My Healthcare Experience in Europe as an American


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  • Eavan Smith
    Eavan Smith 4 hours ago

    The horrors of socialism, eh?? Us poor Europeans!!

  • Rainer Wahnsinn
    Rainer Wahnsinn 10 hours ago

    I think its "normal" that almost nobody in USA is fighting for a "normal" healthcare because most dont know how much better it is to have a good healthcare.From the start of their life its told that its normal like it is. Like in the early 20th century when being gay wasnt normal. Of course still somebody think its sick,but most people wouldnt say its a illness.If you learn in school what is good and bad ,you think this is right.

  • Jay G.
    Jay G. Day ago

    Brazilians talk about how shitty their healthcare is but I had metal shard in my eye (micro shard) and took me 20min to be out of the public service all medication free

  • MazeMouse
    MazeMouse Day ago

    This is basically the default experience for anyone without insurance over here in the Netherlands.
    And with insurance the basic doctors visit would be "free" (insurance pays all), the medicine would be "free" (insurance pays all) the emergency room consult would be "free" (insurance pays all) and the xray would be partially paid for (it's what we call "eigen risico" or "your own risk" which is a percentage of the cost up to €380-ish euro. After you've spent your "own risk" for the year everything beyond that is "free")
    Add to that the montly fees of insurance are only €100-ish a month compared to the average of $390-ish a month for US Single Coverage.
    Yeah, my taxes are a lot higher. And I rather have those taxes than having to worry about a bankrupcy everytime my body does a thing.

  • Aniko Gyurcs
    Aniko Gyurcs Day ago

    You are an idiot. You could explain it in one minute. Typical brainless American.

  • Gregory Francis
    Gregory Francis Day ago

    I was attacked by a migrant but was able to go to the hospital.

  • SinOfficial
    SinOfficial Day ago +1

    Pro tip for all Americans: Its cheaper to fly to Europe and cure your illness than to cure it in the US

  • Alina
    Alina 2 days ago

    I'm surprised you find this cheap I'm so used to these prices

  • No Body
    No Body 2 days ago

    I was for 5 Days in Hospital for a surgical OP, 0€ in Austria with Healthcare and living here.

  • No Body
    No Body 2 days ago

    "I Speak German pretty well" "Monschn GLADbaH" me NOPE.... **Just Joking**

  • Kenneth Cusse
    Kenneth Cusse 2 days ago

    The Netherlands is a great country

  • Perry Dee
    Perry Dee 2 days ago

    Same deal in Canada...... healthcare for everyone works....... not perfect, but it works!

  • Jeppe Sørensen
    Jeppe Sørensen 2 days ago

    Just to inform you guys, the hospital in Denmark is free, same as school

  • MrThunderbird1111
    MrThunderbird1111 3 days ago

    Yeah in the Netherlands it is expensive, the most similar heathcare system to the US that you can find in Europe.

  • lactobacillusprime
    lactobacillusprime 3 days ago

    I am a Dutch MD living and working in the Netherlands, sadly the situation in the US is quite different from the situation over here in Europe. But it is true that there are a lot more mandatory insurances over here and we do pay more taxes than you guys. You guys will just be flabbergasted by the fact that income tax can be more than 50% - the bonus is that things like schooling, housing, access to health care and the general upkeep of the public spaces and infrastructure is taken care of in a different manner than in the US. People who loose their job get taken care of and people getting sick don’t end up loosing the roof over their head, we don’t usually have to crowdfund surgery or medical setbacks on family and friends. In a way that is nice, and feels secure.
    But when you end up paying very little for medical work up or diagnostics it’s a little touch comparing. Also the way the health care system is structured with family doctors basically being the first line of defense only referring patients to hospital when it is needed, is different. In the Netherlands you go see your family doctor first and he/she will refer you to a specialist if needed. You can’t really go see a specialist right away. Most of the specialists work in the hospital environment and don’t have their own practice where they directly see people who aren’t referred but come on their own volition.

