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  • Mariah M-A
    Mariah M-A 2 hours ago +1

    Omg grace followed me before she came in the show it's crazy to see how far she'd come

  • Cher Bear
    Cher Bear 2 hours ago

    Great singer. I just don’t understand if you have crippling anxiety how you can sing in front of sooo many people

  • Altin Meliha
    Altin Meliha 2 hours ago

    Celine kiiiiiillled it❤️❤️

  • Maureen Clancy
    Maureen Clancy 4 hours ago

    When the first girl waved her hands in the air, that is how u clap in sign language

  • Aesthifk
    Aesthifk 4 hours ago

    The heavy metal one is my mind 24/7

  • XxElvisquitoxX
    XxElvisquitoxX 5 hours ago

    That bitch did vine tf😂💀

  • Johnny Zuidema
    Johnny Zuidema 6 hours ago

    Anna Clendening?!

  • Sasa Kurmann
    Sasa Kurmann 6 hours ago

    Who else cried at the first one?

  • Adrianna Devonne
    Adrianna Devonne 6 hours ago

    damn that little girl was obpver the moon

  • Mckenna Perry
    Mckenna Perry 8 hours ago +1

    I just wish mandy could hear the applause

  • Oliver Stone
    Oliver Stone 8 hours ago

    08:27 trap

  • Khaled Hagag
    Khaled Hagag 9 hours ago

    All of them where probobly amazing as i watched some and god bless you all and have a great life everyone and hav fun stay healthy and safe

  • lya Adwoa Ohenewa Osei_Akoto

    what is the name of the last song

  • Azrin Sahar
    Azrin Sahar 10 hours ago

    The sick girl her mother looks like a guy I meant dude

  • KigreTheViking
    KigreTheViking 12 hours ago

    Great design on that puppet. It looks hillarious.

  • Hate on Me
    Hate on Me 12 hours ago

    Lowkey thought the second girls mother was a man 😬...

  • AAAM.V Sisters
    AAAM.V Sisters 14 hours ago

    The last girl sounded like sia with the way her voice crakes but she sings beautifully

  • Joshua Gundersen
    Joshua Gundersen 14 hours ago

    42:42 subtitles are beutiful like so others can see

  • Tarnveer Hera
    Tarnveer Hera 15 hours ago

    The first one made me cry

  • Joshua Gundersen
    Joshua Gundersen 15 hours ago

    Not sherly temple JESUS

  • bobsmithers
    bobsmithers 18 hours ago +1

    5:36 aww :)

  • bobsmithers
    bobsmithers 18 hours ago +1

    4:15 awww, that's so heartwarming and nice to see :)

    MICHELLE CHEN 18 hours ago

    The first woman must have been very good for Simon pressing that golden buzzer!! 😂 😢

  • bobsmithers
    bobsmithers 18 hours ago +1

    2:28 haha mel's face! so astonished! :)

  • Amber Cleary
    Amber Cleary 20 hours ago

    How do people dislike videos like this?

  • x x
    x x 20 hours ago


  • Ayaan khan
    Ayaan khan 20 hours ago


  • Ayaan khan
    Ayaan khan 20 hours ago

    Why didn't the judges stand up for the second girl

  • Malcolm willis
    Malcolm willis 22 hours ago

    Wish you would've cut the judges out and just went straight to the acts so thumbs down for poor editing

  • Pitah Rickposs
    Pitah Rickposs 22 hours ago +1

    Why do i always cry when watching this 😭😭😭

  • Jessica Johnston
    Jessica Johnston 23 hours ago

    No wayyyy that little girl sang like that

  • Bored asf MTTM King
    Bored asf MTTM King 23 hours ago

    Damn the first girl just pulled off a toph

  • Georgia Hardy
    Georgia Hardy 23 hours ago

    Howi is literally so kind! OHMYWORD!

  • This channel is dead

    If only Celine could hear the crowd roaring madly at her performance!

  • The Stalker
    The Stalker Day ago

    29:44 Shoutout to Mel B that she isnt one of those womans who are always voting for kids even when its not good what theyre doing

  • Sahara Regina Magura

    Anna you are beautiful plz don't think that way about yourself

  • Sahara Regina Magura

    I love all of them! Got Talent I love your channel and I would definitely recommend you to my friends!

  • Kawaii Pie
    Kawaii Pie Day ago

    The first one had me shook.

