Make an Inflatable Fort in seconds [The AirFort]

  • Published on Apr 20, 2018
  • Build an inflatable fort in seconds with a box fan and the AirFort.
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    Blanket forts are the classic dwelling of childhood, but once erected, the hodgepodge of blankets and dining room chairs tend to stay up… for too long. AirFort is a new kind of childhood hangout that can be ready at a moment’s notice and taken down in a snap.
    Attach the front of your AirFort to a box fan using the included adhesive tabs. The air from the fan inflates the fort in seconds, quickly creating an igloo-shaped structure over six feet long. The roomy play area has plenty of space for sleepovers, games of go fish, and family bonding.
    Packing up your new clubhouse takes no time at all. Simply turn off the fan, roll up the material, and store it in the drawstring carrying bag. You can reclaim your living room after bedtime and still easily have the fort ready for playtime the next day.
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Comments • 3 361

  • Vat19
    Vat19  Year ago +1368

    Where was this at when we were kids!?

  • the corbin show
    the corbin show 44 minutes ago

    A box fan must make a really cold fort

  • Sunshine Bedassie and Simon

    Ron is my father's name

  • ThYme_Is_MonEYY Mieli
    ThYme_Is_MonEYY Mieli 22 hours ago

    I don’t own a box fan......


  • Arwa Abdiwahid
    Arwa Abdiwahid Day ago


  • I'm a Monster
    I'm a Monster Day ago

    Just a tad bit over priced

  • The max Man
    The max Man 2 days ago

    I don’t have a box fan

  • Invola
    Invola 2 days ago

    BITCH HAHAHA 49$ for a completely cheap material. Its cheaper to do it yourself lmaooo

  • Alysta B
    Alysta B 2 days ago +2

    Not everyone here has a "box fan"

  • Addy’s ASMR
    Addy’s ASMR 2 days ago

    me: sure this must be like 15 bucks
    website -49.99 dollars-
    my bank account: *15.01 dollars*

    GRHERO GRHERO 3 days ago +2

    Wen you see the airfort ☺️

    Wen you see the price.......😂😂

  • Barney Davis
    Barney Davis 4 days ago

    What if you live in Australia and dont have a box fan?

  • Mike XD
    Mike XD 7 days ago

    Yo like why did they tape the bag to the table 1:03

  • jelsy1300
    jelsy1300 7 days ago

    What if you dont have a box fan

  • Huzaiplayz
    Huzaiplayz 7 days ago

    We had air forts now air pods

  • red dead feast
    red dead feast 8 days ago

    Lmao how cold is it

  • The Oshawott Gamer
    The Oshawott Gamer 8 days ago +1

    What if you don't own a boxfan
    Aka me

  • Glazed Bee
    Glazed Bee 8 days ago

    *Wow Coo0L POrt- a -F0rTT!!* UwU

  • Soham Korde
    Soham Korde 8 days ago

    Would it work if I used a car exhaust pipe?

  • Infinitystars ll
    Infinitystars ll 8 days ago

    I dont won an air thingy

  • Potato King
    Potato King 8 days ago +2

    "Use the box fan you already own"
    Because everyone has one

  • Burning Squash
    Burning Squash 9 days ago

    0:39 I have the same iPad!

  • Kobes Balls
    Kobes Balls 9 days ago +1

    I got this for Christmas
    The gray one

  • Dr. Saira Khan
    Dr. Saira Khan 9 days ago

    the only ads I'll watch

  • lanxanh
    lanxanh 9 days ago

    Or just tie a bed sheet to a fan

  • Mingjia Xia
    Mingjia Xia 9 days ago +2

    LMAO FIFITY DOLLARS?!?!?! You already have a house why do you need a mini plastic rip off house

  • Shmuel _06
    Shmuel _06 10 days ago +1

    0:39 am I the only one who thought of a different kind of secret pleasure?

  • Shmuel _06
    Shmuel _06 10 days ago +1

    0:39 am I super dirty or did other people think about a different secret pleasure...

