comicbook version is vacant.

  • osmium
    osmium Month ago

    Is no one going to mention adam warlock

  • David Mullins
    David Mullins Month ago

    Super man would destroy captain marvel

  • hey andromeda
    hey andromeda Month ago +3

    I came here to say that she's not the strongest avenger. She got knocked out by thanos because of her arrogance (I felt it on her screen time)

    • NaAAnNI dEeSs
      NaAAnNI dEeSs Month ago

      Yes, I think the only thing why she only have small screen time because shes the new Leader of the New Avengers just my theory.
      I guess she will be pretty strong if she use her Binary form.

  • The Fantastic Man
    The Fantastic Man Month ago +4

    I heard that TheLegend27 could wipe her out of existence with a single blow

  • Kurious Yeti
    Kurious Yeti Month ago +12

    There is no reason for her to be this powerful. She got all her powers from one stone. No way she can have the power to overcome all six or even one.

    • Mahin Khan
      Mahin Khan Month ago

      Kurious Yeti Well, Scarlet Witch only got her power from one stone yet was able to destroy an Infinity Stone. It’s not totally unreasonable.

  • Owen Sunuwar
    Owen Sunuwar Month ago

    Because of the Power of FEMINISM

  • Loc K
    Loc K Month ago

    strongest hero, more like the strongest character xD

  • Gaming Republik
    Gaming Republik Month ago +4

    Tony Stark, Captain erica and thor will always remain as our favourite heroes

  • Alamin hassan
    Alamin hassan 2 months ago

    Feminism is the reason why she is the strongest of all the avengers we have seen so far. But, I thought it is discrimination, there are other characters, heroes whom we have seen in many movies, we loved them and they have a influence in our minds. And Captain Marvel, all of a sudden comes and becomes the strongest? You must be joking! If this continues Marvel may loose its popularity.

    • PsychoDieter91
      PsychoDieter91 Month ago

      @Alexander samuel that’s not even true. Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Thor were born before her.

    • Alexander samuel
      Alexander samuel 2 months ago

      According to the story of captain marvel movie it is shown that she is born before all avengers

  • Jonathan N
    Jonathan N 2 months ago

    Oh the reason is simple; feminism. If you want to say captain marvel is stronger in the MCU go ahead and say it but just acknowledge that the reason is because of political correctness and feminism.

  • Pliant Impala785
    Pliant Impala785 2 months ago +2

    No she's not the strongest.

    The Ghost Rider's power comes from a demon, and that demons power is limitless

  • L U C I F E R
    L U C I F E R 2 months ago +3

    Captain Marvel is stronger than the Avengers because she has the power of feminism protecting her. 😂

  • Barbara murray
    Barbara murray 2 months ago

    Women rock!!

  • Hugo Nobre
    Hugo Nobre 2 months ago +15

    She is not the strongest. They just decided so because feminism and political correcteness is trending...

    • flamerunner runs flames
      flamerunner runs flames Month ago

      @Grappledude look who's trynna change the subject, so i can have my opinions bc i have no profile pic, what kind of breed are you 😂😂

    • Grappledude
      Grappledude Month ago

      @flamerunner runs flames "Reddit is a bunch of losers." Look who it's coming from flame runner runs flames with no profile pic and the level of grammar and punctuation you would get from a five-year-old.

    • Grappledude
      Grappledude Month ago

      @flamerunner runs flames I am not saying I didn't enjoy the movie, the movie was great it could just do without Captain Marvel actually the entire MCU could do without her.

    • flamerunner runs flames
      flamerunner runs flames Month ago

      @Grappledude well reddit, is a bunch of losers if they cant enjoy a movie or character because of ONE actress of ONE character

    • Grappledude
      Grappledude Month ago

      @flamerunner runs flames The whole of reddit

  • Todd Sands
    Todd Sands 2 months ago +5

    The Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel) from the vol. 1 classic Marvel is at best approximately half as strong as classic Thor. However in the MCU, she's cosmic! From watching the Captain Marvel movie, they made her as powerful as the Silver Surfer.

