"Patient dumping" outside hospitals caught on tape

  • Published on Jan 11, 2018
  • Video footage captured "patient dumping" outside a Baltimore hospital. CBS News justice and homeland security correspondent Jeff Pegues explains how it works.
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Comments • 358

  • jamie garcia
    jamie garcia 6 days ago

    They make more money if she dies they get her organs this is happening all over America it’s the most slick way to organ harvest under the radar

  • Ronyae A
    Ronyae A 3 months ago

    “Health Care Professionals”

  • Endel Carrillo
    Endel Carrillo 3 months ago


  • Melissa Walker
    Melissa Walker 3 months ago

    Sounds like what Kaiser did to me. I went in for severe localized back pain. The charge nurse claimed I was faking it to get drugs because I was being seen in the mental health department. I was peeing blood, but without testing a sample the nurse determined I was putting food coloring in the toilet. Somehow I was also faking a slight fever. After I was discharged from Kaiser without a doctor laying a finger on me I went to another hospital where they found 3 kidney stones that where stuck, and in less than two hours I was in surgery. Just because someone has P.T.S.D. does not make a medical emergency a "pathetic cry for attention". The charge nurse in question has an attitude towards ALL mental health patients, that they are beneath her and a waist of her time. Sadly she has been repremanded several times but she continues to put peoples lives in jeopardy

  • Deanna Delmar
    Deanna Delmar 4 months ago

    The trump: “Wonderful medical care for all! You are going to love it.”
    So is everybody getting great medical care and all the medicines they need? The trump is the only one who can fix everything. Everyone who has been fixed, please drop a Thank You Note to the trump philanthropist.

  • Regina Walsh
    Regina Walsh 4 months ago

    I was patient dumped in the cold after having a seizure.

  • david L
    david L 5 months ago

    A hospital is not a homeless shelter im sorry but I guess they can give them a ride to a homeless shelter or something to make people happy she can't just stay there for ever.

  • James McMullin
    James McMullin 8 months ago

    The hospital is just shocked that they were caught.

  • Cris LeRose
    Cris LeRose 8 months ago

    Thumbnail: "This what I think of Obama Care".....

  • free live
    free live 8 months ago

    Murican is a discusting country!!

  • kansasthunderman1
    kansasthunderman1 8 months ago

    This is a prime example of how the U.S. is swirling the toilet bowl and well on its way to becoming a failed a country.

  • D90Girl
    D90Girl 8 months ago +1

    Employees involved !??? ......Talk to the administrator , not the employees, they're just following orders ! Unbelievable.....

  • william wilson
    william wilson 9 months ago

    America is heading toward being a footnote in history. Treating human beings this way is ugly. Our CREATER HATES UGLY.

  • Lori Larson
    Lori Larson 9 months ago

    Truly appalling and disturbing to think anybody could be so heartless. The gentleman who chose to get involved, speak up, and get help for this young woman deserves the highest praise.

  • Alexander the Ordinary
    Alexander the Ordinary 9 months ago

    "Failing to fulfill its mission"? This is downright criminal. Lets hear from the BOD

  • Dragoon TV
    Dragoon TV 9 months ago

    i see Health but i don't see care in that word from some reason.

  • MagnificentXXBastard
    MagnificentXXBastard 9 months ago

    Remember guys, Medicare for all/single payer healthcare is bad guys, mkay :)))

  • Poker Diva
    Poker Diva 9 months ago

    This woman is 22 years old and suffers from a severe psychotic condition, schizophrenia, according to her mother. I hope the person, people that victimized this clearly suffering woman never have such cruel and inhumane treatment foisted on them. Fear no evil, do no harm.

  • MrMikehunt87
    MrMikehunt87 9 months ago

    Could be worse, you could all have that evil socialist healthcare that the rest of the free world has and that constantly gets ranked higher than the US with it's free market system

  • Mike Morrow
    Mike Morrow 9 months ago +1

    I love all the comments from people about how horrible her care was and how she was treated...Not a single one of you know anything about it. Maybe this person is a chronic abuser of the system and she had nothing wrong with her other than to come in and take up the bed of someone who is really in need. Someone suffering from a stroke, heart attack or some other life threatening emergency. Is the facility just supposed to let these types of patients occupy beds when there is no medical necessity? If you want to place blame put it on the city or County or your elected representatives who cut any type of funding for those in need.

