Top 10 Heroic Goalkeeper Performances In Football ● Best Saves


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  • WeSpeakFootball
    WeSpeakFootball  Year ago +2908

    Sorry about the mistake, Tim Howard vs Belgium, he plays for USA !

  • 수탉 바라기.

    What about Cho Hyun-woo, Korea and Germany at the 2018 World Cup in Russia?

  • Heitor  Morais
    Heitor Morais 2 days ago

    The performances of De Gea have to be included ksahoaowihwjak

  • Alladeen Madafaker
    Alladeen Madafaker 4 days ago

    Casillas was a fucking beast

  • JackieChin Channydog

    De gea vs arsenal

  • Athamas
    Athamas 4 days ago +1

    Where is karius vs real Madrid? 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    Oh wait...

  • Philip Kaplan
    Philip Kaplan 5 days ago

    Todos son monstruos
    Pero Iker es claro el numero 1 !!
    K impresionante !

  • Giovani Watthier Benetti

    where is Rogerio Ceni vs Universidad Catolica 2012??? it was a showmann

  • andi Surya
    andi Surya 6 days ago

    Casillas is one of the best GK for me

  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez 8 days ago

    Ochoa 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Goku Caju
    Goku Caju 9 days ago

    If you realize, when the soccer player kicks the ball and then goalkeeper saves it, the soccer player always lift his hand up to head

  • givemepainkillers
    givemepainkillers 11 days ago

    David De Gea vs Arsenal?
    He made 14 saves that match!

  • astro
    astro 12 days ago

    Where is francesco Toldo? Italy-netherland euro 2000

  • Alexander Adam
    Alexander Adam 13 days ago

    Neuer vs France WC 2014???????

  • BetSystemChannel
    BetSystemChannel 14 days ago

    I wish my betting football predictions had 1million subs.😧
    Great channel.

  • Hortencia Herrera
    Hortencia Herrera 15 days ago

    Tim Howard #1 ? Hahahahaha all shots went to him no good dives nor late reactions to make a good save smh even a garbage can standing will stop those

  • yafiz yafiz
    yafiz yafiz 15 days ago


  • Kevin Naranjo
    Kevin Naranjo 16 days ago

    And Claudio Bravo vs Argentina ? In america 2015 and 2016

  • DrawinG m
    DrawinG m 16 days ago +1


  • Mélo Coton
    Mélo Coton 16 days ago +1

    Guillermo Ochoa is an amazing goal keeper. I still can't beleive he's at Liège, he should be in a very important club !

  • audioadict
    audioadict 17 days ago

    you forget Claudio Bravo (Barcelona) vs Real Madrid... He stop like 4-5 goals by Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Fábio Moraes
    Fábio Moraes 17 days ago +1

    Not a single save by Patricio. Euro Champ in 2016. This video is a disgrace

  • edgecaz535
    edgecaz535 18 days ago


  • Tamer Y.K.
    Tamer Y.K. 20 days ago

    Essam el Hadary for Egypt vs Italy in Confederations Cup 2009

  • Oriol Cepero Torres
    Oriol Cepero Torres 20 days ago

    Victor Valdes vs Arsenal in IEFA Champions league 2006??😴

  • Mini3005
    Mini3005 20 days ago

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  • Taz Da Husky
    Taz Da Husky 20 days ago

    this was David Dgea every match last year for man united.😂

  • Максим
    Максим 20 days ago

    Ochoa against psg is missed

  • MrDekkert
    MrDekkert 20 days ago

    There exist many better saves. I am not impressed.

  • Cristian
    Cristian 21 day ago

    Where is Armani? Head of chota

  • Dylan Carr
    Dylan Carr 21 day ago

    Fuck the music, give us commentary

  • MainesOwn
    MainesOwn 21 day ago

    the music is annoying, unnecessary and irritating.

  • Μαριος Μιχαλας

    Wheres Antonis Nikopolidis when he played for greece at 2004 ?

