World's Longest LEGO Walk | Overtime 2 | Dude Perfect

  • Published on Mar 5, 2018
  • Ty braves over 140 feet of LEGOS... barefoot!
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Comments • 51 832

  • LittleBearGaming
    LittleBearGaming 2 hours ago

    Wasn’t that cow going to be killed anyway?

  • Nano Tron645
    Nano Tron645 5 hours ago

    The new saw 9:40

  • Krystal Walling
    Krystal Walling 5 hours ago

    You guys killed the song hahahahaha

  • Dylan Chung
    Dylan Chung 5 hours ago

    | not live

  • Dylan Chung
    Dylan Chung 5 hours ago

    13:13 😲😲😲😲😲

  • Connor Harris
    Connor Harris 6 hours ago

    Can ty actually play guitar

  • The Ray Brothers
    The Ray Brothers 7 hours ago

    Cody has pit stains lol

  • Love puppy Awesome
    Love puppy Awesome 7 hours ago +2

    I want someone to own a cat 🐱

  • Mikayla Fish
    Mikayla Fish 8 hours ago

    Do you guys even know how dangerous that is

  • O mundo de uma geek!!
    O mundo de uma geek!! 8 hours ago

    Overtime is the best show ever

  • Itsda Slurp
    Itsda Slurp 8 hours ago

    Where did u get soooo much legos

  • Maiar Fayad
    Maiar Fayad 9 hours ago

    Love you guys so much and I really wish I could buy your Murch

  • raechel norris
    raechel norris 9 hours ago


  • Colin SINGSON [09M1]
    Colin SINGSON [09M1] 14 hours ago

    finally a record i can break

    DARIAN HOCKNEY 16 hours ago +2

    Hit the like button if anyone else likes overtime

    the BACKBENCHERS 18 hours ago

    Tall Guy, Beard, Twins, Purple Hoser, Dude Perfect's in OVERTIME

  • Kaden Perkins
    Kaden Perkins 20 hours ago

    You can not land on the sun

  • Asnia Matuan-Macarambon


  • Princess_Unicorn

    I can do the LEGO walk longer. It doesn’t hurt.

  • Ryan Robson
    Ryan Robson Day ago

    For you lazy people 5:31

  • Awesome Jake •


  • Awesome Jake •


  • Brenna Oberton
    Brenna Oberton Day ago +1

    what if ty got chosen for the wheel? Who would be ned?

  • Everythink-By-Newton

    You guys out of ideas

  • TheRealOne Jose
    TheRealOne Jose Day ago

    7:32 Cody predicted the future

  • Kyle’s Awesome Gaming


  • FeAr123465
    FeAr123465 Day ago

    tall guy,beard,twins,purple hoser dude perfects in overtime

  • JonuJonu Gaming
    JonuJonu Gaming Day ago


  • brenna ragina
    brenna ragina Day ago

    Why was the song actually good🤣

  • Harald Enderez
    Harald Enderez Day ago

    LEGO was made in Denmark and i am from Denmark

  • A Bond
    A Bond Day ago

    I love this video so much

  • SquadMan Vlogs
    SquadMan Vlogs Day ago

    We’ve got some good news we killed a cow

  • Ghanem Ghorayeb
    Ghanem Ghorayeb Day ago

    who hates tys voice when he acts like the lady

  • Danny Ellwood
    Danny Ellwood Day ago


  • Ethan Ong
    Ethan Ong Day ago

    I actually think I can break this record

  • Maryanne Job
    Maryanne Job Day ago

    god bless you guys. I am not haunting you but god bless

  • Nathan Bistodeau


  • red squirrel
    red squirrel Day ago +1

    dude. i've walked on lego for an hour [i obviously didn't have a choice, it was a dare] i walked like 100m in laps. anyone could beat that bro.

    no-one will believe me.

  • MCFortBlox
    MCFortBlox Day ago

    Ned:That’s Un-Fortunate!
    Cory”I give up” face

  • Ye Boi Deku
    Ye Boi Deku Day ago

    Is nobody gonna address the fact that *Cory just got r a p e d by a car wash* ?

  • glandoon iOS
    glandoon iOS Day ago +1

    Sing song........ JUST AMAZING, LIKE AWESOME

  • Ben King
    Ben King 2 days ago +1

    World's longest lego walk? BRING IT ON!!!

  • One Shot Wonder
    One Shot Wonder 2 days ago +1

    Sub to me

  • Christopher Willette

    King Coby

  • Danna Bowling
    Danna Bowling 2 days ago


  • Wenhui Wei
    Wenhui Wei 2 days ago +1


  • Ultimate Things
    Ultimate Things 2 days ago

    Pocket cannon, I say 😬😕 but overtime RULES it is so cool.

  • Ky Duyen Huynh
    Ky Duyen Huynh 2 days ago

    YAY 😊

  • Purple Unicorn
    Purple Unicorn 2 days ago

    Am I the only one that doesn't think stepping on Legos is that bad? Like, when I step on a lego, ya maybe I twitch a lill but its not that bad xD.. Maybe its because I am still a kid and am used to it

  • Lexon 99
    Lexon 99 2 days ago

    DUDE Perfect is the best on youtube

  • Emilee Wilson
    Emilee Wilson 2 days ago

    My life long dream is to go to Wisconsin

  • Coolio YT
    Coolio YT 2 days ago

    I felt the pain of the LEGO walk ;-;

  • Micah Ingram
    Micah Ingram 2 days ago

    I can break that record. EASY!!!