  • ChiuaruStefan
    ChiuaruStefan 3 days ago

    I worked for about two years on cruise ships as a AV Technician in the US. Around my second contract one of my tooth crowns broke down, usually I never have problems. Since cruise ships doesn’t have a dentist, they sent me to the next port (Seattle) to a doctor that the company collaborates in the city. I get the appointment and found out my operation costs 3000 minimum !!!! I’m like WTF! After I got stunned by the price, I decided to say screw this, called a emergency from work and went back to Romania, to my dentist who had far better equipment, 3D scanning and stuff like that, and made my crown around 300 euros, with the best materials available. That’s Romania.... now I live in Germany. Do the difference.

  • Brice Breeden
    Brice Breeden 3 days ago

    What the euros aren't telling you? Taxes much higher than usa. Homes and fuel are 3-5 times more. Overpriced food, etc. Highest cost of living compared to any other continent on the planet.

  • BaBeLoo BaDoo
    BaBeLoo BaDoo 3 days ago

    The rich are buying the laws who favor them on behalf of the poor.

  • Mina Gligorić
    Mina Gligorić 3 days ago

    I live in Serbia. Operation costs + a week in hospital + amazing surgeon I got to choose + all the medication = 0 (currency). It is a different story if I travel abroad, then the costs would be same as yours, unless I already bought a travel insurance before the trip (which you should always do! Just in case). Moral of the story - I love to pay my taxes.

  • 67 cuda
    67 cuda 3 days ago

    Well, it didn’t used to be like that in the U.S., until big business, and politicians got ahold of it ! Not to mention the education system !

  • nggaplx
    nggaplx 4 days ago

    Im not expecting anything else since im paying ALOT of taxes on fucking everything here in sweden.

  • radbabs2000
    radbabs2000 4 days ago

    U.S doesn't have healthcare for its citizens it has businesses making money on citizens' suffering.

      SNORKYMEDIA 2 days ago

      yet the US spend $8,000 per person from taxes on healthcare -

  • Karasutengu
    Karasutengu 4 days ago

    i had a full acl reconstruction couple of weeks ago, spent a night in hospital after the surgery and discharged the next day at 1600, total cost (i do not have health insurance) was 80 euro. TOTAL.... includes surgery, consultations, stay in hospital, anesthetic, ALL of it was 80 euro. I live in Ireland btw.. you guys need healthcare like here guys, no one should go bankrupt over a health issue.

  • random
    random 5 days ago

    As a Canadian, this is mind blowing. Not the European healthcare, but how this is not normal for Americans.

  • Zen Mate
    Zen Mate 5 days ago

    What I took from this story is when he said that his aunt took him back when she thought he should pay more for the x-ray. "You know how Germans are" that is exactly the crux of the matter. More importantly, we know how Americans are, they will never ever go back.
    Europeans care, they pay their fair share for their fellow citizens. They know that life is better when you all contribute. They know that they can be subjected to adverse situations and a sunny day can turn into a stormy one quite easily. They expect that when they pay their taxes, the government provide back what they need from it, and it works. Maybe that is socialism, but the fact of the matter is: it is much, much, much better than the capitalist US. FACT!

  • mzdarklight1
    mzdarklight1 5 days ago +6

    As an American that has been living in Australia for 9 years I can say that a single payer, universal, medicare for all system is NOTHING like what I thought it would be living in the US.
    I got bit by a spider 4 days ago.. and settle down.. it's a white tail, known in the US as a brown recluse, so not even an exotic Aussie spider. Went to doc.. was able to see him that day, fit me in between patients. Got a couple of scripts, got a swab taken for him to send it off to test for a secondary infection and a follow up appointment next week. I've paid a grand total of $13.00 for all of this.
    I had my gallbladder removed. The doctors visits cost me nothing, the surgery cost me nothing. The ultra sounds to diagnose cost me nothing. The wait time.. was about 6 weeks from the first serious attack. Keep in mind, after knowing what it was mine was treated with diet until surgery. I was not in pain and not a critical need.
    Back in the US.. the gallbladder would have had me bankrupt. The spider bite would have me wondering how to pay the electric bill.

