Honest Trailers - Elf


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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies  12 days ago +758

    Which Will Ferrell movie is your favorite?

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    • Jaylin Wou
      Jaylin Wou 3 days ago

      i like Talledega Nights. It's so funny. you guys should watch it

    • Brandon Madrid
      Brandon Madrid 4 days ago

      Step Brothers 2, coming 2022

    • Hannah Kramer
      Hannah Kramer 4 days ago

      Stranger Than Fiction

    • Bodo Bing
      Bodo Bing 5 days ago

      Stranger than Fiction!

    • Kraevorn
      Kraevorn 5 days ago

      Screen Junkies
      Do The Death of Stalin

  • Andy Gilleand
    Andy Gilleand 18 hours ago

    Anybody else like the blonde hair look on Zooey maybe even more than her normal dark hair look?

  • Pedantic Pete
    Pedantic Pete Day ago

    Off topic but why the F Is no one ever streaming anchor man 1 or 2?

  • Joe Darling
    Joe Darling Day ago

    "last action hero" honest trailer!! Please!!!

  • Splashstorm04
    Splashstorm04 Day ago

    Do the new White Fang!!!!

  • ProLifeAtheist
    ProLifeAtheist 2 days ago

    Please do Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney version). Please, please, PLEASE!

  • gruminmor
    gruminmor 2 days ago

    Please do an Honest Trailer for the Venture Bros! Please. Please. Please.

  • Gweniver boo
    Gweniver boo 2 days ago


  • Jonathan Isaac Rice
    Jonathan Isaac Rice 2 days ago

    I just realized, Will really did something different in this film. He's a Manic Pixie Man, as opposed to the all too common Manic Pixie Woman.

  • Joe Masana
    Joe Masana 2 days ago

    Please do a trailer for The Dark Crystal!

  • Oma Rumunna
    Oma Rumunna 2 days ago

    awwww... this was cute

  • Cricket 99
    Cricket 99 2 days ago

    I haven't watched it yet but I've been avoiding it cause i know you're gonna ruin it for me.
    Edit: Awe you didn't ruin it, thank yooou!

  • way2jaded1
    way2jaded1 3 days ago

    only one problem Elf sucked!

  • J Adu
    J Adu 3 days ago

    Please say; "Naaaaants ingonyama bagitha baba"

  • ForeverMe543
    ForeverMe543 3 days ago

    Technically buddy’s parents were in a relationship and she broke it off because she got pregnant

  • matthew cirello
    matthew cirello 3 days ago

    Do The Predator

    THE OREO_WARRIOR 3 days ago

    Give us a Christmas Story Honest trailer please?????!!!!!

  • The king Neku
    The king Neku 3 days ago

    Please say, "OH!Hamburgers."

  • Jayce Ross
    Jayce Ross 3 days ago +1

    Could you do honest trailer for “jingle all the way”? With Arnold? It would be pretty funny flashback one!

  • JKRGD Morris
    JKRGD Morris 4 days ago

    An honest trailer for Rambo would be great.

  • Jon Adams
    Jon Adams 4 days ago

    Would you guys do an honest trailer for Inherent Vice?

  • Lauren DiLaurentis
    Lauren DiLaurentis 4 days ago

    Please do pretty little liars lmao

  • Mixen9408
    Mixen9408 4 days ago

    2.26 nooooooo you dint. ;) O_O Its a cute one and just derserve to get a hug and told why Next Generation is great. xD

  • Lewis n Buddylove
    Lewis n Buddylove 4 days ago

    Do house of cards ♥️ plzzzz

  • MOAR Music
    MOAR Music 4 days ago

    Could you sortof yell "put your fuccing hands down" so I can put it before a drop? :'D

  • Kuroji
    Kuroji 4 days ago

    2:50 zooey

  • DER Steffen
    DER Steffen 4 days ago

    Please say in your awesome voice: " For I Am Gods Mighty Angel....For I Am Eternal ! " (No religious background, that's just my MMO-Char)

  • Yarel4
    Yarel4 4 days ago

    Please say with your epic voice: I feel like I'm Goku

  • Christopher Calcutt
    Christopher Calcutt 4 days ago

    Polar Express Honest trailer please, thank you.

  • Lindsey Gansen
    Lindsey Gansen 4 days ago

    What if honest trailer did a Barbie movie?!

