Robert Mueller Witness: “A Sphinx-Like Presence” | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  • Published on Dec 5, 2017
  • New reporting from The Washington Post goes inside Mueller’s secret interview room. Witnesses describe Mueller’s “sphinx-like presence” during key interviews. Chuck Rosenberg, who served as counselor to FBI Director Robert Mueller joins “The Beat.”
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    Robert Mueller Witness: “A Sphinx-Like Presence” | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Comments • 321

  • abundantt1
    abundantt1 7 hours ago

    conspiracy tv Melber

  • Ameya Sinha
    Ameya Sinha 5 months ago

    Mueller - Real Life Captain America

  • Renee Moody
    Renee Moody 8 months ago


  • Thomas Tamir
    Thomas Tamir 8 months ago

    Muler found a way to bilk weak minded jerks for millions. He is phoney.

  • rob v
    rob v 8 months ago

    I would have loved to work for Bob Mueller . He would have brought out the best in me. He is an American role model and hero.

  • Paul Rogers
    Paul Rogers 8 months ago

    " Yeah , - I met this Kootcher kid like once or twice ! "

  • TheDuckFactory
    TheDuckFactory 8 months ago +1

    And MSLSD you haven't found a scintilla of evidence of a crime while mountains of public domain evidence of DNC and Clinton crime and corruption fill boxes. Not a news source. Be as incensed about Crazy Bernie being cheated out of the Dem nomination by Clinton cronies as proven by emails and later admissions. Selective outrage. Show me the video of the "Trump tax returns" that blew up in your faces even though you had time to inspect them and run them by the brain room. Target fixation much?

  • Mathew Blackman
    Mathew Blackman 11 months ago

    You people are hopeless. Sad. Very sad indeed.

  • Zenny Abanales
    Zenny Abanales 11 months ago

    "I'm too pretty to go to jail" - Jared

  • John Culley
    John Culley 11 months ago

    The missing piece in this whole investigation of Russia is Operation Olympic Games initiated by Barack Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the help of Israel. It was a massive and successful top secret covert and clandestine cyber-attack on Iran's nuclear weapon centrifuges that became known only after the Stuxnet computer worm appeared on the internet. Chapter 16 of President Obama's massive 2015 DOD Law of War Manual notes that this could be an act of war justifying a proportionate response by the target state and/or its allies. Marine General James Cartwright disclosed this project to David L. Sanger for Chapter 8 of Sanger's 2012 book Confront and Conceal. On January 17, 2017 President Obama issued a blanket pardon to General Cartwright. I wonder why?

  • Dolfo Boynas
    Dolfo Boynas 11 months ago

    Mueller is Lincoln incarnate...have you not worked that out yourself???

    THATGUY 11 months ago

    Uranium Bob mueller was involved with the transfer of yellow cake uranium to Russia! The Rosenbergs were executed for far less! Mueller is treasonous filth , execute him!

  • Robert Gilbert
    Robert Gilbert 11 months ago

    Mueller is a disgrace

  • Ken Evanska
    Ken Evanska 11 months ago

    I cant wait for the book and film.
    I bet its better then that other film, the one with Sean Connery in.
    The Untouchables . 😊

  • Herman Helmich
    Herman Helmich Year ago

    He’s closing in
    Cohen is taken out
    Soon the hammer will fall

  • alex ander
    alex ander Year ago

    Why can't the Donald hire legendary people like fuc' king Mueller to run the country ?!!

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  • Naimul Haq
    Naimul Haq Year ago

    If Mueller is like 'a sphinx-like presence', Trump will be like a common parasite.

  • Perfecto Ali Salaam El


  • al jbug
    al jbug Year ago


  • Montesama314
    Montesama314 Year ago

    "Hello, Mister Trump. It's been a hard time getting you in here today. Now, before I discuss your organization--"
    "Yes, yes, no collusion. Anyway, before we begin, I'd like you to answer my riddle, or I STEAL YOUR SOUL."
    "Jokes on you, loser. I sold mine to Vlad a long time ago!"

