Avengers: Infinity War (SPOILERS) - Official Movie Review

  • Published on Apr 27, 2018
  • WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!!! Avengers: Infinity War starring Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo and Chris Evans directed by the Russo brothers is reviewed by Christy Lemire, Tara McNamara and Matt Atchity. This clip is brought to you in partnership with www.atomtickets.com. Use code WTF5 for $5 off your first purchase!
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    An unprecedented cinematic journey ten years in the making and spanning the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios' "Avengers: Infinity War" brings to the screen the ultimate, deadliest showdown of all time. The Avengers and their Super Hero allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe.

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Comments • 795

  • Frank Roberts
    Frank Roberts Month ago +2

    drink everytime Matt asks, "right?"

  • Kanye East
    Kanye East 4 months ago +1

    15:16 LOL! I love that joke.

  • Temsha Sanaie
    Temsha Sanaie 8 months ago

    First, I hate these cash cow movies. Watch Matts face while the two women have a passive aggressive word fight lol

  • TazeMeBro McCleskey
    TazeMeBro McCleskey 9 months ago

    The glove looks fried. Might not me able to use all the gems together in the gauntlet. They'll probably have each surviving Avenger use 1 stone each, then stones together to bring back everyone or something corny.

  • yo mo
    yo mo 9 months ago

    Lemaire come on. The panel talking about Thanos and his motives Lemaire jumps in with "i really like Captain America's hair"

  • Kate VD
    Kate VD 10 months ago

    my husband
    was like
    LOL NO
    lets go home
    and watch Batman :(
    so sad bc of bp

  • AriandMe
    AriandMe 10 months ago +1

    Lmao, conservatives trolling here too because this is simply a group branched off from TYT, even though none of this has ANYTHING to do with politics, lmao. You people are pathetic.

  • NRA Jesus
    NRA Jesus 10 months ago +2

    Oh for fuck sakes. It's fucking time travel which makes everything fucking meaningless. Time travel sucks shit.

  • UTU49
    UTU49 11 months ago +1

    They have introduced time travel...
    ... to the MCU...
    ... so all bets are off...
    ... events can now be undone.

  • Lesly Lebon
    Lesly Lebon 11 months ago +6

    WTF was Matt talking about @ 11:12 none of that happened civil war ended with Cap on the run pay attention smh

    • Shane King
      Shane King 10 months ago

      Matt is terrible

    • Docbndgrl9113
      Docbndgrl9113 10 months ago

      Lesly Lebon Exactly. He mixed that up with the end of AoU.
      Cap was definitely a fugitive at the end of Civil War. He broke Falcon, Scarlet Witch, and the others, excluding Clint and Scott, out of that prison they were in.

  • Floppy Disk
    Floppy Disk 11 months ago +2

    "Why not have a bi superhero"? Because it's fuckin gross and crazy, that's why. Don't say nothin like that.

    • AriandMe
      AriandMe 10 months ago +9

      You're fucking disgusting, it's not "pushing that shit onto kids", it would be showcasing other lifestyles than your own, it's NOT a choice to be gay or bisexual, etc... so it wouldn't make your kid become gay or something, you can't be this stupid, can you? This is quite literally like saying "pushing that straight people shit onto kids in a movie is evil. No, I'm not a hateful piece of shit."

    • dfdfdgg gjhjjh
      dfdfdgg gjhjjh 10 months ago

      @MoonPlayz pushing that shit onto kids in a movie is evil. No, I’m not at all religious.

    • dfdfdgg gjhjjh
      dfdfdgg gjhjjh 10 months ago +1

      I do enjoy their reviews but they are libtards to the worst degree.

    • MoonPlayz
      MoonPlayz 10 months ago +6

      whats wrong with being bisexual?

  • Zarola
    Zarola 11 months ago +2

    The problem in Civil War is the government. Ironman might have released his issues with Capt. America but the world government (especially US) would be looking for them. They are rogues. Any government worth their salt would at least be serious about their loose ends running around not under their control.

  • Zarola
    Zarola 11 months ago +4

    Why would making the movie geared towards adults who grew up with the original versions be bad? As the younger generation we are capable of reading and watching the comics and tv shows (animated and live-action). So the stance of action hero movie should be only for kids in mind is ridiculous.
    Parents make the decision to let there kids watch a violent intensive movie. Any synopsis of the Batman v Superman comic would tell you there are dark themes.

  • Primary Simcha Felder

    "whose gay?" Jeez cant you let the movie make a glib joke

  • Jacob Skinner
    Jacob Skinner Year ago +8

    My favorite thing about Matt is how he seems to think that regurgitating the plot counts as analysis.

  • Richard Hollingsworth

    Age of Ultron started the new team; Civil War then broke them up.