  • Jaziel De Luna
    Jaziel De Luna 11 days ago


  • American Soup
    American Soup 11 days ago

    That box fan is going to overheat and burn the house down

  • April May
    April May 11 days ago +1

    When I was younger I would build forts using chairs and blankets for me, my brother and nephew. There wasn't too much room but we all could squish together. Me, being the oldest, would get kicked out of the fort by my *younger* brother and nephew. I would go and tell me older sister who would say something along the lines of "just let them play, besides you're a girl and they're both boys" every single time. Now you might be wondering, why did you continue building the forts if you could never go in? Well, all I wanted to do was play but I couldn't 😢
    By the way we were all this old
    Nephew. 3
    Brother. 6
    Me. 9
    My sister. 16

  • Sara Heckenlively
    Sara Heckenlively 11 days ago

    I bought this. I got it the rainbow color one. The Velcro keeping it to the fan only worked once so I suggest having tape nearby. Also my box fan (the same one they are using) keeps falling down even at a little bit of movement. It is also sorta annoying getting in and out because all the air would come out and get really flat.the fan also makes a LOT of noise. But it is really fun for sleepovers and hanging out. Also on hot days and your air conditioning is broken or something it can keep you cool.

  • Minty Mints
    Minty Mints 11 days ago

    Probably costs like $100

  • Jursseli
    Jursseli 12 days ago

    I do not have a box fan

  • Anna Herren
    Anna Herren 12 days ago +1

    The entire fun of a fort is making it thooo

    SQUISHY X SLIME 12 days ago

    Im not beggar but i want to sleep on box than my bed

    SQUISHY X SLIME 12 days ago

    Im not beggar but i want to sleep on box than my bed

  • joshua louthan
    joshua louthan 13 days ago +1

    What I’ve you don’t have a box fan could you use a circle fan

    • Sara Heckenlively
      Sara Heckenlively 11 days ago

      You can try but it might be a little bit hard to attach the fort to the fan

  • Voition_Light
    Voition_Light 13 days ago

    Musquitos: *its free real state*

  • JazzyCat XoxYT
    JazzyCat XoxYT 13 days ago

    But I dont have a box fan.... 😞😢

  • miss_ sampat
    miss_ sampat 13 days ago

    As everyone owns a box fan.

  • sadness .Incarnate
    sadness .Incarnate 13 days ago

    These guys copied fortnite

  • Alexplayzz
    Alexplayzz 13 days ago +2

    There’s a problem. This can’t be used in certain countries such as Scotland and Spain as we don’t have box fans

  • PUBG Noobs
    PUBG Noobs 13 days ago +2

    I used to fold my mattress like a tent and just sit in there. It was awesome.

    • MacNMemes
      MacNMemes 12 days ago

      PUBG Noobs HTF do u do that?!

  • swєєt pєαch
    swєєt pєαch 14 days ago +3

    I dont even have a figgin box fan

  • Venom 616
    Venom 616 14 days ago

    I don't have a box fan

  • Davids Heinrihsons
    Davids Heinrihsons 14 days ago +11

    Well somebody’s going to pay the electric bill

  • depressed man
    depressed man 15 days ago

    where do you buy the fan tho

  • Dancrazycraft Nugget
    Dancrazycraft Nugget 21 day ago +1

    I just had a brainstorm, what if they tested it in the wild? 🤔
    Like if u agree!!!

    • Maxwele1435
      Maxwele1435 10 days ago

      where would they get power for the box fan?

    RAN BANANA 22 days ago +1


  • YaBoy Rimzy
    YaBoy Rimzy 23 days ago

    You guys should have called it instafort

  • Lunar
    Lunar 23 days ago


  • Kinley Binley
    Kinley Binley 26 days ago

    South Dakota no one talks about that where I live and I love it there

  • JaidensYT IFTW
    JaidensYT IFTW 26 days ago


  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen 27 days ago

    What if it is cold

  • ya boi skinny penis

    It's all fun and games until a kid gets their arm torn off by a fan

  • smol bean wee
    smol bean wee Month ago


  • Isabel Hedriana
    Isabel Hedriana Month ago

    That’s a danger hazard, you could suffocate in that hideous thing.

  • American Pichu
    American Pichu Month ago

    I will seriously consider buying this 🧐


    you said jin form BTS?