  • Allison Garrett
    Allison Garrett 5 days ago +2

    America is like the child who won't come out of his room because he thinks that by staying in there he is somehow punishing his parents. He doesn't understand that his parents are happy to let him stay in there with his own misery and stubbornness because he is only hurting himself. Unfortunately, this ideology is dragging the rest of us down with it.

  • Mikurunrun
    Mikurunrun 5 days ago +1

    If you were in New Zealand it would have been classed as an accident so it would have all been free.We don't have the best health care in the world (still pretty good though) but we are have great accident and emergency cover.This covers visitors to New Zealand too.

  • Wee Man
    Wee Man 5 days ago

    I'm not a socialist, so fuck Europe.

    • Zen Mate
      Zen Mate 5 days ago +2

      I hope you don't get into an accident and become unable to work or afford insurance. Then come back and comment here.

  • Jon Johnson
    Jon Johnson 5 days ago +1

    Would have cost you nothing in the UK although I suppose 25 isn't bad

    • Zen Mate
      Zen Mate 5 days ago +1

      Yes but you wait a bit longer in the UK. It is still great btw. The Tories are trying hard to follow the useless American business/profit motive for the NHS. Hope they are thrown out soon

  • JauntyPython
    JauntyPython 5 days ago +2

    Americans wail about going into debt for basic healthcare but then scream evil communism! or socialism! when the topic of single payor healthcare is mentioned.

  • JauntyPython
    JauntyPython 5 days ago +1

    I've had premium health plan thru my employer 10 yrs here in the US. No med issues of my own. Went to Dr for fever vomiting. Had an appt but still had to wait an hr. Dr asked me questions, nurse took my 'samples', he basically told me to rest and drink fluids before releasing me prior to getting any results. Had to pay 100.00 copay, then got a 250.00 lab bill in the mail 3 months later. Criminal.

  • Claudia F.
    Claudia F. 5 days ago

    I do not know how healthcare is in the US. But I can say that it is never free. Somebody has to pay for it. Or do you think a doctor with a long and difficult education works for free? The question is: who payed for you?

  • Argentum Australis
    Argentum Australis 5 days ago

    We have universal healthcare in Australia (Medicare), it's awesome. We also have private health insurance if you want, but it's great to have the safety net of a public system so you know you'll always be able to access high quality medical care no matter what your financial circumstances are. I find the American healthcare system frightening, especially for the financially disadvantaged.

  • The Rock
    The Rock 5 days ago

    American s r so fucking stupid

  • The Rock
    The Rock 5 days ago

    US health fucks

  • Maycoll F. Vieira
    Maycoll F. Vieira 5 days ago +1

    So Funny. I'm a Portuguese doctor, what you're describing seems expensive for us.
    I actually had an american patient the other day in the ER and she needed an X-ray in order for me to able to check everything was OK with her Spine (she fell in the US and flew to Portugal for her holidays anyway... She only got stitches - around 8 - and got a prescription for an antibiotic which wasn't, of course, valid here, so I had to give her another one... In any case, the lesion was severe enough that any rational doctor would recommend an X-Ray to check for fractures, but she told me she didn't get one in the US...). I told her we were going to get her an X-Ray and she declined... I was confused... Then I realized she was afraid of the costs... It would have been around 5€/10€ (completely free for Portuguese/EU citizens and residents)....
    We in general have better healthcare outcomes than the US and we are expending only around 4.5 of our GDP for it (down from around 8%, which has consequences, but even so...), while the US expended last year almost 18%.... Your system doesn't make any sense

  • caterpie911
    caterpie911 6 days ago

    Yet, where would you rather be if you are truly sick? The US has the best hospitals in the world, because they are solidly financed and self-sufficient. Getting proper insurance does not cost much in America at all. Less than your sellphone bill. Yet in Germany, a huge sum is substracted from my wages for federal healthcare. And if you ever have to see a doctor, you wait for hours on end even with an appointment. My wife was parked in a hallway for 6 hours (!) with a broken ankle before being told she had to go home. Do not be fooled. This form of healthcare is poorly planned and equipped and has to leech of all the developments and technologies other nations produce to even work at all.