  • Fiorino Smeraldi
    Fiorino Smeraldi 22 days ago

    video ridicolo

  • deathGamer
    deathGamer 22 days ago

    Navas vs Greece? (2014 WC)

  • Javier Aceves
    Javier Aceves 22 days ago

    The true test of a GK is having a bad defense

  • CarlosDaBest
    CarlosDaBest 22 days ago

    0:09 the ball hit someone's face

  • Antoine Calcavecchia
    Antoine Calcavecchia 22 days ago

    No Barthez ? No Chilavert ?
    But Patricio ?

  • Eggpie_614
    Eggpie_614 22 days ago

    Why does the thumbnail look he's proposing to the ball

  • Biplav Khatiwada
    Biplav Khatiwada 23 days ago

    Where is De Gea vs Arsenal?

  • Jack Toots
    Jack Toots 24 days ago

    De gea vs arsenal?

  • Luiz Guilherme
    Luiz Guilherme 24 days ago

    Marcos Vs Germany 2002

  • Reza 77
    Reza 77 24 days ago

    Ngakak messi

  • curtisdodo
    curtisdodo 25 days ago +3

    Where is Gregory Coupet (OL) againt Barcelona ? It's best save ever...

  • Eder Carneiro
    Eder Carneiro 25 days ago

    Wanted to see a mention to Turkish goalkeeper Rustu in 2002 world cup.

  • seon the
    seon the 26 days ago

    Kimjinhyeon is best goalkeeper

  • Bruno Assad
    Bruno Assad 26 days ago

    Rogério Ceni against Liverpool in 2005

  • black Mercury
    black Mercury 26 days ago

    Hart is so fearless

  • Jamed Sánchez
    Jamed Sánchez 26 days ago

    Nice Ochoa the best
    From Mexico hehe

  • Tugay Dinc
    Tugay Dinc 26 days ago

    Neuer vs Algeria?!?!?!?!?!

  • meyer bitan
    meyer bitan 27 days ago

    Ochoa Vs PSG in 2013 its the best game of Guillermo Ochoa

  • Jonas Pattichis
    Jonas Pattichis 27 days ago

    This list is wrong!
    Where is Tim Krul vs Tottenham Hotpspurs 10/11/2013
    14 saves of which almost all were world class

  • Aissa Crazy
    Aissa Crazy 27 days ago

    algeria vs germany 2014 best goalkeepers match ever both Mbolhi and neuer were on top
    and i think Mbolhi was better that match

  • Mido Omar
    Mido Omar 27 days ago

    Jo Hart

  • roqueeeeeeeee
    roqueeeeeeeee 28 days ago

    Patricio's performance against France was better than any in here... it was the final and he won it without conceding once... Ochoa wasn't no hero nor Howard... they just got a bunch of shots in their faces and a whole lot of luck...

    • roqueeeeeeeee
      roqueeeeeeeee 28 days ago

      So i assume this video was made by american idiots...

  • Lucas Hazen
    Lucas Hazen 29 days ago

    where is rogerio ceni??

  • Rodger Murphy
    Rodger Murphy 29 days ago

    Secretary of defense Tim Howard

  • Christian Martins
    Christian Martins Month ago

    Marcelo grohe(Gremio) x Barcelona EQU semi final libertadores 2017 (defesa do século)

  • ollo1982
    ollo1982 Month ago

    Harts vs Barcelona should be number 1 by miles, but i miss Cech's performance vs Bayern in 2012. He had so many good saves,and also save 3 penalties that evening. Him and Drogba won that game for Chelsea! Cech's performance that evening should be in front of Howards performance as well.

  • Juan Sebastian Arango Quintero

    Me parece que en menciones honoríficas debió estar la de David Ospina vs Argentina

  • Matheus Carvalho
    Matheus Carvalho Month ago

    R. Ceni vs Liverpool e Cássio vs Chelsea

  • иван Иваныч

    Casillas - top!

  • Amra Muminovic
    Amra Muminovic Month ago

    Nice.....saves...happy new year...

  • Lajuli Sarkar
    Lajuli Sarkar Month ago

    8 one not save 1:39 play in slow mo

  • PsychoPeto
    PsychoPeto Month ago +1

    I think you should have inclued
    Cassio Ramos x Chelsea, fifa world club cup 2012
    Rogério Ceni x Liverpool, fifa world club cup 2005

  • Che Gue XXV
    Che Gue XXV Month ago +5

    3.Rustu vs Brazil 2002. 2.Toldo vs Netherlands 2000. 1.Rybka vs Zenit 2011.

