The Closest Feeling to Death that isn't Death

  • Published on Aug 5, 2018
  • i feel like die

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    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D the only thing you should burn out is birthday candles, folks
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  • Convex chart 49
    Convex chart 49 21 hour ago

    God dang I burn myself out

  • Blu_Gaming ;P
    Blu_Gaming ;P 21 hour ago


  • Animal Art Videos
    Animal Art Videos 23 hours ago

    i push myself to do homework and sleep at 3:00 xd

  • Sami -
    Sami - Day ago

    I like how I'm watching this near 2 am and she said to go to sleep.

  • Sami -
    Sami - Day ago

    I came off of the channel who made the song to this.

  • Mason Wyberg
    Mason Wyberg Day ago

    I am half insane.

  • lolypop games
    lolypop games Day ago

    Tell this to Hamilton

  • Mason Wyberg
    Mason Wyberg Day ago

    Yes. (Hand raises)

  • Loser _ Gacha
    Loser _ Gacha Day ago +1

    Ha losers I haven’t slept in 3 months, I win!

  • LunarFox
    LunarFox Day ago

    5:43 so, its easter right now for me. Thanks for reminding me :3

  • Jacob Self
    Jacob Self Day ago

    But jaiden what if you're a 14 year old boy who's step mom won't let him do anything except chores and cant walking the house without getting in trouble for literally nothing

  • Zactivity
    Zactivity Day ago

    *Burning theodd1sout*

  • The Paladin
    The Paladin Day ago

    Lol. I survive on a perpetual caffeine high and my muscles are melting from the stress. Hah!


    Thanks jaiden, i really needed this. Pleases keep doing what you’re doing, but DONT WORK YOURE LIFE AWAY, a message that we all need ❤️❤️❤️

  • Tibthecat 19
    Tibthecat 19 Day ago

    Trying to learn animation, make my own art style, doing homework, learning an instrument and a language, trying to sea with my anxiety and helping other with theirs...

  • M S
    M S Day ago


  • Delta the Comic
    Delta the Comic Day ago


  • Klitie Sterling
    Klitie Sterling Day ago

    You either are a procrastinator that doesn't do anything or your an unhealthy overworked machine or you procrastinate then burn yourself out in 30 minutes

  • PheonixPonyLover

    i raised mah hand in zeh beginning

  • Mew Boss
    Mew Boss Day ago


  • Mew Boss
    Mew Boss Day ago


  • Goodcharizard 68

    Schools teach kids and sometimes cause this to happen...

  • Linda Tuite
    Linda Tuite Day ago

    To be fair burnout is like a right of passage

  • Jack's Art and Music

    I walked 15,000 miles today

  • AstroX Studios
    AstroX Studios Day ago

    Yay ginganinjaOwO is in this

  • DogCat Dude
    DogCat Dude Day ago


  • Soul Archer
    Soul Archer Day ago

    I think we all know where this is going

  • LornaPlayz YT
    LornaPlayz YT Day ago +1

    I’m watching this while writing comics and drawing. (Thats my job....)

  • wolf brothers
    wolf brothers Day ago

    3:25 jaiden:but i could be working ari:chilll also LEET MEH SLOOP!

  • Juan jose lopez patiño

    i thought you meant i moved to latin america :/

  • Albert Becerra
    Albert Becerra Day ago

    I can name a couple that's worst

  • King Atlas
    King Atlas Day ago

    I thought you were gonna repeat TAKE A BATH. 😂😂😂

  • King Atlas
    King Atlas Day ago

    Of course it was dave. XD

  • Gaming_With_Izzy H. A.

    ~Raises hand~

  • King Atlas
    King Atlas Day ago


  • Ines Rahmouni
    Ines Rahmouni Day ago +1

    How do you know what death feels like...


  • cloudstation
    cloudstation Day ago

    Thank you for this video! Schools should be taking notes..
    Seriously though, school is super stressful and the administration does not care how overworked their students are, as long as they get good grades and make their schools look good. And taking breaks from school and homework will just get you bad grades.. they really have to fix it!

