My Healthcare Experience in Europe as an American


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  • Electrono9
    Electrono9 2 hours ago

    No no no. Start by telling us the info we came here for. NOT how you hurt yourself. God you 'look at me' people waste SO MUCH TIME.

  • Lizzy
    Lizzy 3 hours ago

    Didn't you get a travel Insurance?

  • jcumse
    jcumse 22 hours ago

    Health care should not be a business. We have public schools, public universities, why not public health care. Funny, I haven´t seen any comments defending the American model written by people who have EXPERIENCED BOTH SYSTEMS. I have. Hey, no society is perfect, and in health care, America loses. Just look at the average life expectancy in USA compared to, say, Spain. In other aspects, USA is the greatest country on earth, but the essence of the American spirit is, "There´s always a better way" . So.. why can´t we improve our health care system?

  • Jorge Guevara
    Jorge Guevara Day ago

    If you don't have insurance in the US and you need emergency services, you pay nothing, not 20 not 80. NOTHING, it will be free. That has been the case since I can remember...Yes they wait for ever. This is not the truth.

  • Alan Macphail
    Alan Macphail 2 days ago

    Healthcare is cheaper when you don't have insurance companies sucking up the premiums for their shareholders. That money never sees the healthcare system.

  • Cranky Grandma
    Cranky Grandma 3 days ago

    I think people speaking of high taxes don’t realize we Americans already pay a huge amount for health insurance. A huge part of the paycheck is for health insurance, and our wages are lower due to employers also paying a chunk of it. We Americans already pay that huge amount, just not officially as taxes. My concern is health care rationing for serious conditions...because whether it’s through taxes or out of pocket there will be a bottom line. Another thing some Americans don’t realize is how health care costs here (different from insurance) are very high. What an x ray or prescription costs here is outlandish (in part because we have insurance so the meds and procedures cost more)
    My daughter lives in New Zealand. When she was visiting here she had to go to the ER but did not have US insurance. Her costs were thousands of dollars. Her NZ insurance covered it but only after investigation because they were shocked at how high the bill was.

  • coupleofbeers31
    coupleofbeers31 3 days ago

    The US "healthcare system" is nothing more than a bunch of corporations that lie, cheat, and steal from everyone. They don't care about people's health, only about the bottom line.

  • Mojito
    Mojito 4 days ago

    It's so sad it's surprising for Americans to experience NORMAL healthcare without paying horrendous amount of money for it.

  • Meade Vlog channel
    Meade Vlog channel 4 days ago

    Socialized medicine will crumble. It doesn't work.

  • BoredOfBills
    BoredOfBills 4 days ago

    I love that you end your video story with "spread the truth" because that really is the point. If you had been a EU citizen it's unlikely you would have been charged anything at all in Holland or Germany. Here in the UK we have a similar model to the rest of Europe where you pay a tiny fraction of your income each month towards universal health care which is always free at the point of delivery - so WHATEVER you need, be it a bandage or heart surgery - it's always free when you need it. It just works. For everyone.

  • jam kop
    jam kop 5 days ago

    Meamwhile her in the Netherlands I just payed 52 euro's for an antibitoic cream and a cortecoid steroid cream for a minor infection of eczema. This was not covered by my health insurance because of my obligatory deductible excess that by law is set to almost 400,- a year by the government for all of it's citizens. Nothing cheap about that.

  • gijs
    gijs 5 days ago

    Sounds like you got lucky a little bit but it's not far off from the regular experience for a Dutch or German doctor / hospital visit.

  • Stevan
    Stevan 5 days ago

    The health care in both Germany and The Netherlands is good if not excellent. The people do pay about 40% income tax to keep this going. You're welcome.

    • kohle
      kohle 12 hours ago

      14 - 16%... it is in Germany

  • Savage Snayle
    Savage Snayle 5 days ago

    had similar in Holland but I am a UK citizen...and yeah when I was there you could buy extra care supplements.

  • jesus seoane
    jesus seoane 5 days ago

    I Took my wife to an emergency room for a stomach pain in the US they did a blood test and a couple pills ! The bill came for $4000
    Sad !

  • Wassiu Khan Hades
    Wassiu Khan Hades 6 days ago

    I’m from Roma 80 euro is way to much ☹️

  • mreido
    mreido 6 days ago

    Yeah Americans are dumb !!

