Turkey launches air strikes on Syria border area - BBC News

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • Turkey has launched a ground and air offensive on territory held by Kurdish-led forces in northern Syria.
    Residents began to flee some areas, and plumes of smoke were seen rising from towns near the border.
    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the operation was to create a "safe zone" cleared of Kurdish militias, which will also house Syrian refugees.
    The Kurdish-led militias have been key US allies in the fight against the Islamic State group, but Ankara regards them as terrorists because of their links to Kurdish rebels inside Turkey.
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  • hasan Mohd
    hasan Mohd Month ago +1

    Syria will be the reason for world war 3 ........trust me

  • Microprocessor Electronics

    Comman thing between Turkey and Pakistan is that both country consider terrorist as army, and army as terrorist in the boundary of neighbour.
    Pakistan support militants against India.
    Turkey support ISIS in seriya

  • Microprocessor Electronics

    Mass murder in seriya by Turky

  • Alkan
    Alkan Month ago +1

    Pls dont believe fake news they are tring to use media power with lies. In Turkey there is 5 million Syrian and they are our siblings. They can use our free hospitals and schools. Which europian countary did it? you can look to Syrian or Kurds that live in Turkey. They support to Turkey military. This video for the perception operation. Dont believe fake news please.PKK is not Kurds because Kurds are Turkey's siblings , PKK is a terrorist gruop and they are not İslamic. Most of Kurds live in Turkey. Turks and Kurds are siblings and your fake news cant change that.

  • Bikram Biswal
    Bikram Biswal Month ago +1

    Turkey said Kurd are terrorist but who are bomb blast in Kashmir they are freedom fighters

  • Mamadou Bendaloue
    Mamadou Bendaloue Month ago

    I can't hear anything, Morton Hall IRC and Colnbrook IRC I'm still a deportee in Ghana Mr Mamadou Bendaloue. Fry unit office should 6/09/14. Come to Ghana Africa.

  • Shivanshu Rai
    Shivanshu Rai Month ago

    Where was Turkey when Daesh was at zenith?

    • Doğuş Demirci
      Doğuş Demirci Month ago

      We wanted to help. But unfortunately we were dealing with the coup attempt by the Americans and the terrorist attacks of ypj armed by America. :(

  • yıldırım Altunsuyu


    Here's Lindsay Graham grilling General Dunford and Secretary Carter on US strategy of supporting terorists given the US-Turkish ties.

    Full Transcript below:

    LG: Thank you all Secretary Carter have you ever heard of the PYD?

    Carter: I have yes.

    LG: Who are they?

    Carter: They're a Kurdish group one of several a number of...

    LG: have you heard of the YPG?

    Carter: I have heard of them also

    LG: Who are they?

    Carter: Another Kurdish group

    LG: Aren't they the military wing of the PYD?

    Carter: [stammers] they are, yes.

    LG: Is that right general Donford?

    Dunford: **That is correct **

    LG: They are a Leftist Syrian Kurdish political party founded in 2003. Reports indicate that they're aligned or at least have substantial ties to the PKK. Is that true?

    Carter: yes we have..

    LG: Is the PKK a terrorist organization in the eyes of the Turkish government?

    Carter: uh the PKK is a terrorist organization not only in the eyes of the Turkish government but in the eyes of the US government as well, senator.

    LG: Is it as surprising to you that the Turks may be upset with us by arming the YPG in Syria since they're so closely aligned with the PKK?

    Carter: No it's not no it's not at all sir.... we have extensively clarified...... let me just say that and.... and the Chairman's been involved in this as well.... this is...... we have extensive consultations with the Turks

    LG: So Turkey is okay with this?

    Carter: They are not okay with....

    LG: I just got back from Turkey. They are not okay with this. They think this is the dumbest idea in the world and I agree with them. How many of the Syrian democratic forces or whatever we're talking about are Kurds versus Arabs, General Dunford?

    IC3 THE GAM3R Month ago

    Syria and Kashmir are the biggest problem facing lands that need to be solved through negotiation, or else war is clearly evident and should be avoided at all costs.

  • Snow begone
    Snow begone Month ago

    All this, is humans killing other humans, nothing more, nothing less. The reasons they kill are pointless because everyone dies regardless of what you do. All your doing is creating suffering for the ones you love and becoming murderers.

  • Pakistani & Pakistani

    Turk 💞💞Pakistan

  • Ghazanfar Ali Gilgity

    We Pakistani people are standing beside our brother country Turkey.
    We are ready to die for it.

    IC3 THE GAM3R Month ago +2

    Pakistan is always here for support. Love and support to Turkey from Pakistan

  • sergio erns
    sergio erns Month ago +1


  • Yasin Hocaoglu
    Yasin Hocaoglu Month ago

    pkk pyd has killed dozens of teachers and child students

  • Daniel Daniel
    Daniel Daniel Month ago

    This is a war crime

  • Mobi vid channel
    Mobi vid channel Month ago

    USA will oneday pay for it's today's doing. World know your face, Fuck U trump!!!!!!!