  • MasterYoda
    MasterYoda Year ago +3

    When history is written about this period in time, Mueller will be the hero of the story. The one who stood against an attempt to create a dictatorship, the one who defended democracy. This will be in spite of all those who attacked him relentlessly.

    CARLOS COOMBS Year ago

    could people just shut up and stop tipping off the mugs that are under investigation, JESUS

  • Rebecca Conn
    Rebecca Conn Year ago

    This country needs to rise up against the Republican Party and vote their evil out.

  • O.H.M. Aethera ab Regnum.

    I can see David Hogg being our next Robert Mueller. We need to protect our good sheep. Mueller is perfect example. An American servant of justice. Now! That's what you call American service.

  • Larry Betancourt
    Larry Betancourt Year ago

    Bob Mueller needs to do his job and indict trump Kushner both of them are a threat to National Security this isn't about politics this is about democracy we need to get them out of the White House they can't even control the White House or their own family Affairs God forbid if there's a war in America Trump would be on a plane sitting on the tarmac and Moscow having drinks with Putin

  • Happy Haze
    Happy Haze Year ago

    The farce is with President Chaos and the force is with Mueller.

  • xYouthAttackx
    xYouthAttackx Year ago

    His name is Robert Mueller....his name is Robert Mueller

  • kijiji93
    kijiji93 Year ago

    wow, to be a fly on the wall every day in Mueller's HQ. Must be fascinating

  • Doc Lewis
    Doc Lewis Year ago

    Just sitting quietly would freak mr trump out. He'd start babbling about anything and everything.

  • Rogue Perfumer
    Rogue Perfumer Year ago +1


  • rzarectot7
    rzarectot7 Year ago +1

    Get sessions get that POS

  • Harri v'Jah
    Harri v'Jah Year ago +1

    Mueller looks like the type to sit in the shadows with only his notepad showing, as his agents interview the witnesses.
    Witness keeps looking over after answering each question to see if Mueller has taken notes. *Nothing*
    _1 hours passes_ *Notepad: blank* _2 hours passes_ *notepad: blank* _then at 4hrs 20min in, witnesses hears brief scribble_
    Witness tries to catch glimpse, but Mueller is standing & as if in a hurry, leaves! *Mueller Note:* This will f8k with his mnd!

    • Mark Ogle
      Mark Ogle Year ago

      Harri v'Jah. Sure, there's nothing on the note pad, just like there's nothing to this investigation. Manufacturing evidence and with holding exculpatory facts isn't an investigation, that's a crime.

  • tirpitz19
    tirpitz19 Year ago

    Mueller deserves a Sphinx monument. Who's pitching in ?

    • tirpitz19
      tirpitz19 Year ago

      Well,in general i agree with the left,but like you say,some of them are pushing it to far,so i will not support those people.

    • Mark Ogle
      Mark Ogle Year ago

      tirpitz19. Shut your eyes and stop up your ears, it will do you no good. The obvious truth is still the truth. Spurious accusations, feelings and out right refusals to face any unpleasant fact, has made the looney left a joke.

    • tirpitz19
      tirpitz19 Year ago

      Sorry dude,but you already lost your credibility with false statements,so i don't believe you,no matter what you say.

    • Mark Ogle
      Mark Ogle Year ago

      tirpitz19. They were registered to vote by democrats after being lured here by Obama's advertising of foodstamps in Mexico. Why wouldn't they vote? That's why they brought here. That's why democrats refuse to defend the nation. ICE agents routinely take voter registration cards off of illegals. The Podesta e-mails revealed a massive plot to flood our country with foreign nationals and subvert elections. Hillary admitted the plot to Goldman sac when she said she intended to do away with our sovereignty, but that it could not be revealed to the average lemming. No my friend, Mexicans are voting by the millions in this country.

    • tirpitz19
      tirpitz19 Year ago

      Correction again Mark.The majority of Americans voted for Hillary,and Mexicans who are not eligible to vote,didn't.

