Goodfellas In Real Life (137) | Congratulations Podcast with Chris D'Elia

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
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    On today's show, Chris talks about Jeremy Renner and his song "Main Attraction", old college friends, New Jersey and Florida, Zedd, and the influencer motorcycle accident.
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Comments • 1 000

  • Chris D'Elia
    Chris D'Elia  Month ago +102

    Release this dents my Babies.

    • Clayton Bigsby
      Clayton Bigsby 26 days ago

      You guys are lonely. Calling a man that doesn't know you "daddy". The fuck? There's fan and there's creep.

    • santaraiders
      santaraiders 29 days ago

      Yo Ellen copied missed connections lol

    • Ningishzidda
      Ningishzidda Month ago

      America has officially met the absurdity of it's own mediocrity...first Trump, now this...the world is now dead and now I can sell everyone even more crap...Sean Cruze most have kidnapped Kid Rock and made him give his career to Jerome Renner, Jeep singer

    • Ningishzidda
      Ningishzidda Month ago

      Daddy you didn't know that there is an actual 🏜️ btwn Molesto and Turdlock...for serious there is..I think it's called Crotchdale.....or it is wait Rivercrotch......

    • Ningishzidda
      Ningishzidda Month ago

      Member..... we're dealing with a dude from one of Modesto's finest high uh yeah..he'd gonna come flying out with a trench coat on like he'd ready to drive a couple hours to Turdlock to get some orchard poon...

  • nksmecha nks
    nksmecha nks 2 days ago

    so what up with the glass cup ? Chris throwing hints about homo ?

  • Cory Larsen
    Cory Larsen 10 days ago

    What’s the real problem should be.
    A real thing. With Chris Delia.

  • Dave
    Dave 14 days ago

    Oh i'm skippin through you stitute

  • Justin Alexander
    Justin Alexander 18 days ago

    32:40 Daddy did the voice of thousands in a matter of seconds

  • Jalen Weddell
    Jalen Weddell 20 days ago +1

    Cause you're the star of the showwwww

    • Jamal Landry
      Jamal Landry 11 days ago +1

      Jalen Weddell and I’m talking about meee secretlyyyyy mmBRRRRRnnnnn

  • allieSunl
    allieSunl 21 day ago

    This episode was so awesome!!

  • Braeden Wardleigh
    Braeden Wardleigh 21 day ago

    Your brain’s all dented!!!!

  • Madai Romero
    Madai Romero 21 day ago +1

    I would watch EVERY SINGLE episode of Whats The Real Problem

  • abearinpa
    abearinpa 21 day ago

    How far Jeremy Renner has come from his "SWAT" days...

  • EjaculationSniper
    EjaculationSniper 22 days ago

    36:20 for Lenny story

  • Shiroe San
    Shiroe San 22 days ago

    What a fuck is Leny?

  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith 22 days ago

    you gotta see the renner phone app

  • Herbert Hsieh
    Herbert Hsieh 22 days ago

    mom assuming dog was buttfucked part made me laugh like a psychopath

  • Abreham
    Abreham 24 days ago

    AIR pods are so fucking cuda, come on dude

    XMUS-JAXON-FLAXON-WAXON 25 days ago +1

    36:36 Lenny buttfucked by a guy

  • Cameron Bridger
    Cameron Bridger 25 days ago

    Chris has a moistest lips

  • grindamadurin
    grindamadurin 26 days ago

    Jeremy Renner in Las Vegas killed me

  • J Banuelos
    J Banuelos 26 days ago

    Apple says it's card can't be near denim.
    ***PLOT TWIST***
    Apple releases pants compatible with the Apple Card
    Chris D'Elia purchases racks of them, because of, WAIT FOR IT...
    "NO DENTS!!!"

  • Kelsie Webster
    Kelsie Webster 27 days ago

    How many times a day do you think Chris D’Elia sucks himself off??

  • smoothieboy
    smoothieboy 27 days ago

    “Hold on put that song back on” was not a stupid joke don’t ever doubt yourself my babies

  • Sol6rG6mes ForYou
    Sol6rG6mes ForYou 27 days ago


  • Tim Mac
    Tim Mac 28 days ago

    First 20 minutes he expresses his love for Jenny Renner

  • willastralian
    willastralian 28 days ago

    Eh Se Yes

    JAVIER GONZALEZ 28 days ago

    Never seen a podcast twice until this episode. Going to the casino to play black jack with main attraction playing in my ear/air pods.

  • Heath Osborn
    Heath Osborn 28 days ago

    Am I the only one hearing from other people on the internet that Jeremey Renner has a weird obsession with Jeeps, Casey Anthony, and porn?

  • Adri R
    Adri R 28 days ago

    Chris... I can’t stop laughing. Everyone needs a Chris D in their life man.. seriously too funny and clever!

  • 8irsan8
    8irsan8 28 days ago

    55:42 "..and asking your friends to take graaaaadiennnnnnt shotssss...." bro I cant stop laughing at that s**t.