  • Nigel Brown
    Nigel Brown Month ago +1


  • Rehmani Sahab
    Rehmani Sahab Month ago +4

    Turkey Love Fron pakistan

    HELL BELL Month ago

    I think India gonna help kurds 😊 what u guys think 😉

  • Kartal Işık
    Kartal Işık Month ago

    Let’s gooooo

  • Robiul Islam NayaN
    Robiul Islam NayaN Month ago


  • Cameron Tribe
    Cameron Tribe Month ago

    Trump scampers out of Erdogan's way like a scolded dog : making America a disloyal sissy again!

  • Diprojit Mondal
    Diprojit Mondal Month ago


  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith Month ago

    I wanted to see ppl get blown up.

  • kang kan
    kang kan Month ago +1

    ما الذي جلبه اليوم إلى سوريا ؟أمل ؟حلم جميل ؟أو ماذا ؟الله الله

  • the patriot
    the patriot Month ago +16

    BBC plz go to turkey & ask them about democracy just like you keep asking indian govt

  • the patriot
    the patriot Month ago +1

    To save Isis terrorists , now I understood why turkey & Pakistan are friends, both supports terrorists

  • Aurobindo Ghosh
    Aurobindo Ghosh Month ago +6

    bbc what are your doing with kurdish fighters?

  • Lorne Thompson
    Lorne Thompson Month ago

    So a NATO ally is making strikes against Syria and against KURDS using NATO approved military to clean up. Europe you must be proud to have your fellow NATO ally destroy those evil Kurds.

  • Joseph
    Joseph Month ago +1

    YPG Killing kids YPG Terrorist kidnapping kids and they are using kids like as child soldiers . Who supports YPG they are Child killer. Go Turkey Clean up your region from child killers.

  • movies market
    movies market Month ago +13

    Turkey is right good luck turkey....

  • caner karaoglu
    caner karaoglu Month ago

    Go to the devil kids and women killer terrorists

  • Bruh XD
    Bruh XD Month ago

    The New Ottoman empire reborn

    • Bruh XD
      Bruh XD Month ago

      @Double Tap hahaha did you even get the joke

    • Double Tap
      Double Tap Month ago

      Hhhaahhaa... No, Ottoman Empire with never exist again forever. FACT

  • misterfunnybones
    misterfunnybones Month ago

    iShares U.S. Aerospace & Defense ETF is up 100% since Trump took office - yay war!

  • S D2
    S D2 Month ago +11

    These people must be tired of these constant attack.

    • berkan
      berkan Month ago

      I hope this is the end of it

    • MR. Right
      MR. Right Month ago +1

      S D2 for 8 years!

  • tu'rk- albeshat mu'zasir-


  • Foxy Thick
    Foxy Thick Month ago

    Faking turkey

    • Foxy Thick
      Foxy Thick Month ago

      Doğuş Demirci my mum just wanted to say something it’s not your control to tell what my mother can say or do 😒😒

    • Doğuş Demirci
      Doğuş Demirci Month ago

      @Foxy Thick but ypg has been attacking us for years, killing innocent people, teachers, doctors, farmers, what your mother thinks about it.

    • Foxy Thick
      Foxy Thick Month ago

      Doğuş Demirci Syria is beside Iraq if u didn’t know and some of them do and my gran and grandpa are from there soo

    • Doğuş Demirci
      Doğuş Demirci Month ago

      ​@Foxy Thick turkey that does not attack Iraq wattafak?

    • Foxy Thick
      Foxy Thick Month ago

      Doğuş Demirci my mum told me to say that and she’s from iraq where the turks are attacking so u should understand😒

  • wesam zaitoun
    wesam zaitoun Month ago

    Follow me to see the Beautiful Norway waterfalls

  • kiran
    kiran Month ago +1

    Turkey - the country with a stupid leader who lectures others about human rights in UN, but bombs the shit out of it's minorities.

  • Roland Gonzales
    Roland Gonzales Month ago

    The elephant in the room is this decision is a direct result of Trump's private meetings with Putin. All of Trump's meetings with Putin need to be reviewed by nonpartisan intelligence officials to know what Trump has agreed to do for Russia. The Pentagon planners and our troops on the ground need to know what Putin's manipulation of Trump holds for the future security of the United States so we don't get blindsided by security damaging decisions from the Whitehouse. Trump himself said he and Putin discussed Syria during their meetings and gave the first clue Putin had decided the US policy on Syria right after one of these early meetings.

  • A Mishra
    A Mishra Month ago

    Turkey is coming to roast

  • Ozcan Hasan
    Ozcan Hasan Month ago

    You lie in the media 1000000000%, BBC, NBC,CNN, FOX,CBS,,,,WHERE INTERESI IS, AMERICA THERE

  • Miki Dewberry
    Miki Dewberry Month ago

    The James Delingpole Channel is good

  • Berk Çiğdem
    Berk Çiğdem Month ago

    We need this pls stop cry more ı know we are alien all the world babys dead we didnt anything. Our country frontier is dangerous for us. 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    ANZER TÜRK Month ago +6


  • Anuj Sethi
    Anuj Sethi Month ago +2

    So more violence
    Erdogan thinks he is a leader of ottoman empire..

