My Healthcare Experience in Europe as an American


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  • Baryka
    Baryka Hour ago

    Silver health plans in USA had $750 dedctible for emergency room, 4000 out of the packet 20% copayment visits 15 to 35 $ and monthly premium $2100.
    a month for a married couple age 55 !!!!TRAGEDY

  • Han Li
    Han Li Hour ago

    Actually the healthcare you got in the netherlands is actually allready watered down from the quality it was before. Before the care was cheaper and there was just one big health insurance. The dutch government decided to let the market into health like the US and now insurance and medical bills are trying to play catch up with the US and getting more expensive quickly.

  • milo cooper
    milo cooper Hour ago

    And what?

  • Umonra
    Umonra 2 hours ago

    Interesting review and commentary - thanks for the share

  • maskdanger
    maskdanger 2 hours ago

    Great video

  • Erika Collisson
    Erika Collisson 3 hours ago

    I ve had babies in France and one in the USA. I can’t even begin to describe how much better (and how FREE...100%) the French experience was. Going on 10 years of being an expat with 3 kids. One of the reasons I would never move back is the healthcare horrors you guys endure.
    It is a hybrid system. We have universal but you pay a mutual with your employer on average 20€ a month for a family of 5. People not employed get fully covered by the universal/single payer.

  • Elise M
    Elise M 4 hours ago

    Alright Ryan Phillippe.

  • #DayCoyote4
    #DayCoyote4 4 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing your story . And spreading truth And kindness to the world about other country’s. If you ever will visit the netherlands again i can show you around some beautiful places right here in the netherlands. -x- be safe And take care. Regards Lydia

  • Morten Bengtson
    Morten Bengtson 6 hours ago

    I come from Denmark and think it sounds expensive!!

  • Brian
    Brian 6 hours ago

    Any Republican watching your video will have an exploding head.....they lie to Americans so they can keep their rich insurance and pharmaceutical companies happy while in the rest of the civilized world people get affordable health care. All they do in America is use scare tactics by creating lies about "horrible" health care overseas to maintain the status quo here. Americans are true sheeple.....and they are only hurting themselves with their ignorance and willingness to believe LIES.

  • Avana
    Avana 6 hours ago

    I don't know, I do agree that America has a much worse healthcare system than most of Europe has, and I think this is because America shines in other areas. I'm not saying that as an excuse for poor healthcare, I'm rather saying that as a simple and dumb reason. America is putting far too much money into personal investment and it's basically the Hunger Games but in real life. You're on your own until you can afford support.

  • Dave Caine
    Dave Caine 8 hours ago

    Glad to hear you got a good service. We have the NHS in the uk, its free but depending on your circumstance/injury pr illness you might wait for certain types of specialist ! But yes we all know about the USA and how bad your healthcare is or rather how expensive. It surely is a travesty when you consider how much is spent every year on military and defense , governments are a major problem all around the world but none more hypocritical than the states

  • green pea
    green pea 9 hours ago

    This is why I'm afraid to visit the US. If I caught a bad flu there, I probably ended with 5000 USD hospital bill If I'm not insured.

  • Steve Forster
    Steve Forster 10 hours ago

    I have just spent 9 days in a High Dependancy unit with 3 MRI scans, 2 CAT scans, individual one nurse allocated to me before I was transferred to a ward for a further 9 days. Total cost to me.....Zero. In the USA I would have had to declare bankrupsy

  • Oleander Pink
    Oleander Pink 11 hours ago

    Highest cancer survival rates in the world: 1. United States 2. Japan 3. France Denmark where I lived has one of the lowest in Europe on par with Albania. Free means low quality.

  • VitaminMe
    VitaminMe 12 hours ago

    They only tell you that about “shitty wait times and poor care and terrible doctors” in other people’s systems like Canada and Europe because they don’t want Americans asking for free health care. As a Canadian living in Europe these things have never been a problem in either places. It’s just something your told, unfortunately.