  • ArtsyGal563
    ArtsyGal563 Day ago

    Every time I hear Mandy, I cry. It's just so beautiful and inspiring. That she lost her hearing but eventually came back to music. It's just such a great performance and the piece is beautiful. The lyrics are real and have emotion.

  • TheAlouaShow
    TheAlouaShow Day ago +1

    Ppl say simon is mean and rude but he is just honest, yes he can be brutal at times but some ppl lie to you and tell you that you’re good you need to know the truth

  • Kitsuyou
    Kitsuyou Day ago

    Anna's performance (the second one in the video) was really meaningful for a number of reasons. It takes true strength to put herself out there the way that she did while suffering from an anxiety disorder. Secondly the fact that Howie went up and hugged her was very special. Howie has Mysophobia a.k.a. Germophobia and and it was probably a struggle for him to approach and embrace her like that. He acknowledged and showed respect for her personal struggle by acting in kind. Honestly I was touched.

  • Akram Meja
    Akram Meja Day ago

    Grace the best of oll

  • Tyimesha Scott
    Tyimesha Scott Day ago

    Grace is baby Florence !

  • Aunica Conley
    Aunica Conley Day ago

    that little girl was so my cute

  • Layne Bottom
    Layne Bottom Day ago

    I love that Howie was immediately up on his feet and on stage for Anna when she was done just to be there for her. honestly for me it means so much to me when people do that and to see him do that for her is everything

  • GalaxyAilen
    GalaxyAilen Day ago

    *sees aaron and alan*
    Awww i wonder what they're going to sing

    *10 seconds later* O_O

  • Patti Lazalier
    Patti Lazalier Day ago

    Anna has depression and anxiety even know I'm only ten

    • Patti Lazalier
      Patti Lazalier Day ago

      I meant Anna has depression and anxiety LIKE I DO even know I'm ten

  • Frank Lopez
    Frank Lopez Day ago

    Lol, Howie makes me laugh with this one with Smoothinie. He looks all surprised of every trick he makes.

  • ibra skills
    ibra skills Day ago

    first one I cried :(

  • Kelyse Balque p
    Kelyse Balque p Day ago

    Anna made me cry

  • Candace Argo
    Candace Argo Day ago

    Heavenly...That little girl is going to be a great idol for little girls everywhere! Keep that innocence and don’t get caught up in the greediness and chaos that comes with it. You will defy that!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Binita Dahal
    Binita Dahal Day ago

    The third girl was so amazing and I’m over here that can’t even hit that high

  • Vania Diaz
    Vania Diaz Day ago

    I cried so hard on the first one ;)😭❤️

  • rania
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  • Vivian Wolf
    Vivian Wolf 2 days ago

    And Heaven’s!

  • Vivian Wolf
    Vivian Wolf 2 days ago

    I love Mandy’s audition!!!

  • Angele Bergman
    Angele Bergman 2 days ago

    What her mom said u can't fix it u really can't fix it the cutting the depression and the anxiety and the fact that you don't wanna be here at all....................

  • Angele Bergman
    Angele Bergman 2 days ago

    I know how anna feels I'm like that every day...............

  • Anne WithTheVan
    Anne WithTheVan 2 days ago

    So Celine lived up to her name. Kinda worried about Dion now.

  • mel vaughn
    mel vaughn 2 days ago

    Heavenly is the cutest little thing I've ever seen! You can tell her parents have done an amazing job raising her because she is kind, polite, graceful, courageous and self-confident, without being a brat.

  • mel vaughn
    mel vaughn 2 days ago

    Mandy Harvey is phenomenal! My husband is totally deaf in his right ear, and has full hearing in his left. I cannot imagine him being able to sing that way, ever, even with partial hearing!

  • Sara yusuf
    Sara yusuf 2 days ago +1

    That look in 19:59😂
    When I get up in the morning

  • Daniel Wallis
    Daniel Wallis 2 days ago

    celine's dad is an asian fred armisen

  • Daniel Wallis
    Daniel Wallis 2 days ago

    special head sucks. trick is lame street performer crap. buy a rug, buy a staff that locks in with something that attached to a metal seat up the long sleeve hidden by the long robe. coooooooool

  • Daniel Wallis
    Daniel Wallis 2 days ago

    did heidi call heavenly, beverley?