  • Alex Skerrett
    Alex Skerrett Year ago

    I talked to muller hes coming to get the eye

  • josh simpson
    josh simpson Year ago

    The thing that nobody seems to point out is that trump feels the need to rattle on about how everyone is against him, and to try and make himself out to look innocent to his dwindling number of idiotic supporters, but Mueller has done no interviews for the news channels, no editorials for the papers, not even one single tweet, yet his investigation just seems to get further into trump is a traitor land every single day. Those who are guilty will almost always hang themselves just by talking, while those who know someone is guilty, will always sit in silence and let them.
    I have always said that trump must like the taste of his own feet because they are in his mouth more than they are in his shoes. Every single time he opens his mouth, or tweets anything at all, he is making Mueller's job that much easier. It is just too bad that Mueller is going to get fired.

  • Rob Gilbert
    Rob Gilbert Year ago +1

    The COUP has failed.

  • S. T
    S. T Year ago

    🇷🇺Trump OJ 2020 🇺🇸

  • mowgli Hassan
    mowgli Hassan Year ago +1

    Go to lefiwst channels. The Sceulat talkd disghones, and wvil. Help me please,evlwø eil

  • Had Enough
    Had Enough Year ago +2

    Mueller is an obvious puppet...He is manipulated by the Clintons..

  • Bloodylaser
    Bloodylaser Year ago +1

    Chuck Rosenberg is a Comey stooge.

  • Terry Oesch
    Terry Oesch Year ago

    It is such a beautiful time to be alive to see the smiles wiped off your faces it's about time hah hah hah hah go probe your selfs ah hah hah hah

  • elizabeth johnson

    Mueller won't touch Kushner. Trump and his family are protected, that why Kushner always has that smirk on his face. Found out at the weekend that Mueller was part of the 911 cover up and is run by that organization. He won't have the courage to do anything about Trump in the long run. Mannafort and Flynn and a few others will be used as scapegoats that is all that will happen. have reduced the url hope it works.. Have lost hope about the world. is at 57 minutes into the video that we get the info..

    • Mark Ogle
      Mark Ogle Year ago

      Elizabeth the Flynn conviction is likely to be overturned, Mueller with held exculpatory evidence to obtain that. The whole thing is a political fraud, manufactured to hide some real crimes. CUI BONO

    • rzarectot7
      rzarectot7 Year ago

      elizabeth johnson should all be wrapped up next week. Lol

  • Hayes Dabney
    Hayes Dabney Year ago

    Kind of like an iterative Face Book situation.

    THIS IS OUR TIME Year ago +1


    • rzarectot7
      rzarectot7 Year ago

      Your president threw the entire justice dept under the bus alot of good honest people man how far the rep have fallen.

  • Rebecca Conn
    Rebecca Conn Year ago +2

    Dumpster Fire has been through about 3500 lawsuits and criminal investigations. Commentators still say he doesn't know what this investigation "means." WTF?

  • Darkrainbow
    Darkrainbow Year ago

    I may sound dumb but who is muller?

  • Kave Man
    Kave Man Year ago

    NBC ABC CBS CNN BBC PBS and even MSNBC along with the Washington post Huffington post Time magazine and the list goes on and on who have hundreds of, or are "suppose" to be the best investigative journalists in the world and after 1 year they've found nothing on President Trump or his team colluded with Russia. If they had, someone would have leaked it. Instead they make up false or misleading stories and headlines trying to trick the American people into believing that President Trump and his team did something wrong. However, what we have learned is that the heads of the DNC along with Hillary Clinton Barack Obama James Comey and members of the FBI are the ones that were doing the illegal activities like trying to undermine the American peoples chose for President and now trying to overthrow President Trump and they're the ones that need to be investigated, along with the news media mentioned above that helped spread those lies.

  • no3namesalike
    no3namesalike Year ago +5

    I feel like "articulate" is a strong word to use in regards to Kushner...the man has only ever spoken public maybe two or three times! How can we know if he's articulate or not? Also, I happen to be studying at his alma mater right now, and the scuttlebutt here is that he was a terrible student who only got accepted to and a diploma from Harvard because his dad gave the university a massive donation. I'm side-eyeing him so hard right now.

  • Janice Onley
    Janice Onley Year ago +2

    He never finished college much less law school his dad stole millions off. $$ from hard working people in ponzie scams

  • Janice Onley
    Janice Onley Year ago +8

    Mueller time.