  • Rhonda Watson
    Rhonda Watson 2 days ago

    This is for you Cory, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Angel’s Lab
    Angel’s Lab 2 days ago +1


    XXIAMELLEXX 2 days ago +1

    9:32 - Blue soaked shirt
    10:19 - Black shirt covered in towels

  • Happy Compton
    Happy Compton 2 days ago +1

    Someone is missing on the theme song

  • Christiano Pappano
    Christiano Pappano 2 days ago

    When Toby put up the red button I actually broke my screen how hard I punched it

  • Christiano Pappano
    Christiano Pappano 2 days ago

    Who repeats the song overtime like a million times

  • Michaela Jenson
    Michaela Jenson 2 days ago

    Dang it Ty! You didn't do your signature spin!! UGH!!!!

  • Michael Kearney
    Michael Kearney 2 days ago


  • Alice Crocker
    Alice Crocker 3 days ago


  • Sherie Lonsdale
    Sherie Lonsdale 3 days ago

    i love overtime

  • Alicia Sanger
    Alicia Sanger 3 days ago


  • Violet Grey
    Violet Grey 3 days ago +1

    Ty the best

  • Eli Mueller
    Eli Mueller 3 days ago

    Geret has a Xavier hat on omg

  • Cass Blake
    Cass Blake 3 days ago

    "If you pull that out on an airplane I'm getting off" Cody Jones 2018

  • Andre Clark
    Andre Clark 3 days ago

    Why gar always where hats

  • Fnaf King
    Fnaf King 3 days ago

    Mate are they at a real concert


    We didn’t kill a cow

  • Joker The Clown Prince

    I will see OVERTIME
    all the time!!!!!!

  • Ostoja Stojanovic
    Ostoja Stojanovic 3 days ago

    Tall guy, beard, twins, purple hozer,
    Dude perfect in overtime,
    Tall guy, beard, twins, purple hozer
    Now we heading on to overtime

  • Thumbnail Finder
    Thumbnail Finder 3 days ago

    "You will be attempting to break the record for the furthest length walked on Lego's with one blue sock and one yellow sock while whistling an original tune as you touch a wall with your pinky finger after it's been clipped by nail clippers on a Tuesday at 11:46AM"
    These records are getting so arbitrary holy moly.

  • L-T Animals
    L-T Animals 3 days ago


  • Ethan Dyck
    Ethan Dyck 3 days ago

    Love the theme song

  • Joshua Reaper
    Joshua Reaper 3 days ago

    i would so beat this record omg

  • Aurora Crystal
    Aurora Crystal 3 days ago

    I want to try the LEGO walk

  • Connor deHaas
    Connor deHaas 3 days ago

    I heard LEGO(((((((S)))))))) and i cringed. I never called it that. Every piece was a LEGO brick, or a brick, but never LEGO with an s attached to it.

  • FaZe Gmon
    FaZe Gmon 4 days ago

    You should do this every week or at least every two weeks. We all look forward for OT but only get it once every two months like if you agree

  • Radioactive Cheetah
    Radioactive Cheetah 4 days ago

    I love cool or not cool

  • America's Greatest Pop


  • Darien Tran
    Darien Tran 4 days ago

    Pepper spray on face?

  • Megtheridon
    Megtheridon 4 days ago +2

    12:33 I feel how Garret looks in that shot.
    Why did this song happen XD

  • Asher Olsen
    Asher Olsen 4 days ago


  • Kara De Silva
    Kara De Silva 4 days ago

    I’m glad you didn’t kill a cow

  • Amy and friends
    Amy and friends 4 days ago

    You guys should have an album 😂

  • Cesco Monti
    Cesco Monti 4 days ago

    The owner of the moon is from Argentina 🇦🇷

  • Tram Anh LAM
    Tram Anh LAM 4 days ago


  • Megh PatelOfficial
    Megh PatelOfficial 4 days ago


  • Emran Almukhaini
    Emran Almukhaini 4 days ago

    The lego walk looks pretty easy btw this isn’t a hate

  • Legendary Gamer8
    Legendary Gamer8 4 days ago

    You forgot ur signature move

  • Aidas K
    Aidas K 4 days ago

    I think that the poket canon I cool

  • Jack Kulesza
    Jack Kulesza 4 days ago

    Can I have the lego😂

  • Sniper Xd
    Sniper Xd 4 days ago

    Can I get the merch

  • MysterySeal
    MysterySeal 4 days ago +1

    I honestly didnt know legos hurt people until i saw this video because when i step on legod i dont feel anything! ;) i think im emortal to legos

  • •Golden Galaxy arts and animation•


  • James Bond
    James Bond 4 days ago

    you know like dude perfect and I would be sad to see it burn down so I smack that red button

  • Ryan Gohain
    Ryan Gohain 4 days ago

    The song was go down rocking by BRYAN ADAMS

  • Savage Spider-Man 55
    Savage Spider-Man 55 4 days ago +1

    Who else is on team coby like if you are 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Alexander Dinh
    Alexander Dinh 4 days ago

    Who picked up the LEGO?