  • Alisa Kroes
    Alisa Kroes 13 hours ago

    The downside to ''our'' (dutch) system is that you can't decide NOT to have health insurance.. you're obligated to have it. I've been paying it since my 18th , which is 10 years now, without breaking bones or serious diseases. So I personally have had to spend (in that 10 year period) well over 10.000 euros on health insurance that I (thus far) never ended up needing.
    For most ''healthy'' people, health insurance is a money-drain. especially for the lower class who don't have that much income, but at the same time. if we didn't had this system and you're someone with something like diabetes. you'd be screwed as well. So it is really hard to judge the Health Insurance system when the Con's for one group of people are Pro's for the other and vice versa.

  • ImDiogoo
    ImDiogoo 14 hours ago

    I live in Portugal and i dont have a health insurance.. I've already broken my collar bone twice and my arm and if i added all the bills together it wouldnt be more than 150€... In the US you guys are completely fooled... Your health system is dominated by private companies and thats never a good thing to the customer

  • Pandora Spocks
    Pandora Spocks 16 hours ago

    Universal Healthcare, or Socialized Healthcare, wouldn’t work in the U.S. Americans don’t want to pay the extra tax, even though they would have that peace of mind knowing that if they have cancer, they’re covered and don’t need to sell their house or ask the bank for a loan to pay the medical bills. They’re so used to their healthcare system that they don’t see anything wrong with it. They’ll still tell you that it is the best in the world. I don’t know how Americans can afford to go to the doctors on minimum wage jobs that keep them part time so the companies don’t have to give them benefits. Now I understand better why homelessness is so dense, there. Just go to Los Angeles and San Francisco, you’ll see homeless with gangrene on their legs, skin infections, etc. Not a pretty sight. I know the rest of the world is not perfect and still needs a lot of work, and that include Universal Healthcare, but it’s still good to know that you can go to the ER or doctors without going bankrupt.

  • Leen Strijk
    Leen Strijk 17 hours ago

    And this is not socialism. It is solidarity, and it is smart.We leave no sick person behind. No matter what.

  • Anon amous
    Anon amous 20 hours ago +1

    Tax all the churches in the USA to pay for Universal Healthcare in America. It's what God would have wanted.

  • TheDanisack97
    TheDanisack97 20 hours ago

    In Spain this is all free except the pharmacy stuffs lol

  • SciFiGrinch
    SciFiGrinch 21 hour ago

    Your UHC system isn't "free" or "almost free", you pay for it in higher income, sales and VAT taxes every day.

  • Prometheus
    Prometheus 22 hours ago

    I prefer the system we have in the US. I have one doctor for primary care for over 29 years now. He knows me very well which is what I like instead of the European system where you do not have a personal doctor or perhaps I have been misinformed.

    • Martin Ba
      Martin Ba 3 hours ago

      Prometheus - You do have one doctor you would go to for primary care in Europe as well. At least all countries I know something about. The classical "my doctor" thing for all normal illnesses. Only country I ever personally heard this to be different was Cuba, irc.

  • Cris Mighty26
    Cris Mighty26 Day ago

    O.O 500 dollars??? How? It's just an x-ray. My got, it's crazy expensive...

  • AdHocFuture
    AdHocFuture Day ago +1

    For 2017, my family of three, paid in premiums alone, and by payroll deduction, over $6,000.00 and that does not include co-pays and medicines and more. This year my daughter caught the Type A Flu, woke up at about 4 a.m. on a Sunday morning, and her mother and she went to the emergency room. She had severe pain in the lower back and other symptoms. We paid the 100.00 co-pay, and then Bluecross Blueshield forced me to pay more than a $1,000.00 more. Reason: We were supposed to know that it was the flu and that she could have waited till Monday to make an appointment and wait for who knows how long to see a Doctor. There is no Doctor in my family that could have made that diagnosis. Nor do we own a magic crystal that would have told us that. Also, where do they get off saying that a person should suffer Type A Flu. I had Type A Flu about 40 years ago, and it was one of the worst sicknesses I have ever had. I had to sleep sitting up in the stairwell because I would choke and not be able to breath when laying down. This is the For Profit Pirate Healthcare(FPPH, play around with those initials) system we have in America. It is on the younger generation to reform this hellish mess. The older generations have completely failed and I believe it has to do with the type of education and lack of global view that was available to us. Mr. Beckmann has just done a great real world public service.

