Orange is the New Black: Season 6 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Jul 9, 2018
  • It's a whole new world. Season 6 of Orange is the New Black arrives July 27.
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    Orange is the New Black: Season 6 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 6 782

  • MrStealYourkill :


  • 이리듐
    이리듐 2 hours ago

    알렉스는 안보이네ㅠㅠ 니콜 헤어바뀌니까 완전 딴사람 됐네

  • Froggy Infinity
    Froggy Infinity 2 hours ago

    Hopefully Piper disappears once and for all.

  • F.B.i Agent
    F.B.i Agent 2 hours ago

    I want some more RED scenes

  • redanarchy baby
    redanarchy baby 2 hours ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaa IAM SO EXCITED

  • Burningflame 19
    Burningflame 19 3 hours ago

    I can't wait!

  • Roseana Mateo
    Roseana Mateo 3 hours ago +1

    We know Luis is in max and that people probably told what she did.

  • Chuck Tabbi
    Chuck Tabbi 4 hours ago

    This season can't be any worse then the last I will give it another go

  • Nuhneh Lati
    Nuhneh Lati 5 hours ago

    I hope Gloria got her ass!

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus 7 hours ago

    Suzanne is gonna die this season you heard it here first. Calling it

  • It's WayHaught
    It's WayHaught 7 hours ago

    Where is alex?

  • darla john
    darla john 7 hours ago

    Diese Serie nervt einfach nur...ich hab diese scheiß Vorschau jetzt schon zum 100.mal gesehen..und werde die Serie nicht schauen🙄🙄🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • kapitanpochie
    kapitanpochie 8 hours ago


  • YouTube Trash
    YouTube Trash 9 hours ago

    Where's Alex?

  • Kdejaj
    Kdejaj 10 hours ago

    I was in times square and there was a big are billboard for the new season!

  • depois da meio dia
    depois da meio dia 10 hours ago

    Cadê a Alex

  • Jodie Oh
    Jodie Oh 10 hours ago

    where's Al? :|

  • Pablo Jurado
    Pablo Jurado 10 hours ago

    Our criminal justice system is a joke

  • richiee J
    richiee J 11 hours ago

    god!!! Where is alex 😲😲😲

  • Nadire A
    Nadire A 11 hours ago

    I’m so excited!!!

  • Infinite Elevator Music

    Black Cindy is like THE best, and the girl who was standing on the table in the riot. I can’t wait for this season

  • Maya_27
    Maya_27 12 hours ago

    I've never been more excited for anything in my life (wait I said that last season)

  • Top Fortnite
    Top Fortnite 12 hours ago +45

    I still can't get over Poussey's death.

    • Lux Livii
      Lux Livii 2 hours ago +1

      Maybe u should put spoiler in your comment

    • JustinT1010
      JustinT1010 3 hours ago +1

      Felix no he wasn’t.

    • Felix
      Felix 5 hours ago +2

      keep watching, he was jokin

    • ALEX
      ALEX 7 hours ago +1

      Top Fortnite bitch wtf? I’m still on season 3!

  • Im Viince
    Im Viince 12 hours ago

    K hype is real

  • Black Kid
    Black Kid 12 hours ago

    I’m still on season 6 XD

  • Jodi Kinman
    Jodi Kinman 13 hours ago

    Needs to hurry tf up

  • Amber Boxley
    Amber Boxley 13 hours ago

    I feel like daya has a new crushhhh 🤤

  • killuanatsume
    killuanatsume 13 hours ago

    Ok everyone is like 'Where is Alex' well Where is Pennsatucky!?!

    • Aaron Molo
      Aaron Molo 9 hours ago

      killuanatsume She was there, when they were playing catch with the basketball. I wonder if Coates turned her in or she got caught

  • Dr Narcota
    Dr Narcota 14 hours ago

    Great. Now I have the theme song in my head for the next 12 years. Worse than doing time.

  • booflol.morlock
    booflol.morlock 14 hours ago

    I miss Pousey :(

  • Joanne Ysunza
    Joanne Ysunza 14 hours ago

    Now they are here. 😍😭

  • Soph Tulle
    Soph Tulle 14 hours ago


  • Arianna _lyf
    Arianna _lyf 15 hours ago +3

    I sense a binge coming on !!!