  • ThexXpOiSoNgIrLXxehT

    ER is completly free in Italy even if you're an illegal immigrant, we cannot report you and we have to cure everyone that comes to the ER. I had an american patient who was impressed with our healthcare system and couldn't believe how cheap healthcare is. For italian and european citizens healthcare is free in Italy. Healthcare system in U.S. is based on profit for the insurance companies so obviously it costs more because you're not paying only for the service or the doctor, but also for the company's income

  • FrenchieJeep Evry
    FrenchieJeep Evry 6 days ago

    In france, if you got a "vital" card, you get 70% refunded

  • storm van den berg
    storm van den berg 6 days ago +1

    U could have gotten way better painkillers in Amsterdam...

  • dominic pelle
    dominic pelle 6 days ago

    To the STUPID conservative Americans.. (yes I'm over you people and your fake news).....
    ***Healthcare study ranks Australia second best in developed world, while US comes in last***
    Australia's healthcare system has been ranked among the best in the developed world by a team of American researchers who have ranked their own country's system the worst.

    Key points:
    Overall the highest performers were UK, Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway
    US ranked last overall had the highest rate of mortality
    But Australia ranked eighth for equity
    In their study of 11 different national health care models, researchers at the New York-based Commonwealth Fund ranked Australia's mixed public-private system second best.

    They concluded the United Kingdom's National Health Service was the best system overall, followed by Australia, then the Netherlands, with Norway and New Zealand sharing fourth place.

    Comparing Australia and the other countries to their homeland, the authors said: "The US performs relatively poorly on population health outcomes, such as infant mortality and life expectancy at age 60."

  • siebe w
    siebe w 6 days ago

    and i went to carolina for my vacation

  • roblox84
    roblox84 6 days ago

    Not saying healthcare/government assistance in Europe is bad but unfortunately you only hear the one sided argument from people there. It's the same in Canada, libtards have the biggest voice and drown out the minority conservatives so you don't get an accurate picture of what everyone really thinks about social welfare.

  • vorpal22
    vorpal22 6 days ago

    The US health care system is unfathomably stupid. You are pitted in an adversarial relationship with your insurer (because they want to maximize profits) when you are sick and find it difficult to advocate for yourself. Furthermore, the insurance companies can refuse doctor's orders, or they can force you to go to certain doctors. There is no way that that is ever cheaper or better than socialized health care.

  • stevio 1963 Ada
    stevio 1963 Ada 6 days ago

    Foreign illegals take the piss out of our nhs coming to have kids it’s NOT free we pay every week for it. If you don’t contribute you shouldn’t use it . Even though we pay for it we still pay at the dentist and for prescriptions ,non contributors “free”

  • MG
    MG 6 days ago

    My broken hand in Germany as a German citizen cost me 0€....

  • iris marinou
    iris marinou 6 days ago

    I like all those comments about "free" healthcare. NOTHING is free. We pay contributions from salary for healthcare.

  • TommyBhoy 67
    TommyBhoy 67 7 days ago

    In Scotland we pay nothing bar our tax contribution over my 31 years I’ve broken my arm my ankle tore my groin severely, seen my mum go threw a horrible illness from which she passed from had many family members go threw serious illness cancer etc and survive and I can fundamentally say if it wasn’t for our free health care system the NHS this country would fall it is with out doubt the back bone of country

  • Nancy Barnhill
    Nancy Barnhill 7 days ago

    That’s socialized medicine.

  • Lewis Taylor
    Lewis Taylor 7 days ago

    prescriptions are also free in Scotland

  • veikkoha
    veikkoha 8 days ago +1

    Three weeks agoI took a spill with my motorcycle and went to hospital, where an emergency doctor examined me. A couple of nurses took several x-rays from my left hand, right arm/shoulder and chest . Also two other nurses patched my knees. This all took about two hours in sunday evening. Week after my visit at the hospital I got the invoice by mail. The charge was 32,70 EUR. I am proud to be finnish.