    • Mems Kara
      Mems Kara Month ago

      Anuj Sethi he is protecting us from the terrorist are you a supporter of terror

  • HafizQutaiba
    HafizQutaiba Month ago +3

    Respect and support for turkey from Pakistan. May Allah help you against enemies of Islam.

  • Neeraj Saini
    Neeraj Saini Month ago

    India must support Kurdish ...and also show the face of turkies on world ...love from India,

  • Robert Walsh
    Robert Walsh Month ago +3

    What gives the right for the British to be there in the first place.. who asked the British the french American IsraelI to bomb Syria.. not the Syrian government they did ask Russia and iran and hezbollah to help.. the west hasn't gotten it's hands on syria or assad and trump's right let the people of the region settle it themselves.. if the untied nations doesn't give you the mandate then your presence in Syria is illegal and a criminal act..

  • world frank.
    world frank. Month ago +2

    we kurds had enough of Arabs. ... . we don't see any difference between us or the turks. .. . we want to reunite the kurdish part of Syria and Iraq with turkey. . . but if the Turkish plan is to remove kurds from their land and bring Arabs extremists to take over the kurdish cities and villages then turkey will never live in peace again .
    we love the Turkish estate and we want to see us united again . . . but if you bring the Arab extremists back into our region then there will be no peace.

    • Azab gazab
      Azab gazab Month ago

      Kurds want freedom from Turkey

    • yas58
      yas58 Month ago +1

      Its against PKK , YPG. So not the kurds? pkk ypg is a terror organisation

  • Said Ali
    Said Ali Month ago +3

    None of the powerful foreign countries are really interested in eliminating extremist IS, and Alqa'eda and helping Syria regain peace and stability. To them it's good for business or politics.

  • Jayesh
    Jayesh Month ago

    This is how Muslims killing each other and they are saying Islam is religion of unity

  • คттคcк yt
    คттคcк yt Month ago +1

    World will never be peaceful, till there is ISLAM.

  • Robert O'Sullivan
    Robert O'Sullivan Month ago

    We are the aliens ...

  • Jino Regal
    Jino Regal Month ago

    Who gives a shit? good luck to them, it ain't our problem we ain't world police.

  • Tom Hanson
    Tom Hanson Month ago

    I'm looking forward to seeing British troops inserted to help stabilize the region to help this terrible humanitarian situation...or France, or Germany, or Russia, or Saudi Arabia, or Iraq, or Jordan, or China, or Egypt, or Lebanon, or Japan, or Italy or Iran or ANYONE else. There are plenty of Americans who support the pull out. It's only because Trump decided one thing that MSM takes the opposite position. Too bad MSM doesn't report the news anymore...just opinions. MSM doesn't really represent the majority of American sentiment anymore.

  • Tom Hanson
    Tom Hanson Month ago

    I'm looking forward to seeing British troops inserted to help stabilize the region to help this terrible humanitarian situation...or France, or Germany, or Russia, or Saudi Arabia, or Iraq, or Jordan, or China, or Egypt, or Lebanon, or Japan, or Italy or Iran or ANYONE else. There are plenty of Americans who support the pull out. It's only because Trump decided one thing that MSM takes the opposite position. Too bad MSM doesn't report the news anymore...just opinions. MSM doesn't really represent the majority of American sentiment anymore.

  • Germany Holland
    Germany Holland Month ago +1

    Turkey.. Wow ottomen better then arab

    • Germany Holland
      Germany Holland Month ago

      Without ottoman head. Turkis not exist...

    • Doğuş Demirci
      Doğuş Demirci Month ago

      please we have not used the ottoman name for about 100 years.the flags are the same but whatever .something hasn't changed much already

  • Angela Davis
    Angela Davis Month ago +5

    Exactly this isn’t our job

    • Seyfettin Zorbey AKKAR
      Seyfettin Zorbey AKKAR Month ago +1

      Jsjsjsjsn Nyjajsnsj Stop watching fake news, Turkey has right to secure its borderline according to UN, before this operation there was another called Euphrates Shield, when ES was happening, Turks fought with Isis even we lost some of our tanks, armored cars, and soldiers... Thing is Kurds not enemies to us we live in these lands for thousands of years together however ypg feeds pkk and they kill people.Just yesterday they shelled a civilian area and cause civilians to die, one of casulties was even a baby.This is a country's self-defence right, I think u must ask urself why France, Italy, even UK and Usa in Iraq, Syria? What are they doing here for years and why war didnt even stop?

    • Jsjsjsjsn Nyjajsnsj
      Jsjsjsjsn Nyjajsnsj Month ago +1

      @E. Arslan fuck ur self turkey breaking all laws and killing people they calling terrorists but why should terrorists work with the USA against the isis man Ur just as dumb like erdogan

    • Julie DonCarlos
      Julie DonCarlos Month ago +3

      So why is it our job to defend Saudi Arabia?

    • E. Arslan
      E. Arslan Month ago +7

      yes, Turkey has right to take prevention and save its borders, it is not The US' and Britain' s business