Paying People To Eat World's Hottest Pepper Extract Prank Gone Wrong!


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  • BookOfKen
    BookOfKen  2 years ago +2589

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  • Zeynnooo
    Zeynnooo 8 hours ago

    “ you good you good”
    “ i’m good? I’m good? There’s blood coming out ma nose. I’m good?”

  • Carlos Hatem
    Carlos Hatem 16 hours ago

    Wtf did the black guy say at the end? I couldn't understand him 😂😂

  • Borrowed Time By Ray Angelo

    $20 though......... The things people do for a piece of paper with an old person on it that they eventually shred.

  • Alexandru Hilliard
    Alexandru Hilliard 23 hours ago

    I liked when that black girl swollowed the whole and spit out all of her cum in her throath.

  • Deploracle
    Deploracle Day ago

    She's hotter than that extract.

  • Dashawn Gray
    Dashawn Gray Day ago

    What the hell you should have gave them 100

  • lucy beaken
    lucy beaken Day ago +1

    he should do this to homeless people.

  • Hajra Sohail
    Hajra Sohail Day ago

    All of that for 20$

  • Cristian Patricio
    Cristian Patricio Day ago +1

    Only mexican eat sauce

  • TheLast Panda
    TheLast Panda 2 days ago

    The things people do for $20 lmao

  • RECKLESS productions
    RECKLESS productions 2 days ago +1

    Jaden smith
    Karate kid to an icon living

  • Paul Vernon
    Paul Vernon 2 days ago

    Ken eat a pepper

  • roalziroalzi
    roalziroalzi 2 days ago


  • Myasia Remer
    Myasia Remer 2 days ago +1

    How about you eat it ken

  • The Deloache
    The Deloache 2 days ago

    I would've done push ups too I literally thought the same thing

  • Replicated Media
    Replicated Media 2 days ago

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    6:10 is what i came for,
    And so did you

  • Traumatized Fox
    Traumatized Fox 2 days ago

    6:38 me when my mom won't take me shopping

  • hibernator awake
    hibernator awake 2 days ago

    That girls is so cute !

  • Kerline AMEDE
    Kerline AMEDE 2 days ago

    I could not do that

  • Jonathan Quinones
    Jonathan Quinones 3 days ago

    She was purrrrty!

  • Endergirl Animations

    6:35 Me on Monday mornings lol

  • Rolando Navarro
    Rolando Navarro 3 days ago

    Lady spills milk at 6:15

  • Chloe & Sophia
    Chloe & Sophia 3 days ago

    For 20, really?! Crazy!

  • Annie Seagarden
    Annie Seagarden 4 days ago

    "You can stop The pain, The milk is right here"
    "F*ck The milk" 😂😂 im dead

  • Majade
    Majade 4 days ago

    Bro I'm asian I love spice, all my friends love spice

  • Dekemeny Y.
    Dekemeny Y. 4 days ago

    Eat the pepper ken

  • Chen Ansel
    Chen Ansel 5 days ago

    How do u make those

  • April Riggins
    April Riggins 5 days ago

    Just 20 dollars nope not doing it 👎👎👎

  • Chubs senpo
    Chubs senpo 5 days ago

    Is she drunk by pepper ?😀

  • Andre Leys
    Andre Leys 5 days ago

    Should be 500 not 20. I'm surprised anyone would do this just for 20 dollars.

  • Christine Dorsch
    Christine Dorsch 5 days ago

    That man has great sining

  • Glides first vlogs And adventures

    Seriusly $20 thats a savage offer make it $500 bro

  • Cameron Scott
    Cameron Scott 5 days ago

    20$ not worth it

  • Ching Sarah
    Ching Sarah 5 days ago

    Tough gurrll!! Yass Queen!! I would've died like the moment it went into my mouth.

  • Chris Corbin
    Chris Corbin 5 days ago


  • Tierce Larson
    Tierce Larson 6 days ago

    3:30 LOL😂

  • Crowtein
    Crowtein 6 days ago

    The mouth on chocolate milky is something else. I’ll bet she’s tons of fun.

  • Sad Love Story
    Sad Love Story 6 days ago +1

    Now black girl is dead or alive😂

  • c lalsanglura
    c lalsanglura 6 days ago

    guess this pepper is hotter than my gf....

  • Mentooss
    Mentooss 6 days ago


  • 666 subs in 6 hours?
    666 subs in 6 hours? 6 days ago +1

    For 20$? I’d do it for 1,000 dollars man!

  • Juicy Juice
    Juicy Juice 7 days ago

    The song he singing is
    Mr.Probz Waves

  • Jack The Vegan
    Jack The Vegan 7 days ago

    Eat the pepper Ken

  • DD Bears
    DD Bears 7 days ago

    I think he’s a little too pushy Gotti the whole cracker she ate the hot sauce on it. And then you’re holding the microphone just weird like don’t force it let it happen naturally bro

  • Ashley Aburto
    Ashley Aburto 7 days ago

    Don't see you doing it over 292k liked it

  • Rainbow Kitty Roblox

    Boi is he poor only 20 bucks to be in a slime pool mr. beast offered 20k

  • Conner O'Neill
    Conner O'Neill 7 days ago +1

    What an asshole

  • huojin01
    huojin01 7 days ago


    RILEY TIOKASIN 8 days ago

    Do more man that was awsome

  • Emma Chrimes
    Emma Chrimes 8 days ago

    Great video!!!I subscribed love them

  • Dennis Szabo
    Dennis Szabo 8 days ago

    What an asshole

  • Gogo Siman
    Gogo Siman 8 days ago

    Brilian challeges, i watch over and onver... Very fun.. Salut.