  • Molly Swain
    Molly Swain Month ago +10

    Vat19: the box fan you already own

    Me: what’s a box fan

  • Emma Sparkles
    Emma Sparkles Month ago

    How old do you have to be to have a box fan?

  • manoj khera
    manoj khera Month ago

    i live in india vat19 takes LIKE A 32000 RUPEES IN INDIAN CURRENCY TO SHIP THERE

  • Rayyan _
    Rayyan _ Month ago

    I used to have a freezbee that would turn into a tent wen you throw it

  • Finstar 1224
    Finstar 1224 Month ago

    Is it just me or I think it looks like the telly tubby base from the outside

  • Dexter
    Dexter Month ago

    Am I the only one that likes closed and tight spaces

  • Shaymal Khan
    Shaymal Khan Month ago

    I have the same iPad as u

  • B3NJ1 L4NTZ
    B3NJ1 L4NTZ Month ago

    My expected price for the airfort:$6-9
    The real price for the airfort:$50-55

  • Flynnijduc Mambruyte

    They said “the box fan you already have “ and “floor less” so causally

  • Sydney News
    Sydney News Month ago

    Does this come with a fan?

  • 𝔸𝕟𝕘𝕚𝕖 𝔸𝕟𝕘𝕖𝕝

    I have no box fan

  • briankulbaba
    briankulbaba Month ago

    The Real House wives of SOUTH DAKOTA

  • DanMKM Gaming
    DanMKM Gaming Month ago

    My ninja cup broke when it came

  • ღ Forgottenlove129 ღ


  • Emilio LT
    Emilio LT Month ago

    This new Fortnite update is nuts

  • Robert Lopez
    Robert Lopez Month ago

    Pop the port-a-fort

  • Jules
    Jules Month ago

    You can just use a hollow blanket and put a fan there

  • C & C Miller
    C & C Miller Month ago

    I made this at school, just 20 times bigger, with about 5 people and a lot of tech.

  • C & C Miller
    C & C Miller Month ago

    I think I saw this before?

  • Jonathan Sanders
    Jonathan Sanders Month ago


    GOLDENGTR22 Month ago +4

    Vat19 drop the prices and many people might buy

  • Emet Flood
    Emet Flood Month ago

    What if we don’t have a box fan

  • xd_VoiD
    xd_VoiD Month ago +5

    Vat19: hey so you know the port a Fort from fortnite?
    Who ever makes the products : say no more

  • LordReaper21
    LordReaper21 Month ago +1

    I remember back when I was like 13 when me and my cousin would build a fort with a hidden spot behind a wall then we would always pretend to have sex and like she would strip to her panties I would go down to my boxers and I would just rub against her and then start sucking on her boobs btw she was 19 at the time

  • Annmarie Mc
    Annmarie Mc Month ago

    Does it include the fan.....? Because I don't want my mum to spend MORE money...

  • CodingFire
    CodingFire Month ago +1

    S O R R Y !

  • Pancakes
    Pancakes Month ago

    I don’t have a box fan boi

  • Magnificent Madison86
    Magnificent Madison86 2 months ago

    What if I don’t have a box fan

  • Adam Balaszek
    Adam Balaszek 2 months ago

    Am watching on a iPad

  • Alrighty son time for your annual Yeeting

    I was gonna make a joke about the kids walking into the fan... but the mesh divider stopped me.

  • GD :] Tzevaot
    GD :] Tzevaot 2 months ago +2

    CrossPromo: Synthetic Indoor Snowballs

  • Jason Creeper
    Jason Creeper 2 months ago +1

    I spent the night in this thing

  • di umano ed caluag
    di umano ed caluag 2 months ago

    I thought the box fan is included

  • Ms craft tricks and tips


  • mY tEa iS SugAr FrEe
    mY tEa iS SugAr FrEe 2 months ago

    who said I have a square fan

  • Sarah _WDW
    Sarah _WDW 2 months ago +1


  • Grey Far
    Grey Far 2 months ago

    Goddamm fortnite.

  • Atomic *BOOM*
    Atomic *BOOM* 2 months ago

    What if u have no square fan

  • Vincent tech 101
    Vincent tech 101 2 months ago +2

    I love your stuff vat19 best stuff ever

  • Corwin’s animations
    Corwin’s animations 2 months ago