  • Asimananda Mahato
    Asimananda Mahato Month ago

    Fifa mobile gk

  • Vaggouras N
    Vaggouras N Month ago

    Men you forgot the Roberto from olympiakos vs juventus on champions league he has 8 saves

  • kr4zyy
    kr4zyy Month ago +1

    Never seen Joe Hart make so many saves in my life

  • teamkickassikw
    teamkickassikw Month ago

    Iker Casillas vs The Netherlands - World Cup final 2010 should be on the video

  • Samuel Diaz-Pinto Montoro

    what about coupet with lyon against rivaldo´s barcelona

  • oxocube5000
    oxocube5000 Month ago

    You missed Suarez in the 2010 world cup

  • _Francis
    _Francis Month ago

    Tim Krul vs Spurs 2013. 1-0 newcastle, 14 saves.

  • Cheese Rice
    Cheese Rice Month ago

    You know your team sucks when you need a goalkeeper vs Everton

  • El Mansi Alex
    El Mansi Alex Month ago

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    SFIFA Month ago

    Unpopular opinion: Howard's performance is massively overrated because of the shit USA defence. EVERY shot you would expect a goalkeeper of Sunday league quality to save.

  • martin ponce
    martin ponce Month ago

    nada que ver ese primer puesto

  • Denny Denny
    Denny Denny Month ago

    You forgot Oliver Kahn

  • georgie xeneize
    georgie xeneize Month ago +1

    Courtois vs Brasil world cup 2018
    Ter stegen vs Sevilla 2018

  • Owen Smith
    Owen Smith Month ago

    Kasey Keller (USA) vs Brazil in the gold cup?

  • Heinz-Wilhelm Guderian

    I miss joe hart at city....

  • Jesus Alejandro Grabowsky Suarez

    In the honorable where is the save by casillas in the wc final in 2010

  • MaNiggaSons
    MaNiggaSons Month ago

    casillas was better than buffon at his peak but buffon was amazing much longer than casillas. both equally amazig

  • Felix Lampe
    Felix Lampe Month ago

    1954 Toni Turek?

  • Vinicius Fortunato
    Vinicius Fortunato Month ago +1

    Sou mais o Sidão.

  • Duarte Lagoas
    Duarte Lagoas Month ago

    Ricardo against England in Euro 2004. Even scores a penalty!!!

  • araggorn
    araggorn Month ago - the best football manager online :)

  • Angad Singh
    Angad Singh Month ago

    Joe hart was the best!

  • marcus paulo machado

    you must see Rogerio Ceni vs universidad catolica on 16qualifiers Sulamericana CUP (same as europa league) on this video we can see the impressive local chile narration about him!

  • KroMaRiK
    KroMaRiK Month ago

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  • novalia anggun Krisdhiana

    Jan oblac 👍

  • Prakash EA
    Prakash EA Month ago

    Ter Stegen is easily the most underrated player in the world

  • Elemental
    Elemental Month ago

    Rui Patricio vs France 2016?

  • L Distributor
    L Distributor Month ago

    4:50 that save was a joke

  • Ochin chin
    Ochin chin Month ago

    in minute 6:27 he using magic to block the ball

  • brokentuningfork
    brokentuningfork Month ago

    There is only 1 goalkeeper to ever win the balon d'or and in a champions league final match he saved every single penalty yet he is not even mentioned

  • sukhjeet singh
    sukhjeet singh Month ago +3

    Joe hart should have been no. 1 on this list..cuz all those saves were crazy saves not something that a gk would face every other day.

    • Lenartor
      Lenartor 28 days ago

      Its about the perfomance nou just about the saves Howard made 16 saves in that game

  • Gazmend Iseni
    Gazmend Iseni Month ago +1

    1:38 was goal!!

  • Matheus Loopes
    Matheus Loopes Month ago

    Where are the defenses of goalkeeper Cassio of Corinthians in the final of the 2012 Club World Cup against Chelsea ? ¬¬ porra vai Corinthians caralho