TOP 5: Democrat Cringe Moments!| Louder with Crowder

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
  • Donald Trump reviews the Democratic presidential candidates campaigns and highlights their most cringeworthy moments.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 2 453

  • StevenCrowder
    StevenCrowder  27 days ago +520

    Why do you think Democrats are going to such absurd lengths to try to seem relatable?

    • Stoned Outlaw
      Stoned Outlaw Day ago

      Democrats support sex traffickers

    • hollowlighter
      hollowlighter 7 days ago

      The fuck are you wearing?

    • Mastema
      Mastema 16 days ago

      @Android AW eh, i am crazy enough to post something like that seriously.

    • Mastema
      Mastema 16 days ago

      desperation ofc

    • Homo Quantum Sapiens
      Homo Quantum Sapiens 18 days ago

      @Orbiting Gravity have you cum yet

  • Have a banana productions

    I'm so offended that Crowder is wearing orange face

  • Chris Hurrell
    Chris Hurrell 19 hours ago

    If crowder let the other guys talk more often and didn’t cut them off I would love this so much more

  • TOP 100 % TOP USA
    TOP 100 % TOP USA 23 hours ago

  • SunnyD 80
    SunnyD 80 Day ago

    How did he keep it up for 15 min

  • John smith
    John smith 3 days ago

    at least he doesn't have heart disease from all those big macs.At least call them the N word on the apprentice . Trump gradated from wharton in 1968.Lincoln and lyndon b johnson did way more with less racist comments.At least it's not netflix and chill with Trump because it would Involve a lot of pee and stormy daniel and would cost millions.What's wrong with Pete being gay?Here's the hardest joe biden/Pete buttigeig because unlike trump they have experience/are young and really they'd all be pretty hard for donald to beat them

  • UnslaveHumanity
    UnslaveHumanity 3 days ago +2

    Dems are not "political correct" they are "political insane" (committing political suicide) ... Liberals were originally the real defenders of free speech, now they allow themselves to be ruled (dominated) by the far left dictating authoritarianism & technocratic censorship tyranny.
    I understand why most say: "crazy (or totally insane) statements & claims made up by Dems" ... better to say: "totally unsubstantiated statements/claims" or "baseless parroted misrepresentations" or "very deceptive talking points pushed by copy cats" or "framing & repeating a big lies hoping that if said often enough, SOME think it 'must' be real" etc. etc.
    John Kuhles December 10th, 2019
    from The Netherlands (not USA)
    (supporting Ron Paul since 2006).

  • Tommy Annable
    Tommy Annable 5 days ago

    honestly the Bernie punching bag is more funny than cringe but still glad I got to see it lmaoooo

  • ROBotBoss
    ROBotBoss 5 days ago

    Crowder, if Trump wins the 2020 election then you have to get him on louder with crowder PLEASE!!!

  • Garrett Horsch
    Garrett Horsch 7 days ago

    This video is funny as fuck but I noticed his trump voices was slightly off compared to what it normally is.

  • Garrett Horsch
    Garrett Horsch 7 days ago

    Kamala Harris says she smoke weed and didn’t see any harm in it....... but she also prosecuted tons of black people she says are marginalized for weed.

  • Bob Ford
    Bob Ford 8 days ago

    as far as Mayor Pete Buttkeg goes: it would be a bit uncomfortable watching him giving the State of The Union address, realizing he just gave his husband a blowjob. Arrrrggg!

  • T&C Sides
    T&C Sides 8 days ago

    this is one of crowders best.......he should do more Trump

  • Giovanni Galvano
    Giovanni Galvano 9 days ago +1

    Kamala Harris, is she still in?
    For now...
    I love foreshadowing

  • Zillard Funk
    Zillard Funk 9 days ago +1

    Obama asks for fancy mustard, Pete Buttigieg looking angry while eating, Trump looking like Russian dressing. It's all funny, but all petty comments for comedy's sake. There is definitely a difference between facts and opinions in this show, and I like it because of how obvious you make the both. I love watching shows like John Oliver and Steven Colbert, I fell like they do EXACTLY the same. So how come this doesn't show up on my feed, but they do all the time? As someone who is very much in the middle ground on a lot of topics, I have many concerns on my experiences (anecdotal facts) about media wanting me to lean more Liberal.
    Thank you the work you put in as a comedian, and for your point of view.

