Gold At River Banks!


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  • Der Wahnsinnige
    Der Wahnsinnige 2 days ago

    46:28 i think it says "den Kameraden" i cant see the rest of it so i think its something from the german army ww1 or 2

  • Ken mcC
    Ken mcC 2 days ago

    I had the xp deus nice machine lots of room to grow. software is no good this machine loves trash

  • Daddy Funions
    Daddy Funions 3 days ago

    Apparently crawfish in 2017 were small cats

  • LifeHacks4You
    LifeHacks4You 4 days ago


  • Bryan Woodring
    Bryan Woodring 4 days ago

    LMFAO .. I have never yet till now in my life seen anyone ever pet a crawfish .. it's like a small cat he says .. hahahaha

  • BJ McCoy
    BJ McCoy 5 days ago

    What was that at 8:30?

  • curios money
    curios money 6 days ago

    First find that you dug out was a gun handle

  • Ronald Barren
    Ronald Barren 7 days ago

    Exactly why I gave up metal detecting

  • Geoff James
    Geoff James 7 days ago

    I always feel sad when I find a wedding ring.I imagine how upset the person must have been to lose it 😢 If only I could find the loser.

  • Guchu Sokukuki
    Guchu Sokukuki 8 days ago

    4:45 let me cover the hole then check if there is still a good target 😂😂we all been there 😂
    And I downvoted u becoz u at 20:21 just shove that razorblade back instead of taking it with you......

  • gordon puckett
    gordon puckett 9 days ago

    waist of 47 min, all trash.....

  • Werner Wittkowsky
    Werner Wittkowsky 10 days ago

    den Kame(raden)
    Pi(onier) Stürme(r)

  • Theotherguy
    Theotherguy 11 days ago

    Acedently finds a nuclear mine BOOM

  • sam kni9htz
    sam kni9htz 14 days ago

    your lucky if you find a landmine

  • Vernon Ricker
    Vernon Ricker 14 days ago

    I also..would dam the water I could SEE IN THE HOLE

  • diah ayu cantika putri

    siapa disini orang indonesia

  • Nick Robson
    Nick Robson 16 days ago

    Make sure u get shovel and also back fill your howls nearly turned this off after 2 mints after seeing a that sword 🗡

  • Sekawan Wolu 48
    Sekawan Wolu 48 16 days ago

    can you add Indonesian subtitles?

  • Am. yirul Lolol
    Am. yirul Lolol 19 days ago

    Gold my ass

  • Mohammed Jasim
    Mohammed Jasim 22 days ago

    How much u earn.

  • Sharath K
    Sharath K 23 days ago

    Give me some gold

  • Desi Guns
    Desi Guns 24 days ago

    Nice job

    CABINDAD 24 days ago

    I love to watch detecting but your style and methods are too slow.and frustrating. I use move on.

  • gold d' beck
    gold d' beck 27 days ago

    Udah pernah dapat nugget gold??

  • raenier rutao
    raenier rutao 29 days ago

    Oh poor Hunter man the he walked lots of gold ingot

  • Infinity Boss
    Infinity Boss Month ago

    Why wouldn't you talk

  • jdmarti100
    jdmarti100 Month ago

    Magnet fishing in creeks looks fun too

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  • Tahir Yucel
    Tahir Yucel Month ago

    Which country is this

  • Aravind Pughal
    Aravind Pughal Month ago

    How many of them watched fully in 2019

  • Christopher Arms
    Christopher Arms Month ago

    The animal looks to be a yabbie

  • sibil yan
    sibil yan Month ago

    Your so bolok

  • Geronimo
    Geronimo Month ago

    A metal detecting video without the BLA BLA BLA !! This is how they all should be ...Great video bruh !!

  • Anas Walker
    Anas Walker Month ago

    13:26 look like ammo

  • Enes 'DEV1LJ1N Bayraktar

    How to be a rich ?
    1) buy detector ( GOLDEN OR METAL )

  • Vinayaka B
    Vinayaka B Month ago

    Meri anko me aasu aagai,,,,,,,, 000

  • tris pati
    tris pati Month ago

    Where river?

  • gaming Pro
    gaming Pro Month ago


  • Denver Lawrence
    Denver Lawrence Month ago

    Why aren't you using a shovel its way more easier than than that knife

  • 000 000000
    000 000000 Month ago


  • Jonathan br
    Jonathan br Month ago

    Eres un cangrejo

  • Dacus Malus
    Dacus Malus Month ago

    what pinpointer you use?

    HARI kRISHNA1 Month ago

    How can I buy this instrument s in online i am form India

  • Tertawa? Wajib tekan 》

    47:04 ohmygod gold

  • Davies Steven
    Davies Steven Month ago

    Pls help me to get detecting machine

  • Steve Fixit
    Steve Fixit Month ago

    I was going to buy a detector...... glad I watched this saved my money 💰

  • roy Jatmiko
    roy Jatmiko Month ago

    Your video is a gold...