  • Mortgage Options NI
    Mortgage Options NI 7 days ago

    Happy you were treated well. I visited my son in Kansas Ms. I told him I had this pain on the left side of my head. So, he said we will go to the pharmacist which we did. We waited twenty minutes to see this lady who looked at me and said, I think you have symptoms of diphtheria. I was shocked, to say the least. She said that will be ninety dollars and sixty dollars for the meds. My son said my mother was with you two hours ago and you said she had strep which she probably caught on the plane. So this lady says, oh then you must have strep as well. I will change the meds. I said don't bother.l What a rip off.

  • Chris Archer
    Chris Archer 8 days ago

    Had you been in the UK, this would have cost you a grand total of zero.

  • klynn martin
    klynn martin 8 days ago

    Never ever want to deal with what I went through again in the US system with my mother who got sick there.....Nightmare. I still get calls for a dead woman. She had travel insurance and they still try to collect from a dead woman...hospitals there do it.... they call

  • klynn martin
    klynn martin 8 days ago

    US healthcare sucks. I have used french, UK, Finnish, Bermuda and Canadian, US is the worst!

  • christine cooke
    christine cooke 9 days ago

    I visited a Florida emergency room 10 years ago after a fall. I was examined by a physicians assistant had an x-ray and was put in an arm splint by a paramedic student. The cost was $1500.00. The same visit for me at home in Canada would have cost me zero dollars and I would have been examined by a physician.

  • Ryan Hays
    Ryan Hays 10 days ago

    It's roughly the same when you put taxes into play.

  • X. Wolfsteller
    X. Wolfsteller 10 days ago

    When he said half an hour I went like whaaat!!! Why you have to wait so long?

  • Wouter Paap
    Wouter Paap 11 days ago

    As soon as you consider the system as something to be regulated by the market, then the profit principle starts to play a role. Obama understood this and took the first step, not more then that. The way the current US government deals with this isssue is a major setback for the American health care system and thus for the American economy.
    Remember, if people are not ill, they can work better and harder. It is therefore of great benefit to the US as a country if investments are made in a healthy people. Letting (big) companies earn money from healthcare is a short-term vision, because then money disappears in already well-filled pockets and the country is worse off.

    • Wouter Paap
      Wouter Paap Day ago

      +Thomas Teal It is not about pharmaceutical companies, but about the health care system as a whole. Pharmaceutical companies are only a part of that. Incidentally, the top 10 of pharmaceutical companies worldwide is this list:
      1. Johnson & Johnson (USA)
      2. Roche (Switzerland)
      3. Pfizer (USA)
      4. Novartis (Switzerland)
      5. Bayer HealthCare (Germany)
      6. GlaxoSmithKline (UK)
      7. Merck & Co. (USA)
      8. Sanofi (France)
      9. AbbVie (USA)
      10. Abbott Laboratories (USA)
      Half of these companies are American, half European. I am getting a bit tired of the ever-emerging American feeling of superiority. There are good scientists all over the world, including the field of medical advancement and technology.

    • Thomas Teal
      Thomas Teal Day ago

      So do you know which country is the leader in medical advancements and technology? The rest of the world benefits on how much the US spends on R and D. When a new drug comes out from the US how do you think all that research gets paid? You know what happens if the US goes single payer? People in the US will not become a doctor just to make 80K a year. Put a cap on Pharma? Nothing gets developed.

  • Anu Ra
    Anu Ra 11 days ago +1

    More Americans learns how American government is fucking you in the ass without the necessary ointment. :)

  • Chad Burton
    Chad Burton 11 days ago

    Go to a direct primary care doctor in rhe u.s it's 25 dollars American for an x-ray the reason American healthcare costs so much is because hospitals can overcharge your insurance.

  • CmdrX3
    CmdrX3 12 days ago

    If you'd been in the UK, chances are it wouldn't have cost you anything. They are supposed to charge you but most doctors will say they are doctors not accountants.

  • Carol Fremel
    Carol Fremel 13 days ago

    Health care in australia is brilliant - i cant understand why a rich and civilized country like america will allow its citizens to die in the street for want of decent healyhcare - giving too much money away to bludging nations and illegals i guess

  • nn oo
    nn oo 13 days ago

    Yes, we have better health care. But just a general thing:
    No European would EVER go abroad without taking out health insurance for that country. But i guess if you're raised in a system where you get a bill from a doctor that wouldn't cross your mind...

