World's Longest LEGO Walk | Dude Perfect

  • Published on Mar 5, 2018
  • Ty braves over 140 feet of LEGOS... barefoot!
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  • Hugo Bossf
    Hugo Bossf 6 hours ago

    Not anymore :D

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  • BlueDragon
    BlueDragon 6 hours ago

    wheres the fun with dentistry

  • Jeff Armstrong
    Jeff Armstrong 6 hours ago

    That song was awesome

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    I shared it to 82 people

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    Ibrahim Vardag 7 hours ago

    We didn't kill a cow

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    I shared the video 🤗🤗🤗

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    I would send mail but I live in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and it would cost hundreds of pounds 💷 or dollars 💵

  • Cerys Inwood 2
    Cerys Inwood 2 8 hours ago +1

    The song was so funny

  • jepe parilla
    jepe parilla 8 hours ago

    Is a Lego even hurt?

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  • Billy Nguyen
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  • Peter Diggins
    Peter Diggins 9 hours ago

    I shared this vid.

  • COD Master
    COD Master 9 hours ago

    I wish I could do that lego walk

    I would walk about half a mile

  • Taylamondo123 Lol
    Taylamondo123 Lol 10 hours ago +1


  • Mohammad Amro
    Mohammad Amro 11 hours ago

    You are the most popular and the best ever

  • Zeijon Kenneth P. Alanano

    Subcribed And Shared!

  • Motion Crazy
    Motion Crazy 11 hours ago

    Ty is a good singer

  • Ade Fitriani
    Ade Fitriani 11 hours ago

    the song its so coollllll

  • JJ & JL
    JJ & JL 11 hours ago

    When comes next episode

  • Arthur Maes
    Arthur Maes 12 hours ago

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  • The weird Person
    The weird Person 12 hours ago

    You should do a bike riding stereotype

  • Dominic Deady
    Dominic Deady 12 hours ago

    My favorite part is when Ned Forester takes off the coat. I practiced doing that in real life LOL.

  • m iner dude451
    m iner dude451 12 hours ago

    The youtuber Landon beated your record XD

  • Sylver Wolf
    Sylver Wolf 13 hours ago

    Just saying a bunch of Lego isn't that bad.

  • Devin Hester
    Devin Hester 13 hours ago

    lol the song

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    Tiffany Severa 15 hours ago

    hi watch you on tv

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    Jack Jones 15 hours ago

    500k likes I can’t even get 100

  • Dustin Louise Del Rosario

    I laughed so hard😂😂

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    Christian Condarco 16 hours ago +1

    Yay dude perfect

  • Amour Et Haine
    Amour Et Haine 16 hours ago

    Omg u highest youtuber

  • AJ Battles
    AJ Battles 16 hours ago

    I love overtime

  • SawKolo Htoo
    SawKolo Htoo 16 hours ago

    I could’ve beaten that even a yard longer only if I could try it😭

  • Labeeb Farooqi
    Labeeb Farooqi 16 hours ago

    are they actually going to the moon? and what do they mean by there getting 1 acre of the moon and how? and if they are going to the moon, why did the rage monster :), and coby gave it a not cool? Plz answer my question peopl i am begging you.

  • Life smells Weird
    Life smells Weird 17 hours ago

    I am subscribe and shared

  • Jack Beal
    Jack Beal 17 hours ago

    Were is your signature move Tyler

  • virgie purnomo
    virgie purnomo 17 hours ago

    wow ur sub is growing so fast

  • Cameron Abrams
    Cameron Abrams 18 hours ago

    Where is Ty’s signature move??

  • Aiden Rubio
    Aiden Rubio 18 hours ago

    Landon beat the record

  • Robert C
    Robert C 18 hours ago

    I shard the video and liked it, I really love your vids dp

  • Zaid Alshariari
    Zaid Alshariari 18 hours ago +1

    Wow this is nice one lol 😂

  • rovicmontehermoso
    rovicmontehermoso 18 hours ago

    Get 20 Half Court Shots LIKE Steph Curry again if question mark

  • Jared Erni
    Jared Erni 19 hours ago

    You are so cool.