  • DocXmaster
    DocXmaster Day ago

    You were even in the most expensive countries . In Portugal would cost around 30€ an emergency room and you needed to pay the meds which I believe would cost 10€ the biggest box at the pharmacy. You would wait more probably . But in the Netherlands health care is mostly private and that why you have those little charges and some paper work. But in general pretty well done and hospitals are fully equipped

  • Eva Sêco Lima
    Eva Sêco Lima Day ago

    Portugal... If you have a chronic disease: everything is free. Great hospitals, great doctors, great nurses. Some of those chronic diseases (lupus, crohn, rheumatoid arthritis and even some psychological diseases...) Have the medicines for free. If you have a low wage you pay nothing for medical assistance and less for medicines... If you have higher wages, you'll pay in conformity with your income.
    Time to make your things right, usa! People will get to know that somethings are really wrong and fight harder!
    Fight for your rights as human beings.

  • Ann O'Mahony
    Ann O'Mahony Day ago

    If you were in Ireland it would have been a hundred euro would cover everything Mri scan xrays ct scans everything would be covered only problem is waiting times are long

  • jj9k
    jj9k Day ago

    i'm in the UK and I'm pretty sure you would have got the x-ray etc free here with our National Health Service :-> the idea that the poor and their children might not be able to get treatment in crisis or for chronic conditions, and might ultimately suffer or die, is a totally abhorrent idea to many of us.

  • Melanie Sch
    Melanie Sch Day ago

    Oh how I love wonderful Europe for excellent healthcare

  • Don High
    Don High Day ago

    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

  • Jesse Kraak
    Jesse Kraak Day ago

    this is the difference between a country that starts screaming at the very mention of socialism and a country that applies socialistic systems where it deems it necessary.
    Don't be a fool.
    Vote Bernie 2020

  • Mark Bradley
    Mark Bradley Day ago

    Hi Karl
    In the UK it would cost you nothing, at either the doctor or The emergency place, they might ask you for the 7 pounds for the painkillers, but they would probably advise you to buy them from the local chemist at half the price or less. And the cost per person for health care in the UK is far far less than the States
    There is something very wrong with your system.

  • nikki2giovi
    nikki2giovi Day ago +1

    I am so used to going to the doctor for free that when he said he got charged 20 euros I thought “wow, poor guy”

  • Michael Valente
    Michael Valente Day ago

    The US is a failed society...unless you're wealthy.

  • Patrick Smiley
    Patrick Smiley Day ago

    Good vid. The US does so many things well/incredibly, but it's not unpatriotic or traiterous (or, arrrghhh, being a commie) to acknowledge areas you could improve in. The NHS has saved me, members of my family, and it's given comfort to them in their final moments. The idea that you could end up bankrupt after such things is truly awful, and clearly not a good model. People over profits, always. I know the few Americans I have in my workplace here in the UK love the NHS too.

  • Indi Heaton
    Indi Heaton Day ago

    I'm epileptic and, with or without travel insurance, I would never go to the US because I don't want to risk my medication being nicked or me whacking my head in a major way and ending up in the ER etc. etc.. I don't know whether my medication is legal in the US., but you can only take a certain amount through international borders so I could only stay for a certain amount of time anyway.

  • Shei Ti
    Shei Ti Day ago

    Here in Spain it would have been all for free, including the X-ray. Well only the pack of ibuprofen would have costed you like 2-3 euro...

  • Henry Cowboy
    Henry Cowboy Day ago


  • Pietro Di
    Pietro Di Day ago

    I am also an American. I had a motorcycle accident in Greece and broke my hand. Excellent and fast health care, cast, x-rays, exam, medicine and all, no charge. I needed to get a prescription filled in Berlin so I went to a private clinic. The doctor wrote me the prescription but didn't believe I should have to pay so the waived the $50 clinic charge, making the visit free. I live mostly in México and Cyprus where I don't even need a prescription for my medicine (it's only for blood pressure) because it's sold over the counter. A doctor visit in México, to a good doctor, for the flu or whatever, including medicine, and a max wait of 15 minutes, will run about US$25. I am awaiting my residency permit in Europe and once I get that healthcare is free, as if I were a citizen because they don't worry that someone somewhere might be gaming the system and taking advantage of their precious tax dollars like the US. People there are always afraid someone is trying to steal from them. What a shitty way of life. The US sucks.