    • Todd Sands
      Todd Sands Month ago

      @PsychoDieter91 - If you meant from the 4th post, I stand corrected although I was focused on the one you primarily replied to. Why does Thor's purpose need to be the strongest? He's one of the strongest, no doubt. But he isn't the strongest Marvel character. He has long been considered the most powerful Avenger from the classic Thor days. But I hate to break this to you, Thor is definitely not among the strongest (my opinion) even in the MCU. Power and strength are two different areas. I'll definitely name one individual who's definitely stronger than Thor - It's the Hulk. On the other hand, I've always believed Thor has always been more powerful than the Hulk. It's close, but the Hulk is definitely the strongest Avenger.

    • PsychoDieter91
      PsychoDieter91 Month ago

      @Todd Sands or maybe your memory isn’t as good as you think. I suggest you read your own comment again.

    • Todd Sands
      Todd Sands Month ago

      @PsychoDieter91 - Nothing was mentioned about Thor's powers being amped from my last reply. I mentioned the Silver Surfer's powers being amped from the Annihilation arc. You're a bit off base from your response.

    • PsychoDieter91
      PsychoDieter91 Month ago

      @Todd Sands Thor’s purpose was to be the strongest. No level of amp would be inappropriate for him.

    • Todd Sands
      Todd Sands Month ago

      Those feats from the modern Silver Surfer were amped up after Galactus increased his cosmic powers even more during the Annihilation stories. The original Surfer went through a black hole once (SS vol. 3) after he was convinced that he's Galactus' ultimate creation. Then Thanos went through a black hole (Thanos Quest) and even he stated he wouldn't do such a thing until he had a purpose of collecting the soul stone. Now all super powered beings can accomplish the same feat in order to satisfy their fan base of their favorite heroes. I stopped collecting books after the Annihilation Saga. At least Civil War saga was excellent. That series took Marvel out of the brink of bankruptcy. That series brought back stories that fans enjoyed. The new generation of writers have made certain popular character's powers amped up to ridiculous levels (i.e,....Superman, Silver Surfer & Thor). If those crazy feats give you a wide eyed 5000 watt smile, more power to you (no pun intended). I personally say, What's the purpose? I like the MCU, at least the writers do a decent job of respecting most characters limits. I think Stan Lee loves how most of his characters are portrayed in the MCU. Some fans don't like how Thor appears in the MCU. Me personally, the MCU nailed Thor perfectly. I think most of today's modern fans at times are a bit impatient and don't truly understand the true purposes of some characters original powers.

  • Joshua Young
    Joshua Young 2 months ago +14

    In the comics its not even close. She isn't in the top 100.

  • Autistic Mastermind
    Autistic Mastermind 2 months ago

    Because she has a vagina, duh

  • edwin hennum
    edwin hennum 2 months ago

    Bruh also galactus is the strongest character

  • edwin hennum
    edwin hennum 2 months ago +89

    That is were u got it wrong bro. Stan lee is the strongest hero

  • Mamdooh Zahrani
    Mamdooh Zahrani 2 months ago

    They made her the most powerful avenger to satisfy the feminists

  • Frank Carter
    Frank Carter 2 months ago

    Because she's a woman.

  • Kirby crac Man
    Kirby crac Man 2 months ago

    I saw the movie she is not stronger than thor

    • HyDoX
      HyDoX 2 months ago

      fat thor?

  • Bizarre twins
    Bizarre twins 2 months ago

    She also made the average bc the guy in the movie made the average bc she came to him planet

  • Bizarre twins
    Bizarre twins 2 months ago

    She is so power full she the base it powers and a super powers like take ig power and control gvatiymand more in the comics and the movie

  • Khloe Andreaa
    Khloe Andreaa 2 months ago

    capt marvel hold easily the tesorock . she plays in by tossing it up and down

  • Minty Linux2
    Minty Linux2 2 months ago

    She can move planets... So galactus cant eat earth?

  • Dankest Garbage on internet

    She is not I'm sorry

  • Thanos son of Alars
    Thanos son of Alars 2 months ago +1

    She is the strongest

  • nuew1e
    nuew1e 2 months ago

    avengers: ok guys, we worked for 10 years to get here and defeat thanos. we can do this!
    captain marvel: yooo guys i just got here im stronger than all of you haha

  • ExOTiiC H1ghDr1SS
    ExOTiiC H1ghDr1SS 2 months ago

    Nope it’s thor

  • Tony Scott
    Tony Scott 2 months ago

    Captain Marvel has been introduced and she is just awful! I hope her presence in Avengers Endgame is minimal but from what I have seen from the trailers, I fear she has already ruined it: Thanos wins!!!

