#LEC Between 2 Iverns: Sjokz

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • Ender sits down to talk to Sjokz about her interview process and going to international events.
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  • Andy Ferreira
    Andy Ferreira 5 months ago

    EU Ovilee

  • Fayaz Haneefa
    Fayaz Haneefa 5 months ago +2

    I like how low quality the production is just for this show.

  • Francesco Biancucci
    Francesco Biancucci 5 months ago

    I wonder how it would be to play with ender tho, his flame is pretty solid

  • Kezu123
    Kezu123 5 months ago +1

    Eiffel shocks Deported xd

  • JC
    JC 5 months ago

    Vender needs to stop trying to be funny. Some people just aren't cut out for comedy. Medi-Vedi saved the show.

  • ShawnForReal
    ShawnForReal 5 months ago

    Ender is such a trash. Fire this guy.

    • ShawnForReal
      ShawnForReal 5 months ago

      This show is a rip off. His character is a rip off and mix of Kassam G and Zach. Completely unoriginal and just raises his voice over others to prove his wrong points; casting or otherwise.

  • Vizariii
    Vizariii 5 months ago +1


  • bob chaser
    bob chaser 5 months ago

    WTF????? haHahahahahahahahah love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jake Scheirer
    Jake Scheirer 5 months ago

    And I hope that's the end of that stupid series.

  • Cania Antariksa
    Cania Antariksa 5 months ago +3

    I feel like this segment has slowly evolved from Ender roasting people to people roasting Ender XD

  • Christoph Lakits
    Christoph Lakits 5 months ago


  • Bogdan
    Bogdan 5 months ago

    I bet that was Verdius idea

  • coolkid gaming
    coolkid gaming 5 months ago

    Somehow more cringy than the NA stock market, but still amazing. lol

    • mitdau48
      mitdau48 5 months ago

      Ender is from NA so he can do cringy

  • Zeke's Convergence
    Zeke's Convergence 5 months ago +3

    3:42 * Medic doing a Corgi cosplay :D

  • Purble
    Purble 5 months ago

    EU Ovilee

  • Mindstate
    Mindstate 5 months ago +1

    Okay Zach Galifianakis

  • Maddo Scientisto
    Maddo Scientisto 5 months ago

    Imagine Moe being in it aswell, the lvl of cringe would be over 9000 :D

  • AndrewMOP
    AndrewMOP 5 months ago

    this is really my favorite series please keep it up!

  • Riley Kenney
    Riley Kenney 5 months ago

    Sjokz killed him with kindness...literally. Like she took the word kindness, sharpened it and stabbed him with it.

  • Heisenbrekh
    Heisenbrekh 5 months ago +1

    For those who don't get the reference. it's "Between Two Ferns".

  • litapd311
    litapd311 5 months ago

    This is terrible lol.
    I love it!

  • Nicolai Vs
    Nicolai Vs 5 months ago

    I understand this is suppose to be a comedic skit, short and stupid. But, knowing how Riot is getting slammed with sexist lawsuits, this was not a tasteful time to present this kinda content. I felt embarrassed and insulted in the first minute of this. Feels bad man.

  • Giorgos Skandalis
    Giorgos Skandalis 5 months ago

    Why is this show still on??

  • Milan Bořek
    Milan Bořek 5 months ago

    3:41 best ad ivern impression i've ever seen

  • Infamous
    Infamous 5 months ago

    I thought it was youporn for a moment 🤔

  • Alexander de Jesus
    Alexander de Jesus 5 months ago

    Skojz fired

  • miggiepatateatomique
    miggiepatateatomique 5 months ago

    Was there something funny in this video? I didn't get it...

  • ohValox
    ohValox 5 months ago

    Whatever it was I just watched, I loved every second of it

  • Wickerrman
    Wickerrman 5 months ago

    Usually quite open to new shows, but this was just awful. The best bit was Medi and Vedi with their plants...that's about it.

  • BalkanTV2011
    BalkanTV2011 5 months ago

    I don't know who I hate more EU Azael aka Ender or men himself. Both of them got so annoying high pitched voice that tears my ears apart.