  • Nancy Nahni Goh
    Nancy Nahni Goh Day ago

    If you are vegan and raw vegan you can cure in 3 day and fully heal for one week , believe me it is true thank you

  • Matthai Kurian
    Matthai Kurian Day ago

    For residents of Switzerland your case would have been covered by the accident insurance which every resident has and costs about 10 bucks a month.

  • omnivorous65
    omnivorous65 Day ago

    Economists long ago established that mandatory, universal health care is the best system possible for a nation and the most beneficial for its people. Why does the US does not have one? Easy. Special interests. The health care industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with a huge lobby. Universal health care would keep excessive costs in check (transparency, central purchasing of services) cutting into their earnings. A willing media (hello, Fox News) peddles the notion that universal health care equals socialism and will send you on a path to the next gulag and politicians in the hand of special interest are willing to do their bidding. That in combination with an educational system that typically stunts any faculty for reasoning and presto you end up with at situation that is bad for most and very profitable for a few. The US in a nutshell.

  • Fiberton
    Fiberton Day ago

    Canada actually has HORRIBLE service. European countries tend to be much better.

  • sammmy moreno
    sammmy moreno Day ago +1

    This is Fake news . Europe can pay from double to Triple Taxes than Americans do. These wolves in sheep clothing like "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez" will screw you over!! Remember Obama said you could keep health care if you want. remember Nancy pelosi said we have to pass it to find out whats in it! Fraud socialism! This is like the Nazi's when they made State-Run healthcare, State-Run banks and State RUN Churches.

    • Henry Cowboy
      Henry Cowboy Day ago


  • Tommy Barlow
    Tommy Barlow Day ago

    It would be free in Scotland.

  • catzndolz
    catzndolz 2 days ago

    So, I'm here in New York City, I take my Medicaid card, go to any STOREFRONT, "Urgent Care" doctor, wait less than 5 minutes to be taken into an exam room, tested, prescription ordered for me to be picked up directly across the street for a Kidney infection. NOT "Single Payer" communist system, that YOU so glowingly admire and endorce, you little brainwashed lefty cunt!

  • writerconsidered
    writerconsidered 2 days ago

    Location in the US also matters, in mass. Clinic visit 200-300, ER 1000, ER doctor 500, Prescription depending anywhere from $10-$100. Wait time in clinic without an appointment 30min. to two hours. ER 4-6 hours.

  • Henry Morgan
    Henry Morgan 2 days ago

    When people care, things cost less. When people don't give a shit, price is high.

  • marinhamery
    marinhamery 2 days ago


  • marinhamery
    marinhamery 2 days ago

    please stop touching our nose

  • John Lammi
    John Lammi 2 days ago

    Illegal aliens in California pay nothing at our hospitals

  • Richard Sci
    Richard Sci 2 days ago

    @Karl Beckmann
    Wait times are usually not for a swollen legs. The wait times are for major surgery. I have a friend in the UK who had to wait several years for knee surgery. Canadians come to the US for surgery because of the wait time in Canada.
    Also, what you paid for your leg is not the true cost.
    Germans pay higher taxes. They pay VAT on top of sales tax. VAT alone can be as high as 20%.
    Let's say you earn $60K/year. In the US your tax would be about 25%. I.e. $15K.
    In Germany, it'd be about 45%. I.e. $27K.
    That means each year, the system takes $12,000 more from you. That amount of money stays in your pocket in America.
    Add 20% VAT. So let's say you spend $20K/year on stuff. That is another $4K you pay in VAT.
    Of course, above calculation is just a rough estimate. But give or take, you're paying more in Germany.
    So, while you might think you paid $100 for the treatment of your leg, you didn't. Germans paid a lot more on your behalf, which you would be paying if you lived in Germany.
    I think if frivolous malpractice lawsuits are removed, and health insurance can be purchased across states, the cost of healthcare would come down in the US. But Democrats are against those two measures.
    Or maybe govt should just get out of the business of healthcare altogether, and let hospitals and doctors compete like any other business.

  • WesB1972
    WesB1972 2 days ago +1

    I am a U S citizen and I have no problems getting excellent, prompt care.That includes care for a heart attack and yes I have private health insurance.