  • King Rob
    King Rob 2 months ago +1

    Honestly though mcu she is the strongest but I do kinda wanna see her get dropped

  • Sylvester Braziel
    Sylvester Braziel 2 months ago

    Man he was so wrong when the movie came out

  • AnDY
    AnDY 2 months ago

    I'm looking at this as logically as possible and I believe that captain marvel isn't as strong as people say she is: her power came from a machine that was powered by the Tessaract which to me means her power is second hand rather than coming straight from the source. Even vision who had a direct link to the mind stone barely stood up to the likes of Corvus Glaive let alone Thanos.
    who's to say that in endgame Thanos cant simply harness the power inside of marvel and/or even extract it from her since it is from the space stone.
    Thor on the other hand was born with his powers and in Ragnarok was able to fully utilize it without a conduit (Mjolnir). True he took Thanos off guard in Wakanda but to show Thor is at least deemed a threat to the titan, look back to the beginning of infinity war when the Asgardians were attacked: seemed to me that the children of Thanos were sent in to deal with any warriors but it took Thanos to handle Thor who in my opinion was holding back due to worry of injuring his people with his lightning especially since it was in a confined space. with obtaining Stormbreaker it enhances his already powerful abilities to further levels putting him higher up the power scale to be one of the few to stand a chance of fighting Thanos one on one.
    I haven't mentioned any comics or other material as most if not all points towards to Thor being top dog. But anyway hope you guys at least agree with this # TeamThor

  • zerka
    zerka 2 months ago

    Man I really don’t want her to be the strongest avanger

  • Parsh 98
    Parsh 98 2 months ago

    But thoorrrr

  • X -MAN X MAN
    X -MAN X MAN 2 months ago

    She is very very powerfull

  • Blue Knight Gaming
    Blue Knight Gaming 2 months ago

    I’m not a huge fan of Captain Marvel. I think if thanos can still use the gauntlet, she’d stand no chance

  • Brandon Tuel
    Brandon Tuel 2 months ago

    Didn't see her move a planet in movie only in comics. You know who else did that? Thor, vision, and hulk

    • leena y
      leena y 2 months ago

      their gonna do it in endgame

  • Brandon Tuel
    Brandon Tuel 2 months ago

    I really don't think we need her at all. Ant man got time travel figured out so all avengers could go back and kick thanos's ass

  • Vanilla Cream Roses
    Vanilla Cream Roses 2 months ago +1

    Thor is an actual god so therefore he is stronger

  • Prithvi Raj Rohit
    Prithvi Raj Rohit 2 months ago

    Thor's Stormbringer can destroy planets by summoning the bifrost.

  • PR Boxing
    PR Boxing 3 months ago

    Because of the feminatzy Hollywood agenda. That is why I don't care about this movie.

  • Shane Blair
    Shane Blair 3 months ago

    Dark Phoenix

  • companyoflosers
    companyoflosers 3 months ago

    she is NOT the strongest in the mcu. she is up there, but not the strongest according to the comics. if they defy the comics and make her the strongest by the end of the movies, its because they are trying to pander to the vocal side of the feminist movement. now theres nothing wrong with being feminist, but there is such thing as doing the wrong thing with the right intentions. Disney and Feige want to appeal to and bring a large number of women into the fandom and thats a good thing. but just like black panther, which was an average movie for marvel, the captain marvel movie is propaganda meant to show one demographic why they should jump on the marvel bandwagon. but i think calling captain marvel the most powerful in the mcu, just like saying black panther should be the movie of the year like many wanted, is taking it a bit far. she has almost godlike powers but we are forgetting that heroes like that are popping up left and right. Thor IS a god and canonically MUCH stronger. Hulk took a full power punch from her, laughter it off and punched her right into orbit! Peter Quill is a Celestial with infinite potential! the only reason they wont say any of them are the strongest is because they dont want to make another white man the center of attention. they want to cast the spotlight on a strong female who will attract lots of attention for them.