    • martinko40
      martinko40 7 days ago

      veikkoha, It was very irresponsible for Finish government to give you a motorcycle . You should start practicing on tricycle for children first. If this will continue you riding motorcycle , you will end up finnish for good . Please do NOT ride your motorcycle at night, you are waking up all poor finnish neighborhood .

  • Funky .Monk
    Funky .Monk 8 days ago

    Mexico, a developing country has a resonably good healthcare, which offers a public option (really cheap), and has good doctors because they earn money at private hospitals, and train in public hospitals so they get a lot of experience and they attend both sides of the espectrum of the social status. (Its not a rule but happens often) downside is that the waiting time can be a lot. I myself a physician and colleagues its not rare that I give free conslutation or ask for a lot less money when I see somebody doesnt have the resources or the fortune I have had. How could I deny someone help in care even if they dont have the resources specially in rare or life death cases. In the US a psychologist did help me for a really low fee when I said I had no money

  • kika jala
    kika jala 8 days ago

    Do u really think that these complex problems are that simple. Instead of “sharing the truth” with others you should be asking questions and testing hypothesis for what u see as an anomaly. You really think these problems are that simple

  • kika jala
    kika jala 8 days ago

    Truth is ignorance in this case. You are not fracturing in the true cost of a system like this and how it would work in the US. Does the fact someone else picks up the tab make you more proud of your assertion.

  • bjarka100
    bjarka100 8 days ago

    Im Dutch and i can say all Dutch citizens are Forced by law to have health ensurance. We pay a minimum around 120 euro each month..sick or not sick that is what we pay. On top of that we pay 380 euro "own risk" policy .. so when ending up medical treatment the first 380 euro you have to pay yourself and if the bills are more expensive .. the ensurance pays for the rest .. as that is what we pay for each month. Healthcare in the Netherlands is NOT free for citizens.

  • Wim Schoenmakers
    Wim Schoenmakers 8 days ago

    Now you have something to bring back home. Everyone needs good health care now and then.

  • Tallis Keeton
    Tallis Keeton 8 days ago

    Some months ago Ive seen a discussion about healthcare in USA. It was on DevianthArt.
    I was in shock when someone stated that stupid sodium drip bag would costs there about 500 dollars :) Its unbelivebla. I usualy buy such drip bag in a shop, apothecary for my mother to give her at home by profesional nurses and it costs me about 1.5 dollar for one bag.

  • WhiteRavenHawk
    WhiteRavenHawk 8 days ago

    How much of their taxes go to health care? How much would that change if the US stopped paying for their defense and brought its soldiers home and EU had to pay for its own defense? The US taxpayer pays for the worlds defense. Let Germany and other NATO countries pay their own way for defense. Then see how much you would have paid for your foot.

    • WhiteRavenHawk
      WhiteRavenHawk Day ago

      +Blue Nightfox 'Should' is a manipulative word designed to produce guilt. We DO have the best health care in the world even though we are still paying for yours/theirs.

    • Blue Nightfox
      Blue Nightfox 8 days ago

      Even so, the "greatest" country in the world should be able to have this level of healthcare.

  • Michela
    Michela 8 days ago

    European healthcare is far from good, but still a little better than the States

  • MrPathorock
    MrPathorock 8 days ago +3

    All private insurance companies need to go.

    • Maverick 1926
      Maverick 1926 8 days ago

      Yeah. Next time you crash your car go cry to Santa Claus. Need to explain yourself a bit better next time kiddo

    • Tallis Keeton
      Tallis Keeton 8 days ago hell :D

  • blendercloth
    blendercloth 9 days ago

    US healthcare is so expensive because of the salary - german specialist doctors get 6000€ / month before taxes (around 7000$). Only supervisising doctors get more.

