Will Cavill Replace Daniel Craig In James Bond 25?

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
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    John answers viewers questions about Henry Cavill playing James Bond after Daniel Craig.
    Sebastian Dietz writes, Hey John, as always greetings from germany. With H. Cavill most likely out of the DCEU and the CURRENT Bond Movie officially on hold because of the director leaving: do you think thers a chance that Cavill can now steal the upcoming Bond movie from Daniel Craig? We know Craig is (or was?) only loopwarm about doing this one anyway? Keep bringing the filthy.
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  • MakeupLite
    MakeupLite Month ago

    As a lover of Bond movies, my vote is for Cavill, that old fashioned finesse, sharp, sarcastic, glamour, sex appeal, he is the successor of Sean Connery and, most importantly, he wouldn't be a fighter robot like Craig. Now that he is 36, he is perfect for the next movie of Craig.

  • Erick Ramber Zurita Encinas

    Yes... 007 nice

  • paritosh shah bundela
    paritosh shah bundela 3 months ago

    I love to see Henry Cavill as next James Bond. He is best suited for the Bond role. And yes I hate Daniel Craig, as James Bond. I am dying to see when this crapy actor gonna change.

  • NeoGeoSNK
    NeoGeoSNK 3 months ago +2

    He’s the closest one to Sean Connery

    JUAN CARLOS GARCIA 4 months ago

    Sorry, mate I don't agree with that Craig being the best one..with other words, he's crap

  • Glass jaw
    Glass jaw 5 months ago

    Anyone who's not seen MI fallout yet, I highly recommend it. Cavill is fantastic. He has to be the new James bond

  • Teri Kay
    Teri Kay 5 months ago

    To make a Bond reboot but back in the 60s giving a more in depth view of the Cold War would be great but would it make money???

  • Kal El Swift Fans 1989
    Kal El Swift Fans 1989 8 months ago

    John Campea what if Henry Cavill did become the next James Bound but Warner Bro also get attention , because Warner Bro aways want money and i get the vibe of if some time in 2019 we got a Major Rumors of WB could fast cast female Actor from the new James Bonds films . And James Bond 25 Director is going to Direct Superman Man Of Steel 2 if that did came true it might shocked me , than that mean Warner Bro could have three Directors on the list for Superman Man Of Steel 2 if James Bond got a huge box office hit .

  • Anup L k
    Anup L k 8 months ago

    Henry Cavill is the Bond real James Bond...Daniel is boring blonde...

  • ToylandChairman666
    ToylandChairman666 8 months ago

    Henry could work. In the way he's like a modern day Roger Moore, only with less charisma.

  • John Chan Chan Qiyang
    John Chan Chan Qiyang 9 months ago +1

    i am 100 percent james bond ok and superman

  • Aaron Lane
    Aaron Lane 9 months ago

    I hope so- him or Fassbender.

  • Daniel Vargo
    Daniel Vargo 9 months ago


  • samson bahari
    samson bahari 9 months ago

    I think slyvester stallone will be the next James bond

  • Ben
    Ben 9 months ago

    From Superman to James Bond? Mhh. I do not think so. The sequenze seem not to be right somehow. Bur hey why not?! I like Henry Cavill.

  • Valix R
    Valix R 9 months ago

    Oh dear God... Please no!

  • Krieger König
    Krieger König 9 months ago

    With him out as Superman. I hope so!!!!!

  • Antonio Catanese
    Antonio Catanese 9 months ago

    Of course we'll all agree to disagree. And on that note....
    Connery, Moore and Brosnan we're my favorites. Now I love all the Bond movies, but...Daniel Craig, by far, in my opinion is the worst Bond portrayer ever to disgrace the screen. Can't act, has no clue to his surroundings, groans, moans and bitches before and after every movie plus doesn't have the cliche, suave, and gentleman spy personality that made Bond... James Bond; a household name. Please God, take him off the payroll and give this movie to someone else so I can go back to the theatre. I've missed seeing Bond on the big screen.

  • Alain Migueres . Fair Play.