  • SkippingLegs
    SkippingLegs 12 days ago +1

    Cmon, the Andrew Yang crowdsurf wasn't cringe.

  • Shane Camburn
    Shane Camburn 12 days ago

    You should be ashamed of yourself appearing in public in orange face... That's racist!

  • Anti Hypocrite
    Anti Hypocrite 13 days ago

    And this isnt cringe?

  • Cornelious Stradivarius

    This has to be ur best EVER AHAHAHA.

    GIMRvLOGS 15 days ago

    I literally can't!! I'm laughing so hard!

  • 1111111 11
    1111111 11 16 days ago

    Amazing trump impersonation Steven, the highest compliments to you sir. You outperform 99% of comedians in terms of wit, depth, performance, range and information. I'm equally pleased how well your colleagues contributed this particular clip, it does get to be a bit irritating to hear what amounts to yes men ( to be fair mostly from the wine presenter)

  • Mastema
    Mastema 16 days ago

    why are you wearing orangeface

  • Caleb Crandall
    Caleb Crandall 17 days ago


  • F&F Home Improvement
    F&F Home Improvement 18 days ago

    Crowder is fucking cringe. A reminder why i stopped subscribing to this.

  • Adrian Zolla
    Adrian Zolla 18 days ago

    I love this show but this is only funny for like a minute but then it gets cringe

  • Matt W.
    Matt W. 19 days ago +1

    “I've been listening to Snoop and Pac since long before anybody paid me to listen to them" - Chief Warren

  • sMiles the Narrator
    sMiles the Narrator 19 days ago

    I didn’t know President Trump knew how to dap up😂

  • John Fuckyour mom
    John Fuckyour mom 19 days ago +1

    All the crooks pandering gives me diarrhoea cramps..
    It's fucking disgusting.

  • 국수공주
    국수공주 20 days ago

    It's always the Democrats changing how they act around minorities as if forcefully trying to impress them. (e.g, Hillary Clinton hot sauce, AOC fake black accent, etc.) I never see Republicans acting like this.

  • SuperSaiyan4Broly
    SuperSaiyan4Broly 20 days ago

    You are so cringeworthy. You try way too hard

  • Bong Shapiro
    Bong Shapiro 20 days ago +1

    Dude... This impression is high-level.

  • George Teischinger
    George Teischinger 20 days ago

    mayor pete looks like mister Bean

  • T Young
    T Young 21 day ago

    what was that that was stuck in Yang's back? The picture was blurry on my monitor. It almost looked like the hot end of a cigar butt.

  • tim gaynor
    tim gaynor 21 day ago

    you should try out for SNL fire baldwin got it nailed

  • Antonio Rezik
    Antonio Rezik 21 day ago

    Yang would aprove! 👍👍

  • Starkiller
    Starkiller 21 day ago +1

    Crowder: “you watch. None of the candidate will want to talk about the economy because it’s so great.”
    Bernie: *talks about the problems and solutions in the economy 80% of the time*

    • Steph J
      Steph J 20 days ago +1

      @Starkiller Well...
      His biggest and best idea is to let people have as much of their money as possible.
      From there families can plan their money any way they like.
      And not waste it.
      That's the problem.
      They need to STOP allowing young people to even GET loans right out of high school..
      Then, when the person is fully adult they can get loans if they want to.
      Adults should never have let them get loans in the first place before making sure they chose a viable career path.
      And a lot of these colleges just dont have value
      .Sorry, some are pricey propaganda factories.
      With more sjw stuff going on than learning.
      Parents have to do their jobss.