  • Joanne Jourdain
    Joanne Jourdain 9 days ago +10

    Thanks for the video. I'm an American that has been living in Italy for almost 20 years. A few years back I had a double hip replacement. I was in the hospital for one week and then transferred by ambulance to the rehabilitation center for another two weeks. Three weeks of care total. My cost? I bought my crutches, compression stockings, and a few minor things. Less than $100.00.

  • cub35guy
    cub35guy 9 days ago +3

    Oh come one - The US health care system isn't that bad. I mean -- Republicans will tell you it's very simple actually. Just -- don't get sick in the first place... or have an accident... or anything that might make you end up in the doctor's office, ER or hospital. See, not that bad.

  • Rivers_of_Blood Marshal

    Illegal aliens using US emergency rooms often never pay anything, its free for the illegals and this has eventually caused hundreds of hospitals to shut down due to to bankruptcy.

    • Rivers_of_Blood Marshal
      Rivers_of_Blood Marshal 8 days ago

      Yes we can have good affordable health care but the political will to do it is lacking.' Obamacare' just put band aids on a gaping flesh wound, increased red tape etc.

    • Blue Nightfox
      Blue Nightfox 8 days ago

      Lol. Come on! A country such as the US can't handle having a good and balanced healthcare system?? You guys went to the moon and back!

  • Landy Yecla
    Landy Yecla 10 days ago +1

    As a dual US/NZ citizen, I like America and would consider moving to the US if it weren't for their Kafkaesque healthcare system. Fuck. that. shit.

  • veritaspk
    veritaspk 10 days ago

    I am from Poland...month ago i got bicycle accident on my way to work. I end up with dislocated arm joint, i had surgery ( i have metal implant in arm now ). All my expense was like 20$ for arm come from obligatory health insurance. Now i am on 1 month paid health leave. And in Poland everybody say that our helth system is crap ( compared to Germany it's not so good really)

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson 10 days ago

    Lots of retards on here, the NHS is only free if you do not pay taxes and to all those people who come over here stealing our healthcare resources, it should not be free for you either, however, unfortunately the NHS is shit at claiming it back. As for that yank student who got free prescriptions, wtf, i born and bred here and i have to pay. No wonder its fucked.

  • Jake O'Sullivan
    Jake O'Sullivan 10 days ago

    It baffles me as a European, how if I got injured in the US, it would be cheaper to fly home and get it treated here

  • itsmejohny
    itsmejohny 10 days ago

    In Belgium healthcare is the best, our hospitals are full of Dutch people lol

  • m0ve
    m0ve 10 days ago

    Actually, in Germany you got a mandatory health insurace which takes a certain percentage of your income. Your employer forwards it to the insurance company. Iirc it is around 15% of your income before taxes. About half of that you pay yourself, the other half your employer. This is simplified, if you want to know details, google it.

  • Jem Nikkeli
    Jem Nikkeli 10 days ago

    America ~ Survival of the richest. ~

  • hongsien kwee
    hongsien kwee 11 days ago

    Next time get a travel insurance......when I searched for a worldwide health insurance (not travel insurance) when I traveled a lot between Asia and Europe, the insurance company told me that if I included the USA, the premium would go up a lot, so I omitted the USA area as I had no plans going there..........US docs and hospitals are not cheap! (also I understand they have to insure themselves against litigation cases brought against them if they make mistakes)

  • Jim West
    Jim West 11 days ago

    Most healthcare systems in europe are on their knees though, they cost a fortune to run unless you tax a crazy amount. The NHS needs billions and billions just to get by each year. I imagine full US universal healthcare would cost in the low trillions.

  • A S
    A S 11 days ago

    I am a German citizen and i feel so blessed to live here and enjoy such a good and reliable health insurance. No matter what, i will have medicial help. Its the best of Germany. And i am proud we have this.

  • Foxglove1
    Foxglove1 11 days ago

    American here - I stepped on a piece of metal that got lodged into my foot in Bangkok. Went to the emergency room and only waited about 5 minutes. The only person that spoke English was the doctor. I got local anesthesia , he took the metal piece out and I got a tetanus shot all for 1,030 baht. which is around 35 USD. I hate the hospitals in the US.

