Gold At River Banks!


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  • Cahyo Supriyanto -
    Cahyo Supriyanto - 3 days ago

    hi...just want to know,what is orange tool name and what its for...

  • Jeff Calvin
    Jeff Calvin 3 days ago

    Definitely not from a dark cave

  • Pangkoy Dakokoy
    Pangkoy Dakokoy 3 days ago

    May I add a comment. It so fun and easy to watch. But if you do it in real thing it's very exhausted and very disappointed if what you expect for is something precious, when you spend alot of time digging specially with waters and you only find a cap ug coke. Anyways it's a hobby 😊😊 chill and enjoy

  • vlak santos
    vlak santos 6 days ago

    Verlo en velocidad 2

  • most beautiful earth

    Sell = money

  • Си Икутта
    Си Икутта 8 days ago

    where he bought such a shovel?

  • Naruto Bro
    Naruto Bro 8 days ago

    What are you ginna do with it


    Sucess may Friends .
    Abraços do canal :Brasil Aventura Detectorismo 💍💍💍

  • DDesigner VSpin
    DDesigner VSpin 10 days ago

    Visit Our Treasure Hunters Channel:

  • qoogle d1yar
    qoogle d1yar 11 days ago

    Nenemin yüzüğü ne işi var orda

  • Gus Edgar.
    Gus Edgar. 11 days ago

    What a stunningly beautiful river it is my German cousin, best of luck in the future & may you be prosperous in all you pursue.

  • rahul chetia
    rahul chetia 11 days ago

    Felt as if I was there at that point

  • Santosh Deshmukh
    Santosh Deshmukh 12 days ago


  • Akagami Shanks
    Akagami Shanks 12 days ago


  • Batmäään TV
    Batmäään TV 12 days ago

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  • Batmäään TV
    Batmäään TV 12 days ago

    its cool man! nice job! like and abo of me :-) nice greece batmäään tv

  • Medput
    Medput 13 days ago

    Коп, можно сказать что удался.

  • JoshuAngela collier
    JoshuAngela collier 14 days ago


  • level 0
    level 0 14 days ago

    cuanto tiempo amigo no creo que me conozcas con esta nueva cuenta saludos me alegra ver que siges en el oficio!

  • superman
    superman 17 days ago

    be patient

  • yepez1278
    yepez1278 17 days ago

    I got a metal detector but its cheap i need to get a good one and a shovel

  • Carolyn Hearn
    Carolyn Hearn 18 days ago +2

    That animal is called a crawlfish because they crawl and there half fish

  • Dioms Cands
    Dioms Cands 19 days ago +4

    maybe that's Frodo's ring... use it and become invisible

    ZOELIVE 21 day ago


  • Surgi Raj
    Surgi Raj 21 day ago


  • Ashwani Kumar
    Ashwani Kumar 23 days ago


  • Raymond Smith
    Raymond Smith 23 days ago

    what kind of metal detector is that

  • Mateusz Niepsuj
    Mateusz Niepsuj Month ago

    Kup se nowy sprzęt a ten wibrator daj żonie

  • Octavio Perez
    Octavio Perez Month ago

    he gon cut his self wid that nife

  • Monu Sl
    Monu Sl Month ago

    Ye meatel detakter kitne ka milega

  • Arjav Sankadasariya

    I think its a boomerang

  • Jose Lopes
    Jose Lopes Month ago

    Vidio mais burro leva uma pa

  • Shweta singh
    Shweta singh Month ago

    What r u doing?

  • Shweta singh
    Shweta singh Month ago

    Where r you from man?

  • Indiana digger
    Indiana digger Month ago

    Poor digging tool for that kind of work .

  • Graham Conquer
    Graham Conquer Month ago

    Can I ask a question why don't u stop when it bleeps each time ?

  • Jota Oliver
    Jota Oliver Month ago

    02:44 WTF? nothing? after all that hard work?

  • Gerson França
    Gerson França Month ago +2

    Muito legal 🌎😎

  • Ádám Bóta
    Ádám Bóta Month ago

    In germany

    METHOD ONE Month ago

    I love imagining who the owners of the rings were and how they lost them.....or threw them away!!!

    METHOD ONE Month ago

    A crayfish....."Unbelievable".....😂😂😂

    METHOD ONE Month ago

    I love your SPORD!!! It's a cross between a spade and a sword!!!

  • ПокопушкиН Поиск монет

    Hello, I think in this river we can to find a gold )))

  • mahmt mahmut
    mahmt mahmut Month ago

    تتوفرلدينا اجهزة كشف المعادن في تركيا كهرمغناطيسيه وصوتيه وارتجاجيه اعماق مختلفه تبدا من متر عن الهدف لغايه ٢٠ متر للاستعلام والطلب 00905372553120

  • omar khan
    omar khan Month ago

    46:30 pictures

  • barsciglieartineverysense

    e, se gli trovi bombe, che si fa?

  • n m
    n m Month ago

    Bc isse khotta aadmi mene ab tak nai dekha

  • Nego Rodriguez
    Nego Rodriguez Month ago


  • Redescobrindo o passado Detectorismo Niterói-RJ

    I'm from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, nice hunting, you've inspired me to start this amazing hobby. Congratulations!!!