  • med ray
    med ray 13 days ago

    I am saving every penny so I can leave this shithole country in 2020.
    Everything is a scam here, and there are too many single moms, broke hoes, and free loaders in this country.

    • Andrija Ban
      Andrija Ban 11 days ago

      Come to EU, choose regions either Benelux or Scandinavia. You will feel reborn, like living in a Star Trek society, a life fit for a human.
      Good luck!

  • blueprintswe
    blueprintswe 14 days ago +1

    As a Swedish citizen I feel the need to talk about taxes. Yes, I live in a country with some of the highest taxes in the world, that is true. A country which many Americans consider socialistic, something that is apparently the worst thing there is.

    So, in my municipality about 25% of my salary goes to the income tax. My gross salary is currently about $3300, which is pretty low considering my education and line of work. After tax I will get around $2450 in my account each month. More if I have been on vacation, less if I have been ill. That means that my employer has paid approximately $850 in tax (I don't have to bother with paying it myself, it's the employer who does that).

    So what do I get for those $850 per month?

    First of all, I get almost free health care. A visit to the doctor's office cost around $12 - $17. But there is also a max cap in that, which mean that I don't need to pay more than $123 per year for most health care. Some specialized health care I need to pay extra for, but it's seldom more than $30. I also have a chronic illness, and all appointments, checkups and treatments regarding that, I get for free. Medicine also has a similar cap, I will not have to pay more than $250 per year for any prescription medicine or tools needed for taking prescribed medicine.

    Second, I get free education from first class up through university. That means that I went through nine years of primary school, three years of high school and five years of university without paying anything extra for my education.

    Other things that I get for these $850 is elderly care, maintenance of roads, streets and parks, police-, ambulance-, and fire fighting services, 480 days of paid parental leave and much more. Of course some of them could be managed better and so on, but all included, I think that I get a lot for $850 / month. There are also the more "invisible" taxes like VAT, payroll tax, tax on gas etc. but those taxes is for me not a burden.

    It would be interesting to hear from Americans who think that this system is so horrible, why it is so horrible? I know that Sweden and the US are totally different countries and that the Swedish system cannot be applied to US, but I don't understand why a system where people help each other (ACA) is so bad?

    Also, is it so bad to help each other and pay a little higher taxes to not have to pay medical bills ranging up to ten or hundred thousands of dollars if you get sick? Why does it seem like many Americans get the scare of their life if you even mention taxes?

    • Thomas Teal
      Thomas Teal Day ago

      Its culture. Americans in general love their freedom. Americans generally do not want a cradle to grave concept where the government takes care of your every need. This is the short answer.

  • Southtown Hick
    Southtown Hick 14 days ago

    By the way, the average cash price for an X-ray in America is about $100.

    • Andrija Ban
      Andrija Ban 11 days ago

      +Southtown Hick Actually it provides great service and it provides it to everyone. And I know I am paying for it through taxes.
      When you pay for your private healthcare you're paying for the service, but also for the doctor's Mercedes, second home and future clinic expansion. So they can add value in private business however they like. Here it only costs me what it's worth. And the whole system is much more cost effective so all of this lowers the price.
      In the US you actually pay much more than you should.

    • Southtown Hick
      Southtown Hick 11 days ago

      Nothing is free. Someone, somewhere always has to foot the bill. Paying exorbitant taxes doesn’t mean your healthcare is free, it means the government takes from you as it sees fit and provides mediocre service.

    • Andrija Ban
      Andrija Ban 11 days ago

      7 dollars in Croatia if you want it right away, or free if you want to wait for a day.

  • Southtown Hick
    Southtown Hick 14 days ago

    Here’s the deal, foreign citizens don’t pay cash in American hospitals as often as you think. Many medical bills go unpaid.