  • Callum
    Callum 15 hours ago

    Pipers bunkie In s2ep1 does 4 poos a day

  • Namida Kudasaki
    Namida Kudasaki 16 hours ago

    wow... it looks like a reboot, can't wait to watch it O.O

  • Adesua Dynast
    Adesua Dynast 16 hours ago +2

    Lol I’m still on season 2

  • Mooky Blaylock
    Mooky Blaylock 17 hours ago +1

    Maritza won't be in this season so there goes my reason to watch unless Piper shows her tits

  • Angie Morales
    Angie Morales 17 hours ago +2

    That time of year when i stay up binge watching 😫

  • Brianna Hodges
    Brianna Hodges 19 hours ago

    anyone know who covered Fiona apple song 'criminal?' ?

  • Lil_Reese
    Lil_Reese 19 hours ago

    Holy. Fuckin. Moses. WHERE THE FUCK IS ALEX?!???!!!!!?!!
    Also I wonder who’s the lousy criminal (I wonder if it’s Alex)

  • Saoirse Stapleton
    Saoirse Stapleton 19 hours ago +3


  • JR R
    JR R 20 hours ago +1

    Nobody cares about this show anymore

  • Nicola Simpson
    Nicola Simpson 20 hours ago

    Oh man sure gonna miss Poussey Washington 😢

  • Li A
    Li A 20 hours ago +1

    So daya is okay right

    • sorrowsuperstar10
      sorrowsuperstar10 14 hours ago

      right ?? i can't wait to see what the hell happened to her !?

  • Jenna McDowell
    Jenna McDowell 20 hours ago

    Omg when all their pictures were on the wall the guy had little pieces of paper that said 10+ and life! Why was Nicky labeled as a riot leader btw? Also, WHERE IS ALEX VAUSE MY QUEEN?!?!👓👓👓

  • Lou Gallegos
    Lou Gallegos 20 hours ago

    I watched two seasons and don’t t think I can take watching four more seasons of angry lesbians and women.

  • Marlène Kickouama
    Marlène Kickouama 21 hour ago +2

    I can't wait! This show changed my life!

  • Bath House Becky
    Bath House Becky 21 hour ago +2

    Can’t wait.

  • christelle2194
    christelle2194 21 hour ago

    Lolly !!!!!!!

  • Quality Con-trolling
    Quality Con-trolling 21 hour ago

    I died laughing at the end...that lady is my girl. That face was priceless

  • Saint Katie
    Saint Katie 21 hour ago

    why does the narrator sound like jinkx monsoon

  • lemoentje citroentje
    lemoentje citroentje 21 hour ago

    Yes lolly is back

  • Beth McCracken
    Beth McCracken 21 hour ago +2

    Hurry the hell up, I'm missing my prison gals !!!!!

  • wattlesong
    wattlesong 22 hours ago

    Such a FINE series, thank you to the writers for your work. S5 was tragic, but brilliant.
    This does look very frightening, a very long way from The Lake scene for sure.

  • Eduarda Lorena
    Eduarda Lorena 22 hours ago

    Música da Fiona Apple:Criminal

  • GHnine Ofeleven
    GHnine Ofeleven 22 hours ago

    Time to call it a wrap!

  • Nameless
    Nameless 22 hours ago

    Can I just talk about how much I am in love with the ‘good morning litchfield max’

    3.7M likes 22 hours ago

    Alex vause is likely to be
    1: Dead (due to being shot at pool)
    2: at another facility/prison
    3: kidnapped by a person sent by cubra
    4: escaped during the pool or while doing the count outside
    (Oof idk why i made this)

  • The Drag Bible
    The Drag Bible 22 hours ago

    Anyone got this version of fiona Apple criminal! X

  • Szlendak
    Szlendak 23 hours ago

    I dont understand what hes saying ? 1:55

  • Angie Gonzalez
    Angie Gonzalez 23 hours ago +1

    For those asking where Alex is, remember Piscatella broke her arm and she needed medical attention

  • Angie Gonzalez
    Angie Gonzalez 23 hours ago +2

    Gonna finish the season in 3 days and regret life until the next season comes out 😂

  • Hay. Cali
    Hay. Cali 23 hours ago +2

    Brook Soso, Maritza, Nora and Alex is not in Season 6!!! Why oh whyyy

  • محمد gaming 1234

    1:34 I see you 6ix9ine 😂😂

  • Tamás Farkas
    Tamás Farkas Day ago


  • I wanna be FIT!
    I wanna be FIT! Day ago

    I've been stuck on season 2 for a few years, guess I need to catch up! 7/16/18 @ 9:15A.