  • Mini Mixers
    Mini Mixers 11 days ago

    I live in Scotland it would have cost nothing prescriptions are free in Scotland:)

  • Patricia Egan
    Patricia Egan 12 days ago

    First, I'd like to say that I'm glad your injury was minor. Second, I'd like to say that, yes, we all matter and need health insurance, like what you're describing, but for free. I'm baffled about places who don't offer this. No long term access to health care = genocide results.

  • SotGamer
    SotGamer 12 days ago

    At the end..u are an foreign in Germany...if u would be an citizen..u would not have paid anything ..even if u would not pay for an extra insurance....maybe just a bit for the pills they gave u...

  • Surmoka
    Surmoka 12 days ago

    You went to "munjenglaedbak" (see: Mönchengladbach) - and you speak German? :)

  • Hypercube9
    Hypercube9 13 days ago

    Google: Anecdotal evidence. You just might learn something kiddo (but I doubt it).
    Healthcare is cheap in the rest of the world BECAUSE Americans pay through the teeth for it's creation! That new wonder drug may only cost $2 per pill, but the FIRST pill cost $200 million dollars! Americans paid for that... you're welcome!
    You know what, you should get a kidney transplant or some brain surgery in Europe. Really test your theory out! You paid $80 for a boo-boo on your foot. How much would it cost if there was actually something medically wrong with you? I'm going to go out on a limb and say... MORE!
    Or, you can shut the fuck up and move your ass to Europe where we won't have to hear your bitching! If it's SO great there, MOVE!!! What's stopping you? Too dumb to learn a new language? Or is America still REALLY awesome despite all it's shortcomings?
    You mentioned Canada. Did you know Canada spends half of what the US spends on healthcare? That sounds really awesome! Oh wait, I just remembered, Canada has ONE-TENTH the population of the US! They should be spending one-tenth of what WE spend to get the same care! Not 5 times as much per person, to get WORSE care (which is what they get now)!
    Hey, can you tell me that cute little story about how you paid $80 for a few Tylenol again? That was funny!

    • Carl Sasau
      Carl Sasau 12 days ago

      Canada spends half per capita. That is per person, not total.

  • Dragon Luna
    Dragon Luna 13 days ago

    In USA if anybody woke in to the ER , they make you wait hours 😂😂😂 let's not talk about the bills😂

  • FinanceAction
    FinanceAction 14 days ago

    best universal medical care is in spain period. uk suck and canada is a bit better.

    • Jim West
      Jim West 11 days ago

      In Spain they want to see a credit card before the ambulance will even take you.

  • Blubableful
    Blubableful 14 days ago +1

    I'm german and I was like oh that is quite alot, then he said how much it would have cost in the US and my mouth flapped open. WTF

  • Alec Brown
    Alec Brown 14 days ago

    You went on an international holiday without even taking out a minimal travel health insurance policy ( for about the equivilent of 30 dollars??). Youthful bravery or stupidity i cant decide. Thats what we do to cover any medical issues even crossing between european boundaries.
    Or if you can the E111 european travel insurance.