  • zulmme
    zulmme 2 days ago

    the health system might seem free but we pay 5,5% of our monthly salary, even if we are not seek. We have free and universal health system because all people pay. The health and social contribution are paid under compulsory basis. Is cheap for you, as American, because Europeans pay. In U.S the health contribution is not deducted from your salary. Every month I pay 25% social contribution, 5,5% health contribution and 10% income tax.

  • barry 't hardt
    barry 't hardt 2 days ago

    that's because all residents have to pay every month ...
    we also pay for you .. and the neighbor on the corner and for the milkman etc etc even though we are not sick ourselves
    thats obamacare !!!! and in that way you pay less increadeble invation isn't it?? takes a litle time to get used to...

    SILENT MINORITY 2 days ago


  • Henry Wartemberg
    Henry Wartemberg 2 days ago

    From the UK. Wouldn’t pay a penny

  • Clyde Frog
    Clyde Frog 2 days ago

    You were in Amsterdam for five yeaaaaaars. You just don't remember

  • Pavel D1
    Pavel D1 2 days ago

    In USA is about 2500$ ...

  • Mat S
    Mat S 2 days ago

    a friend of mine broke his arm while visiting me in germany... he was panicking about going to the hospital cause he thought it would ruin him financially.. i insisted on him going to the ER.. he ended up paying 50 Bucks for x-ray, pain-killers and everything.. without having any insurance whatsoever. he had to go back for a check-up a week later and brought 50 bucks again... he didnt have to pay for the check-up again.. that was already included in the 50 Euro he paid the first time... he couldnt believe it!

  • seb22663
    seb22663 2 days ago

    i tell this one more time.... Fuck America ;)

  • Sanne Jørgensen
    Sanne Jørgensen 2 days ago

    In Denmark it's all payed over the tax

  • SmutnaJules007 rychwalska

    seven euro isn't seven cents! still have to work for it!

  • SmutnaJules007 rychwalska

    0:00-3:00-FFS get to the point! (as any Dutch would say!)

  • ianarda
    ianarda 2 days ago

    The goverment us lying to the American people, they are manipulating us to believe whatever bunch of crock they feed us
    Its about benefiting the Big Money companies and not the People
    Wake up USA, open your eyes, in this age with so easy access to information its unbelievable that people dont do their own homework and decided to believe whatever its fed to them
    Do your homework, arrive to your own conclusions based on facts and not on IGNORANCE
    The Price to pay is going to be extremely high other wise

  • Yourdailygracie
    Yourdailygracie 3 days ago +1

    I paid over $70,000 usd OUT OF POCKET for treatment of a brain infection insurance refused to cover. Without treatment, I would have died. Got to love our health system in the US.

  • LuNk4n
    LuNk4n 3 days ago

    If I go to my doctor in Sweden I'll pay about 20 euro/dollar (200 sek, give or take) and everything after is "free". Sure, we have a pretty high tax here, but I'm more than happy to pay it, and I'm happy to pay for YOU to get better. Wierd? Not really, because healthcare is the very least we should offer each other, as a society. There very least! We look after each other here. So, no one should care how you live your life, but everyone should care when you get sick. That's how we roll. Get sick, get well, get to work, pay tax... and on it goes. And we are happy to help some unfortunate American here on holiday if we can. No extra charge! We are good people. Saints some people say.

  • Tristan Pignon
    Tristan Pignon 3 days ago

    Two years ago, I had to get circumcised (not by choice, I had a phimosis, I medically had to). I live in France, and I have a decent insurance. Considering the appointment to the Doctor to acknowledge the problem, the three appointments to the Urologist, the two (failed) treatments in between, then finally, the operation (full anesthesia) and the pills, lotion and bandages afterwards, I had to pay a grand total of... 13 €.

  • zninbgky
    zninbgky 3 days ago

    Europe health system is not perfect but it doesn't destroy country like some people wants you to believe

  • Aiya Knight
    Aiya Knight 3 days ago

    I hate the US. All the rich people making 500 million isn’t good enough they need 500 billion and watch everyone else suffer for themselves to feel good it sickens me. Why can’t these people get cancer instead of good people?