  • kepo chanel
    kepo chanel 8 days ago

    Subscribe back

  • Bordago Mary Ann
    Bordago Mary Ann 8 days ago


  • Asher Hernandez
    Asher Hernandez 8 days ago

    Ouchie T H A T. H U R T.

  • Myles 6 𓅓6
    Myles 6 𓅓6 8 days ago

    Really $20 😑

  • Elizabeth Hall
    Elizabeth Hall 9 days ago

    I WOULD say yed and eat it and i wont feel pain i dont feel nothin....

  • ClashOfgames
    ClashOfgames 9 days ago

    He’s voice is fast

  • K Hen
    K Hen 10 days ago

    Lmao im dying that black girl though 7:30

  • Benzar Jaladil
    Benzar Jaladil 10 days ago

    3 times hotter or 4 times hotter?

  • Haseeb Afzal
    Haseeb Afzal 10 days ago

    All that is a drama

  • Oscar Thomsen
    Oscar Thomsen 10 days ago


  • Jaii gogetit
    Jaii gogetit 10 days ago

    don't get tired of re watching this. poor chick

  • Sarah Koob
    Sarah Koob 10 days ago

    Eat the pepper ken

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith 11 days ago

    She hotter than that pepper extract

  • Rekt By Ralph
    Rekt By Ralph 11 days ago

    5:58 Damm

  • tricia_panda _vegan
    tricia_panda _vegan 11 days ago

    Their next poop will be fun and agonizingly painful all over again.

  • lets gacha it
    lets gacha it 11 days ago

    guard:what they do? looks fun
    ken:hey you guard wanna try
    guard:hell yea
    ken:*grin* hahaha die laughing
    guard:*scream to loud*
    all people in that beach: *EXPLODE*

  • Keisha Hosein
    Keisha Hosein 11 days ago

    $20 what $20 could do the poor girl will have to use zantac for the rest of her life not cool u could at least $300

  • Marko Polo
    Marko Polo 11 days ago

    5 minutes is to long for 20 dollars

  • David Devilbiss
    David Devilbiss 12 days ago

    IT'S "DEFINITELY" ... "NOT" WORTH $20 ... !.!.!.!.! "NOT WORTH IT AT ALL" !.!.!.!.!

  • Michael Amponsah
    Michael Amponsah 12 days ago

    you may get someone dead. don't try it again... maasoomaawoo

  • Haziq Haziq
    Haziq Haziq 12 days ago

    5:07 Am I the only one who finds the echoes funny?

  • Ahmed Abdelkazem
    Ahmed Abdelkazem 13 days ago

    These people are from the army how is this fair

  • AlinaXO
    AlinaXO 13 days ago

    "yo i needa lay here"

  • Matt Dowrick
    Matt Dowrick 13 days ago


  • Serious Bismuth
    Serious Bismuth 13 days ago

    $20?! You're a *cheap* asshole!

  • Kevin McCarthy
    Kevin McCarthy 13 days ago

    This little prat taking advantage of mostly needy people needs to be asked Do you want to drink the sauce or take a best down. Then beat him anyway.

  • Jake Fee
    Jake Fee 14 days ago


    • Jake Fee
      Jake Fee 14 days ago

      this dude is a scumbag

  • GoldenPython303
    GoldenPython303 14 days ago

    I love the old man Props to him

  • Gabe Bushman
    Gabe Bushman 14 days ago

    For 5 bucks I shoved a whole spoon full in my mouth mad dog

  • Thokozile Piko
    Thokozile Piko 14 days ago

    That black man can sing wow😱😱

  • molly white
    molly white 14 days ago

    I actually want to try that chip

  • Arena Catrina
    Arena Catrina 15 days ago

    20 dollars is not worth it for hottest extract in the world 🙅🏾‍♀️

  • Jupit Ferolino
    Jupit Ferolino 15 days ago

    Lots say oh only 20$ how about you dothis and offer them 100$ share your video to me

  • Koala G4M3R
    Koala G4M3R 15 days ago

    Lmao this pepper turned these people into athletes😂😂

  • Bombasy
    Bombasy 15 days ago

    I'm in Thailand now and I just ate the hottest KFC chicken I've ever tried and it made me want to google hot peppers. Good video man.

  • Leah K
    Leah K 15 days ago

    They severelyyyyyy underestimates how hot that would be. I feel so bad for them 😭😭😂😂

  • Paisley’s Life
    Paisley’s Life 16 days ago

    $20!!!! That’s it 😂 No $100 at least

  • xack knight
    xack knight 16 days ago

    6:14 after a blowjob

  • cacoca79
    cacoca79 16 days ago

    these so called women are so classy!!!

  • Horby Traveler
    Horby Traveler 16 days ago

    FCK you should hav giving 100 dollar

  • Mafhio Murillo
    Mafhio Murillo 16 days ago


  • michael2k 2000
    michael2k 2000 16 days ago

    6:15 thats hiw my girl be looking after taking this 8 inch🍆

  • Crystal Meredith
    Crystal Meredith 16 days ago

    Only 20 for the hottest pepper

  • Young Man
    Young Man 16 days ago

    hell nah, gonna have to give at least 1,000 to old girl

  • NPC #491614
    NPC #491614 17 days ago

    Side effects of consuming excruciatingly hot substances are instantaneous compulsive physical exercise.

  • GEMINI 07
    GEMINI 07 17 days ago

    My dude’s hair looks like a molested mop from a 3rd world country.

  • Joel Arroyo
    Joel Arroyo 17 days ago +1

    I wouldn't eat it for 20 bucks