  • SinBlade
    SinBlade 3 months ago

    Is in the mcu but not in the mu
    If anyone wants to debate im ready :)

  • tankmon123
    tankmon123 3 months ago

    I saw the movie she wasn't that strong. She never moved a planet, the only thing she did was stop a missle

  • GingerZx 098
    GingerZx 098 3 months ago

    CM #1

  • NYC1E1
    NYC1E1 3 months ago +2

    Thor is a GOD, enough said...

  • Camp Fan Fortnite
    Camp Fan Fortnite 3 months ago

    captain marvel and thor are the same if you guys have watched the captain marvel movie thats what he mean

  • BLANK Unknown
    BLANK Unknown 3 months ago

    who cares about captain marvel i wanna see deadpool in action

  • Dylan Ziehlke
    Dylan Ziehlke 3 months ago +2

    Now I don't dislike captain marvel because she's a woman.
    I love seeing black widow and scarlet witch kick ass better than some of the men do.
    What I don't like is that every other hero in the mcu gets scaled down while captain marvel gets like 75% increase in power.
    Its obvious they did this soley for feminist reasons. And I swear to god if she basically beats Thanos in end game while hes using the infinity stones by herself...well thats just bad writing because shes a character that just recently entered the mcu and viewers wouldnt care about if she won. Its more satisfying to see familiar characters win a fight that seems un winable. It's the reason why when iron man gets a drop of blood or when Thor nearly one shots thanos it feels satisfying and intense.

    • Scarlet Rose
      Scarlet Rose 3 months ago

      its likely shes been around known as Ms. Marvel not Captain Marvel she hasnt used that mantle yet and she is capable of killing thanos as shes one who can same with drax......... captain marvel (is stronger cause dont forget black widow is a discount capt. america her best feat can be outdone by cap .... the only good thing going for black widow is actually her being resistant to poison ..... Wanda hasnt achieved her full potential yet ....... and her not being cannon as a mutant really dampens her actual feats as the scarlet witch ....... ... if anything Captain Marvel is at best planet killer if anything if she goes full binary only a few selected beings in the mcu can match her (not even tony he will just makes things worst hes the sole reason the whole planet died during civil war 2 if they dint stop) binary is still a force to be recon with if anything capt. marvel best feats will be at her binary form rather than her regular form she can kill thanos if someone like iron man say charge her up to be able to achieve binary form
      we all know she is protecting the galaxy much like the guardians of the galaxy so its no wonder she isint around earth half the time shits happening if anything after becoming binary/warbird that power was her own much like capt. america cause he earned his power and she got experimented on while its out of her will she was made more powerful by the kree experimenting on her she used her powers its her own the accident that gained her power has been siphoned and later regain which states it became her own it not borrowed like rogue borrowing powers if it stays with you its your own even if happens on accident

  • Dylan Ziehlke
    Dylan Ziehlke 3 months ago

    Captain Marvel: I'm the strongest hero in the MCU
    Thor: mmmmm are you though?

  • AHarice
    AHarice 3 months ago +107

    if shes stronger then the newly developed thor I'm gonna be pissed

    • Ren Tran
      Ren Tran 4 days ago

      @Stefan Radojcic Thor couldn't overpower the gauntlet(or all the infinity stones[because there's a difference]) for a number of reasons.
      1. Some people think Stormbreaker was summoning the bifrost to teleport the laser somewhere else.
      2. Thanos was off guard.
      3. If Thanos used the stones individually he could beat Thor.
      Space: Put Stormbreaker somewhere VERY far away.
      Reality: Destroy Stormbreaker or make it so it can't summon the bifrost then just use the power stone to destroy it.
      Time: Freeze it in time.

    • Dx wyatt
      Dx wyatt 26 days ago

      She's not

    • AHarice
      AHarice Month ago

      @DatMysticHomophobe no hes asgardian
      the older he gets the stronger he gets

    • DatMysticHomophobe
      DatMysticHomophobe Month ago

      AHarice No, his prime was in Infinity War before he turned fat.

    • AHarice
      AHarice Month ago

      @DatMysticHomophobe his prime is actually him being older