  • Wolfi Tirol
    Wolfi Tirol 3 days ago

    I know both systems very well and might say you cant even compare them. If youre a millionaire the american system is okay but for a high percentage of the american people they have to hope never to get ill or have an accident in their hole life.
    In Europe people look at it from another point of view.... Everyone rich and poor needs medical help at least a few times in live nobody knows how much and often... So if everybody gives away a little money a month and you put it together you can help everyone that needs it for low costs for himself so the community takes over the risk of the individual... So its not important if you are rich or not you will get help to live a life every human should be able to live.
    So in health cases not man should serve the money...... no money should serve the man... And that happens when all work sorry, pay together for the ones that need it. But it wouldn't be okay for some people if their money wouldn't bring them a little advantage so in most countries in Europe you can buy a private health care in addition to the normal that everybody has... but that's only to give you the joice which doctor will treat you so normally the choose the boss of the station in hospital. I am in the probably lucky position to have an additional private care since i was a baby but that's not only and always a good thing.... because with us doctors can make some additional money so people with private health care have statistical a 40% more chance to be operated with something that wouldn't have to be operated... just because of the bonus money for the doctor from private patients...The people without additional private health care will only be operated when really needed and not when or because the doctor needs a new Porsche :-) ..... Yap sometimes money isnt a real advantage.......

  • DEES Bordspellen
    DEES Bordspellen 3 days ago

    First you went to a Dutch Dokter and than to a German hospital??, Doesn't sound right.
    I am Dutch, we pay tax, but we also pay health care, basic is around 100eu, you can fill it with a extra ensurance, Total a month between 130 and 150 , for basic+ extra ensurance. dokters visite are indeed "free of charge". But medication and some other things, we also need to pay. We also have a part it's called own risk, it's about 350 or more(depending the healt ensurance you have). Every one is automatically ensurance, if you don't pay, there is a system that makes sure you will pay and the tax coverment is the one, that will Inn it.

  • rubikfan1
    rubikfan1 3 days ago

    In europe imergancy rooms work on priority. Your thing isnt live treatning. So no priority. If you got hit by a car you get priority.

  • Barb Chester
    Barb Chester 3 days ago

    Next time you go out dancing all night, leave the ballet slippers at home. ;)

  • DVineMe
    DVineMe 3 days ago

    Insurance is just to recover most of your money, like in Belgium you would've probably been able to recover at least 90% of it. But you usually have to send your bills and stuff to your insurance, which tbh I rarely do for just a doctor's visit, since as you pointed out it costs next to nothing. And the insurance really depends on the country. Here in Belgium you pay into an insurance fund through your wages, but you still have to have your own insurer to whom you pay a yearly fee for being registered with them and then there's usually a hospital fee as well, in total that's about €50/year for me. And then there's some extras you can get, like that hospital fee only includes a shared room, so if you want a private room you pay a little extra, etc...

  • Joojoo Jurrila
    Joojoo Jurrila 3 days ago

    It's not very smart to travel without a travel insurance... Something worse might happen. Things might get expensive, especially if you need to get flown back home as a seriously ill patient...

  • Michael K.
    Michael K. 3 days ago

    Main problem in the US is that law suit thing. Doctors have to be insured and that is very expensive
    A friend of mine is (in Germany) working in a cancer clinic for kids. There is a special kind of cancer, which is treated in Germany with nearly 100% success rate. But it requires that the tumor is extracted without an biopsy before because if you do a biopsy (basically taking a sample by penetrating it), is may spread because it is so unstable. In the US doctors do the biopsy and risk the cancer spreading because if the don't get a clear diagnosis and extract a tumor which does not proof to be there they may get sued for it. So in essence in the US every year hundreds of kids are dying to avoid law suits. An american journals do not even publicize the German results because they don't like the fact that the always a bit underfunded European System is superior.

  • Sweet Willy
    Sweet Willy 3 days ago

    I lived in Europe for 2 yrs sure the treatment is cheap but I found it to be way below par from the treatment i receive in the US
    I have a very wealthy friend in Germany he fly’s to the us for healthcare and swears he would be dead if not for our superior care
    That said if your healthy and just need check ups or the occasional injury I’m sure it’s fine

  • D N
    D N 3 days ago

    An ER visit and xrays in any American hospital without insurance would be $3000

  • D N
    D N 3 days ago

    As an American I want to announce to the world that the notion of US superiority is a total joke.
    America is a floating turd that refuses to flush down the commode.