  • David Smith
    David Smith Year ago

    awesome movie

  • pjamese3
    pjamese3 Year ago +5

    Batman didn't kill Superman in BvS. Also, everyone over 15yo knows from the comics (which was a huge event) that Superman will "get better."
    Of course, everyone knows that at least the big superheroes will be back. You have to watch the movie as presented and deal with that world.
    From Thanos' perspective, he's the hero...and he succeeds in his goals.
    You weren't paying attention to the rogue Avengers. They've been on the run since the end of Civil War. They weren't staying at the Avengers facility. They just showed up when they saw that an alien threat showed up. Rhodes decided to help them. That's why he said he was going to get court-martialed.

  • thevanishingflame
    thevanishingflame Year ago +1

    caps beard was spectacular

  • jherrenor
    jherrenor Year ago +3

    When you have 3 people who consistently interrupt and talk over each other.

  • Christian Round
    Christian Round Year ago +1

    Here's what they should do:
    Everyone who died in the snap will come back, but the vast majority of the characters who survived the snap should die permanently in part 2.

  • Coos Oorlog
    Coos Oorlog Year ago +6

    Half the population of the earth dissolves in the air and you're wondering whether ant-man is aware of this at all?!
    Of course he would be. The thing is, Ant Man 2 probably takes place before the events of Infinity War. Same as Captain Marvel film.

  • Coos Oorlog
    Coos Oorlog Year ago +4

    There's a Finnish "philosopher" and eco-fascist who thinks at least 4/5 of the world population should be gone, possibly much more. There really are people who think like that.

    • Stefan Pieper
      Stefan Pieper 11 months ago

      Ok thanks

    • Coos Oorlog
      Coos Oorlog 11 months ago +1

      Here's one: www.azizonomics.com/2012/05/18/the-face-of-genocidal-eco-fascism/

    • Stefan Pieper
      Stefan Pieper 11 months ago

      Link or it's a lie

  • Jonezx2020
    Jonezx2020 Year ago +1

    After seeing the movie 3 times I can safely say it was a 8.6/10.

  • Damita Jo
    Damita Jo Year ago +5

    could Matt not take over the entire conversation for once

  • terry huggins
    terry huggins Year ago

    They keep saying everyone who's dead is coming back.if they paid attention to the end credit scene where nick fury sends a signal to carol danvers/ms marvel who is half kree which would bring in the kree skrull war as a prelude to secret invasion.where the Skrulls who are shapeshifters could have infiltrated the avengers before they were killed by thanos,which means they will stay dead. The real avengers could be held by the skrulls.but I m just guessing

    • pjamese3
      pjamese3 Year ago +1

      You're right. I forgot about the talk of doing the Secret War (which would involve the Skrulls.) That could explain why Tony Stark was turning into a bad guy in the last 2-3 movies.

    • terry huggins
      terry huggins Year ago

      jttfffffffffffff yeah the next phase of the m c u is secret invasion where the Skrulls have infiltrated most of the superheroes. You kinda have to read the comic

    • jttfffffffffffff
      jttfffffffffffff Year ago +2

      Bruh what...

  • terry huggins
    terry huggins Year ago +3

    I m pretty sure at the end of civil war,captain America does a jailbreak and they're now on the run.tony stark is the only one with cap's number.they are lying low and when cap shows up.ross wants to arrest him.it s not like the X-Men where everything is time jumped. This seems to take place not long after civil war.

  • Emmanuel Morrell
    Emmanuel Morrell Year ago +2


  • Moje Imja
    Moje Imja Year ago +4


  • BoxocardsProductionz

    Jesus, this review as filled with wrong information and dumb questions

  • avenuePad
    avenuePad Year ago +4

    Matt remembers Civil War wrong. It's understandable - there are a lot of movies.

    • bimapringgo
      bimapringgo Year ago +2

      No, not understandable, because it is his fucking job to review movies.

  • Shane Leigh
    Shane Leigh Year ago +6

    Did Matt see Captain America: Civil War? That missing plot he mentions is sorta covered there...

  • Robert Chase
    Robert Chase Year ago +2

    They're allowed to swear again, sweet.

  • The God Emperor
    The God Emperor Year ago +1

    Your kids aren't smart. Just cause they are your kids doesn't mean they are actually smart.

  • chrislox1
    chrislox1 Year ago +3

    It's so funny to watch people discuss and speculate over comic book films. Let's face it anything can happen now days. My theory is Thanos will go to the bathroom and take off his gauntlet to wipe his ass not knowing that antman is hiding behind the u bend! You know the rest....!