  • Shinigami
    Shinigami 29 days ago +1

    25:07 Word for word just described Dana White lolol

  • Empty Annex
    Empty Annex 29 days ago


  • Connor McCaffrey
    Connor McCaffrey 29 days ago

    listen to dubstep you fucking twat

  • Spartan08
    Spartan08 29 days ago

    “I’d like that massage!” Omg deaddddd

  • Cristopher Avello
    Cristopher Avello 29 days ago

    yo rise up, saliva. Bro. No Love

  • Cristopher Avello
    Cristopher Avello 29 days ago

    Jeremy Renner. didnt we remodel him. Jeremy Renner

  • Dregz
    Dregz 29 days ago

    This was the funniest episode yet... the clip from the song kills me

  • santaraiders
    santaraiders 29 days ago

    Ellen copied miss connections
    She did a missed connections on burning man

  • poot
    poot Month ago

    already listened to this podcast at work not giving a fuck but im gonna watch it again cause m'baby

  • Alberto Jimenez
    Alberto Jimenez Month ago


  • Edu K
    Edu K Month ago

    plz do a jeremy caruso mashup (with the intro electro kick and then roger daltrey screaming his lungs off)

  • Juarez 72
    Juarez 72 Month ago +1

    Chris idk if im to late and damage has been done to the point of no healing but don't let those 2 keep doing that. Your funnier than them and I think you could smash them both. Your anger that your so strong and genius enough to turn into humor for others while in a fucked up way laugh at it yourself is actually a tough but none the less way to heal. The entertainment industry has waisted time that would have been better spent showing you and letting you lose on the world without having or being made to feel you had to go through anyone else to get to where we know you deserve to be. Your amazing and you even actually pull a good duo off with one of those 2 guys..they will both fall but the big one who seems to be having way to much help (which is the only way he can make it ) will crash burn and only after falling apart. He is a worm and you are the bird but you don't need him because he is the worm that has dried on the sidewalk. I think you have hurt yourself but know as long as you didn't hurt anyone else we will love you no matter what they try to show us. Hail Chris. You are what holds our real smiles.

  • Gabriel Fregoso
    Gabriel Fregoso Month ago

    You want to hear a real conspiracy? The room key getting de-magnetized because you put it next to your phone is something front desk workers invented because they don't want you to know that they screwed up programing your key for the correct amount of nights you are staying

  • James Clark
    James Clark Month ago

    my favorite part of the entire podcast is at 58:18 after hes been ranting at high energy for like 20 minutes, straight to 8 seconds of silence "...………... anyway dude"

  • Aaron E
    Aaron E Month ago

    Jeremy Renner's band is called Imagine Jeremy Renner.

  • Douglas McDaniel
    Douglas McDaniel Month ago +6

    You could tell Bryan Callen there is no country for him, because he is an Old Man.

  • Cody Mathes
    Cody Mathes Month ago

    Chris “Dentless” D’elia

  • Alfredo Garcia
    Alfredo Garcia Month ago

    Growing up I had a friend who would playfully smack his dog’s ass whenever he walked by and the dog hated it so he started growling anytime someone petted him even close to his ass so maybe that’s what happened to Lenny. Or who knows maybe he really was butt fucked by a guy lol.

  • Monica Rojas
    Monica Rojas Month ago

    I love how you call us “my babies “ or “babies” makes me feel young n hot. (Even though I’m 21) 😂

    • M C
      M C 12 days ago

      Makes no sense lmao

    • Monica Rojas
      Monica Rojas 12 days ago

      M C that’s the point. He goes beyond my youngness ✨ do you not feel the same lol

    • M C
      M C 17 days ago

      Monica Rojas wtf you are young tho

  • Oussama Tamant
    Oussama Tamant Month ago

    Chris needs to check "the Jeremy Renner App" situation

  • Dylan Barnes
    Dylan Barnes Month ago

    chris get a fuckin girlfriend bro.

  • fancyscientician
    fancyscientician Month ago

    Here is that movie scene from Chris D'Elia's wonderful imagination.

  • 1,000,000 subscribers for no reason?


  • BCreative12
    BCreative12 Month ago

    Whats the difference between us it starts withe the peanuts! 😂💖🐹🎶

  • Chad Brown
    Chad Brown Month ago

    so does your website have clickable links to all your social media? no
    is this video 5 days old but still not posted to the website? yes
    juan fire? yes
    did I have to copy and paste the link to your youtube page? yes
    am I annoyed that I had to do all this? yes
    first world problem? yes
    but is it ok? yes

  • Matthew Horizon
    Matthew Horizon Month ago

    Chris lookin like a rockbottom version of David Copperfield. "Ta'Dents!"

  • zombiejock
    zombiejock Month ago

    sad to hear what Jeramy Renner did to your moms dog.

  • Billy Joel
    Billy Joel Month ago

    There's a Hollywood in South Carolina too lmao

    SHOGANEX Month ago

    From now on im listening to all of Chris' podcasts with "Main Attraction" playing in the background. Can I hear anything he's saying? No! Am I wasting my time? Yes. Does is sound awesome cuz life rips? EeeeeYEEEESSSSaaahhh!

  • Alistair Gibson
    Alistair Gibson Month ago +1

    How old is everyone watching These podcasts week in week out ??
    Reply and Comment your age

  • Bronwen Bevan
    Bronwen Bevan Month ago

    JEREMY RENNER HAS AN APP!! Chris has to check it out lmaooo

  • Outer Darkness
    Outer Darkness Month ago

    The amount of babies comments on his video 😂