    • Starkiller
      Starkiller 20 days ago

      Steph J
      He does have ideas on how we can save trillions on health insurance, on how we can pay for everyone’s college without raising middle class taxes. How we can lift the crippling burden of student debt on millions of young people.

    • Steph J
      Steph J 21 day ago +2

      yep, but in a twisted way.
      He has NO ideas for generating wealth.
      No idea how the government can support that correctly.

  • shatner99
    shatner99 21 day ago +1

    The half-Chinaman has jokes!!!

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 21 day ago

    Andrew yang looks like a grey alien.

  • TorontoJon
    TorontoJon 21 day ago

    8:00 Elizabeth Warren's "I'm gonna get me a beer" comment was so rehearsed and fake that I'd bet she'd never had a beer in her life. She reminds me of that episode from 'The Simpson's' where JFK and Nixon are having that famous debate and JFK endorses Duff beer while Nixon pretended to be familiar with that "particular beer". :)

    AYVABTU 21 day ago +1

    "Frankly" The Drinking Game!!!
    Good luck...

  • AhhCmon
    AhhCmon 21 day ago

    Warren likes Netflix and chill cause she can afford Broadway and dinner in the city unlike most Americans who are forced to Netflix and chill and will never be able to afford a play

  • Richard Casparian
    Richard Casparian 21 day ago

    Why is the TVclip crackdown on Dec. 10 one day after the FISA report release?

  • blueissocool
    blueissocool 21 day ago

    Do you guys really love Trump? Is he the best representation of republicans? Really....really? I guess, back the only dog you got in the race.

  • Nick Athan
    Nick Athan 21 day ago

    Did you see the video of Crowder blowing that tranny at the concert? Do you think that’s really him?

  • Belias Phyre
    Belias Phyre 22 days ago

    I find orange face terribly offensive.
    My mother was an orangetan.

  • Robert Kubrick
    Robert Kubrick 22 days ago

    Good video

  • Madmax
    Madmax 22 days ago

    Did you actually say "Pete Buttcake"?

  • Demogorgon47
    Demogorgon47 22 days ago

    I'm gonna get me a beer too but you don't see my making a big fuss about it. I've never had to stop and in a robot fashion go "HangonasecondIamgoingtogetabeer RUN TIME ERROR! ALL OUT OF BEER ONLY HAVE WHISKEY!"

  • Demogorgon47
    Demogorgon47 22 days ago

    I'm surprised they didn't kick down your door as you made this video going "IT'S THE ORANGE MAN! GET HIM!". I nearly got tackled earlier by some crazed sjw when I was browsing for oranges.

  • Eva
    Eva 22 days ago

    Yang is 5'10". Tall for a full Chinaman. LoL.

  • Whynotigotta2
    Whynotigotta2 22 days ago

    Crowder nailed this video! But the peanut gallery was a little annoying as usual

  • wingzero7X
    wingzero7X 22 days ago

    Steven and team, my friend who is a major leftist with his wife as the "Strong wooman" I smart you dumb kinda lady, they have been throwing Steve Vindman at me like he's the silver bullet for the impeachment. I'd like to hear your comment on this.

  • Arthur Ray
    Arthur Ray 22 days ago

    Yang is awesome lol

  • Jesse Hertz
    Jesse Hertz 22 days ago


  • Iris Muise
    Iris Muise 22 days ago

    LOVED IT!!

  • 66vapor66
    66vapor66 22 days ago

    Damn this was better than expected.

  • frank0stein
    frank0stein 22 days ago

    Pete Butt-gig. Ha ha

  • Chelbasaur
    Chelbasaur 22 days ago

    This impression is just magical 🤭🤭🤭

  • Jacobo And the goons
    Jacobo And the goons 22 days ago

    It’s funny I also got a hint of Dr.Evil face expressions from this trump impersonation 😂

  • neo8378
    neo8378 22 days ago

    Bigly better trump than SNL