  • John Jaxson
    John Jaxson Year ago

    When he was inside the soul stone I thought for sure it was gonna be either the living tribunal or the one above all who was going to stop Thanos.

  • Mr Klutz54
    Mr Klutz54 Year ago +3

    antman and the wasp takes place before infinity war

  • Harry BuddhaPalm
    Harry BuddhaPalm Year ago +2

    It's not much of a spoiler, really, since what happens happened in the comics that came out almost 30 years ago.

    • KingTekins
      KingTekins Year ago

      Well that depends on whether or not you've read the source material. Technically the ending of The Shawshank Redemption wouldn't have been a spoiler when it came out due to being adapted from a novella.

  • Stablemable2
    Stablemable2 Year ago +3

    Actually the "new Avengers" started at the end of Age of Ultron and continued in Civil War.
    Civil War is when you see the new Avengers in action and their last mission would later inspire the Civil War.

    • Kern Albert
      Kern Albert Year ago

      Thanks. Guy knows the Star Wars font but doesn't remember the timeline between AOU and CACW and comments on AIW as if the Russos messed up. SMH.

  • Simon Paul
    Simon Paul Year ago +1

    Every review I've seen keeps using the new movies coming out as proof the other characters come back. You guys do realize new movies could cover timelines before Infinity War right?

    • Drawing Conclusions
      Drawing Conclusions Year ago +1

      Exactly @Simon Paul -- Marvel hasn't released these movies in chronological order. We make the same observation in our spoiler review video. It's really anyone's guess how this will all play out in the next movie. My guess is that we will see at least some of the characters come back, but I could be wrong!

    • Kern Albert
      Kern Albert Year ago

      Also as if they didn't change Human Torch into a Black dude (Yes, I know different universe, but the fact remains if a studio has balls or wrong-headedness, they can make any decisions they want. Brother Voodoo as the new Sorcerer Supreme. Shiri as the new Black Panther..etc)

  • Geerladenlad
    Geerladenlad Year ago

    There are so many ignorant people the facts of Marvel in this video. Ever heard of the pocket Universe people?

  • TheFirstBumtoDie
    TheFirstBumtoDie Year ago +2

    the gauntlet was burned up. Their is no do over.

    • Laverne Blaszczyk
      Laverne Blaszczyk Year ago

      DON'T SAY THAT😭😂😭

    • Harry BuddhaPalm
      Harry BuddhaPalm Year ago +1

      It lit back up and Thanos teleported away with it, so...there's that.

    • Geerladenlad
      Geerladenlad Year ago +1

      TheFirstBumtoDie Elitri still lives he can make another gauntlet.

  • KingTekins
    KingTekins Year ago +3

    What a stupid reason to hate Batman V Superman. Like there's plenty of other logical reasons to hate that movie.

  • 201stars
    201stars Year ago +2

    This is all peter quills fault. Also wonder how all of this will be brought up in the marvel nexflix tv shows.

  • Lou Bloom
    Lou Bloom Year ago

    everything on Earth after the NY Battle was boring as fuck, the other team-ups were good

  • Shad Stobbe
    Shad Stobbe Year ago

    Lov3 ur Matt com

  • Schuyler Thackeray
    Schuyler Thackeray Year ago +13

    Dude. Matt, buddy. You are confusing the end of civil war with the end of age of ultron.

    • mitube4u
      mitube4u Year ago +2

      Right. They've been on the run since Civil War.

  • Jose LLosa
    Jose LLosa Year ago +1

    If you don't want to be completely lost then read some comics cause marvel is not going to hold your hand and explain everything. It's nice learning through other media. If you're not reading the comics then use your imagination

    • Drawing Conclusions
      Drawing Conclusions Year ago

      Gotta agree with Akbar Naqvi on this one -- I've never read a single page of a Marvel comic, but I can follow these films just fine. -- Jessica from Drawing Conclusions, the marriage of movies and art

    • Akbar Naqvi
      Akbar Naqvi Year ago +4

      Marvel is fantastic, but their cinematic universe is completely self-contained. Reading the comics is not a necessity in any way to follow their films.

    • Jose LLosa
      Jose LLosa Year ago

      Akbar Naqvi apparently it's working 19 movies later lol not everything has to be explained, you can't fit everything in a movie. No one has been able to achieve what marvel has, not like this.

    • Akbar Naqvi
      Akbar Naqvi Year ago +2

      LOL No. You absolutely do not have to read comics nor should any movie be made that way unless they don't care about making money

  • Jose LLosa
    Jose LLosa Year ago

    I heard general ross might be the red hulk in the next one!