  • TheTubeTempest
    TheTubeTempest 9 months ago

    they can just build a new hospital room every time someone wants to just live there. Those heartless jerks

  • chris
    chris 9 months ago

    They give the hospital president several million dollars each year and then ask for donations.

  • Candace Garmon
    Candace Garmon 9 months ago

    This is horrible what has this world come to

    • MrMikehunt87
      MrMikehunt87 9 months ago

      This doesn't happen in my or any other first world countries. But yanks are so stubborn and bleat on about "MUH FREE MARKET, SINGLE PAYER IS SOCIALISM!!!!1!". Well, this is the free market in action.
      Turns out that for profit healthcare is a terrible idea

  • Anik Rm
    Anik Rm 9 months ago

    money is not everything.............

  • Ki Ki
    Ki Ki 9 months ago

    So sad

  • Paul Bartulica
    Paul Bartulica 9 months ago

    There must be a concrete SOP set up between all concerned

  • L.T. Money
    L.T. Money 9 months ago

    This makes me never to say I'm from Baltimore again.... this could have been my mom, sister, or any other relative or friend.😓

  • portbreak1
    portbreak1 9 months ago

    This shouldn't happen but why didn't this attention getting person filming offer to take the lady home? Instead she's taken back to the hospital where no doubt the hospital charges are still accruing daily when she didn't need to be hospitalized any longer.

  • Jefferey Chen
    Jefferey Chen 9 months ago

    You’d think that logical people would try to get both sides of the story before making judgements and assumptions based on a single news report.

  • Carsten N
    Carsten N 9 months ago

    What you guys need to understand is that a hospital is not a homeless shelter and that if there is belligerence or the patient refuses transport to a homeless shelter then hospitals can forcibly discharge them.

  • Skrat Kat
    Skrat Kat 9 months ago

    The hospital expressed "shock" at the fact that security guards dumped this patient out on the night streets in 30-degree temperatures, and wearing little except a bed sheet-thin, open-backed hospital gown and a pair of socks? Someone ORDERED these guards to remove this patient; and I doubt any nurse, doctor, aide, or orderly had the authority to do that.
    Administration had the authority to order hospital security to remove this patient, and for what, I do not know. Such a scenario is something one might expect to see in a communist or dictator state and NOT the United States of America.
    For any hospital to treat patients--especially those that cannot speak or are otherwise unable to care for themselves--in such an inhumane way is contemptible beyond expression.
    As I watched heroic videographer Imamu Baraka ask the patient if she's alright and then hear her respond with plaintive wailing, I broke down and cried.
    This cannot happen again--ever. But the oft-used term "patient dumping" tells me that this disgraceful practice continues. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND MEDICAL CENTER MID-TOWN has been called out. I hope the family of this patient is seeking justice on her behalf. I know I would.

  • Since1989
    Since1989 9 months ago +1


    • aynxskezix219
      aynxskezix219 4 months ago

      The greatest third world country on Earth!!!!!

  • Rick Flint
    Rick Flint 9 months ago

    wtf .

  • Brian Keith
    Brian Keith 9 months ago

    Where is black lives matter on this issue????...NO WHERE TO BE SEEN !

  • russ117044
    russ117044 9 months ago

    Totally reprehensible and disgusting. Woman should sue! This is NOT how we treat our fellow citizens.

  • Erica Winfrey
    Erica Winfrey 9 months ago

    Every single person associated with this incident should be fired immediatley. This is disgusting. There is NEVER a reason to treat another human being this way. I’m so thankful that this man was there to witness and record this situation.