  • Killsfordayz11
    Killsfordayz11 2 days ago

    Honestly the girl with anxiety disorders I’d smash

  • Khloe Taylor
    Khloe Taylor 2 days ago

    Why these lil kids aka Celine better than me I’m over here like SHOOKETH IM SKOOK TO THE CORE!

  • Liana Wiley
    Liana Wiley 2 days ago

    Celine is so CUTE and the last one made me cry because she was in my state not too long ago on tour with IMAGINE DRAGONS I'm so proud of her

  • Ruby Rae
    Ruby Rae 2 days ago

    The magician had a thumb cap thing... it was really obvious

  • Mister Mista
    Mister Mista 2 days ago

    For the first one, some might say she only got the golden buzzer because she was disabled. I think it was because of her signing, but also her story. America's got talent doesn't just show how good people are at something, it shows how good people can become. Especially with restrictions and disabilities such as loss of hearing.

  • Tessie Sometimes Posts videos

    Was I the only one who was FREAKING surprised when howie gave the girl A HUG

  • raven knight
    raven knight 2 days ago


  • r4vis
    r4vis 2 days ago

    34:08 Half speed..

    that was a nice hook :,v

  • Roxy Heart
    Roxy Heart 2 days ago

    She makes me cry everytime. That was the day I decided that there are some really cool people who are deaf and hard of hearing. I'm learning A.S.L. and this was one reason why I was inspired.

    JOHN BUSOWSKI 3 days ago

    OMG that girl at the end is an AMAZING singer

  • Ellie Ridgeway
    Ellie Ridgeway 3 days ago

    Anna Clendening is such an underrated artist and her songs are just... Amazing! If you want to hear meore of her songs, she has a TVclip channel (Anna Clendening). My fave son by her is Boys like You :)
    Glad she's finally getting more recognition!!

  • You PTAs cunt Retard

    Music is always key

  • Karina Visser
    Karina Visser 3 days ago

    Grace and Darci Lynne get me every time😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭

  • rania
    rania 3 days ago

    27:20 uhhhhhhhh wtf?
    31:21 that lady look like that person from Neighbours
    And I thought I was good at singing...........I'm shit,
    Also they were all good I loved Grace's reaction

  • Sirius Now
    Sirius Now 3 days ago

    These sob stories get right on my tits. Just fucking sing already, fuck. It's always the same... put your backstory on Wikipedia, nobody gives a fuck.

  • Juliann Hernandez
    Juliann Hernandez 3 days ago

    The last one had me shook because that song went viral

  • erica hamilton
    erica hamilton 3 days ago

    This shit had me crying so much :(

  • Anastacia POWELL
    Anastacia POWELL 3 days ago

    I love darci

  • Anastacia POWELL
    Anastacia POWELL 3 days ago

    I was dying at the 6 and 9 year olds

  • Nadjib TheAlgerian
    Nadjib TheAlgerian 3 days ago

    the second girl suffered from depressions disorder and stuff because of her mother who look like a crazy man

  • Chanel_ 06queen
    Chanel_ 06queen 3 days ago

    I wanna here more of the first girl,I wish she could hear how beautiful she sounds

  • Ginger Lynch
    Ginger Lynch 3 days ago

    Who would give this a thumb down the first one person who sings is wow I almost cried😂😂

  • Miranda Cottone
    Miranda Cottone 3 days ago

    I’m convinced that Smoothini has real magic

  • Jonnny D
    Jonnny D 3 days ago

    I think a man is impersonating the second girls mom

  • Odd_ Pies_
    Odd_ Pies_ 3 days ago

    I wish Heavenly sang summAR more then a summUR

  • Chris Medina
    Chris Medina 3 days ago

    What is she talking about

  • Litro
    Litro 3 days ago

    So many sob stories, they are 50% of the reason these people get voted in

  • Luke Pelley
    Luke Pelley 3 days ago


  • PetitPeach
    PetitPeach 3 days ago

    Everyone was SO amazing, but, WHERE'S ANGELICA AT?

    KENZA KHARBOUCH 3 days ago

    And look at Anna now, one of the best singers in the world

  • Nobody Important
    Nobody Important 3 days ago

    22:44 one of my favorites

  • DharmaOfDog
    DharmaOfDog 3 days ago

    Holy Cow Mini Me Celine! Bravo!

  • alemon22
    alemon22 4 days ago


  • Chase Dever
    Chase Dever 4 days ago

    Fake Celine better then the real

  • 20centx
    20centx 4 days ago

    30:13 so cute