  • Wayne E Draper
    Wayne E Draper 14 days ago

    Similar experience in Berlin. And so glad our Aussie healthcare is so great

  • 19Raeken89
    19Raeken89 14 days ago

    Im Austrian and Im flying to the US every year to watch hockey. Anyway, last year i got sick and had fever. So i went to see a doc. Like you - no citizien, no US health insurance. They took blood, listened to the lung and looked into my throat. I got treated well and everything was fine but I paid an estimation of around 900 USD. i thought, ok estimation, pretty sure its less in the end because its no big deal. Later at home i got a letter to pay the remaining balance of another 600 USD. i did pay because i dont want to be banned or face any immigration problems on my next travel. So a total of 1500 USD for being sick like everyone is, i say, twice a year. Its all good because i got the entire amount back from my insurance back home and actually won a little due to exchange rates. Im just thinking of what i would have paid if i got serious hurt? like a car accident or something...

  • Josh Black
    Josh Black 15 days ago +1

    dude. health care in EU contries is paid by the people (big taxes from paychech) and not the govement. Don't do this - misinformation

  • Sony Experia
    Sony Experia 15 days ago

    Germans pay 24% of their income (half if it deducted from the paycheck half directly transfered from the employer to the state) on health insurance + small fees as listed by the kid in the video. Only (but major) adventage is that you don't loose the insurance if you become unemployed. The state (aka the other taxpayers) will cover your costs.

  • Rob van embden
    Rob van embden 16 days ago

    Oh seven euro, that 5:14 exactly that reacting is so off. You respond like haha crazy Dutch or Germans with your low prices. Imagine how your own gouvernment screws you and doesn’t give a shit about your personal health #USfirst right :) :) you guys get brainwasted back home.

  • TheSuda
    TheSuda 17 days ago +1

    But guess what!?!? And this is what I don't understand - Government healthcare spending per capita in the US is No1 in the world - the US government spends more, per person, on healthcare than any other country, yet it is the only 'developed economy' that doesn't have universal healthcare.... How the hell does that happen?!?!

  • No Brain
    No Brain 17 days ago +1

    well shouldnt you be pointing this out to how disgusting AMerica is? how corrupt it is? it's all about money they dont care if people die, thats why in Europe we look forward to our people.

  • vapsa56
    vapsa56 17 days ago

    A visit to an emergency room here in the US is way more expensive than 500 to 600 dollars. I when to the emergency room back in the year 2000 for what turned out to be an acute appendicitis. The emergency room visit was a 7 hour wait, in pain. Thank God it did not burst. And the bill was 4800 dollars. Just for the visit. The Doctor's bill was additional 1200. The test and labs amouted to 1100 dollars. And that was before I was admitted to the hospital for surgery. The surgery was 22,000 dollars. And I have great insurance, plus a supplemental insurance, I still paid 1300 out of pocket. I lived in Europe for years back in the early 90's. The Netherlands in fact, and never waited or paid as much and got better care when I broke my arm and had surgery to fix it. Pur health care is seriously in need of overhaul. It is an unsustainable situation.

  • baylessnow
    baylessnow 17 days ago

    Pretty conifdent in saying that health insurance which you NEED in order to get care but doesn't cover most stuff, costs WAYYYYY more than the taxes that we pay in Europe.

  • De Stalling
    De Stalling 17 days ago

    I'm dutch. Everyone living here must have a health inssurance.
    When you don't you get a reminder and a bill you must pay, iff you still don't this repeat. So better have one.
    Once a year we can decide by what company we our insurance Like to have.
    There insurance is build up in modules, but they al have the 'basic'. This is the foundation of the insurance and here are the most used health services you find in the hospital included. Everyone must have this one.
    But in the insurance you have the choice to extra modules (but that's a free choice). So for example when you like or need some fysiotherapie you van find this in that kind of module. The most insurance company's have 3 extra modules with this kind of extra services. For example iff you take one you have 9 or 16 fysiotherapie consults that year. As one of the examples. Of course you pay more iff you want a extra module, because it is sort of extension on the insurance.
    Then there is also the dentist as option. You can take a extension in the insurance for the dentist, but free choice. Here are different examples. Like 75% until 500 euro. This means when you go to the dentist that year the insurance pays the bill for the treatment, but you have pay 25% procent of the bill you self. And 500 euro is for that year. So when you over the 500 the insurance stops in this example and the bill is for to pay.
    Most dutch have in the insurance: the 'basic', extension module on the basic and dentist module. This Comes around the 160 euro each month. It doesn't matter iff you need healthcare or not. This is around what you pay.
    We have to pay first 385 euro our self, before the insurance start to pay off. We call this the own Risk. You have the choice to another ammount of own Risk, more then this 385 euro. So you van choose to pay 485 euro up to 885 euro. When you do that IT gives a discount on what you pay each month. Example when i pay 160 each mount on the insurance, but choose a own Risk like 685 euro, then i maybe pay something around 150 each month. Whole story hahahaha, but please tell mee in what country are you and how works it there?