    • Erica Winfrey
      Erica Winfrey 9 months ago

      Also, when you work in the medical field or in a medical environment, it should be required that you have a natural compassion and love for people. Credentials are one thing but having a heart is equally important.

  • outside smoking
    outside smoking 9 months ago

    Ffs! Everyone responsible should be fired.

  • Exposing the Darkness with the Light of Truth


  • Ay Jay
    Ay Jay 9 months ago

    I thought it was 2018 not 500 B.C. When did it become okay to treat humans like cattle again in a so called civilized society? For them to drag a woman who is sick and has no home on the cold streets is inhumane. This world we live in where people can treat another human being like this is disgusting.

  • Mixhead North Carolina
    Mixhead North Carolina 9 months ago

    sir thank you for showing compassion for this woman and for having the smarts to record it. Blessings to you and hopefully the proper care for this woman.

  • Bb Hb
    Bb Hb 9 months ago

    ship it back to apefrica.

  • Gaurav Ravi
    Gaurav Ravi 9 months ago


  • SLR -Street Legal Revenue

    If you don’t want to be a productive member of society, you should be banished to the wilderness

  • J S
    J S 9 months ago

    This is a for-profit company. I'm not saying it's right, humane or ethical. But if you aren't profitable, you're out the door.

  • Danny Hill
    Danny Hill 9 months ago

    keep this in mind: if you can't PAY for it, you can't have it..that includes but is not limited to a roof over your head and medical treatment......

  • Foxy Lady7
    Foxy Lady7 9 months ago

    So sad 😢

  • Sasha32659
    Sasha32659 9 months ago

    And then Trump wonders why Norwegians aren't falling over themselves to immigrate to America. It's because they have Universal Health Care. Their government cares enough about the people to not let crap like this happen to its citizens.

  • ItsNickR
    ItsNickR 9 months ago

    But what are they supposed to do just keep her in a bed for ever because she doesn’t have a place to go?

  • joe Schlotthauer
    joe Schlotthauer 9 months ago

    Baltimore, what a sh*thole.

  • Rita Ferreira
    Rita Ferreira 9 months ago

    It's so heartbreaking to hear that woman cry. And they call America one of the richest, most developed countries in the world but look how they treat their AMERICAN citizens! Yes because they might be poor but they are american, why don't they have the right of having healthcare? Absolutely cruel and inhumane!
    Bless the man who helped this poor woman because people that work in those hospitals are abolutely trash people. Hopefully they don't end up in the streets, alone and sick like this woman.

  • Jonathan Mookazoo
    Jonathan Mookazoo 9 months ago

    American exceptionalism

  • Devil Shoez
    Devil Shoez 9 months ago

    Change out employees all you want. Until you change out rules and regulations, this will continue.
    I mean, this will continue anyway, these are folks who can't, won't, or don't know how to sue.
    Luckily that dude was out there, the woman was obviously in need of help.
    And being an over 20 year veteran of the Security industry, if I hear those "guards" say they we're just doing their job?....phone calls will be made.

  • Larry Sizemore
    Larry Sizemore 9 months ago

    This is what happens when you strip Christianity from healthcare institutions (which was invented by Christianity).
    I hate to say "I told you so," but... well, you know.

  • hall nuevemil
    hall nuevemil 9 months ago +1

    In europe when we see how they treat people as animals in the health of us we feel shame

  • John Metzger
    John Metzger 9 months ago

    Of all the things that are against the law, this is fine and dandy?

  • Andrew pruteanu
    Andrew pruteanu 9 months ago

    These hospital workers really shouldn't be allowed to work

  • CJ and Auntie Yaya
    CJ and Auntie Yaya 9 months ago

    This is going to happen more and more since Trump has cut funding to ACA.

  • Sehara
    Sehara 9 months ago

    This could never happen in any other developed county! They all have healthcare. This is outrageous!

  • Good Demon
    Good Demon 9 months ago

    Dump them right onto a dumpster

  • Gulf-City Umbreon
    Gulf-City Umbreon 9 months ago

    Spongebob predicted this incident.

