Gold At River Banks!

  • Published on Feb 13, 2017
  • A small metal detecting miracle at the river, considering the difficult conditions.
    My XP Deus Setup:
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  • Ric Ric
    Ric Ric 6 hours ago


  • Chevy Nohemy De Lazo
    Chevy Nohemy De Lazo 8 hours ago

    Alguien en español


  • Kitty Gacha Girl
    Kitty Gacha Girl 3 days ago +1

    I think it says den kamere Pi Stlreme Bunm or Bonm or Banm.

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B 4 days ago +4

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  • Noneng Yunengsih
    Noneng Yunengsih 9 days ago

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  • Ethan Sandy Pere
    Ethan Sandy Pere 10 days ago

    Its better to equip yourself with a little knowledge of where to find gold. You should know very well exactly where to find the gold in that river bank instead of wasting all your energy on unnecessary spots. What a waste of time and effort. But i guess you learnt your lesson and the next time you wont waste that much time looking at wrong place.

  • Sikandar Khan
    Sikandar Khan 10 days ago

    यह धातु खोजने वाली मशीन कहा पर मिलती है

  • andon angel
    andon angel 15 days ago +1

    I have a cheap metal detector it cost me $159 lol it also has pin point, some more experienced gold hunters been telling me the cheaper detectors can pick up some alloys coins rings ect bt won't pick up gold, yet I'm coming across videos like yours providing otherwise, I'm in Australia in the state of Victoria today I'm going to a small town called Dunolly, well *KNOWN* for its monster sized gold nuggets, it will be the first time to really test my metal detector, thanks for giving me hope 😇

  • Danette Salas
    Danette Salas 17 days ago

    Most boring video yet!!!

  • Find Gold Gems
    Find Gold Gems 18 days ago

    oh Apakah saya sendiri yang negara Viet nam yang sama negara nya like saya

  • Moussa Tadlaoui
    Moussa Tadlaoui 18 days ago

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    Sakhiyah Ummi 18 days ago

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    Shrawan Yadab 18 days ago

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  • Shrawan Yadab
    Shrawan Yadab 18 days ago

    Nice jobs

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  • Brian Martin
    Brian Martin 26 days ago +1

    why don't you re check your holes after you find something? maybe there is 2 items in there.

  • Minh ZoZo
    Minh ZoZo 26 days ago

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  • Carlos Alberto Morais da Silva Silva Carlos

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    ASIM SHAH 27 days ago

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    marianna semperger 28 days ago +1

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  • Masni Wijaya
    Masni Wijaya 29 days ago

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  • Rasheid Yusuf
    Rasheid Yusuf Month ago

    I lost my underwear in this river

  • Abode. -DJ.
    Abode. -DJ. Month ago +3

    I stopped your video in the middle to write this word, could you show us what you found for 5 or 7 s please ❤️❤️

  • Mithilesh Rohilla
    Mithilesh Rohilla Month ago +1

    Which river you find gold?

  • Slipshank D
    Slipshank D Month ago

    Its a crawfish. lol

  • julie brinko
    julie brinko Month ago

    Medaldetector24 I can explain the manican head you found! Du bist in deutchland? I denke I wießen der mench that did that! Bitter contact mir asap! 017093872854

  • Master Hot wheels collector 2

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  • Deepthi Madhavaram
    Deepthi Madhavaram Month ago

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    • Adrian
      Adrian Month ago

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  • Ridwan N
    Ridwan N Month ago +1

    Berapa belinya..?

  • nugi nugraha
    nugi nugraha Month ago

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  • Maga Shikhiev
    Maga Shikhiev Month ago

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  • Alpesh Pandya
    Alpesh Pandya Month ago

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  • Herr Patriot
    Herr Patriot Month ago

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  • nkom martin
    nkom martin Month ago +1

    My question is the guy who gave me a sample whose a metal iron about 1.4m depth for a 20cmby30cm iron. He said if it was gold it was going to be much deeper coz gold has much response to a detector than iron. Is it true sir

  • nkom martin
    nkom martin Month ago +1

    He'll sir I'm about to purchase a new gold detector.

    • andon angel
      andon angel 13 days ago

      @nkom martin Hi, I have to wait 2 weeks for my new metal detector, hate waiting haha, hope your new detector finds you lots treasures 🤑

    • nkom martin
      nkom martin 13 days ago

      Thanks for a long waited response

    • andon angel
      andon angel 15 days ago

      I have many experienced gold hunters telling me cheap detectors won't pick up gold bt they DO, videos like this prove it 😇

  • Samiera Flowrizra
    Samiera Flowrizra 2 months ago

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  • 撸自身
    撸自身 2 months ago +2

    29:40 found the ring, othere’s garbage time

  • Rizki aditya pratama28
    Rizki aditya pratama28 2 months ago

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    BIBANG PIPOY 2 months ago


  • Zandz831
    Zandz831 2 months ago

    Imagine you could go back to the moment the ring was lost. How did it end up there? Who was the person carrying it? Awesome find.

  • on Buddi
    on Buddi 2 months ago +4

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  • Carter Holloway
    Carter Holloway 2 months ago +5

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    Kholoud Yahiaoui 2 months ago +7

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