  • NdrHrlnd
    NdrHrlnd 18 days ago

    Ok Karl what happened to you is that you didn’t need any treatment. Your foot got checked out and you took some painkillers. It would’ve been different if you needed surgery. The price for a x-ray of your foot is indeed around 60 euro. To be precise declaration code 089002 (the Netherlands) states 64,66 euro. But still, that doesn’t make European health care cheap.
    I’ll explain to you what we as a family of 2 adults and 1 child (11 y/o) pay for our health insurance.
    Besides a nominal contribution for our Dutch health care insurance (114 euro/month/person average), we also pay an income-dependent contribution of 6,95% of our gross income pursuant to the Health Care Insurance Act (Zvw).

    Ok so our situation: household 2 adults, 1 kid (11 y/o kids under 18 are insured free of charge).

    - Nominal contribution 145,- euro x 2 = 290,- euro per month.
    Income-dependent contribution 316,- euro x 2 = 632,- euro per month.
    - Total 922,- euro per month for our household (11.064,- euro per year).

    - On top of that we still both have an own risk of 385,- euro x 2 = 770,- euro per year.

    Even though we pay for dental care insurance, the coverage is poor. So on top of the annual amount of 11,064,- euro and our own risk of 770,- euro we pay quit a lot for dentistry. Last year most of that money went to our daughter’s bracket.

    I recon our annual health care bill is around 13.000,- euro for our family of 2 adults and 1 minor.

    Once our daughter turns 18 y/o we’ll have to add another 6500,- euro to that and we'll be close to 20.000,- euro annually for a family of 3 adults.
    Mind you a doctor (general practitioner) makes about 22.000,= euro a month in the Netherlands.
    To sum things up, there is absoluetly nothing cheap about our healthcare. The difference is we're all contributing and it's mandatory. Some of us pay more than others because of the income-dependent contribution.

  • Andy Coulthard
    Andy Coulthard 18 days ago

    Sounds like it would be cheaper for US citizens to fly over and get cheaper treatment here in Europe?

  • ch ma
    ch ma 19 days ago

    Caus we dont have a fucking gunshop on evry streetcorner.

  • ch ma
    ch ma 19 days ago +2

    And we dont have massmurders in ouer SCHOOLS.

  • ch ma
    ch ma 19 days ago

    In denmark ,on top of free healthcare,we have 6 months payed birthleave,to mom or dad or both:)eat that fucking usa.

  • John Fisher
    John Fisher 19 days ago

    In NYC, a called ambulance costs $8000, I nearly died when I read that. People have to struggle to hospitals with whatever malady they have. Its a bit of an outrage.

  • John Fisher
    John Fisher 19 days ago

    "Hostel" dude.

  • Rodrigo Gehr
    Rodrigo Gehr 19 days ago

    Hey Karl. Would you be interested on turning your video into a blog post at my site?

  • Patrick EH
    Patrick EH 20 days ago

    Typical young dipshit. Your bill was paid by the taxpayer. You are proud that you used other peoples money to pay for YOUR living expenses? That's criminal.

    • Andrija Ban
      Andrija Ban 11 days ago

      +Patrick EH No problem, I bet I have a higher IQ than you, anyway I'm going to sleep tight tonight, looking forward to my secure future, pension and healthcare.
      And you just enjoy your prozac and diazepam or whatever helps you survive the wilderness you call USA

    • Patrick EH
      Patrick EH 11 days ago

      LMAO! The ME rabble has been coming across EU's borders for well over one thousand years. Rent an IQ

    • Andrija Ban
      Andrija Ban 11 days ago

      +Patrick EH Well, if that's your argument then... you're just plain stupid.
      Besides, it's because your shitting all over the Middle East that these immigrants have come to our borders. Clean your own doorstep, you've done nothing good.

