Got Into It With My Professor At School


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  • Jay Santiago
    Jay Santiago 6 days ago

    THANK YOU!!! I never liked the feminist movement because WE ARE different. And it's for a reason

  • Derrick Kately
    Derrick Kately Month ago

    Continue fighting the good fight brother. Stand!!!

  • Naturallyti
    Naturallyti 4 months ago

    I agree we are equal and of the same worth to God but designed differently. However!! Not all physical activities are equal, I think in track and field some women might naturally win because she’s lighter on her feet. The fastest car and planes aren’t necessarily the largest.

  • Grace x
    Grace x 4 months ago

    I wonder if she’s seen this

  • Lisa Jackson
    Lisa Jackson 4 months ago

    as a woman I denounce feminisim, a lot of those women r gay and have debased minds. u cannot speak wisdom to a debased mind. the carnal mind is at enmity with the spiritual mind.

  • Kiki Kiki
    Kiki Kiki 4 months ago

    Truth hurts brother but never stop speaking it... Listen to delusional statement... "he's a woman if he wants to be a woman".. Since when does that make sense.. In English

  • bigbapester
    bigbapester 5 months ago

    I would love to go and preach the gospel in Chicago. Let me tell you all something really critical. Marcus is wise for teaching you understanding of geographical strongholds in different places. He also talks about Congress and laws, Presidents, etc.. You can go look this up yourself. In Illinois, in order to win the governor's seat, all you have to do is win the county that Chicago is in and you basically win the state. Do you understand where Marcus goes to school at, is in the most liberal county in Illinois? They are number one on the list. What is bound in the earth will be bound in heaven. And what is bound in the county Chicago is in shall be bound in Illinois. All the laws put forth to vote on have a heavy hand upon them in the Cook County Chicago congressional representatives. And Chicago is by far the biggest city in Cook county and Illinois. Win Chicago, and you Christians shall be on the greatest vantage point in Illinois!

  • SuperMattmonkey
    SuperMattmonkey 5 months ago

    Hey Markus, the kingdom is within and your burdens come from the world. You carry your cross, they carry theirs, the yoke is easy the burden is light. Christ overcame the world so you don't have to, it is not by persuasion or by works. Sharing your faith is great, sharing your love is great, sharing your wisdom is good, taking on what is not yours, not a requirement. We seek the kingdom come so people have others who can help the needy and bind up the broken-hearted. Do not let the great deception drain you and leave you without. Peace Brother, I pray you are filled with the Spirit and are worthy for the times and for yourself to continue in your walk and ministry, in Jesus name, amen.

  • Big Bosse
    Big Bosse 6 months ago

    Keep on doing what you doing brother

  • JoesTurbo
    JoesTurbo 6 months ago

    I talk to my daughters every day about the evil in this world and how we need to listen to the Holy Spirit. Let God be our armor and help them through a daily walk. I tell them it is only going to be harder and to be prepared. Work hard but never give in to evil, treat others by the golden rule... say a prayer for your kids to be surrounded by God fearing people for their entire life!

  • Silvia Ocasio
    Silvia Ocasio 6 months ago


  • sagrammyfour
    sagrammyfour 6 months ago

    Yesterday on the Dr Laura Schlesinger show, she spoke to a lawyer husband who is married, has a 4 and a 5 yr old, and feels it's time for his wife to go back to work because they need more money. She ripped him a new one, told him to man up and provide and protect like a real man does. A real man PROVIDES and PROTECTS--it's in his genes.

  • Kayte Larsen
    Kayte Larsen 6 months ago

    U can not change your DNA.
    You are the gender God created.
    And demons are what makes you think and feel opposite.

  • Fritz T
    Fritz T 6 months ago

    The whole left side belief seems to be that if you do not approve of their teaching you are full of hate. Most likely they have friends, family, or loved ones that are struggling with a dividing point and do not want to hear condemnation. We all are sinners. It’s only through the blood of Jesus we can find true redemption, love, and peace.

  • Bill Gates
    Bill Gates 6 months ago

    They also teach evolution as a fact which is clearly a theory and a dumb one at that.

  • Bill Gates
    Bill Gates 6 months ago

    Satan is the liar.....take the strongest woman in the world and the strongest man in the world. Woman has no chance. Its the female queen of heaven spirit

  • Anita Canada
    Anita Canada 6 months ago

    Marcus you are talking truth, alot of these type women of just think , it's okay to be like that and it's not . You just keep being a light to them and pray for them. Because they will go before God and be judged on it. We are so closes to the end ,that they will believe a lye . But we got to stand for truth not lyes

  • Claritza Perez
    Claritza Perez 7 months ago

    You do give a lot of hw to do

  • RodJammCam
    RodJammCam 7 months ago

    Maybe she was impressed but does she really think God is impressed?Brainwashed Eve.