  • Ovilee May
    Ovilee May 5 months ago +105

    Sjokz is an honorary weeb. She watches Titan Attack

    • Adrian Martin
      Adrian Martin 5 months ago

      @Louay Madanat I'll give you that one at least

    • King Vergil
      King Vergil 5 months ago

      Also the one that the guy writes names and the people die! That's important!
      In all seriousness though seeing both you and Sjokz onscreen together is a legit dream. Cheers and love to both League of Legends ladies!

    • Louay Madanat
      Louay Madanat 5 months ago +1

      NA weeb > EU weeb confirmed

  • thegamehbktaker
    thegamehbktaker 5 months ago

    I really love this segments, also guys you really need to fix the lore between Ender and Quickshock

  • David S.
    David S. 5 months ago

    I want Sjokz again going to the pros houses and doing some fun stuff with them and like interviewing them.

  • Möhrenssen
    Möhrenssen 5 months ago

    Sjokz nose at 2:43 xD

  • SaPK
    SaPK 5 months ago

    stop attacking my boi Vedi

  • Zyrions
    Zyrions 5 months ago

    It's sooooo bad, it's sooo good !

  • : D
    : D 5 months ago


  • Artanis a
    Artanis a 5 months ago +1

    Shocks anbd who lmao

  • Salah Gamal
    Salah Gamal 5 months ago


  • Jeremy rodriguez
    Jeremy rodriguez 5 months ago

    Mejor, i think we would prefer someone that can act better and funnier, Tyler1 or imaqtipie 😂 it would fit perfecly

  • Louis Hu
    Louis Hu 5 months ago

    Better than Between two Ferns

  • Hungry Sloth
    Hungry Sloth 5 months ago

    Sjokz is such a darling, she's very fun to watch.

  • Stanislav
    Stanislav 5 months ago

    We need the bloopers from this one!

  • DeezyE
    DeezyE 5 months ago +36

    Vedius cosplay looks on point. He even made his arms and legs look like sticks. Bravo

  • Markus L
    Markus L 5 months ago +21

    Sjokz :"I'm from Belgium"
    Ender: " Ah that`s a nice city"

  • JAYZ3O3
    JAYZ3O3 5 months ago

    This was so forced. I wasn't the biggest fan of the other ones but they were at least better.

    • Simon  Berzl
      Simon Berzl 5 months ago

      That is the appeal of this show is it not ?

  • Ivan Krnić
    Ivan Krnić 5 months ago

    1:30 Sjokz fired

  • Jinny Wilkin
    Jinny Wilkin 5 months ago +1

    I'd love to see a behind the scenes on this one, you can see Medic corpsing in the back there and I wanna know how many takes MediVedi ruined by laughing ^.^

  • RavenclawFTW
    RavenclawFTW 5 months ago +10

    Medic's butt bouncing as he hits ender with a palm XD

    • Sergiek Rodriguez
      Sergiek Rodriguez 5 months ago +1

      LMAO! rewatched that like 4 times. Medic has a corgi butt

  • Cloud S
    Cloud S 5 months ago +2

    This should be Sjokz roasting Ender whole episode xD

  • Alexandre LIU
    Alexandre LIU 5 months ago


  • Marcos Barbosa
    Marcos Barbosa 5 months ago


  • SimplyEric
    SimplyEric 5 months ago +51

    Production quality keeps getting better each episode

  • Drsaske
    Drsaske 5 months ago +1

    Send report to Spazie, they hurt planties!

  • Oscar Kobalt
    Oscar Kobalt 5 months ago +2

    Does this mean this NA fraud is finally fired ?

  • RHKC PiaAnime
    RHKC PiaAnime 5 months ago +2


  • BoroFreak
    BoroFreak 5 months ago +2

    This always makes me feel uneasy. I know it's not real, and it's good acting (love them all), but I just find this not entertaining, but actually unpleasant.

  • MrValgard
    MrValgard 5 months ago

    Ivern=wood=stick they should reconsider title -.-

  • Tiago Coelho
    Tiago Coelho 5 months ago +1

    It's good that you keep trying new stuff but tbh, this one wasn't it for me. But keep going, don't be afraid to experiment

  • Swift
    Swift 5 months ago

    I'm so confused