  • Detector Kev
    Detector Kev Month ago

    WOW....fantastic finds..well done!!!! I subbed and will look forward to more vids ... kev (uk)

  • Beth Draudt
    Beth Draudt 2 months ago

    why the heck did you not pick up any of that trash? that can be dangerous for those animals out there and for humans. ESPECIALLY, the razor blade, but hey if you don't want to pick up the trash it's not my place to tell you that you need too

  • Beth Draudt
    Beth Draudt 2 months ago

    why the heck did you not pick up any of that trash? that can be dangerous for those animals out there and for humans. ESPECIALLY, the razor blade, but hey if you don't want to pick up the trash it's not my place to tell you that you need too

  • Edin detectorismo
    Edin detectorismo 2 months ago +1

    Muito legal show parabéns e mais um escrito e 🇧🇷👍pesso sua força a se-escreva no meu canal e deis de já agradeço a atenção....

    • Cema Moses
      Cema Moses Month ago

      Edin detectorismo sow me how macke detector

  • Julie Wagaman
    Julie Wagaman 2 months ago +1

    What make & model is the small camera you used for close-up video? Thanks.

    • Julie Wagaman
      Julie Wagaman 2 months ago

      MetalDetecting24 Thanks very much. Enjoy your videos very much!

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  2 months ago

      The camera is called "Mobius Action Cam". This is the first version. I focused the lens manually (they call the recent lens "A2").
      I hope it helps.

  • Sally Desagun
    Sally Desagun 2 months ago

    detecting in Philippines

  • LiveLikeYouFly
    LiveLikeYouFly 2 months ago +1

    Be careful agent 00449 .that was a close call. We dont need your cover blown. We have lots for you to do. THE FROG JUMPED OVER THE WATER CAT.

  • LiveLikeYouFly
    LiveLikeYouFly 2 months ago +1

    What an absolute treasure in itself. Just where you are. Its stunningly beautiful.

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  2 months ago +1

      It is a beautiful place. You can also drive with a train along this river up to the north. It passes a few nice castles, the view is amazing.
      Have a great day.

  • Chris Willow
    Chris Willow 2 months ago

    I never keep rings , or were them , as they are bad luck !

  • Finding Treasure in Colorado

    Good guy, I get it. But its a normal video, there are thousands like this, I don't understand why this has 2.5m views

  • Gia Bao Gia Huy
    Gia Bao Gia Huy 2 months ago


  • viet do van
    viet do van 2 months ago

    mấy cục đá đẹp quá ước gì mình được ở đó

  • កេង សូវ៉ាន់


  • kiki
    kiki 2 months ago

    30:13 gold

  • Kenneth Deguzman
    Kenneth Deguzman 2 months ago

    good video metal detecting .


    Sucess may Friends 👍🏼👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • maks play
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  • Fir Ajoy
    Fir Ajoy 3 months ago

    I business u

  • Fir Ajoy
    Fir Ajoy 3 months ago

    I am Bangladeshi

  • Fir Ajoy
    Fir Ajoy 3 months ago


  • Inter Mobile
    Inter Mobile 3 months ago

    🔰River of the Rings..!🙄😁😁

  • Danrosbelt Plays
    Danrosbelt Plays 3 months ago +1

    Do more hahaha xD! Btw how to be a gold hunters or treasure

  • SmileyFlash
    SmileyFlash 3 months ago

    A small cat😂

  • شبل خراص 511
    شبل خراص 511 3 months ago

    اهب مكذابك ياكذبان

  • Connor Johnson
    Connor Johnson 3 months ago

    You are the kind of person I aspire to be, always kind to the viewers and even the bugs on your glove, walking around getting plenty of excercise and having fun in general.

  • Yuyu Minamoto
    Yuyu Minamoto 3 months ago


  • sirinya anekwieng
    sirinya anekwieng 3 months ago

    Hello Huter...From Thailand ..Thank you for aharing your vedios.....

  • Eselyn Jamboy
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  • allrounder
    allrounder 3 months ago

    Dd is not the intended use for this

  • Gopal Gopal
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  • muel cokies Cornelio
    muel cokies Cornelio 3 months ago

    Looet mo tol

  • محمد حقي
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  • Erasto Luvanda
    Erasto Luvanda 3 months ago +1

    I like this video. But I would like to ask where can I also find that device which you use to detect gold in the river? then if it is possible I would prefer to know the price of it.Please I need your response.

  • นหย่หจ กคีหตี


  • George Christoforou
    George Christoforou 3 months ago +1

    why do you sometimes skip good (high tones) and sometimes not? like, i have seen you walk past some many high tones, isnt there anything good in there? or is there a reason you walk past them?

  • Norge Donor
    Norge Donor 3 months ago +6


  • Crafts , Videos And Shows
    Crafts , Videos And Shows 3 months ago +1

    What is the name of this tool

    • kitty paws
      kitty paws 24 days ago

      Its a metal detector and Idk what the orange tool is called

    • Carly Barson
      Carly Barson Month ago

      Crafts , Videos And Shows fred

  • tosh noway
    tosh noway 3 months ago +1

    One ring to rule them all

  • evelyn abencilla
    evelyn abencilla 3 months ago +1

    Where can buy metal detectors pls

  • Lukáš Grečmal
    Lukáš Grečmal 3 months ago +2


  • Klajdi Bakollari
    Klajdi Bakollari 3 months ago +2

    I saw a ring and he didn't saw it is at 27:00

  • Yogi darmawan
    Yogi darmawan 3 months ago +1

    look at the shinny stone

  • Shohid@ Dilse
    Shohid@ Dilse 4 months ago +3

    you need a gold detector :( :( ;'(

  • Sayap Hitam
    Sayap Hitam 4 months ago +5

    No edit

  • DutchDiggersGroup
    DutchDiggersGroup 4 months ago +1

    Wow what a nice place to dig.