  • Alison Hilll
    Alison Hilll 7 months ago

    Ask your teacher if she is a Jew these people are brainwashed this is madness .

  • Alison Hilll
    Alison Hilll 7 months ago

    Feminism is just more divide and rule pushed on us by the Zionist media watch " Europa the last battle " " Barbara Spector " " IsraAID " Open Borders for Israel . You are right there are women and men how many transgender people do you know ? I don't know any .

  • Jeremiah's World
    Jeremiah's World 7 months ago

    Completely agree with you

  • scrimmerman
    scrimmerman 7 months ago

    Personally, I believe that the reason these people that think that way get so upset when they are challenged is because deep down inside, in their heart of hearts, they KNOW what you are saying is true but they CHOOSE to deny God's truths and totally reject it and when someone challenges them it brings up the conflict they have inside over their denial of God. This inner conflict manifests itself as anger toward one (you) they see as an accuser. In other words when you bring up these questions, subconsciously, to them, you are accusing them of that inner denial of God which they have to constantly suppress in order to continue that world view that they carry. Even though you state she remained calm and professional, you could see that anger in her eyes that says, "How DARE YOU challenge my worldview!" You have brought forth all that guilt of suppression/rejection of God. I really don't think in most of these folks it's so much that they totally buy into it, rather they want to be seen as tolerant and intellectual because that is what this spirit of Antichrist that society pushes now wants.
    That's not to say that they aren't plenty of true believers out there to this evil nonsense, because there are, but I truly think they are a minority. I feel the majority of anti-Christian liberal leaning people are in the first camp. I minored in Psychology back in school and I do tend to analyze people in this way. I could be totally wrong though. Just my $.02. Rock on Brother!

  • Scotty Behave
    Scotty Behave 7 months ago

    I appreciate your honesty...and your love for God. New subscriber. Keep walking in the anointing. You've inspired me.

  • michael archangel nuenthel

    Watch out for those right fighters....they will right fight right into stupidity...seen it before and again.....peace out

  • Steven Cav
    Steven Cav 7 months ago

    And you can BET, how she relayed that conversation, is not how it happened.

  • machinech
    machinech 7 months ago

    Right prof I hear you... so I need the other half of my roof done... can we expect your scholastic pasty ass up on the roof or will you be pussing out on that? You know like we'd think of any man trying to duck out on the same... does that bother you? See what most feminists are asking for isn't equality... it's selective equality, there's a huge difference. But they don't want to hear that. Don't get me wrong... if they can lift what I can and do what I do, then you have all my respect as we are indeed equal... I give no shits about gender any more than I do about color. But if you're asking for me to see you as equal when you can't or won't put in the same effort, then no way. One does not achieve equality by simple demand, you must DO and by that method earn it.

  • Cathrin Gustafsson
    Cathrin Gustafsson 7 months ago

    They are stepping up the Masonic transgender agenda. Look it up. It's going on for more than a 100 of years. Every "Woman" you see on Tell-a-vision or magazines, First ladies, TOP MODELS, TOP ATLETHES........ are men. Some are beautiful and other are really ugly. I couldn't put my finger of what was Wrong. Now I do. The VOICE IS DECEVING US!

  • Roxberrie
    Roxberrie 7 months ago

    I would hope nobody would hurt you because you expressed your beliefs. Especially in a school. That's where we should have open debates.

  • RayPat 7734
    RayPat 7734 7 months ago

    Its a demonic Spirit

  • Muslim Bear
    Muslim Bear 7 months ago

    Jesus needs to come soon and get his people!

  • David Hollinger
    David Hollinger 7 months ago

    What college in Chicago do you attend? Which class were you discussing this?

  • David Tong
    David Tong 7 months ago

    And just how many children has, "She" given birth to. If "thinking it is" would make it so, all of us would be flying around like Peter Pan. Moral Rot is not and now and never was, Progress. Socialism is not Progress. The progressives of the last century gave us legalized, child murder, "Abortion". The Moral "Christian West" used to look down on those "Primitive Cultures" which murdered their children. Planned parenthood sells the remains of the children murdered within their walls. This not progress, this is not moral, this is insanity.

  • Lisa Fergerson
    Lisa Fergerson 7 months ago

    Men and women are completely different.

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean Murphy 7 months ago

    I wish it was just now turning to about 1960. This world were now in just sickens me.
    Thank you Marcus you always have a bullseye shot with your message. Thank you Holy Spirit for speaking through our Brother Marcus. And Please keep speaking to us.

  • Don Drury
    Don Drury 7 months ago

    Marcus, do you have a web site? Could you please post it or respond to this question with it?I would love to chat one on one with you. We are called to the same type of ministry and I believe there could be an element of spiritual support here.