  • Algiers C
    Algiers C Year ago +1

    Ant Man takes place before IW

  • T Edwards
    T Edwards Year ago +10

    Everyone is acting like the deaths don't matter because WE know they aren't permanent, but the Avengers remaining (and Rocket) don't know that so it's going to seriously impact how they act and think and feel in the next one and considering it's the last movie for a lot of the original Avengers who are still there it's likely that those original characters will have to sacrifice themselves to get the others back (who are probably trapped in the soul stone with Gamora, which everyone seems to be forgetting)

    • swanpride
      swanpride Year ago +1

      Even worse, James Gunn has revealed that Groot's last words meant "Dad".

    • Drawing Conclusions
      Drawing Conclusions Year ago +1

      Rocket losing his friends was especially painful after the scene between him and Thor where Thor is saying he has nothing left to lose and Rocket saying under his breath that he does, that he has a lot to lose. And then he loses it all. Heartbreaking. -- Jessica from Drawing Conclusions, the marriage of movies and art

    • swanpride
      swanpride Year ago +4

      Yeah...I mean, just consider Rocket. He started out in GotG as someone who claimed that he didn't need friends, finally accepted that the GotG would never abandon him and that he should stop pushing them away in GotG Vol 2 and now he has lost ALL of them at once. And even Thor might now rethink the claim that he had nothing left to lose.

  • dodgermutt
    dodgermutt Year ago +17

    The end of Civil War had Cap breaking the others out of prison. They have been on the run ever since.

  • whobp8
    whobp8 Year ago +12

    Cap and Nat formed a new Avengers team with Falcon, War Machine, Vision and Scarlet Witch at the end of Avengers Age of Ultron, then the Avengers broke up in Captain America Civil War and some of them ended up on the run. Then Matt started to lose his memory and was confused by the plot of Avengers Infinity War. Ah old age, it takes it's toll on all of us.

  • Sea Pig
    Sea Pig Year ago +3

    The "balance the universe by killing half of all life" thing is so random and vague and unexplained that it seems a pretty lame MacGuffin to hang the culmination of ten years of movies on.

    • jonjonmcjonjon
      jonjonmcjonjon Year ago +1

      What No name ok said is interesting. Reading about it, yep, the idea is essentially that theory taken to its logical extreme. Even without that, Thanos explains himself enough times with his experiences on other planets that you understand why he's doing what he's setting out to do. In any case it isn't "random," not exactly "vague" and sure as hell not "unexplained." He says outright he sees an overpopulation of life using up finite resources (whether that is "scientifically correct" is - do you honestly care about things like that in a grandiose space opera/fantasy film like this?) until they all die off. Rather than let that happen, he thinks he is doing the right thing by "restarting" things by getting rid of half of all life so instead of everyone dying off, only some will, the rest able to rebuild and live more prosperously.
      The movie never says his solution is the correct one, it is just what _he_ thinks is the right solution to a problem _he_ thinks needs to be righted. It's pretty clear nobody else even takes his problem into consideration at all. To the superhero cast, he is a powerful being bent on mass extermination of life, all they need to know that this is someone who must be stopped.
      It doesn't matter if the MacGuffin to act as his solution is to assemble the Mega Fart Horn and obtain the 15 fart gasses from fifteen different interplanetary species which when combined would wipe out many lifeforms via a deadly chemical composition that these farts mixed together would form so much as why he is doing all of this and what he has done before to jumpstart start the process.
      He does terrible things, he's committed genocide on different planets, and his final act is his ultimate act of mass-murder that would leave numerous survivors in great distress. And yet he earnestly believe, what he's doing is what is right, and the way he justifies himself, you can empathize with what he is saying and doing as twisted as it is. That's what makes Thanos a good villain to me. He does terrible things but so strongly sees the great ends justifying the awful means, that he's doing _good_ and _helping_ life all over the universe that this, to him, is a righteous act.
      To him it's all for a greater good that short-term individual grief is less important than long-term survival and order for innumerable planets his goal would bring. Yes, he is a villain, in appearance and actions, but in mindset and motive he is more complicated than that. The last shot where he does what he says he would do, just sit down and watch a sunrise, slowly bringing him to a genuine smile, says it all. He really thinks he has done good for everyone even if nobody else sees it that way, certainly I don't think the audience does. But in a way, you can understand why Thanos would see it otherwise. He commits what is perhaps one of the greatest atrocities to living species all over in any movie like this ever made but without going for the route of making him blatantly, cartoonishly disdainful. It was a fairly entertaining movie throughout but the ending and the reasons for it are what really sell it for me.