  • Dave S
    Dave S Year ago +5

    to be a fly on the wall in Mueller's office would be fascinating! the movie better give us some of that

  • Dave Dvorak
    Dave Dvorak Year ago

    Better be checking the dmc!! and the crooked hillary crime organization!! These are the real crooks! I know liberals don't like the truth but we don't care!

  • Toditude
    Toditude Year ago

    MSNBC, the second greatest FAKE NEWS network, right underneath CNN!!! FAKE NEWS!!!

    • golfito
      golfito Year ago

      Todd Raymond
      CNN and MSNBC are outstanding networks

    • Michael Dodds
      Michael Dodds Year ago

      You forgot the rabble rousing Faux News inciting people to turn against its own institutions.
      Traitors all

  • Reece Chippendale
    Reece Chippendale Year ago +2

    Why is your Law applied so differently to different groups? i dont see any consistency???. Seem's so obvious!

  • rick
    rick Year ago +1

    on Mueller's getting down on the questioning just like a tip top Soldier

  • Dawn Oceanside
    Dawn Oceanside Year ago +1

    How embarrassing that so many so called patriots voted for Russian sheep. Proud? Learn to read, shut off Honey boo boo and Duck dynasty! You had to have known Don is a Con! You must live with this all your life! Ignorance CAN be fixed.......

  • Suzana Kola
    Suzana Kola Year ago +4

    If you want a way to destroy a country, help to get elected a DISASTER PERSON who can destroy completely what the real patriots have built for hundred's years. There is a war for life or death now or ever, between THE GOOD and THE EVIL between MULLER and TRUMP, between THE USA and RUSSIA.

  • Craig Colby
    Craig Colby Year ago

    Mueller plays Sam the Eagle in Muppets on Ice.

  • Nathan Baker
    Nathan Baker Year ago +5

    God bless the Sphinx!

  • Nathan Baker
    Nathan Baker Year ago +1

    I love Betsy Woodruff. Why isn't she listed as a guest in the video description?

  • St0rm Ranger
    St0rm Ranger Year ago +39

    Sounds like Mueller needs to start using the "advanced interrogation techniques" that Republicans love so much. Don't worry it's only simulated drowning.

    • Ken Evanska
      Ken Evanska 11 months ago +1

      St0rm Ranger In Trumps case, Mueller just needs to listen. Trumps runaway brain will do all the work. 😂

    • rzarectot7
      rzarectot7 Year ago

      No that would be a problem to them bunch of cowards.

    • Harri v'Jah
      Harri v'Jah Year ago +1

      Congratulations *Jared,* you've just won a free all expense paid trip to Yemen!

    • Rob Gilbert
      Rob Gilbert Year ago

      St0rm Ranger some of your terrorist buddies telling you tales?

    • Jules McGrules
      Jules McGrules Year ago

      He actually made it a point to order his FBI agents that they were not to follow the CIA's example. And he pushed back against Bush's illegal spying. Fun factoids.

  • Jenny Lee
    Jenny Lee Year ago

    I don't know about him as sphinx, but his face IS carved from granite.

  • Lugmillord
    Lugmillord Year ago +20

    If you look at Mueller the wrong way, you aren't just sent to prison. A prison manifests around you where you stand.

  • R Marion
    R Marion Year ago +12

    If anything bad happens to Robert Mueller, the people really, really need to rise up. We cannot be like the fat, lazy floating people in "Wall-e"... We have to full-on revolt.

  • Onamii love
    Onamii love Year ago +10

    I don't know his political stands but I applaud him Mueller....God bless you.

  • C Love
    C Love Year ago +4

    MUELLER the legal DON. Lock those skanks up.

  • Lady Deadpool 💋
    Lady Deadpool 💋 Year ago +62

    I love the fact that Trump can't rattle Mueller. No matter what he says about the guy, about the FBI, Mueller doesn't respond.

    • Kristopher Ryan
      Kristopher Ryan 5 months ago

      What makes Mueller a formidable threat to Trump is that he isn't playing around. He knows he can and will take Trump down, one way or another.