  • Francois Nasraoui
    Francois Nasraoui 4 days ago

    Do love actually

  • 40 XDDD
    40 XDDD 4 days ago

    Please review Arthur Christmas

  • Kai Kai
    Kai Kai 4 days ago

    Say in an epic voice,”I,survived getting run over by a blimp... 72 times... ON FIRE.”

  • Gol D. Luffy
    Gol D. Luffy 4 days ago

    Will Ferrel should do more kid flicks since his adult movies are....


  • CoolChannel Name
    CoolChannel Name 4 days ago

    Please Say: Practically a practical practicality

  • Madeline Reid
    Madeline Reid 5 days ago

    you’ve gotta do clue

  • KingQueen Gaming
    KingQueen Gaming 5 days ago

    How about "It's A Wonderful Life" … it's a Christmas classic!

  • Frederic Alden
    Frederic Alden 5 days ago

    I'm waiting for Will Ferrell to be funny. Is there anywhere that I can see that?

  • Dusan Savic
    Dusan Savic 5 days ago

    You still havent done " They Live"!!! How much do i have to SPAM you guys!! Its a brilliant movie,come on

  • Joeshar
    Joeshar 5 days ago

    Please say "Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?" in the honor of Freddie Mercury

  • Joshua Steve
    Joshua Steve 5 days ago

    Please say, "Save Farscape!"

  • Kovler Arthur
    Kovler Arthur 5 days ago

    Do an Honest Trailer for "Bad Santa"!

  • Jrpowered
    Jrpowered 5 days ago

    Please say "I invented the autisms"

  • Jolie Lombino
    Jolie Lombino 5 days ago

    Say wubba lubba dub dub

  • Emily Graham
    Emily Graham 5 days ago

    do Jersy Boys!

  • Leeky423
    Leeky423 5 days ago

    Please say all your base are belong to us

  • Uncovered Umbrella
    Uncovered Umbrella 5 days ago

    Jim carry is most apted for making silly jokes....

  • Kendall Drury
    Kendall Drury 5 days ago

    Please say "no."

  • Marvelfreaksters
    Marvelfreaksters 5 days ago

    @jon bailey
    After watching so many of these trailers, I realised you sound sooo soo much like Bradley Cooper especially like his voice for Rocket. You are awesome. Though the script is awesome too, but your voice is something that makes these trailers awesome!

  • XentorAntarix
    XentorAntarix 5 days ago

    yeayyy.... happy I saw this not. Like any other of the modern Xmas Films.

  • Aida Noshali
    Aida Noshali 5 days ago

    Do supernatural please ❤❤❤😍😍😍

  • Lika Agasieva
    Lika Agasieva 5 days ago

    Please do Valerian and the city of thousand planets

  • Utkarsh Kumar
    Utkarsh Kumar 5 days ago

    Venom honest trailer

  • Zach Z
    Zach Z 5 days ago

    Do Shaun of the Dead!

  • Richard Helper
    Richard Helper 5 days ago

    This isn’t a will ferrell movie, but a suggestion for an honest trailer. I’m sorry.
    You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan! You don’t mess with the Zohan!

  • supta78
    supta78 5 days ago

    The watermelon is absolutely not a soup. How dare whomever wrote that.

  • Lijah robinson
    Lijah robinson 5 days ago

    Leon the Professional needs an honest Trailer

  • Daniel Trenalone
    Daniel Trenalone 5 days ago

    Do Hunchback of Notre Dame

  • Daniel Trenalone
    Daniel Trenalone 5 days ago

    Do Pride and Prejudice

  • Nathanial Higgins
    Nathanial Higgins 5 days ago

    Do Rocky Horror

  • Rose Turner
    Rose Turner 5 days ago

    Can you guys pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase do Love Simon???

  • Rpatricklee
    Rpatricklee 5 days ago

    Which one was the honest trailer where he didn't do the voice portion?

  • Adam Woodhead
    Adam Woodhead 5 days ago

    Say mom get out of my room I’m playing minecraft

  • snakeobias
    snakeobias 5 days ago

    bahahahaa - Jeff Bezos!