    • ed1rko17
      ed1rko17 Year ago +1

      Sea Pig I totally agree with you. And not only is the notion of just wiping out half the population a lame MacGuffin to balance the universe, it's also incredibly lame how they did it. A guy makes a glove that when you put a bunch of stones in it and snap your fingers, everyone on the planet has a 50% chance of turning into dust... ? Like what? How does that make any sense to people. Like now this universe is capable of having a superpower where if you go to a 7-11 and buy a pizza, then throw it out the window at a 3'7" asian midget with a tramp stamp, it will cause an explosion at the other end of the universe that turns all the evil people into Kool-Aid and there will be world peace.

    • Sea Pig
      Sea Pig Year ago

      Jarethenator Seems like you just didn't give my comment(s) much attention... There are a lot of valid criticisms out there, but those from the result of poor reading comprehension are not among them. You assume much, and assumptions are not solid ground from which to present/defend one's position, although they are handy when you need to feel righteous.
      I'm well aware of what the stones are and how they are used, however, my comment never mentioned the stones. When you have to put words into the mouth of the person with whom you are arguing in order to bolster your position, your premise is false, and your entire comment becomes moot.
      The ultimate goal of the protagonist (Thanos) is to "balance the universe". That is what drives him and moves the plot forward. Stopping him is what drives the Avengers and moves the plot forward. Unfortunately, "balance the universe" is presented as nothing more than culling the herd. It's silly and lame. The universe was just fine for the 14.3 billion years before Thanos showed up, so killing half of all life in the universe is a pretty weak plot device. It doesn't make any sense. What is being balanced with what? All life in the universe is sitting on the ground, but what is at the other end of that seesaw?
      Let me know if you have any more questions.

    • ed1rko17
      ed1rko17 Year ago +1

      Sea Pig Thank you!! I thought I was the only one. It's just so silly and seems like such a lazy way to try to add weight and consequence.

    • Jarethenator
      Jarethenator Year ago +3

      What is there left to explain and how is it random? It's been many years of "this is why these things are dangerous, if you get all of these together it can do this. Here's several films about specific stones and how they can be used." On top of that, there's multiple monologues explaining how they are used, and why they are used.
      Seems like you just didn't give the movie(s) much attention...There are a lot of valid criticisms out there, but those from the result of not paying attention are not among them.

  • robert robinson
    robert robinson Year ago +5

    Read a comic lol. The host are lost lol. Maybe they should stick to regular movies. Stay away from comics

    • Tim Terrell
      Tim Terrell Year ago

      I get it. Hentai exists but cartoons are for kids. Violent and pornographic comics exist but comics are for kids. Alcohol exists, but beverages are for kids. Rated R movies exist, but movies are for kids. Cars exist but cars are for kids (because Hot Wheels). Wow, that sounds dumb.

    • ed1rko17
      ed1rko17 Year ago

      Tim Terrell I don't have kids. Yeah and there is such thing as hentai, doesn't mean cartoons aren't for kids.

    • Tim Terrell
      Tim Terrell Year ago

      Yeah, Ed1rko17. Comics are for kids. I have a couple of recommendations for the children in your life. There is Omaha the Cat Dancer, Deadpool, Mark Millar's Nemesis and a couple of comics by children's author Garth Ennis: The Boys and Herogasm. Get these books for them at Christmas or their birthdays.

    • ed1rko17
      ed1rko17 Year ago

      They're movie critics. Hate to break it to you, but tons of film savvy people don't read comics. Comics are for children. Nothing wrong with that, but realistically, they are.

    • iamsheep
      iamsheep Year ago +1

      You idiot. It’s a movie that happens to be adapted from comic books. You don’t need to read a single comic to watch a movie based on them. If you did then it’s a badly made film.

  • Kevin Poon
    Kevin Poon Year ago +2

    You were confused on one part about cap, nat, falcon. since the end of the cw they have always been on the run. In cw tony tries to convince ross, but he won't listen. Also during gym class homecom the gym teachers says cap is a war criminal confirming that he has been a fugitive since civil war and is on the run. That's a big part of why he changes his hair and nat changes her hair

  • Rex Longfellow
    Rex Longfellow Year ago +5

    This is gonna be a long essay, but here goes nothing.
    Batman did not kill Superman in BvS. That was Doomsday. Ant-Man and Hawkeye were under house arrest because they were broken out of the holding facility by Captain America at the end of Civil War. When Thanos snapped his fingers, it wasn't just the Avengers that were affected. The entire universe (half of it anyway) was. Did y'all even watch Civil War? Captain America and his group split off due to their differences, that's why they were covertly operating in this movie. Infinity Stones sounds weird? Really?
    If y'all wanted to fault the movie, fault it for things it has actually done wrong. Not things that you have not paid attention to and think are plot holes. Watching this video, I felt like y'all were just nitpicking and didn't really care about the movie.

    • Tim Terrell
      Tim Terrell Year ago

      I think she meant that she didn't like the fact that Batman was TRYING to kill Superman. I think she just misspoke.