  • Lexus Carter
    Lexus Carter 14 days ago

    Well here in France with our "'Sécurité Sociale" we've got a % of what we spend who are take in charge by this governmental entity, then you have LOTS MORE options for having the less cost possible, like you speak about you can pay (like in U.S. probably, but i think less expensive) for complemental healtcare for example
    - Im 21yo and until end of last year i was under my parents complemental healtcare and they pay for us 3 (dad, mom and i) almost 90€ that was one of the most expansive and with the most refunded stuff on it (wich more you pay more you have stuff refunded)
    - My both parents are under ALD (Affection de Longue Durée (Long-Term affection)) my mom for diabetes and my dad for made 3-4 phlebitis who cause every time pulmonary ambolism they both have medecine (my dad have pills for dont have a too fluid or too solid blood) that he need to take forever, they both got to the doctor (each every 3 month) and have blood test (my dad almost 1/month) and as i understood, when you are under AMD every medical exam, and pills you need is taken in charge at 100%.
    - Some pills are not take in charge (more and more this last years) so sometimes you had to pay all directly, in that situation you can ask you complemental healthcare to take in charge (i pay around 25€/month and i can ask for a limit of 50€ every year, wich is pretty big because im rarely sick, i first use some pills i have at home (because for a reason no one understand when you have a 1week treatment and you need one pill per day but they have 10 or 20 in a box you easily have some reserves ^^).
    For the little story i had to go to emergency a month ago because i injured on of my finger with a piece of glass and it dont stop bleeding, i need some suture point, add to that some (too much for me) painkiller they put around the wound, a nice-made bandage wrapping and some painkillers you know how many i spend ?.... ABSOLUTE NOTHING. I only had to show them my cards of "Sécurité Sociale" and "Complémentaire/Mutuelle" (wich is the complemental healthcare)
    And by the way if you are and immigrant (even if you are illegaly) you can request AME (medical help) wich you dont pay anything from the simple doctor to give birth, im pretty sure that even if you had a leg cut, you didnt pay anything for having a prothesis.
    I hear a girl who have their breast implant (a legal French citizen) take in charge without complemental healthcare

  • NorzkenolZn
    NorzkenolZn 14 days ago

    Same thing in most of europe i guess, exept in sweden you only pay 25 euro a visit. if they send you anywhere else. you dont pay more for it usually. still 25. and the highest cost you pay a year to year is 120 euro about. exept for medicin./swedish

  • animeforeverjoho
    animeforeverjoho 15 days ago

    I almost cried since you look like my dead brother who killed himself.. you looked so similar to him.

  • Ragnara
    Ragnara 15 days ago

    I had so many difficult surgeries for free as a child that the costs would go up to several millions euros if it would be in US. The amount of money the government spent for keeping me alive is far higher than what I will ever pay in taxes. The rest is probably funded by random elite dudes.

  • Chuck Norita
    Chuck Norita 15 days ago

    If a drug is prescribed here by the doctor, meaning you could not buy it at the pharmacie without a proper prescription authorising it, you only pay a maximum of 6 € on your part, the rest is taken care of by health insurance.

  • Leevosh
    Leevosh 15 days ago

    Just live in Finland :D ez life

  • ThePoomis
    ThePoomis 15 days ago

    I'm from Denmark. I was on vacation in Italy and I got some sort of wierd ear infection. I went into the hospital. It took about 1½ an hour and I was out. I saw a doctor, they used some wierd machine in my ear and I got a pescription. You know what I had to pay? Nothing. I just showed them my Danish Healthcard and my Passport. I had to pay for my own perscription drugs, which were about 10 euro. Keep in mind this was in another country, where I did not speak the language.

  • Cicholas Nage
    Cicholas Nage 16 days ago +1

    it's almost as if people's well-being isn't treated as an industry with the sole purpose to make money in the civilised world.

  • Running Nigerian
    Running Nigerian 16 days ago

    So basically just fly to Europe if you have you have health issues. And it would would still cost you less.

  • Blackbess
    Blackbess 16 days ago

    Yes sure, healthcare costs a lot, that's why We pay our taxes overhere in Europe! Americans think everything must be for free, Until You need healthcare Yourself, then You will be happy You paid for it !!

  • Gh0stL0st
    Gh0stL0st 16 days ago

    This guy in the video is lucky, he payed only 80 Euro without to pay the taxes and to be resident....
    Only 30 minutes to wait.....?
    yesterday I did a X-ray in my country..20 Euro..but I was 1 hour to wait and without booking...
    There are postive and negative things....

  • Peter Mura
    Peter Mura 17 days ago

    X ray in Slovakia is usually around 1 to 5 euros

  • Ben Mc Dermott
    Ben Mc Dermott 17 days ago

    Imagine if America spent the annual 400 billion dollars on healthcare rather than there milatary

  • Vincent Gagné
    Vincent Gagné 17 days ago +1

    *american logic*
    health care = communism
    deduction out of 10, congratulation