James Forces His Writer to Binge All of Game of Thrones

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • Follow the tale of Late Late Show writer Lawrence Dai who sat down to watch the entire Game of Thrones series in one sitting. From Ned Stark's death, to the Red Wedding, to Jon Snow's death to Hodor's death, watch Lawrence suffer all the blows dealt to the Seven Kingdoms, just like you once did.
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Comments • 3 442

  • Cbricklyne
    Cbricklyne 4 hours ago

    I'm also in need of hydration....
    What does a brother have to do to get some "medical" attention?

  • Bioluminescent Sun
    Bioluminescent Sun 6 hours ago

    No one knocks

  • Jake Grammer
    Jake Grammer Day ago

    I did six seasons in two days. That shit was beautiful. And the reaction to Ned Stark being killed was spot fucking on for me.

  • MrZancruz
    MrZancruz Day ago

    Straight watched 67 Hours to be disappointed with the 8 Hours... Shame!

  • DowzerWTP72
    DowzerWTP72 Day ago

    "just like you once did".
    Nope, got bored during the first episode. Never watched any more

  • Brandon Norris
    Brandon Norris Day ago

    Damn. Did he have to do him like that? "Bye Co worker." 😂 dude really wanted to let him know he wasn't his friend, or somethin...

  • Shawn Stephens
    Shawn Stephens 2 days ago +2

    now the poor guy is gonna have to see season 8... that poor man

  • truecifer jr
    truecifer jr 2 days ago

    Have him do one piece next

  • Chins Productions
    Chins Productions 2 days ago

    his name is Khal Drogo, bud...quit calling him aquaman

  • Master Z
    Master Z 2 days ago


  • Flying Potatoes
    Flying Potatoes 2 days ago +2

    Man all that bingeing just to get to the final season...

  • Sean O'Driscoll
    Sean O'Driscoll 3 days ago

    Wasted his fucking time, lol just like me

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool 4 days ago +1

    That was really nice of you James

  • Geo405
    Geo405 4 days ago +1

    Luckily this guy didn't get forced to watch season 8

  • NWA 99
    NWA 99 4 days ago

    No one is gunna talk about how sexy that actor doctor was

  • Dim Bose
    Dim Bose 4 days ago

    Give him a raise.

  • - OlivenickO -2
    - OlivenickO -2 4 days ago

    Watched it all within a week and a half

  • hells !
    hells ! 5 days ago

    2:35 can u believe they are this calm while watching the red wedding?

  • M
    M 5 days ago +1

    He still has one season to watch lmao 😂

  • Yung Spotty
    Yung Spotty 5 days ago

    I can’t even watch this video skipping parts..

  • Wesley Teh
    Wesley Teh 5 days ago +1

    Season 3 episode 5 😉

  • Tom K
    Tom K 6 days ago +1

    Heard they tried this again with all 8 seasons but the second guy killed himself after watching the epsiode 3 of the last season. RIP asian intern.

  • Romancemusicable
    Romancemusicable 7 days ago +1

    Let him watch Season 8 I would like to see his reaction 🤔

  • Djayrazor
    Djayrazor 10 days ago

    Why is the "last" episode they show him watch not the real last episode? The white walkers dont end the series

  • Dominik Riemer
    Dominik Riemer 10 days ago +29

    This can be watched at 123watchfree(dot)net

    • Noodil
      Noodil 7 days ago

      Dominik Riemer fake

  • Aidenmm
    Aidenmm 12 days ago

    all for not

  • Alexandre Beaudry
    Alexandre Beaudry 15 days ago

    I wanna see his impression on season 8

  • Amanda Stevens
    Amanda Stevens 17 days ago

    I watched all of GoT for the first time in one week in order to watch the s8 finale live...yeah I don't know if it was worth it.

  • BLali do
    BLali do 20 days ago +1

    Waste of time, because the last season is just trash.

  • Love 13
    Love 13 21 day ago

    What a torture... What was the point of doing all that 😅. So is it a World record now??

  • Synicoll
    Synicoll 21 day ago

    I binged all the way to season 8 in 2 weeks :,-)

  • Zakiry
    Zakiry 22 days ago

    Man got coworker zoned

  • Alex Why
    Alex Why 22 days ago

    I kinda feel Bad for him since the ending was so shit

  • GLR
    GLR 23 days ago

    He went in as a slave and came out as a typical American guy

  • Daniel Brener
    Daniel Brener 23 days ago +1

    The timeline on this video is so wrong he saw Ed sheeran which is season 7 an hour before watching a season 5 episode... And that's not the only one...