  • bigraviolees
    bigraviolees Year ago +2

    Lots of dead space in this movie. Felt like it was taking days to end although an unhappy ending is creative I would have rather saved my money for a red box rental of this flick. CGI is and has been in other Marvel movies a little flakey. Fog it darken it spruce it up or stop using it

    • Sea Pig
      Sea Pig Year ago +1

      Jarethenator Or, fanboy, it just wasn't that enjoyable to some people who may actually have a different opinion about the movie than you have. Too bad, so sad.

    • Jarethenator
      Jarethenator Year ago

      Seems like you weren't actually trying to enjoy something if you were waiting for it to end.

  • Martin Zerrudo
    Martin Zerrudo Year ago +8

    I love WTF but you guys wasted the opportunity to provide quality insight on arguably the biggest movie of all time. This movie is a culmination of a 18 movie narrative and yet it seems like no one took the time to do research on the subject matter before this review. What kind of a question is "Can anyone turn back time like Superman?" Why does everyone forget the ending of the last Avengers movie? Infinity Stone sounds like Kay Jeweller? No one discusses Dr. Strange's end game, Quills outburst, Hulk not wanting to come out? I expected more from WTF.

    • Drawing Conclusions
      Drawing Conclusions Year ago +1

      I feel like the panelists on WTF actually miss important things from movies quite a bit. For normal human beings, that is totally forgivable, but when it's your job, not so much. I do reviews for free and remember more than these guys.

    • Martin Zerrudo
      Martin Zerrudo Year ago

      Reading comprehension goes a long way lol. "You guys wasted the opportunity to provide quality insight ". Read that a few times over, then compare it to what you're saying, and see if it matches.

    • ed1rko17
      ed1rko17 Year ago

      Martin Zerrudo You didn't say that, but your comment is basically you over hyping the SHIT out of this little children's costume fighting movie, and then blaming them for not recognizing what you're talking about. You seriously lack self awareness.

    • swanpride
      swanpride Year ago +3

      This is not about hype. When I listen to a review, I expect the people in it actually knowing what they are talking about.

    • Martin Zerrudo
      Martin Zerrudo Year ago

      ed1rko17 Pretty sure my comment had nothing in it about why they weren't "hyped" enough.

  • vic2099
    vic2099 Year ago

    You guys don't do Westworld talk anymore ?

  • Mystery Mike
    Mystery Mike Year ago +8

    12:06 there was no left out plot. That was the whole point of Civil War. You guys remember that, right? No? Well okay.

  • Vladimir Marley
    Vladimir Marley Year ago

    So who dies in the movie? Too much blah blah blah ..give me names

    • Jarethenator
      Jarethenator Year ago

      You know, if you watch the movie, you could see for yourself and that would probably be a much more enjoyable experience than reading it out of some youtube comment.

    • No name ok
      No name ok Year ago

      If you really want to know... spoilers, I may have forgotten some and be mistaken I watched only once

      Loki, all the Guardians except Rocket, Dr. Strange, Spider Man, Bucky, Black Panther, Vision, S Witch

    • No name ok
      No name ok Year ago

      Everyone who died has a chance to come back tho. Even Vision they establish it is possible to remove the gem and keep part of his conciousness. Loki can create illusions and he has died 2 times already.

    • Savage Truth
      Savage Truth Year ago

      Vladimir Marley there are only a few who I think are truly dead and that's Vision, Loki, and possibly Gamora

  • pjamese3
    pjamese3 Year ago +8

    You didn't miss any plot points with Cap's Avengers team. You just weren't paying attention. At the end of Civil War Cap broke his team out of prison. The would have still had the Quinjet (Cap left the shield and kept the plane.) They were operating as needed while on the run (just like they did in the comics Civil War storyline.) That's why Ross ordered Colonel Rhodes (who was walking with the aid of an exoskeleton) to arrest them. He hung up on Ross and said, "That's a court martial" because he recognized that Cap had been right and this situation was above legalities.
    BTW, that Kay Jeweler's joke was lame. They're called Infinity Stones in the comics. Be professional and do your research before you - attempt to - crack wise.

    • Drawing Conclusions
      Drawing Conclusions Year ago

      I think these movies do stand on their own. I didn't do any research before seeing IW, but didn't have the problems remembering major plot points like these guys do. However, if you walk into IW not having seen all the other Marvel movies and then complain about plot holes . . . well, all I can do is SMH.

    • swanpride
      swanpride Year ago

      There are no hard rules for what movies should be other than something to watch in the cinema.

    • Sea Pig
      Sea Pig Year ago

      Movies should stand on their own and not require "research". Anyhoo, it's just a movie, and that was just a joke.