  • Elite Services 98402 DKWA LLC

    Sad Leadership and the sad part nobody gets put in jail and keep there job.

  • Keerthi Nayak
    Keerthi Nayak 9 months ago

    So called developed country..

  • Eileen Gnehm
    Eileen Gnehm 9 months ago

    Thank God there are still some real human beings left that will say something to this kind of cruelty.

  • GN GD
    GN GD 9 months ago

    Only in American.

  • Ulysses Ly
    Ulysses Ly 9 months ago

    NO BIG DEAL HERE!!! 1) hospital needs you to pay. 2) Big hospital & pharmaceutical will always be protect by politicians, because they are BIG special interest group. 3) Who are the politicians that protect them? 4) Those who are for & supported special interest groups, 5) Now you decide, the party to blame: Republican or Democrats?

  • Neptune roaming
    Neptune roaming 9 months ago


  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams 9 months ago

    Good man

  • no name
    no name 9 months ago

    Remember the hospital staff are overwhelmingly liberals and look at that love they show to those poor.

    • Tom V
      Tom V 9 months ago

      How do you know their political views? I mean they all could be wearing MAGA hats.

  • No Problem!
    No Problem! 9 months ago

    We don't have enough medical staff or supplies to deal with homeless over wait drug attic's

    • skagit69er
      skagit69er 9 months ago

      The Custodian ..what is a drug attic?

  • Girlshine
    Girlshine 9 months ago

    OMG!!! I am beyond shocked and my heart breaks. Is this the reality of the US Healthcare system; money before people??? Thank God I live in a country where our Universal Healthcare system is free at the point of use for ALL regardless, and there is no concept of the "Deserving" versus the "Undeserving". It makes no difference if you are rich, poor, homeless, addict, young, old.... we all receive the same service and we don't have to worry about how it will impact us financially. And for the record: The woman in the footage is a mental health patient. The American Healthcare system is barbaric!!!

  • Hallking78
    Hallking78 9 months ago

    Oh good, I thought the patient was taking a dump in the street

  • jason morgan
    jason morgan 9 months ago

    There turning the sick and mentally ill back on to the street. Most healthcare care is a fraud. Many cures are hidden.

  • jason morgan
    jason morgan 9 months ago

    That man is awsome

  • MsTrish627
    MsTrish627 9 months ago


  • no name
    no name 9 months ago

    If people have a problem with a hospital kicking out the homeless then maybe you should keep them in your home. This is a huge liberal city as usual it combats huge amounts of homelessness. I think this is sad but it isn't the hospitals responsibility to provide homes for the homeless.

  • everything I'm about to say is a lie

    oh I see its patient dumping outside first read the description ..............patient dumping outside
    but now it's clear the patients are dumping outside
    not dumping outside
    a 5 year old would giggle and think it's a video catching a patient dumping outside
    but an adult wouldnt giggle after reading patient dumping outside because we know it's bad enough sitting on a cold toilet seat for dumping
    can't imagine air colder then the seat I feel bad for these people

  • ElJefe45acp
    ElJefe45acp 9 months ago

    Why am i not surprised BALTIMORE

  • andi lee
    andi lee 9 months ago

    Thank God for the gentleman who filmed this and sought help for her. Terrifying, she was resubmitted to the same hospital who harmed her in the first place.

  • adam b
    adam b 9 months ago

    Poor women

  • james vincent
    james vincent 9 months ago

    Sign of our times

  • MicroscopeAndy
    MicroscopeAndy 9 months ago +7

    I have seizures. Back before Obamacare I was ripped off, I started refusing their health care. They just hydrate you with a needle for $2,500.00. Well they got offended and threw my close away then told me to walk home in a bathrobe after forcing me to go there. After they ran their mouth I said who should I sue when I have a seizure walking home and get run over? They then yelled stop stop don't leave, we'll drive you. I said F U all and walked out. Filed complaint when I made it home so they dropped that ONE fake bill lol.