    • Parkway Doctor
      Parkway Doctor Year ago +2

      Lady Deadpool 💋 carries much more gravitas when you don’t open your trap, trump could learn from that

    • al jbug
      al jbug Year ago


    • al jbug
      al jbug Year ago

      Lady Deadpool 💋 wake up. He is looking for a par king ticket from Trump . There's nothing . COLLUSION ANYONE REMEMBER ? LMFAO .

    • Kane O
      Kane O Year ago +2

      lol! thats true

  • Fiona Tanzer
    Fiona Tanzer Year ago +110

    If Jared Kushner has a law degree and has been a businessman for a number of years, he should understand about contracts and legal documents. What is his excuse for messing up his security clearance forms at least 3 times? (and we still don't know if they are correct)

    • Kristopher Ryan
      Kristopher Ryan 5 months ago

      +PCT not even relevant. In case you have been living under a rock, he isn't the president any more. I think it's safe to say people don't care, Trump is the larger threat to just about everyone.

    • Kristopher Ryan
      Kristopher Ryan 5 months ago

      I've wondered the same thing myself. He is rotten with a personal agenda to the core and he is so far deep in denial it's not even funny.

    • Green Girls Golf Caddies
    • Drexxt CazicThule
      Drexxt CazicThule Year ago

      So far he has changed his security clearance more than 38 times.He is going down and not in a good way.

  • Fred Freddy
    Fred Freddy Year ago +8

    Mueller & Team America

  • Anita Foster
    Anita Foster Year ago +2

    Kushner still doesn't have a security clearance, does he?

  • thebillis1
    thebillis1 Year ago

    Is this really breaking news?

  • rick
    rick Year ago

    you got to do what you got to do let the man do his thing drain the swamp

  • Bruno
    Bruno Year ago +16

    When Mueller was appointed, Fox News and the GOP went wild. "Hurray, he's one of us! Fear no more, this problem is solved!". That's what they thought and shared in their little exclusive gatherings. Publicly, their opinion was that Mueller was a decent man, honest and competent. But wait. Mueller is actually honest and competent. But isn't he a conservative? Is that even possible? As a matter of fact, it is. Something you don't see every day, but definitely possible. And all of a sudden he became corrupt, a mere puppet controlled by dems.

  • USAOnlineCasinos
    USAOnlineCasinos Year ago

    wthis guy way to excited about this crap

  • rapidroy7
    rapidroy7 Year ago +2

    Mueller loves him some Nancy Pelosi , they are shameless cheaters like MSNBC.

    • MacyLouWho
      MacyLouWho Year ago

      Well I guess you would know a cheater when you see one-you voted for one.

    • Jenny Lee
      Jenny Lee Year ago

      Boo hoo.

    • Lee Gagliardi
      Lee Gagliardi Year ago

      rapidroy7 Dont they make a beautiful couple?

    • Fiona Tanzer
      Fiona Tanzer Year ago +1

      rapidroy7 - oops! Another troll!

  • Highest Caliber
    Highest Caliber Year ago +9

    I imagine the Mueller probe like a black hole, and the current administration is a planetary system. First, the planets on the outskirts of the system get sucked in ( Papadopoulos) and as the system gets closer to the black hole, chaos reigns. But, eventually, the planetary system gets swept into the black hole, changing from its once massive size into nothingness...
    It's poetic, beautiful, and exactly what the Trump Train deserves.

  • Darrell Smith
    Darrell Smith Year ago +25


    • al jbug
      al jbug Year ago

      Darrell Smith , Larry Sinclair ring a bell ?

    • Sophie Jameson
      Sophie Jameson Year ago +1

      I think at this point half the world misses him.

  • Jay Torr
    Jay Torr Year ago +31

    I would love to see TIME make him MAN THAT SAVED AMERICA

  • Jay Torr
    Jay Torr Year ago

    Mueller = the quiet Dragon Master

  • US Of Zion
    US Of Zion Year ago

    Ask Trump too much questions and he might break down and spew everything out like a child.

  • Tal Moore
    Tal Moore Year ago

    I can't wait to see the movie version of this.