    • nnnnnnnp
      nnnnnnnp Year ago

      pjamese3 This guy has a bad memory he’s always doing this when they review Game of Thrones. He wasn’t wrong. When he mentioned about the New Avengers Team, but that happens at the end of Age of Ultron not Cvil War. He needs to remember plot points.

  • pjamese3
    pjamese3 Year ago +6

    The Ant-Man movie will be set before Infinity War. They may end it with half the population vanishing.

  • Sylvia Lopez
    Sylvia Lopez Year ago

    Soul stone is the key

  • George Maitlin
    George Maitlin Year ago +2

    I was more shock with the death of Harry in Kingsman than this.

  • Mateusz Wojciechowski

    you cant talk about marvel movie and confuse Civil War with Age of Ultron

  • Tony S
    Tony S Year ago +1

    Thanos did win. No Spider-man, No Black Panther, & No Alonso.

  • Timothy Valencia
    Timothy Valencia Year ago


  • oldcdog91
    oldcdog91 Year ago +12

    Matt, you're confusing Age of Ultron with Civil War. The end of CW had Cap breaking everyone out of prison and leaving his "I'll be there for you" phone for Tony Stark. Your nerd credentials have been temporarily suspended...

  • Kasino80
    Kasino80 Year ago +1

    I think the movie where Cap and Nat goes on the run is the end of Civil War. They go off the grid and comes back when they need to. Also Vision was supposed to be on Stark's side, but even he reaches out to them to get the time with Scarlet Witch.

  • Yitzhak Shtarker
    Yitzhak Shtarker Year ago +4

    No reference to the Dr Strange obvious key to the endgame - i.e he ran 1,000,064 simulations, and just one of them ended up giving them the win, and, his last words to Stark: it was the only way

    • Bradley Venzen
      Bradley Venzen Year ago


    • Kasino80
      Kasino80 Year ago

      Yitzhak Shtarker just rewatched Ultron and Stark uses "that's the end game" referencing what ge saw beyond the worm hole. So this is Starks own words. It's really beautiful.

  • 6666
    6666 Year ago

    Big fans of superhero movies are angry and upset. This is great. It makes me smile.

  • D R
    D R Year ago +1

    Not all will come back in future movies. Mainly the dust people with sequels coming up. I think Nebula will sacrifice herself "the only soul she has loved" to bring back the dust people and Gamora. Gamora resurrects with the gauntlet, but can't handle it and gives it over to Capt Marvel or Adam Warlock. Probably Capt Marvel. I think Adam Warlock will more likely be a bad guy in the next guardian's movie. I'm counting on a Thor cameo or team up in that one as well. I think from here on out Marvel sequel's will continue to be mash ups and team up movies. Some of the best things we get to see are the mixes of hero combinations. Marvel knows this and knows how to execute fan pay off with twists. It's the most successfully executed serial movie line up that has ever existed.

  • Nick Matthews
    Nick Matthews Year ago +2

    6.5?!?! Without any good reason?

  • Nick Matthews
    Nick Matthews Year ago +2

    Blue shirt girl talks, SKIP TEN SECONDS. Repeat

  • pvthitch
    pvthitch Year ago

    The hero of Avengers 4 will be Hawkeye.

  • Ethidian
    Ethidian Year ago +7

    Matt always sounds like he's getting to a particularly interesting point... and then he just goes on.

  • Hyro Proto
    Hyro Proto Year ago

    This movie should be called "Thanos: Infinity War:.. with that perspective, Avangers are the band that are trying to stop our protagonist's plan... looks like a much better movie

  • Malek Karim
    Malek Karim Year ago

    Hal Riddick

  • dinosoid2000
    dinosoid2000 Year ago +1

    Ant Man 2 will take place before Infinity War.

  • MiniLemmy
    MiniLemmy Year ago +2

    Guy in the middle didn’t even know that Idris Elba’s character was called Heimdall!

  • TheIndependentMind
    TheIndependentMind Year ago +9

    Guy in the Middle: You're thinking about Avengers 2, not Civil War. They were in prison at the end of Civil War. Cap, Nat, and Falcon are fugitives and now Rhodie's wanted for aiding and abiding lol. But like she said, all of that is moot!! Thanos is sipping Pina Coladas on the beach!

  • Daniel Intoccia
    Daniel Intoccia Year ago +2

    Since when did Batman kill Superman??? Did i watch a different movie. I could have sworn Doomsday killed him just like the comic books. This is the problem these days. Too many people who have never read a comic book in their lives and watch these movies lol. Thanos was not a humanized character in the comics. The entity of Death made him kill half the Universe. But i bet that chick doesn't know that.