  • Orlando Velastegui
    Orlando Velastegui 7 months ago

    Marcus we can’t change their minds because Jesus Christ said this we happen in the end times. Remember when the men try to brake into Lots house in the land of sodom and Gomorrah were they try to remove the two men to have sex with them. Remember God burn them all with Fire and brimstone. No one survived

  • Orlando Velastegui
    Orlando Velastegui 7 months ago

    Can a transgender have a Baby 👶 No. can a man have a baby 👶 No. can a Woman have a baby Yes. Theirs the difference.

  • A Zarle
    A Zarle 7 months ago

    Crazy world. Jesus is Lord.

  • qwqwqwqw99
    qwqwqwqw99 7 months ago

    If they think men and women are the same why are they so mad at men?

  • Brent Mcfadden
    Brent Mcfadden 7 months ago

    Yup inny or outy ! Proof!

  • Brent Mcfadden
    Brent Mcfadden 7 months ago

    Yup and in some very popular religion they are beasts of burden, second only to a good donkey!

  • Brent Mcfadden
    Brent Mcfadden 7 months ago

    "Professors Yup like Bill Nye! EH!

  • Caryn Balbuena
    Caryn Balbuena 7 months ago

    You can change whatever you want on your outward appearance, but your very DNA will always tell the truth regarding how God created you; Male or female.
    Thank you brother for standing up for THE ONLY truth!!

  • Ralph the Big White dog

    I agree with you. Never thought I would see this in America.

  • Team Jesus with Trigger Holaday

    As for myself, I will only call you by what God created, no matter the change in gender. I don't care if truth hurts, no compromise. Wrong is wrong

  • Team Jesus with Trigger Holaday

    You can change the outside, but each cell will still define what God made, male or female. The devil loves confusing people. And some are very easily influenced.
    Babylon behavior

  • Team Jesus with Trigger Holaday

    ,always stand up for truth.

  • Christina Kinne
    Christina Kinne 7 months ago


  • Christina Kinne
    Christina Kinne 7 months ago

    Your teacher is operating from lies and that's the only reason she gets angry, the individual knows if they are living with lies. THE transgender "movement" is being forwarded by the Psychiatric Industry - that industry wants people confused about sex and they are targeting children, weak people, and trying to make it unsafe to disagree.

  • Catina Hawkins
    Catina Hawkins 7 months ago +1

    The problem I have is Stop lieing on God... saying God made you like that. No he is a Perfect God .He made a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman. Can a man birth babies? No Can a man have ministrations? No... ok you’re a man. End of conversation. Lieing on God is a dangerous thing. If you’re a man and you like men (just say that you like men . If you’re a woman and you like women ( just say you like women) Please don’t make this thing confusing. Be honest with the God of Heaven and he will be honest with you. 💫🙏

  • Rich Ovejero, CPA
    Rich Ovejero, CPA 7 months ago

    Dude you have anger issues. Remember that Anger is a mortal sin.

  • John Jones
    John Jones 7 months ago

    Hi bro I'm from London, don't let anything get to u.bro your a good man they want u to b like them, because they r full of hate it make there hate feel better for.themself they r weak.and they want u weak strong brother they can't touch us , God bless bro to u and your family and supporters 👊👊👊👊👊🇬🇷🇬🇧🇮🇪🇯🇲🇮🇹🇺🇸

  • Shahyee
    Shahyee 7 months ago

    It’s brainwashing by Satan.

  • Bob Kelly
    Bob Kelly 7 months ago

    When you stand for the TRUTH you will take some arrows,Jesus said they Persecuted me they will do the same to his followers. The war is Won but the battle is not over,we know the outcome,stay strong my brother in Christ.

  • Ron Arts
    Ron Arts 7 months ago

    They are already passing laws about transgenderism. It is being taught in school, educators are being told to explicitly go against the wishes of the parents, and not even TELL the parents. Same thing with health professionals. In Canada it's already child abuse if you oppose your child when he/she wants to go into hormone treatment.

  • Guardian of Justice
    Guardian of Justice 7 months ago

    That's my worries to my children going up in this Twisted Fantasy perverse world
    We're not dealing in reality and facts we're dealing in feelings and feelings are going to destroy our society we got to be careful these politicians and vote them out with this type of thinking and put in people with sound thinking in Power
    God made them man and woman. Any difference to that is a medical biological deformity
    That with love and help can be treated

  • catmandont100
    catmandont100 7 months ago

    Feminism is what happens after a Sewing Circle of rejected fatties, open the third bottle of wine / whine .

  • Please Thank You
    Please Thank You 7 months ago +1

    You're doing what I've been wanting to do. Thank you for what you do brother.

  • kim anderson
    kim anderson 7 months ago

    Why should we be forced to except and play into there delusional thinking ,I watched the Egypt mummy’s city of the dead being explored and when they opened the sarcophagus they told us what sex the body’s were based on there bone structure before they looked for names .