  • S Cooper
    S Cooper Year ago

    NOT WATCHING MSNBC ANYMORE Sam Seder, an MSNBC contributor and podcast host, has been let go by the network in response to the backlash over a 2009 (since-deleted) Tweet satirizing defenders of Roman Polanski. Seder contends that outrage was part of a smear campaign by "alt-right" pigure Mike Cernovich designed to get him fired.

  • xCaptxCrunchx
    xCaptxCrunchx Year ago

    I wonder who Mueller grilled for 8 hrs in that windowless room. Manafort? Flynn? I really want to see that tape.

    • Lee Gagliardi
      Lee Gagliardi Year ago

      xCaptxCrunchx I think it was nancy pelosi.

  • Bucky Pinata
    Bucky Pinata Year ago +3

    Time to get a Special Prosecutor to investigate the Special Prosecutor.....

  • sara
    sara Year ago +5

    I kinda like the analogy. like Mr president speak only the truth. I'll know when you lie and I'll eat you alive if you do lie!

  • Ryan Autry
    Ryan Autry Year ago +2

    I don’t think trump conspired with Russians to throw an election, I do believe that Russians conspired with members of the democratic and republican to meddle in the election in an attempt to sway influence on foreign policy, I truly believe trump believes he is innocent but is caught between conflicts of interest vulnerability exposing his closest friends families to a political climate that is nothing familiar to them so their actions are without ill intent because they are ignorant to political eggshell way of conducting themselves which in that case I can understand why mueller is investigating, he is really about to drain the swamp that surrounds trump then trump can get to business if they indicate any conspiracy I bet they will indict someone who has flown under the radar so well that it will be the biggest twist in political history, and I bet that it might be mark zuckerburg sheriff David Clark George soros or maybe even A no name tech nerd in Silicon Valley

    • Ryan Autry
      Ryan Autry Year ago

      did you forget that mueller in 2010 helped orchestrate a deal with russian officials on a tarmac supplying 3 different samples of uranium to shop from? i mean when it comes to trump i see your point but when it comes when it comes to mueller i think mueller is way more friendly to the russians than trump.

    • Fiona Tanzer
      Fiona Tanzer Year ago

      Ryan Autry - that is an attractive hypothesis and one that I would believe except for one or two details: the consistent lies and "forgetfulness" about all things Russian from everyone on team Trump including Donald Trump himself, and Donald Trump's refusal to say or do anything that might be interpreted as criticising Putin or going against Putin's or Russian interests, to the extent of refusing to enact his government's sanctions on Russia. To me, that speaks volumes.

  • Aardvark892
    Aardvark892 Year ago +68

    Robert Mueller is our country's last hope. If he fails, civilization falls. I'm not kidding. Think about it.

    • Daring Goldman
      Daring Goldman Year ago

      Aardvark892 there’s much more to civilization

    • Seminole Nation
      Seminole Nation Year ago

      You also said Trump would never win the election. Lol only the miserable losers of the election, 13 months later, are not laughing at your comment.

    • Dave S
      Dave S Year ago +2

      Dear Robert Mueller, let it be known that the country of Australia THANKS YOU for your integrity, and saving the planet.

    • Thomas Nimmesgern
      Thomas Nimmesgern Year ago +4

      I'm sure it's not the whole civilization that fails. It's just the USA.

    • Anthony Medina
      Anthony Medina Year ago

      Aardvark892 very true

  • Dave Moore
    Dave Moore Year ago +9

    I used to think to be the President of the United States you have to be smarter than I am ....... I was wrong again!

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Year ago +51

    Mueller. About to save the world.

    • Spone Mr
      Spone Mr Year ago +2

      Flash ! - ah ha - savior of the universe !

  • 9enius
    9enius Year ago +3

    Roger Stone said the voting machines are the problem not voter fraud. Case Closed.

    • 9enius
      9enius Year ago

      He's the filthy 3rd party that dealt with wikileaks for trump incase you're not following. His ego makes him spill everything constantly

    • ruirodtube
      ruirodtube Year ago

      9enius well, if Roger Stone says it then it must be true. There’s God and to his right Jesus and to his left RS. Amen!