  • Hurtig Brillen
    Hurtig Brillen 23 days ago

    I Saw one season in A dy

  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams 24 days ago

    Wish we could’ve seen his reaction to the red wedding

  • Kai Monarch
    Kai Monarch 24 days ago

    He went in a boy....

    He came out disappointed....

  • GucciKenneth
    GucciKenneth 24 days ago

    we need more lawrence

  • Carlos Passement Jr.
    Carlos Passement Jr. 24 days ago

    That nurse tho , noice!

  • gavin
    gavin 25 days ago

    Stops at S7 as it shoulda

  • Useless Information
    Useless Information 25 days ago +1

    Imagine if they had done this after season 8 was out, wouldve loved to see his realtime reaction to the utter shitshow on the screen.

  • Act1
    Act1 26 days ago

    All that just to be massively disappointed in season 8, rip.

  • TCMartin
    TCMartin 26 days ago +1

    I watched a whole season in 1 day so this wont be that hard.

  • Ben Latour
    Ben Latour 26 days ago

    Lawrence rules!!!! 🤣

  • JuicyFruit 1207
    JuicyFruit 1207 26 days ago

    Did he notice the x made out of blood

  • Todor Popov
    Todor Popov 26 days ago

    You know he still had 6 more to go

  • paul taylor
    paul taylor 26 days ago

    Lucky for him he wasn’t forced to watch season 8 !

  • dro
    dro 27 days ago

    How to die 101

  • Alec Mikaelian
    Alec Mikaelian 27 days ago

    Who else noticed who drew dead Joffrey on the chart

  • Will Hawkins
    Will Hawkins 27 days ago +1

    Lol. Conan is 7000% funnier. Seth is 700% funnier. James Corden EVEN WHEN HES NOT ON SCREEN is exhausting. WHY?!?!

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez 27 days ago

    Isn’t it like 90 hours?

  • uuf doof
    uuf doof 27 days ago

    Too bad he watched it all just for GoT Season 8 to be absolutely ass. Poggers to James for that!

  • ted kaczynski
    ted kaczynski 27 days ago

    he was able to do this because season 8 was not included

  • Redhood DragonSlayer
    Redhood DragonSlayer 27 days ago


  • CinnabonNinja
    CinnabonNinja 27 days ago

    ah shit this was me because I was late to GoT as well

  • I Am Gawd
    I Am Gawd 29 days ago

    Really disappointed it didn't show his red wedding reaction.

  • bobcat falcon
    bobcat falcon 29 days ago

    Well the nurse was pretty hot

  • Mason Lane
    Mason Lane 29 days ago +1

    Lol iv nurse was cute.

  • Fabian Joel
    Fabian Joel Month ago

    I watched it all in 12 days and it was exhausting

  • Savan Rajput
    Savan Rajput Month ago +1

    Wait till he watches season 8 and gets disappointed

  • Joshua James
    Joshua James Month ago +1

    hes lucky he didn't have to wait two years between each season.

  • Joshua James
    Joshua James Month ago

    2.27 its 9:30 pm but the hallway is lit up bright as day. lol

  • What The Dude
    What The Dude Month ago

    back to work man

  • Subscribe to PewDiePie Chungus

    This man better get a raise...
    What a unit.

  • Rachel Reed
    Rachel Reed Month ago

    Lawrence Dai's watch has ended.

  • Maria MF
    Maria MF Month ago

    poor guy

  • Andrew Ko
    Andrew Ko Month ago

    hahaha i did that this summer but didnt get paid

  • LittleFinger
    LittleFinger Month ago

    Omg I'm so jealous of him not watching Game of Thrones for the first time.

  • Tanvi Ambekar
    Tanvi Ambekar Month ago

    me too I want a job where I can do this

  • ram bavan
    ram bavan Month ago

    this is so amazing!!!!!! Great job lawrence

  • Hoganply
    Hoganply Month ago

    Notice no season 8. lol

  • Anne Nielsen
    Anne Nielsen Month ago

    I am not going to watch GOT out of spite, just so I can enjoy the true horror on people's faces when I answer.
    Just like I have never been to IKEA.
    There's just some things that aren't necessary to live.

  • Naomi Akhidenor
    Naomi Akhidenor Month ago

    What a legend, give this man a PAID vacation

  • Manu Gulati
    Manu Gulati Month ago

    That nurse was hot 😍😍😍😍😍