  • skim malk
    skim malk Day ago

    Taking time for yourself is so overrated

  • Mugman cuphead brother

    Thank God I'm a kid :D

    But I still have work

  • Markular the amazing

    My phone was at 46% battery when I got to the part were she says 46% of Americans drop out

  • Gareth Mccracken

    No one asked you shhhhh

  • B-bop The kitty
    B-bop The kitty Day ago

    *Raises hand* just because I want to fit in the group when I never actually pulled an all-nighter because I’m 11...🤣

  • Nineth Rojas
    Nineth Rojas Day ago

    I have over worked my self to watch all of your vids

  • Cookiez Art
    Cookiez Art Day ago

    **First few seconds play**

    **Raises hand aggressively**

  • sad ness
    sad ness Day ago


  • Leven Zach
    Leven Zach Day ago

    one question...... What is sleep?

  • Hylus XCV
    Hylus XCV Day ago

    This happened to Pannenkoek with the SM64 Watching for rolling rocks 0.5xA

  • FXJammer
    FXJammer Day ago

    So I work 5 days a week and when I get home I normaly play computergames and the next day I work and then I play computer games. Doesn't feel bad tbh

  • Julian Vinuelas
    Julian Vinuelas Day ago

    My hand is raised

  • Elly Plays
    Elly Plays Day ago

    Guy - I'm allergic to dairy....
    Jaiden - NO ONE ASKED YOU

  • Noel Tomic
    Noel Tomic Day ago

    I still have nightmares of picking up my dogs shit whit my bare hands

  • DevilishQueen :3

    Thanks for the motivation because I've been drawing for an art class for three days with only sleeping one hour and a half every night


    GHOSTBOY 64 Day ago

    1:28 so my brain is a dog

  • be n
    be n Day ago +1


  • Bowen Morgan
    Bowen Morgan Day ago

    It's 2:32 am and I'm not tired help :D

  • Flynn Lewis
    Flynn Lewis Day ago

    I am The Devil

    *_Don’t Stay Away From Me Please_*

  • Mundane Uke&Singing
    Mundane Uke&Singing 2 days ago

    That opening statement is a sound on TikTok.
    *I am ashamed that I know that*

  • TheFuzzypuddle
    TheFuzzypuddle 2 days ago

    sucking a jellyfish sounds unpleasant

  • sallyfacefan nightcore

    I found out im depressed today's

  • Pink Mxmories & Yuki Kun

    *good thing i have vacations*

  • Penelope Lavoie
    Penelope Lavoie 2 days ago

    OMG my friend NoodleTheNatalie was inspired by u sooooooo much. I MeMoRiZeD the first sentence u said.

  • Whatever Whenever
    Whatever Whenever 2 days ago +3

    **Exercise= dopamine= less depression!!**
    Me: Oh, so that’s why I’m depressed.....

  • Kelton Gaskey
    Kelton Gaskey 2 days ago

    So I'm an intern at a fire department. What that means is I "get" to do all the stuff that the normal staff gets to do, I just don't get paid nearly as much for it... All that sounds really cool at first. But once you realize that what that actually means is going straight from being up all night, running medical calls or fighting a fire, to school, then home with homework, getting 4 hours of sleep, and then doing it all over again. Yeah. You could definatly say that burnout has become a problem for me. Depression too. I've finally decided to see a therapist but that hasn't made much headway yet. Hopefully the future is brighter than present.

  • Zero
    Zero 2 days ago


  • DylanGamerYT21
    DylanGamerYT21 2 days ago

    Ok but seriously I've over worked my self with animation ;-;

  • Joseph Stalin, The WW2 History Nut.

    Jaiden: makes a video that starts with her talking about how much she overworked herself and how much time she puts into it
    Also Jaiden: has 8 different animators on that video and even in the part where she’s shown sighing after working so hard it’s literally someone else’s animation

  • Zonekiller the dragon

    00:58 me sounds like what I have done

  • Miku San
    Miku San 2 days ago

    Boy in a Band!

  • Bean the bean
    Bean the bean 2 days ago

    Hand has been raised

  • random stuff123
    random stuff123 2 days ago

    No one asked u

  • Dave Wolf
    Dave Wolf 2 days ago

    For me it’s Seizures so there Mainly because OF ALMOST BREAKING MY NECK!

  • Crazy CupcakeGirl
    Crazy CupcakeGirl 2 days ago

    I am a very active child. I has tenis two times a week, Girl Scouts , Piano , church on D&D(I can only choose one bc they're both on the same day but D&D starts after church is over) and I sometimes go swimming. And I also skate outside but STILL HAS DEPRESSIONNNN!!!!