    Cavill is the next james bond . Any other choice would demonstrate the will to destroy the franchise's success.

  • 089
    089 9 months ago

    Cavill would be a perfect bond

  • veritas time
    veritas time 9 months ago


  • Try Thinking For a change
    Try Thinking For a change 9 months ago +1

    Bond had outlived his usefulness. Computers have ruined the recent shows. Time to retire Bond impermanent.

  • Fabrice Ascenso
    Fabrice Ascenso 9 months ago

    Just cast someone young and makes 10 movies with him instead of changing Bond every 4 or 5 movies

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez 9 months ago

    Podria ser un actor Español....mas elegante,serio y con estilo.

  • Jussi Raitoniemi
    Jussi Raitoniemi 9 months ago +1

    Graig was a good pick for the Casino Royale though, Cavill looked like younger Brosnan

  • Mads Hansen
    Mads Hansen 9 months ago

    fuck that would be boring... tom h would too.. Tom Hardy all the way... like come on?

  • John Lehane
    John Lehane 9 months ago +1

    Henry Cavil would be a perfect choice for Bond. He's got all the attributes needed for the role. He would be the best bond since Connery.

  • CJ Carpenter
    CJ Carpenter 9 months ago

    Just announced last Daniel Craig film is being released in 2020 new director Cary!!!

  • gliese3b
    gliese3b 9 months ago

    Hopefully not , Henry Cavill is already Superman , they should cast an unknown for the next Bond like was done with George Lazenby, give the hungry guys a chance.

  • Rick wallace
    Rick wallace 9 months ago

    Nolan to direct,Hardy to be Bond....I'll buy that.

  • Vkane Romeo not bad
    Vkane Romeo not bad 9 months ago

    I want daniel craig

  • Luke Schroeder
    Luke Schroeder 9 months ago

    I love all of the Daniel Craig Bond movies. They’re the best. I’m even really liking Quantum of Solace after seeing it ten times.

  • David
    David 9 months ago

    Criag is enough!!!! Bring this Super bond NOWWWW!!!

  • HW2800
    HW2800 9 months ago

    Probably not. The trend is for diversity now, so looking at a female, gay, transgender, Islamic or minority to fill the role of the next Bond.

  • Operation Truth
    Operation Truth 9 months ago

    I sure hope we don’t get a NEGRO James Bond. Also we need a new Miss Money Penny.

  • mike dizzy
    mike dizzy 9 months ago

    Jason Stratton would make a kick as bond

  • Yau Gaming HD
    Yau Gaming HD 9 months ago

    Doubt it. He is cast for The Witcher series on Netflix .

  • GUY X
    GUY X 9 months ago

    Bond is usually a guy at least 40. Cavill could play a young Bond in the Royal Navy but I can't see him at it. Too young.

  • Scott McCrindle
    Scott McCrindle 9 months ago

    I hope he does...Even better, get him in for the next one and get rid of Craig...Dont get me wrong, i like him but he was overstayed his welcome....

  • wmlau69
    wmlau69 9 months ago

    Due to his physical stature, Cavill doesn’t blend in as a spy and he would tower tremendously over his co-stars

  • richie p
    richie p 9 months ago

    If I remember correctly Clive Owen was first choice then Daniel Craig. I wish Craig would stay but he seems so reluctant in being James Bond maybe it's better to move on to someone else who will have a passion for the role. I don't know what's wrong with being James Bond if your an actor. Every one who has done the role (with the exception of George Lazenby who was really a model) has gone on to do many things. Pierce Brosnan admitted he wasn't a good Bond ( I think he was) but it sure didn't hurt his career. Maybe they need help from the crew that did Atomic Blonde; that movie was well done.

  • Anthony Lewis
    Anthony Lewis 9 months ago +3

    First off, Craig has agreed to feature in "Bond 25" : Cavill should be the successor, the latter certainly has got a lot stacked in his favour - now firmly established as an actor, Cavill is both versatile and appealing - enough reason to cast him.
    Once that happens, it definitely puts those stupid rumours about Idris Elba being in the part of 007!.