    • Patrick EH
      Patrick EH 11 days ago

      Enjoy being ruled by Islam Andrija and having an IQ

    • Andrija Ban
      Andrija Ban 11 days ago

      You are like some wild animal to me, a peasant from a bygone age. Enjoy your Wild West, and all the best from EU

  • Nicholas Ennos
    Nicholas Ennos 21 day ago

    IVF treatment in USA costs ten times more than in Czech Republic with a similar standard of care.

    DIETRICHCICCONE 21 day ago +5

    Am so glad I am not a citizen of the U.S.A 🇪🇺

  • rM toboR
    rM toboR 22 days ago

    it's funny to see so many triggered americans and for real idk why

  • J T
    J T 22 days ago

    Pick a European country and America has roughly 300 million more people than any one of them. Roughly 5.5 times the population. America’s population alone is about half of all of Europe combined. Comparing America to England, France, Italy, Germany etc is not apples to apples. What happens if we socialize healthcare and let the government regulate it and less and less people choose to go into the healthcare industry and we as a result have less doctors and nurses. Almost every hospital is under staffed already. Alfie Evans was a sick child in a hospital in England when doctors couldn’t explain what was wrong with him the parents wanted to take him to a different hospital for a second opinion and the government stepped in said no forced the parents to leave him there to die, they removed his ventilator and waited for him to die when parents wanted to provide their own oxygen for him they were denied and forced to hopelessly watch their son die without being able to do anything.... that’s your European healthcare system for you, when the government decides you shouldn’t have treatment and it’s time for it to die then you die without the ability to provide treatment for yourself

    • J T
      J T 19 days ago

      popgems no it does not imply that medical homicide doesn’t happen in the US, it implies the government mandates where and when you get healthcare over there while in the US you are free to get a second opinion or do whatever you want. Some doctors may do shady things but the US government does not control when and where you see a doctor or what type of treatment you get. Also that’s cool that Italy offered, I wasn’t aware of that but that still doesn’t change the fact that they were located in England and England said no. Saying European healthcare may have been a bit unfair because Europe consists of many countries so that was pretty vague on my part but everything else I said was true.

    • popgems
      popgems 19 days ago +1

      +J T Your reference to the Alfie Evans case and the UK hospital deciding the baby should die and didn't allow the parents to help their son. You added "that's your European healthcare system for you", which infers medical homicide doesn't happen in the US. Also, Italy offered to take the baby and treat him. Unless you need a brush up on your education, Italy is in Europe and has the 2nd best healthcare system in the world. Healthcare in the EU is FAR superior to the crap sick care system of the US.

    • J T
      J T 20 days ago

      popgems what does that have to do with anything I said?

    • popgems
      popgems 20 days ago +1

      You don't think medical homicide happens in the US? LOL, boy are you clueless!

  • Riot Vintage
    Riot Vintage 22 days ago +1

    In Germany, as a citizen with a regular insurance it would have cost 0€, nothing, nada, zero. Oh Lord, I love my country.

  • william f
    william f 23 days ago

    Us Scots get our prescriptions free

  • TheEnlightenedOne
    TheEnlightenedOne 23 days ago

    I'm from the Netherlands, the health care is not free but affordable. Health care is pretty good here like he describes.

  • tecnoise
    tecnoise 24 days ago

    I live in Germany. In Germany there is "public healthcare" (90% of people) and private health insurance. Public you pay depending on your income (about 450 € for an average income, 50% employee-payd and 50% "employer-payd"), only if you earn enough, are self-employed or government official, you may have a private insurance instead, most people who are allowed to choose private insurance. Being a "private patience" definately gets you a doctors appointment faster and more treatment, even if this is not said officially. As a "public patient", it can happen that you wait for 3 month for a orthopedist appointment e.g. - or you have to call a lot of doctors. The public system is okay, but it has its flaws.

  • Davo
    Davo 25 days ago +2

    I was at a soccer game, when some kid kicked me in the knee. Popped it right out of place. I had to be taken to a hospital in an ambulance, doctor came into the waiting room, popped it back, I sat in a room for 3 hours, got an Xray, and went home.
    $5,000 if I didn't have insurance. $1,500 because I did. That is fucking ridiculous.

    • Andrija Ban
      Andrija Ban 11 days ago

      Move to Europe, you'll feel reborn :))

  • Amina Wijntje
    Amina Wijntje 25 days ago +1

    That's one of the reasons I love being European. Sure jumped that gun. But keep in mind that we collectively contribute, through taxing, on a yearly basis to make this accessible. You just don't want/need anybody suffering away, it's not productive and it's a no-brainer, you know wha'-I-mean.