  • Lee
    Lee 2 days ago

    Me: *does nothing all day*
    Also me: omg I should take this video serious I'm so exhausted from life

  • Andreastom
    Andreastom 2 days ago

    That's interesting. I seem to have the problem of *extreme laziness*, where I get stuff done literally the last minute and usually not to a high standard. Overworking myself isn't something i often have problems with

  • gacha dino
    gacha dino 2 days ago

    *raises hand*

  • Glenn Lukes
    Glenn Lukes 2 days ago

    But... I AM a farmer! still *mumbles* still no one asked me but it's true.... I also AM a lumberjack! I take up odd jobs with that. So, I guess I'm like the lumberjack "No one asked you. shhhhhhhhh"

  • The Red Pheonix
    The Red Pheonix 2 days ago

    well i havent slept for a year ha i win i am coffee

  • Laci Octo OwO
    Laci Octo OwO 2 days ago

    Yandere Dev should watch this, I’m worried about his mental health. :(

  • Blizz Galaxy Wolf
    Blizz Galaxy Wolf 2 days ago


  • Melanie Douglas
    Melanie Douglas 2 days ago

    What do if you don't work enough?... Oh, Laziness? Oh so that's what I have been doing for my entire life

  • marcel njanda
    marcel njanda 2 days ago

    If ur a lumrjack I am no 1asks you

  • Teh Josh
    Teh Josh 2 days ago

    *i t ‘s o k a y*

  • marcel njanda
    marcel njanda 2 days ago

    What the fu-BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!

  • karlkarly Karlsen
    karlkarly Karlsen 2 days ago

    Hahaha after one week of 21h worke without breaks I have to say... This shit hits the core of my experience..

  • Peppa bacon Pig
    Peppa bacon Pig 2 days ago


  • Dr.PlusPlaze TheGamer

    Jaiden: mabey you could be the 54% percent of amaricans who dont drop out
    Me: Im... not amarican
    Jaiden: no one asked you

    Nah she is not that mean....
    I hope so

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 2 days ago

    Odd1sout animation is like only a second of actual movement while as jaidens it's almost every part of her videos which is very TIRING to animate so noice one jaid

  • Dr.PlusPlaze TheGamer

    Hey jaiden
    Someone made a song out of this video called "its ok"
    Because of relating to it... which by the way, i relate to this too
    Can you.. react to it?
    Or mabey just comment on their video?
    I dont get whats the point of me doing this...

  • Huricane EeveeYT
    Huricane EeveeYT 2 days ago

    5:14 boy in a band ur sponsored in Jaiden vid good job boii

  • Zimitri
    Zimitri 2 days ago

    Med school does not allow personal time, neither does being a Doctor, sooooooo...

  • stuupid kid XD
    stuupid kid XD 2 days ago

    Jaiden:dont ever die
    Me:easy to say impossible to do
    Tom Cruise:Maybe I can live 4ever

  • KO and TKOs chanel
    KO and TKOs chanel 2 days ago

    *raises hand*

  • Itz Pati
    Itz Pati 2 days ago

    that's all me :(

  • Lizzi Safari
    Lizzi Safari 2 days ago

    I raised my hand in the beginning...yay?
    edit:no kidding it's not yay

    LEONG KUM FATT 2 days ago

    I had math homework on a book and complete the whole chapter and have complete the whole test! MATH! WHY?!!!!!

  • The Almighty Zeus
    The Almighty Zeus 2 days ago

    *no one asked you*

  • Dash Lines
    Dash Lines 2 days ago

    Did anyone see 'R. I. P.' in Jaiden's tear.

  • EncGaming Z
    EncGaming Z 2 days ago

    I have this kind of problem where i change emotions very quickly and instead of helping my parents call me names like crybaby and stuff i dont think they understand,also how much you wanna bet if they see my comment here they wont ever let me touch my phone ever again??

  • Kirb dabirb
    Kirb dabirb 2 days ago

    Youre my therapist now

  • Kram Master PH
    Kram Master PH 2 days ago +1

    I have made so much work but my farents thinks is not enough my brain and sadness is killing me 😢