  • Cameron wallis
    Cameron wallis 19 hours ago

    Episode 3 wanted

  • Colin Robinson
    Colin Robinson 19 hours ago

    This is good

  • Home Boy
    Home Boy 19 hours ago

    Can you add a segment called Wheel Fortunate where there is good stuff such as get $1000.

  • ActionJackson08
    ActionJackson08 19 hours ago

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  • Jose Dominguez
    Jose Dominguez 19 hours ago

    Newest Saw trap

    I believe everyone will just lose

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    Matty Beakfast 41 19 hours ago

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  • Timothy Bourne
    Timothy Bourne 19 hours ago

    nice singing ty

  • Santiago Cota
    Santiago Cota 19 hours ago

    the song has so funny

  • fails and other things 123

    broke by Landon do it again

  • Steph Kirchner
    Steph Kirchner 19 hours ago

    the ? should be to get pooped on by a cow

  • Galaxy Blaster
    Galaxy Blaster 20 hours ago

    You gotta make another!!!!

  • Doctor Derma
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    Elijah Adamson 20 hours ago

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    Alexander Craig 20 hours ago

    I didn’t kill a cow

  • Kaleb Tube
    Kaleb Tube 20 hours ago

    You guys should watch this video

  • The Bro
    The Bro 20 hours ago

    Lol LandonRB beat the record

  • Proud TV
    Proud TV 21 hour ago

    Nice vid

  • Aida Ayala
    Aida Ayala 21 hour ago

    make a bathroom stereotype video

  • slime maker 101
    slime maker 101 21 hour ago

    If you can break all these records why arnt you in the ginis world record book???

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 21 hour ago

    walking on Legos dose not hurt that much ty acted like a baby lol

  • Zach Ting
    Zach Ting 21 hour ago

    LandonRB/ Landon has beat your score

  • Xd 2.0 j47
    Xd 2.0 j47 22 hours ago

    Ну я даун,хули мне

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  • Jeremy Ildefonso
    Jeremy Ildefonso 22 hours ago

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    eddie boyz 22 hours ago

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    Morgan Playsroblox 22 hours ago

    Omg I loved the sing song

  • Basketball Star
    Basketball Star 22 hours ago

    And you guys did get beat by Landon

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    Dominic Jackson 22 hours ago

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  • Why don't we funny moments

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  • Destiny_120 Skys
    Destiny_120 Skys 22 hours ago

    The song they did was like teens made it on a low budget😂🤣💵

  • Jake Modesti
    Jake Modesti 23 hours ago

    omg keep making overtime
    I just supscriped (if that's how you spell it)
    i watched all the videos
    PS that 5 acors of land on the moon is awesome
    PS i take yours ty

  • Awesome Boy 46
    Awesome Boy 46 23 hours ago

    more more more overtime lol soz cory

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    mercure36 23 hours ago

    landon beat you in the world rcord ask him

  • Lauri Saarinen
    Lauri Saarinen Day ago

    For the ? Have one of the Cotton twins cut your hair

  • SniperGamesOP
    SniperGamesOP Day ago

    The moon and sun aren't planets

  • Liamvlogs 14
    Liamvlogs 14 Day ago +1

    What happens when ty gets the week unfortune

  • Mike Parker
    Mike Parker Day ago

    The song number 1 in my playlists

  • Tom Alexander
    Tom Alexander Day ago

    That song was the best ever like if you agree😎😀

  • Muhammad Rayhan Shaik


  • ThatOneFruitDude

    Great vid Ty, Cody, Garret, William, and Jack

  • Liziuzayani Stoudmire

    Well today is my first time ever watching this show it was awesome I really enjoyed it you guys are great keep up the good work. I really love the song at the end it was funny you guys have a really positive energy about everything I love it and the guy that was wearing the afro LOL take care be blessed

    RONITUBE Hd Day ago


  • Christina Scalese

    O wow those logos must have hurt

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    Pogur RL Day ago

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  • Celena Matteson
    Celena Matteson Day ago

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  • Celena Matteson
    Celena Matteson Day ago

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    Xtrmin806 :D Day ago

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