  • Daniel P. David, PhD

    American Healthcare sucks like republicans!

  • Debra Jones
    Debra Jones 3 days ago

    And yet so many people around the world come to America for serious Health Issues. Hmmm!?

  • DJ Hebert
    DJ Hebert 4 days ago

    It is great that you have seen that most of what is told to US Citizens is a HUGE FUCKING LIE regarding socialized medicine. Thank you for posting this Mr Beckmann.

  • CK8smallville
    CK8smallville 4 days ago

    I am an Australian and could not imagine a life without universal free/subsidised healthcare. I just dont get why ‘the most powerful country in the world’ does not have it, especially when it is proven to work!!

  • watamote
    watamote 4 days ago

    I hate America.

  • Josafinni
    Josafinni 4 days ago

    free in the UK whoop whoop

  • Luke chester
    Luke chester 4 days ago

    Wake up boy, your dollar is going to collapse the world economy. Do you see it now! Insurance companies have shareholders they are beholden too, not the best interests of their clients

  • catwalk33
    catwalk33 4 days ago

    *In america they will tell you they dont know whats wrong. even though they do know. they will tell you that you need to go to 10 other doctors just to find out whats wrong. reality is they are sending you to there buddies and in the end they all make profit off sending one another patients. america is corruption*

  • Karel Mucek
    Karel Mucek 4 days ago +1

    For people that are interested in the real reason why we can afford health care in the EU; for example, the average cost of bypass surgery in the USA is $ 74.965 and the same surgery in the EU will cost $ 15.650. Your average expenditure on health care per capita is almost double. Your hospital administrative cost is thru the roof. Your basic premium is between 5 and 8 times the premium in the EU. Your average deductible is 10 times higher. And, our health care is better!

  • Tara Perkins-Robinson

    Thank you for sharing this experience. We need to know more about health care systems that work better for everyone

  • Stefano Oreste Sacchi

    Consider an old family with low income and health problems coming from the age.
    The time of your life you need assistance you don't have enough money to afford it.
    Thanks God I live in Italy.

  • Terence Caron
    Terence Caron 4 days ago

    That's why capitalism should have its limits. Health doesn't seem to be a priority in the US, cause if it as, the FIRST thing the american government would do, is have a Universal Healthcare program. Also, regulate pills and treatment prices. That's why in many European countries, even without insurance, you won't pay a huge price for basic meds like painkillers, or a consultation.

  • Euripides
    Euripides 4 days ago

    I fixed the title for you - "My Healthcare Experience in The Netherlands as an American". Europe aint a country son

  • nonzen life
    nonzen life 4 days ago

    I can't afford the doctor's visit and lab work required to renew my statin prescription. I have a good job, I make good money and yet I can't afford those things because the cost of care here is outrageous. But yeah, go on and tell me again how America is so much better than anywhere else.

  • bandwagon22
    bandwagon22 4 days ago

    As one Finnish Socialdemocratic female minister once said: "people, learn to love taxation." I have always thought that modern society works well only if some 40-44% of GDP are taxes (and used for things like education, infrastructure, healthcare and not much for military budgets). Reaganomics sucks.

  • John Sharp
    John Sharp 4 days ago

    the US medical system is swamped by illegals. Every time I went into American hospital their were fifty illegals to three Americans because the illegals get free heathcare that Americans pay for through inflated insurance costs. Illegals which are about 85 million in the US cost Americans 35k per illegal. The kid should have compared populations versus small to large countries. Additionally, lawyers in the US raise US cost. This kid has a bump and goes to the doctor what a pussy. Who pays for Europe’s military protection. the US does. Does Europe pay the US to protect the NAZI regimes this whacko Californian supports? No. This kid makes you see that California is ranked 50th in education for a reason.

  • Burmese -
    Burmese - 4 days ago

    Dont go to Barcelona, they hate tourists there, there are nationalists rioters, coming from communists backgrounds, they are really dangerous people, avoid barcelona.

  • Feniks De  Groene
    Feniks De Groene 4 days ago

    That's why Europeans don't understand why Americans are against a decent healthcare system. In Barcelona it would have been free!