  • Dennis Mwangi
    Dennis Mwangi 5 days ago

    Say 'Eyes, Lungs, pancreas. So many snacks, so little time' in your awosome voice

  • PSamMusicMan
    PSamMusicMan 5 days ago

    Please say, "The average Russkie doesn't take a dump without a plan, son..."

  • barney chill
    barney chill 5 days ago

    Was buddy in a junior version stage production of Elf. Fun, but man, just as Jovie hates him in this movie, the stage actress of jovie really hated me

  • gfrancetich
    gfrancetich 5 days ago

    Do Hallmark Christmas movies!

  • Courtney Rowe
    Courtney Rowe 5 days ago

    Say, "Check out the adoptable dogs at the Merit Pit Bull Foundation" in your epic voice!

  • Chase Temple
    Chase Temple 5 days ago

    In memory of Stephen Hillenburg, say, "One krabby patty coming right up!"

  • isa2129401
    isa2129401 5 days ago

    Have you done how the grinch stole Christmas?

  • Diogo Castro
    Diogo Castro 5 days ago

    Say "So long, and thanks for all the fish", but in the movie's tone if possible :DD

  • Lily Smith
    Lily Smith 5 days ago

    For every like 👍🏻 I will add a 🎄

  • Mauricio Fernández
    Mauricio Fernández 5 days ago

    Please Netflix’s Daredevil

  • Deborah lee
    Deborah lee 5 days ago

    (looks at thumbnail)
    Me:Um wasn't that movie already made

  • tiger2745
    tiger2745 5 days ago

    "i have a buttcrack" in your scary voice

  • Elijah Velazquez
    Elijah Velazquez 6 days ago

    Say "it's time to make cookies"

  • AJ Khoury
    AJ Khoury 6 days ago

    How the Grinch stole Christmas ASAPPPPP

  • Jackson Bell
    Jackson Bell 6 days ago

    Please say-You've heard of elf on the shelf now get ready for Shrek on your neck.

  • lídia urbányi
    lídia urbányi 6 days ago

    Please say: "Under you search"

  • NCfanboy1
    NCfanboy1 6 days ago

    "Because *everyone in it is talented and deserves the best in life...* What, did you think I was just going to savage Elf? *This movie is delightful,* I'm not a monster."
    ...Best... Honest Trailer... EVER!!!

  • agenttheater5
    agenttheater5 6 days ago

    Sing the entire version of 'Yakko's World', including the third verse written after the show ended (it begins with Montenegro and Bosnia).

  • Matthew Zelinsky
    Matthew Zelinsky 6 days ago

    Jeff Bezos lol

  • prakhongdamrongsak
    prakhongdamrongsak 6 days ago

    He should play basketball

  • Lee Watson
    Lee Watson 6 days ago

    Please do ANY Netflix Christmas film. Or The Princess Switch!

  • Frederick Swan
    Frederick Swan 6 days ago

    fun fact: I had a bad internet connection trying to watch this, so I've seen the intro about 80 times now.

  • felixx muriithi
    felixx muriithi 6 days ago

    Do Halloween

  • felixx muriithi
    felixx muriithi 6 days ago

    Do the predator

  • Forever_Young Galaxy

    Make an honest trailer about friends

  • Sspeedyy
    Sspeedyy 6 days ago +1


    • Sspeedyy
      Sspeedyy 5 days ago

      +Tenebris Why today of all days?

  • Sasha Ambrose
    Sasha Ambrose 6 days ago

    Do a honest trailer of KRAMPUS!!!

  • Glorious Second
    Glorious Second 6 days ago +1

    do venom

  • I Will Haunt You
    I Will Haunt You 6 days ago

    Please emphatically say "Cows can't base cut accidents!"

  • Alex Eng
    Alex Eng 6 days ago

    make one for The Clone Wars TV series

  • Swaroop Diwakar
    Swaroop Diwakar 6 days ago

    Isle of dogs plsssssssssssszz

  • SophC
    SophC 6 days ago

    Will Ferrell is the worst

  • Qais Abughulmi
    Qais Abughulmi 6 days ago

    Do the godfather


    Every thing why the movie it self is a sin

  • huntressvideos
    huntressvideos 6 days ago

    Please say "IT'S SANTAAAAAAAAA"

  • Marky Whitemale
    Marky Whitemale 6 days ago

    Oh cool. Late 2018. This should be Trending!