  • murugesh mbj
    murugesh mbj 9 months ago

    No he is not best only Daniel Craig no one replace him

  • Samuel Oldham
    Samuel Oldham 9 months ago

    Man From UNCLE was maybe practice?

  • William Southall
    William Southall 9 months ago +1

    I think Henry Cavill will be perfect for James Bond but not for Bond 25, as Daniel Craig is returning for one last time, but for Bond 26, definitely!!
    P.S As of writing this Bond 25 has not been delayed.

    ISAAC NEWTON 9 months ago

    Craig is the shortest man and UGLIEST JAMES BOND ever seen.

    ISAAC NEWTON 9 months ago

    I do hope that the current and UGLIEST JAMES BOND will be replaced soon. Craig does not deserve it. He should have taken the role of THE UGLY in Clint Eastwood's Western movies.

  • matt forte
    matt forte 9 months ago +2

    Hopefully not, dude is weird and lacks any charisma

  • Ian Rigby
    Ian Rigby 9 months ago +1

    I think Chris Hemsworth would make a great Bond.

    • Joe Moss
      Joe Moss 9 months ago

      That would be interesting but I dont see it happening because of his star power.

  • Larry Williams
    Larry Williams 9 months ago

    “Favorite James Bond. Of all time”, get your head out your ass.

  • Russell Spears
    Russell Spears 9 months ago

    He is a perfect fit for a post #MeToo Bond who is a #MGTOW. Honestly, Henry Cavill can pick up bond and give up lusting and falling for women's B.S.

  • derek crymble
    derek crymble 9 months ago

    You are all wrong. ....................Norton , James Norton .

  • smallfaucet
    smallfaucet 9 months ago

    If they don't go with Tom Hardy then Cavill would be a good second choice. Just my opinion.

  • BigNoseDoggie
    BigNoseDoggie 9 months ago

    Cavill would be great as Bond, but he has several things working against him. One, he’s more famous now and therefore more expensive. Two, he’s still identified with Superman. If the Bond producers want to reboot the series, I think they would prefer an unknown who isn’t identified with another iconic character and can’t demand a big salary.

  • Simon Tuffen
    Simon Tuffen 9 months ago

    Can any American explain why you all call Daniel Craig "Daniel Kreg" instead of "Daniel Kray-g"? I know you can pronounce the "-ay" sound, so it's very strange!

  • Simon Jack McCourt
    Simon Jack McCourt 9 months ago

    hahahahahaha, when Henry has a GB passport then maybe

  • M Zeeshan Iqbal
    M Zeeshan Iqbal 9 months ago

    Daniel likes to finish it best and he will in the end.

  • M Zeeshan Iqbal
    M Zeeshan Iqbal 9 months ago

    Chances are yes he can.

  • Reginald Dove
    Reginald Dove 9 months ago

    First, Daniel was lukewarm about doing Bond again, then he agreed to do it again but he is lukewarm..still...shit or get off the pot, Craig! Stop holding shit up...if you don't want it..step aside and let someone who wants the job to take over...

  • Captain Ah Vong
    Captain Ah Vong 9 months ago

    Richard Madden...

  • MrTubarr
    MrTubarr 9 months ago

    Jeebus Chrisis there are more male actors out there other than Henry Cavill and Michael B Jordan

  • Dan Reese
    Dan Reese 9 months ago

    They should tap Guy Richie and Cavill for the next best installment of Bond , James Bond .

  • Mag Loyd
    Mag Loyd 9 months ago

    Dead God I hope not. He's such a dull actor.

  • Kelso Hunt
    Kelso Hunt 9 months ago

    He would be a good bond.

  • paritosh shah bundela
    paritosh shah bundela 9 months ago +2

    Daniel Craig is a crappie bond. Cavill will be the best portrait of James bond.

  • Chad Shaffer
    Chad Shaffer 9 months ago

    James McCoy would be a epic bond character

  • Spod1
    Spod1 9 months ago

    Craig must obey Lord Lucifer. Both Superman and James Bond symbolize final pope or antichrist.