  • Mikayla Yoder
    Mikayla Yoder Day ago

    Where is Alex???

  • Niikki Ragland
    Niikki Ragland Day ago

    Oh shhhhhyyyyyyt!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Scarlett
    Scarlett Day ago

    Whats the Name of the Song?

  • hey bih
    hey bih Day ago

    this is the only american show i follow and im so hyped holy shiiiit

  • LC Clairissian
    LC Clairissian Day ago

    Where is Stella! I need Ruby Rose in my life right now. Stelllllllaaaaaaaa

  • David S
    David S Day ago

    0:10 - 0:15 ! finally getting us a hot ass C.O !!

  • Evelyn B. Lee
    Evelyn B. Lee Day ago

    Where's Bernett or wharever his name was

  • whwhjqjwiwjsjsiwjwj shjwjwjqiwjw

    I hope miss Claudette comes back

  • Strength In Ethics

    Roll it out, and wrist roll, roll it out, churn the butter, churn the butter..hahaha, that look though 1:56. Priceless.
    Can't wait! Looks fantastic. All my faves still there, slightly fuller in body.

  • sleepless nic
    sleepless nic Day ago

    Where's ruby rose:( again:(

  • Kidrauhlchan
    Kidrauhlchan Day ago


  • Mikmik Andaya
    Mikmik Andaya Day ago

    I cant breathe while watching this, Like this is the first TV Series that i fell in love with ,, Im crying while watching this seriously , I cant wait ... Please I hope my girls will be ok

  • Gabriel Abelha
    Gabriel Abelha Day ago

    i'am not ready, omg, where is alex?

  • Gabriel Abelha
    Gabriel Abelha Day ago

    i'am scared

  • halosky258
    halosky258 Day ago

    Churn the butter!

  • Anna Cheri
    Anna Cheri Day ago

    how the hell is linda still in prison!?!?

  • anonymous man
    anonymous man Day ago

    i cant wait for it to be out

  • Ryan Lps
    Ryan Lps Day ago


  • balenciaga samurai

    Ok but the darkskin cop could get it....

  • Rock the Rainbow


  • Jess Tavares
    Jess Tavares Day ago

    where the FUCK is Maritza?????

  • John'taisia Vinson
    John'taisia Vinson Day ago +1

    I’m so fucking ready OKURTTTTT 🤪

  • Harajuku_Lover〈3

    Is It Me ,Or Does It Look Lame 🤷🏼‍♀️😒 Hopefully It’s Good .

  • sorrowsuperstar10

    What will become of Daya ?? ....

  • Rondas Face
    Rondas Face Day ago

    So no one's gonna talk about Lolly making a come back?

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith Day ago +3

    Yas! Crazy Eyes! 👀
    This looks pretty darn good!

  • Angel Diandani
    Angel Diandani Day ago

    *MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 6 film (2018) now available* : [ ]
    Unglaublicher Film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren !

  • Tony Darmoo
    Tony Darmoo Day ago

    🔴 *Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween ow availablen* [ ]

  • Crippling Depression

    Imma watch this like a day and get depressed to wait another year

  • Stephen Newsome
    Stephen Newsome Day ago

    Cheri the butter

  • Finn Jacobs
    Finn Jacobs Day ago

    Happen scheme psychological rebel endure net golf with pleased.

  • MaleekBitch
    MaleekBitch Day ago +2

    The animals, the animals, trapped, trapped, trapped til the cage is full. THE CAGE IS FULL...!

  • Under Water
    Under Water Day ago

    I’m readddddyyy😁