    • MicroscopeAndy
      MicroscopeAndy 9 months ago +2

      Jay Bartgis no they begged me to stay. Like in my comment if you can read. You probably cry because I can't get ripped off anymore thanks to Obama😁

    • Jay Bartgis
      Jay Bartgis 9 months ago +1

      Then every body clapped

  • AndresM
    AndresM 9 months ago +2

    You see that hand, all twisted, that's a sign of HEMIPLEGIA AND STROKE.
    She can't talk either APHASIA.
    Where are the liberals protesting or asking for charges??

  • xwiggles08
    xwiggles08 9 months ago +7

    If you Ain't got the Dough You gotta Go - American Hospitals

  • Corben
    Corben 9 months ago +3

    I'm surprised they let her keep the gown.

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 9 months ago

    What do you do when a homeless person with no insurance or money needs to leave the hospitals they are admitted to by their circumstances? Let them stay in the hospitals taking rooms from other patients? Clearly something but What? The homeless shelters close their doors at 9pm in my city i know. This is why people have kids and dont betray their families.

  • David Holcomb
    David Holcomb 9 months ago

    O0o0 democrats!

  • Craig Christ
    Craig Christ 9 months ago

    Remember money over people its the Trump way

  • C Dillard
    C Dillard 9 months ago

    The horrifying fact is that it's going to get much worse. When the world is based on contracts, and paper is more valued than a life, souls are signed over. Only one entity I know of requires you to place your mark on contracts. To give over conrol of the spirit and the vessel of that soul. The mark of the beast is simply a signature, or sign, and the mark on the contracts are first on our foreheads. Until ALL conracts are FORGIVEN, and cast into the firey pit of salvation, the beast of bondage shall reign supreme. We all bare the mark. We wield our signatures as a sharpened sword in a vein attempt to gain for self and not for the greater. We look to the back of our right hands with eyes that were given sight to bare witness to both the truth and lies. We dive into the beast of numbers at a moments notice and give it faith and love whilst true love receives cold abandonment. We feed our flesh and starve our souls. Broken promises to God and open contacts with the Devil, it's no wonder to me of the state we're in. A contract by nature assumes powers over the natural. We've gone from our brothers keeper to our brothers jailer. I can go on with this , but what's the point. The word no longer has meaning, and contracts will continue to be ACCEPTED. May your blinded EYE see.

  • nik mxforever
    nik mxforever 9 months ago

    Obamacare in full gear

  • Hello Good Day here!
    Hello Good Day here! 9 months ago

    a group of mexicans! i knew mexico is full of those types of people!

  • Marvin Foucher
    Marvin Foucher 9 months ago

    Wtf is going on in that hospital..smmfh..y'all arogant sob's..need to be jailed

  • 77nebula
    77nebula 9 months ago

    This is criminal and a violation of rights. This could happen to you or your family, this must end immediately!!!

  • Untold Knowledge
    Untold Knowledge 9 months ago

    These people are less than human. Thought Black Lifes Matter? It's the Rich vs the Poor! Money is the root of all Evil,people do anything for it. Even sell out their own!

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd 9 months ago +2

    This is why liberalism is bad

  • Thomas Maples
    Thomas Maples 9 months ago

    This is just the first time they got caught, for them to do it so nonchalantly you know they've done it before.

  • Master Chimichanga
    Master Chimichanga 9 months ago

    Not surprised anymore

  • Lisa Lisa
    Lisa Lisa 9 months ago +4

    That woman could have been those workers’ mother! People do anything they’re told these days just to keep a job! Disgusting!

  • David thomas
    David thomas 9 months ago

    Where's the black lives matter for this

    • Sasha32659
      Sasha32659 9 months ago

      You sound dumb af.

    • I'm Garbage tv
      I'm Garbage tv 9 months ago +1

      David thomas if all lives matter how about you help since they haven't did it

  • Eyelash
    Eyelash 9 months ago +1

    Ohh I thought someone pooped in public...

  • Ode to Aphrodite
    Ode to Aphrodite 9 months ago

    Thank God that man did not back down from helping that poor lady. God bless him.