  • Alex Treviño
    Alex Treviño Year ago

    I fucking love this film! And this is coming from someone who does not like many of the MCU films but this was awesome! My only complaint is that there was no Hawkeye.

  • Daniel Intoccia
    Daniel Intoccia Year ago

    I love it. Oh Loki is a trickster he can't be dead. Gamora can't be dead lol. THEY ARE DEAD!!!! Everyone who died before the SNAP are actually dead dummies. The rest are all in the Soul Stone.

    • Drawing Conclusions
      Drawing Conclusions Year ago

      I think for sure Loki is dead; Gamora is about a 50-50 for me. Everyone else? Who knows? These are comic book movies, after all. But I do think it cheapens this movie somewhat if everyone just comes back and so I hope that isn't what happens. But I trust Marvel to do a good job with this story. I haven't been disappointed so far. -- Jessica from Drawing Conclusions

    • bidhrohi12
      bidhrohi12 Year ago

      Maaaybe not Gamora. At least I hope not. She was sacrificed in a ceremony that was constructed by the soul gem itself. Maybe she comes back as a version of Angela. That would be kick-ass.

  • Savage Truth
    Savage Truth Year ago +2

    What happened to Spider Man was the most emotionally raw imo

  • Nelson Chereta
    Nelson Chereta Year ago +1

    Red Skull and the dwarven blacksmith were the biggest surprises.

  • Digital Doe
    Digital Doe Year ago +2

    Movie is a solid B+...I'm sure when part II comes out, together they will be an A, A+... This just felt too cramped and a lot of Characters that should shined, did not shine, like Black Panther, Vision, Hulk, and Loki. This movie did not feel like a complete movie. It felt like a money grab.

  • Asher8328
    Asher8328 Year ago +5

    I keep hearing reviewers say that Disney wouldn't have "killed" Black Panther if they knew how successful his stand alone movie was going to be. 1) They could have easily edited that part of the movie out if they wanted to, and, 2) He's not staying dead.

  • Kadayi
    Kadayi Year ago +7

    Batman didn't kill Superman...pay attention if you're going to pretend to be a film critic.

    • Kadayi
      Kadayi Year ago +2

      Yeah I guess expecting people to have actual knowledge of the subject they're pontificating about is almost certainly a bridge too far....

    • Balthazar
      Balthazar Year ago

      Film critics don't give a shit about your trash factory made superhero movies. These reviewers are incompetent and pretty bad but you're trying to act like superhero movies matter to critics lol

  • Fernando Vaz
    Fernando Vaz Year ago +1

    Thanos is Abraham and Gamora is the baby but in this version, the Angel doesnt come and say wait, sike, only kidding, no sacrifice required.

  • Fernando Vaz
    Fernando Vaz Year ago +1

    The scarlet witch can warp reality. Duh.

  • Flagsitta
    Flagsitta Year ago +3

    Most of them don't die, they stop existing. Totally different.

  • Tom Smart
    Tom Smart Year ago +3

    Looked up Tara ... she's into family films, and does stuff for ET and Today. Yeah, she's not a film critic ... she exists to get casual movie goers to take their kids to the theaters. And a lot of those movie goers are housewives who want to expose their kids to happy things, so someone like Tara would promote romcoms, kids movies, and PG comedies. She can't think objectively and shouldn't be on here ... where's Alonzo?

  • Brian Husar
    Brian Husar Year ago +3

    The ending you're referencing happened at the end of Avengers Age Of Ultron not at the end of Civil War

    • Master Pizza
      Master Pizza Year ago

      I know right. How's Matt going to brag about being such a nerd and then F that up.

  • &y Diaz
    &y Diaz Year ago +1

    "Is there any of The Avengers superheroes...?" I am out of here.

    • &y Diaz
      &y Diaz Year ago +1

      Jp Starlin I was actually quoting the lady on the far right, Tara. She has clearly never read a Marvel comic book. Am looking for an in-depth analysis. Matt's pretty awesome, though. Met him at the TYT anniversary, great guy.

    • Jp Starlin
      Jp Starlin Year ago

      On the panel? No, just three normal people.

  • Thejericko17
    Thejericko17 Year ago +5

    This review isn't for comic book nerds, it's for parents who are considering taking their child to see it and passing movie fans.

  • Moon SKeetz
    Moon SKeetz Year ago +7

    Heimdall died first. I can't continue with this group. Where are the NERDS?!

  • Don Joe
    Don Joe Year ago +2

    Loved the movie but my only complaint is they overplayed they're hand by killing so many at the end. I now know they'll be back next year and the emotional impact of this film is lost to me. I can't 'feel' the loss when I know they're coming back for sure. I do admire the gumption to go for it though.