  • Mostafa Saker
    Mostafa Saker Month ago

    Go to euphorates river,there is a mountain of gold under it dive and see

  • 07835088309 حيدر الساعدي

    شي جميل روعه

  • mhommed Ahmed
    mhommed Ahmed Month ago

    الله يارب اكرمنا

  • BlueWolf 63
    BlueWolf 63 Month ago +1

    Turn on captions if you want to know what he is saying

  • Manoj Ratrey
    Manoj Ratrey Month ago

    wheres the gold ideat

  • facebook 1688com
    facebook 1688com Month ago



    would you please follow me :)

  • K. S.
    K. S. Month ago

    46:26 - might have something to do with the SA

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez Month ago

    I think I have gold in my grandpa House

  • Bacot Gaming137
    Bacot Gaming137 Month ago

    Ngomong apaan sih lu anjing kgk ngerti gua

  • Capt Abhimanyu Bhat

    Mute hunter

  • Cris Mo
    Cris Mo 2 months ago

    It's interesting to see how frustrating the search for gold can be. Sometimes I think that the metalic part with an L shape can be a part of the helmet of a warrior; maybe the lower part protecting the chin, but I am not sure.

  • Imam boys
    Imam boys 2 months ago

    kamera syutingnya gak ok

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  • Molly Cimol
    Molly Cimol 2 months ago


  • dane j 123
    dane j 123 2 months ago

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  • Kenneth Thygesen
    Kenneth Thygesen 2 months ago

    Can't stand to watch anymore all you found was BS and I don't see no gold what a week video

  • Nung paramee
    Nung paramee 2 months ago


  • ahmed hussain
    ahmed hussain 2 months ago

    Where to buy these detectors

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  2 months ago

      Hello Ahmed, this detector is not special. You can buy almost any brand and you will be able to make finds (if they are there). Some are more expensive than others, but the "physics" are the same.

  • Dhan Bahadur Tamang
    Dhan Bahadur Tamang 2 months ago +1

    I also want to buy Ty his device can you please give me info

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  2 months ago

      This detector is called "XP Deus", but you can make the same finds with other brands and models.

  • TheChristensenFamily
    TheChristensenFamily 2 months ago +1

    That animal is a fresh water crayfish

  • Exploring with the Nug
    Exploring with the Nug 2 months ago +1

    Wow. This a nice to the point kind of metal detecting video. That one piece looks like part of a picture frame

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  2 months ago

      Thank you for watching. I'm glad you liked it. Cheers.

  • S O
    S O 2 months ago

    Well done on your finds. What country are you in my friend. Reminds me of my old country Scotland.

  • Big Boy C
    Big Boy C 2 months ago

    Yeah you should carry a shovel ur trash at this

  • #WDL The Dark Legion
    #WDL The Dark Legion 2 months ago

    De senöl

  • Gun
    Gun 2 months ago +1

    The friction between that metal shovel and the stone hurts my ears :(

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  2 months ago

      I'm sorry to hear it... Unfortunately there is not much I can do about it.
      Have a great day.

  • Burning Frost
    Burning Frost 2 months ago

    1:46 i see some gold at the left a little nugget

  • Youu tube
    Youu tube 2 months ago


  • Iromearound
    Iromearound 2 months ago

    *wish i started this video @30:00 😒

  • chronoboat
    chronoboat 2 months ago

    Wow!!! What a productive day! A pleasure to watch a lot of nothing!!!

  • Sad Lif Of bacun hair
    Sad Lif Of bacun hair 2 months ago +1

    I think its just a frame, and the other one is from germans

  • ابـن حـمـص الـولـيـد

    واريد اشرد بيك

  • Rupa Nagaraj Nagaraj
    Rupa Nagaraj Nagaraj 2 months ago +1


  • Cdog Reviews
    Cdog Reviews 3 months ago

    It would be really cool if you talked or if there was music in the background or if you skipped some parts of it because it was really long

    • Cdog Reviews
      Cdog Reviews 3 months ago


    • Amy Brumlow
      Amy Brumlow 3 months ago +1

      This video is just realistic. You don't find stuff every 30 seconds like on TV shows. I like that it is laid back and we see things in "real time". I am going on my first metal detecting outing soon and see from videos like this that I need to block out more time than I anticipated. :-)

  • Hussnian Raza
    Hussnian Raza 3 months ago


  • Ricardo Santiago
    Ricardo Santiago 3 months ago

    you must carry little flags for checkpoints remembering what u left behind

  • El Chistozo123
    El Chistozo123 3 months ago +1


  • CuteGirl168
    CuteGirl168 3 months ago +1

    How much your metal?

  • 白智新
    白智新 3 months ago


  • Kelly Powell
    Kelly Powell 3 months ago

    Left, go left! lol

  • jinzun mining
    jinzun mining 3 months ago

    Here in China, if you found any treasure or Cultural Relic, you have to submit to country

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez 3 months ago +2

    it's spirituality you ask and it will be given

  • djokari23
    djokari23 3 months ago

    on the ring it s not 8K its GFK

  • KA17
    KA17 3 months ago

    @5:51. Looks like a horse bridal. Fancy one.

  • mister misteri3
    mister misteri3 3 months ago

    Ia magic amazing

  • Pale Moments
    Pale Moments 3 months ago +1

    i subscribed
    love watching more of these

  • Pale Moments
    Pale Moments 3 months ago +1

    the last picture is amazing
    great job
    no music and no talking , thank you for that

  • Karmila Munthe23
    Karmila Munthe23 3 months ago

    Please is turn me forght of headset in slow before at 11 livening day!

    ATIF NUMAN 3 months ago

    Need proper equipment for digging