  • Anshuman Dhal
    Anshuman Dhal 9 months ago

    I would love to see Martin Campbell direct the first bond movie of Henry Cavill. That would be a dream come true.

  • Kishen Abeyratne
    Kishen Abeyratne 9 months ago +2

    WoW Henry has bond written all over him. He has Sean, Roger and Pierce all in him. Waiting for him to do the gun barrel. Awaiting for Jason Bourne Bond to leave..

  • Donna McDonald
    Donna McDonald 9 months ago

    Aidan Turner name came up in 2005 I will watch Aidan Turner as the next 007 and you hatred b*tch when Daniel Craig got the job you peopples b*tch about his hair color being blonde Roger Moore hair was sometime a dirt blonde, I stop watch bond movie after Roger Moore start back with Daniel Craig Aidan Turner not the next 007 oh well f*ck it. .

  • gregory green
    gregory green 9 months ago

    He looks just like Sean Connery. IF Sean Connery was a cartoon and gay.

  • John uchiha Andrews
    John uchiha Andrews 9 months ago

    I want Sam witwer as James Bond

  • Martin S
    Martin S 9 months ago


  • Joaquín Guajardo
    Joaquín Guajardo 9 months ago

    I thought his name was "Will Cavill"

  • Donald Allen
    Donald Allen 9 months ago

    Henry Cavill would make a fantastic James Bond

  • yea bouy
    yea bouy 9 months ago

    Daniel Craig is already signed on to do Bond 25

  • Derek Darvell
    Derek Darvell 9 months ago

    I am afraid your mistaken, Henry Carvel was not in the runner up to play bond losing out to Daniel Craig, it was Sam Worthington, in saying so though, he would of been too young to play bond at the time and barley had any credits. He has now left the DC franchise and could play a good James Bond, but I am unsure about the muscles. He could bring back the classical style of bond. I don't know though if the producers would allow him to be bond after being Superman. He wasn't the best at portraying superman and really made a mess of his career.

  • Kenny Raicherter
    Kenny Raicherter 9 months ago

    Bond movies were epics at one time dr no gold finger thunderball you only live twice on her majestys secret service.diomonds r forever.live ana let die spy who loved me.moon raker.goldeneye tommorow neber. Dies. Die another day.the ones i didnt mention r all shit.give bond a mission with an evil villian with a time weapon.not this straight shit.more creative and fantastic stories not no bourne or mission impossible shit

    Joe SHANGHAI 9 months ago

    Daniel just signed up to do another movie. Big gap. Henry Cavill is awesome and ticks all the boxes. Hmmm , be a good choice. Huddleston is a bit feminine fir me. Maybe Tom Hardy is too tough but I think he’d be awesome but I’d be happy if HC got a shot.

  • Paul H. Kircher III
    Paul H. Kircher III 9 months ago

    It's an Original Sin to live past it no work meanwhile.

  • Crystal Hopkins
    Crystal Hopkins 9 months ago

    That would be so cool I’m so there!

  • The Rock Reviews
    The Rock Reviews 9 months ago

    Cavell is perfect for bond

  • Frank Morrison
    Frank Morrison 9 months ago +1

    God no. He's too wooden.

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 9 months ago +3

    Daniel Craig as bond again sounds cool. But if it’s Daniels last Bond movie then I personally would like to see Henry as James Bond.

  • alex perrie
    alex perrie 9 months ago +7

    Say what you want but Tom hiddleston would be the PERFECT Bond.

    • Curtis Wilson
      Curtis Wilson 9 months ago

      @Kermit Hitler The ONLY reason to sit through Kong: Skull Island was his former SAS character; his "Night Nanager" was brilliant; he'd RULE as Bond!

    • Rickster Music
      Rickster Music 9 months ago +6

      Tom Hiddleston looks like a teen with anorexia and absolutely no testosterone. Not the Bond we need.