  • Amber 180
    Amber 180 Year ago +62

    Mueller could have acted months ago but he is gathering and organizing massive amounts of evidence..when he finally sits across from them it would be easier to just cave.
    He holds your freedom in your hands and these frail men aren't ready for what's waiting for them in prison, especially Jared.

    • Ca Viz
      Ca Viz Year ago

      Amber 180 n

    • blademon7
      blademon7 Year ago

      Thst's gold "dead and stinking" LOL I am so stealing that ,:-)

    • St0rm Ranger
      St0rm Ranger Year ago +2

      Mueller sat on the Papadapolus indictment for 3 weeks so he could announce it on Halloween day. I'm thinking he might have a suprise Christmas present for Trump.

    • Jenny Lee
      Jenny Lee Year ago +4

      I so want to see that twerp in an orange jumpsuit.

    • maestasify
      maestasify Year ago +1

      Jared will have his own cell, padded maybe, after all the caca turns out to be true.

  • Ian Pender P
    Ian Pender P Year ago

    Betsy chinny mac chin chin

  • Steven Torrey
    Steven Torrey Year ago +24

    These people are masters of the science of interrogation. One person being interviewed by a rotating staff of inquisitors...

    • al jbug
      al jbug Year ago

      Steven Torrey really lol ! The is no hope for you. God bless.

    • Jennifer Sharpe
      Jennifer Sharpe Year ago +4

      Jonas Albin I think that George Clooney should play Robert Mueller !!!

    • Jonas Albin
      Jonas Albin Year ago +4

      Can't wait for the movie about this presidency

    • Jenny Lee
      Jenny Lee Year ago +1

      And they are all experts in the fields they are investigating.

  • Dave Johnston
    Dave Johnston Year ago +13

    Trump is forwarding the narrative that the President is above the law. This means he wants to break the vow of his office, to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

    • Deanna Delmar
      Deanna Delmar Year ago +2

      Dave Johnston The Enemies: The trump Mafia, the Republican Congress, The Kochs And Mercer’s And the Oligarchs, and many in the Supreme Court, and of course Putin.

  • Dave Johnston
    Dave Johnston Year ago

    the cone of silence

  • Bubbles McGee
    Bubbles McGee Year ago

    Well the mueller investigation is over because it's been tainted by the agent he fired.

  • Frank Winkhorst
    Frank Winkhorst Year ago +29

    ..."Has just thrown the U.S.A. election to him." I must say, I am astounded that any reporter worth his salt can pretend that this means anything other than what it says. The Russians elected Trump and McFarland KNEW it. Anybody with an education (excluding Trump) knows how to use quotation marks. If she had been paraphrasing the Democrats, she would have used the aforesaid quotation marks.

    • plunderpunk2
      plunderpunk2 Year ago

      We've slipped so far down the Trump post-truth rabbit hole that the *insane* idea of Russian meddling has been normalized...

    • Anthony Medina
      Anthony Medina Year ago +1

      Frank Winkhorst It was clearly a Freudian Slip on KT McFarland's part. The whole trump regime knew that they were collaborating with the Russian Federation.

    • Armando De Los Santos
      Armando De Los Santos Year ago

      So one of Mueller's counterintelligence agents kept Hilary from going to prison and also opened the investigation on Russia and Trump?!? Is this factual?

    • Armando De Los Santos
      Armando De Los Santos Year ago

    • Jalen VanHoeven
      Jalen VanHoeven Year ago

      Frank Winkhorst While I agree that your interpretation is most likely what was intended, paraphrasing usually wouldn't use quotation marks.

  • Martinius
    Martinius Year ago +23

    Mueller vs. Washington. History being written

    • Denise Eugene
      Denise Eugene Year ago

      Martinius Agreed ! Case of Mueller’s career ..

  • Kathleen Tyson
    Kathleen Tyson Year ago +27

    I wouldn't want to be Trump,Kushner,Don Jr. Sessions and other members of his cabinet that are under the microscope that is Mueller and his team.
    I'm positive Trump is scared he KNOWS who and what he's dealing with in Mueller and his team.
    Make no mistake Mueller has a lot more information than we can imagine,this administration is going down it can't be soon enough for me.