Gold At River Banks!


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  • Hussnian Raza
    Hussnian Raza 2 days ago


  • Ricardo Santiago
    Ricardo Santiago 4 days ago

    you must carry little flags for checkpoints remembering what u left behind

  • susan soto
    susan soto 4 days ago


  • CuteGirl168
    CuteGirl168 4 days ago

    How much your metal?

  • 白智新
    白智新 5 days ago


  • Kelly Powell
    Kelly Powell 6 days ago

    Left, go left! lol

  • jinzun mining
    jinzun mining 8 days ago

    Here in China, if you found any treasure or Cultural Relic, you have to submit to country

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez 8 days ago +1

    it's spirituality you ask and it will be given

  • djokari23
    djokari23 8 days ago

    on the ring it s not 8K its GFK

  • KA17
    KA17 18 days ago

    @5:51. Looks like a horse bridal. Fancy one.

  • mister misteri3
    mister misteri3 18 days ago

    Ia magic amazing

  • Pale Moments
    Pale Moments 19 days ago

    i subscribed
    love watching more of these

  • Pale Moments
    Pale Moments 19 days ago

    the last picture is amazing
    great job
    no music and no talking , thank you for that

  • Karmila Munthe23
    Karmila Munthe23 19 days ago

    Please is turn me forght of headset in slow before at 11 livening day!

    ATIF NUMAN 20 days ago

    Need proper equipment for digging

  • Junaedi Ir
    Junaedi Ir 20 days ago

    I think, need more several minutes to find out the gold

  • Jasmne Begum
    Jasmne Begum 21 day ago


  • Ariel Lumanlan
    Ariel Lumanlan 21 day ago


  • jibran khan
    jibran khan 21 day ago

    that, mean this madel detecatar not find onily gold

  • Fur Balls
    Fur Balls 22 days ago

    To deep ...sod it move

  • Sharaj Ahmad
    Sharaj Ahmad 23 days ago

    Hey man.! You lost a ring.

  • Usama Ibrahim
    Usama Ibrahim 23 days ago

    Nice job at luck

  • Stan Maden
    Stan Maden 25 days ago

    U should carry a magnet with you... It is lot easier.

  • TuffGaming
    TuffGaming 25 days ago

    Its my first time in your channel and i already love it and i see how you take care of the creatures so u just earned a sub!

  • Fox-y Gaming
    Fox-y Gaming 26 days ago

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  • Malika Zalfa
    Malika Zalfa 26 days ago

    omg 😱😱

  • Dicky 014
    Dicky 014 26 days ago


  • آحمد الوادعي

    وين القى الاجهزة هذي في السعودية

  • Team Tinfoil
    Team Tinfoil 27 days ago

    I know this comment will probably be lost, but over the years have you been a collector or seller of your finds? Just curious

  • ade kamal
    ade kamal 27 days ago

    nyari duit

  • Wiwi plongo
    Wiwi plongo 27 days ago

    Lagi cari cebong ya bang?

    ITS MARC 27 days ago

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  • Cato mcfato fortnite
    Cato mcfato fortnite 27 days ago

    46:26 that’s a dog tag with someone’s name on it

  • Sikandar Khan
    Sikandar Khan 27 days ago

    यह ऊपकरण कहा मिलता हैह8118877150

  • super star
    super star 28 days ago

    Looks like a lot of trouble finding gold.☺

  • Scharbel Christ Alevi
    Scharbel Christ Alevi 28 days ago

    Orang Indonesia wajib like

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson 29 days ago

    5 minutes in and just got the first piece of trash.

  • Ashish Goyal
    Ashish Goyal 29 days ago

    yeah! and he knew he will use a small thing to dig and he will find treasure. how funny 😂😂😂

  • gerald dela
    gerald dela Month ago

    You should use your glove with your right hand bro.

  • Thea's toy
    Thea's toy Month ago

    This is probably somewhere in UK this small carats gold must be there , look for roman stuff do not waste time in this river

  • Thea's toy
    Thea's toy Month ago

    go check this fields beside the train night time , you can hit something better

  • Lord Commander
    Lord Commander Month ago

    Wasted my precious time.

  • boogie man
    boogie man Month ago

    you're wasting your time dude1 nothing could be found in there

  • Джека Дружный

    Доказательства о крашеных камнях золотой краской , ролик делаем стоп кадр на 9:29 мин.

  • Wong Teck Ron
    Wong Teck Ron Month ago +1

    now thats a real gold digger

  • Deni Kurniansyah
    Deni Kurniansyah Month ago

    distance detecting depth to find what gold meter is?

  • Darren Tom
    Darren Tom Month ago

    Go to will find more and will be rich..