    • Kermit Hitler
      Kermit Hitler 9 months ago +4

      He's a wimp, and instantly forgettable

    • moodyguymick
      moodyguymick 9 months ago

      Do me a favour !!

  • Daz Mayes
    Daz Mayes 9 months ago +1

    Would be a very good move for cavill, as superman is a depressing scriptless straight faced boring shit under WB.

  • fahri zulfikar
    fahri zulfikar 9 months ago

    Can someone invent age reversal machine??
    Imagine Samuel L Jackson back in his prime, Daniel Craig as Bond

  • Issie wizzie
    Issie wizzie 9 months ago +1

    I said this way back ... he will be bond

  • Adam West
    Adam West 9 months ago +1

    If Cavill is bond , I hope he is more like Pierce Bronson's bond. Those are the best bond movies. Henry's bond needs to be fun & sauve with the ladies, Have a bunch of super spy gadgets. A bond movie is trash without spy Gadgets!

  • TomOfAllTrades91
    TomOfAllTrades91 9 months ago

    Obviously ill informed as Craig is doing the current bond (25) ...

  • Jay Legend
    Jay Legend 9 months ago +1

    No thnx plz. Cavill is an average actor. And feeling in Craig's shoes would be too much for him.

  • Mario Sanon
    Mario Sanon 9 months ago

    Henry Cavill is another perfect potential Bond because he not only played in 2 spy films but he reminds of a combination between 4,5, &6. Which are Timothy Dalton, Pierce Bronsan, and Daniel Craig's Bonds he have the looks as them and have the walk too. His body physique don't need to be touch aswell and if they want to bring in 006 back I want either Tom Hiddleston or Idris Elba to play him. As for a female 00 or other agents that are mentioned or shown in the film they should star in their own series of films within the Bondverse.

  • Mario Sanon
    Mario Sanon 9 months ago

    All the Bonds are great but there alot of great actors that I want to see play Bond like Damian Lewis, James Norton, Aiden Turner, Tom Hiddleston, Nicholas Hoult, David Oyelow, Cilian Murphy, Jamie Bell as a young Bond, Idris Elba (well he not promoting no more), Charlie Hunnam, and Philip Winchester(the first British American Bond who have a american accent but can play a perfect british one very well which his role in Strikeback is a perfect example).

    • alex perrie
      alex perrie 9 months ago

      Tom hiddleston would be perfect for the role !

  • Joshua R
    Joshua R 9 months ago +7

    I think Henry Cavill make a kick-ass Bond

  • ClayDog MadMan
    ClayDog MadMan 9 months ago +2

    Daniel Craig is your favorite Jame Bond of all times, really John?...
    If I was a woman that lust men, Daniel Craig would've been the ugliest James Bond ever...
    It's a good thing that it's all about the Bond Girl's...

  • astrapsy
    astrapsy 9 months ago

    Invest in a camelbak jesus christ lol

  • Nemesis T-Type
    Nemesis T-Type 9 months ago

    I'd watch a Cavill James Bond.

  • Jamie Hutchinson
    Jamie Hutchinson 9 months ago

    Yes Henry Cavill should do bond and yes Nolan should direct a bond movie or trilogy. Margo Robbie would make a great bond girl. But I don't think this is going to happen, we get let down too many times by the movie/tv industry. Take Disney and WB. Disney who seem to want to remake and reboot old franchises. Taking George Lucas Star Wars and making it a joke (The Last Jedi/Solo/Resistance) Warner Bros the people who have no clue what they are doing. Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad and Justice League. Do I really need to say anymore. Myself and a whole lot of other people want to be wowed by a tv show and film.

  • Peter Matthews
    Peter Matthews 9 months ago +2

    It would be a good move for the Henry Cavill and the James Bond Franchise. Henry really needed to diversify his film portfolio well before now if he was going to seriously negotiate with WB and he was great in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. This would show him as an in demand actor when dealing with WB.

  • krishtian Sev
    krishtian Sev 9 months ago

    I think it's partially the reason why he is not committing to superman