  • Bạch long
    Bạch long Month ago

    Ở vn mà có những chỗ như vậy mà có máy dò như này thì chỉ trong một ngày là sạch sẽ

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    • Firat Xl
      Firat Xl 20 days ago


    • Ottomix
      Ottomix 21 day ago

      kardeş yanlış videoya gelmişsin :D

  • MegaMichaelWong
    MegaMichaelWong Month ago

    An idiot wasting our time...

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  • Cahyo Supriyanto -
    Cahyo Supriyanto - Month ago

    hi...just want to know,what is orange tool name and what its for...

  • Jeff Calvin
    Jeff Calvin Month ago

    Definitely not from a dark cave

  • Pangkoy Dakokoy
    Pangkoy Dakokoy Month ago

    May I add a comment. It so fun and easy to watch. But if you do it in real thing it's very exhausted and very disappointed if what you expect for is something precious, when you spend alot of time digging specially with waters and you only find a cap ug coke. Anyways it's a hobby 😊😊 chill and enjoy

  • vlak santos
    vlak santos 2 months ago

    Verlo en velocidad 2

  • most beautiful earth
    most beautiful earth 2 months ago

    Sell = money

  • Си Икутта
    Си Икутта 2 months ago

    where he bought such a shovel?

  • Naruto Bro
    Naruto Bro 2 months ago

    What are you ginna do with it


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  • Stranger Phenomenon
    Stranger Phenomenon 2 months ago

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  • qoogle d1yar
    qoogle d1yar 2 months ago

    Nenemin yüzüğü ne işi var orda

  • Gus Edgar.
    Gus Edgar. 2 months ago

    What a stunningly beautiful river it is my German cousin, best of luck in the future & may you be prosperous in all you pursue.

  • rahul chetia
    rahul chetia 2 months ago

    Felt as if I was there at that point

  • Santosh Deshmukh
    Santosh Deshmukh 2 months ago


  • Akagami Shanks
    Akagami Shanks 2 months ago


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  • Medput
    Medput 2 months ago

    Коп, можно сказать что удался.

  • JoshuAngela collier
    JoshuAngela collier 2 months ago


  • level 0
    level 0 2 months ago

    cuanto tiempo amigo no creo que me conozcas con esta nueva cuenta saludos me alegra ver que siges en el oficio!

  • superman
    superman 2 months ago

    be patient

  • yepez1278
    yepez1278 2 months ago

    I got a metal detector but its cheap i need to get a good one and a shovel

  • Carolyn Hearn
    Carolyn Hearn 2 months ago +5

    That animal is called a crawlfish because they crawl and there half fish

  • Dioms Cands
    Dioms Cands 2 months ago +17

    maybe that's Frodo's ring... use it and become invisible

    • Ralph Foster
      Ralph Foster Month ago

      Dioms Cands, great to have when you do properties without permissions!

    ZOELIVE 2 months ago


  • Surgi Raj
    Surgi Raj 2 months ago


  • Ashwani Kumar
    Ashwani Kumar 2 months ago


  • Raymond Smith
    Raymond Smith 2 months ago

    what kind of metal detector is that

  • Mateusz Niepsuj
    Mateusz Niepsuj 2 months ago

    Kup se nowy sprzęt a ten wibrator daj żonie

  • Octavio Perez
    Octavio Perez 2 months ago

    he gon cut his self wid that nife

  • Monu Sl
    Monu Sl 2 months ago

    Ye meatel detakter kitne ka milega

  • Arjav Sankadasariya
    Arjav Sankadasariya 2 months ago

    I think its a boomerang

  • Jose Lopes
    Jose Lopes 3 months ago

    Vidio mais burro leva uma pa

  • Shweta singh
    Shweta singh 3 months ago

    What r u doing?

  • Shweta singh
    Shweta singh 3 months ago

    Where r you from man?

  • Indiana digger
    Indiana digger 3 months ago

    Poor digging tool for that kind of work .

  • Graham Conquer
    Graham Conquer 3 months ago

    Can I ask a question why don't u stop when it bleeps each time ?

  • Jota Oliver
    Jota Oliver 3 months ago

    02:44 WTF? nothing? after all that hard work?

  • Gerson França
    Gerson França 3 months ago +2

    Muito legal 🌎😎

  • Ádám Bóta
    Ádám Bóta 3 months ago

    In germany

    METHOD ONE 3 months ago

    I love imagining who the owners of the rings were and how they lost them.....or threw them away!!!

    METHOD ONE 3 months ago

    A crayfish....."Unbelievable".....😂😂😂

    METHOD ONE 3 months ago

    I love your SPORD!!! It's a cross between a spade and a sword!!!

  • ПокопушкиН Поиск монет

    Hello, I think in this river we can to find a gold )))

  • mahmt mahmut
    mahmt mahmut 3 months ago

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  • omar khan
    omar khan 3 months ago

    46:30 pictures

  • barsciglieartineverysense

    e, se gli trovi bombe, che si fa?

  • n m
    n m 3 months ago

    Bc isse khotta aadmi mene ab tak nai dekha