  • sisterofnight12
    sisterofnight12 26 days ago

    7euros for a painkiller is still expensive to be honest. Bless Americans.

  • AZ
    AZ 28 days ago

    You didn't have 25 EUR with you?! ^_^

  • Pablo Postigo Olsson
    Pablo Postigo Olsson 29 days ago +1

    I work snd live in Germany now. I’m German. 50% of my income goes for taxes, health insurance, unemployment insurance, etc. am I unhappy? No. I have the freedom to be ill and recover, and I have the peace of mind of living in a society where that’s everyone’s right and there’s hence much less social tension, poverty, etc. Americans are selfish. They don’t value those things, and that’s the kind of society you have. Even with “good” health insurance a major surgery will drive you to bankruptcy. Btw, I’ve lived in Texas for 5 years. I know the American dream.

  • duncancallum
    duncancallum 29 days ago


  • Joseph Pearson
    Joseph Pearson 29 days ago +1

    Well, Europe is taking migrants. So, immigrate.

  • wsw0312
    wsw0312 29 days ago

    Most people in Europe would complain if they have to pay anything,. My sister is an emergency physician at a french hospital and most peopel make scenes if they have to pay 5 euros ....

  • Fe Ro
    Fe Ro 29 days ago +2

    If we were willing to pay around 50% of our income to government taxes and programs I guess we could have cheap or free healthcare for everyone too. Their healthcare is not free or cheap, they pay taxes up the ying-yang to pay for those services. Your visit to the ER didn't cost 80 €, the hundreds or thousands of Euros your ER visit actually cost was passed on to the Citizens of Amsterdam in the various taxes and government programs they pay for. I don't know anyone who doesn't think we already pay too much in taxes and get very little in return for it from local, state and federal government. How did all your other expenses compare? I was recently in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Estonia with similar systems and everything costs 2 to 3 times what we pay for it here and salaries aren't higher than our average salaries here for equivalent jobs. By they time you adjust for inflation for the cost of living they actually make less. After all the taxes those people pay, I don't know how they pay for their day to day living expenses. There's more to living than spending time at the doctor or in school.

  • weisthor0815
    weisthor0815 Month ago +1

    no wonder americans live in constant fear of almost anything

  • maarten cornelissen

    In the netherlands it is forbidden for an doctor to ask more than an surtain amout of money for an surtain thing same goes for dentist etc etc.

  • TheBruces56
    TheBruces56 Month ago

    If I went to Europe and needed medical care I would expect to pay for it since I am a foreign alien. However, many of those from the continent denigrating healthcare in the US must wonder why their wealthy citizens come here for complex medical procedures. We have the best healthcare in the world, it just isn't free. While our cousins over there may be conditioned to believe the government should take care of their every need we don't believe that. In fact, we believe government should be as limited as possible. As someone once said "a government that provides everything is capable of taking everything". I would also point out that healthcare is free in Cuba, Venezuela and I think least on paper.

  • Donald king
    Donald king Month ago

    Dude you are such a pussy going to the doctor for your your ankle or leg I mean come on I like I could have told you that it's so you to do is freaking wait a week or two what did you think they were going to tell you it was broke

    • Andrija Ban
      Andrija Ban 11 days ago

      Wow you already have a fear of visiting the doc... Because he might rip you off...
      The wild West...

  • Alice Michou
    Alice Michou Month ago

    By the way, do you guy know how much it costs to stay in a sink hole tiny nursing home room with medication reminder and 3 lousy, totally processed, meals a day cost here in Texas ? $ 6000 or more a month, if you are lucky. OOh, I'm so young, I don't worry about it. Well, if something happen to you and you can't live out there by yourself anymore. This is a "four star" option for you. Someone mentioned about $ 5000 for one ambulance service...Yeah, I avoid driving or going out , without being chauffeured, as much as I could. Still have that stress and worries in my head everyday, just because, I am not living like an ignorant. We have 300 millions paying taxes to our noses. Our country can afford what other countries are doing to give our hard working people a safe security blanket. Big pharma should not work with medical services and doctors to drug, test and mutilate people to death either!

  • Alice Michou
    Alice Michou Month ago +1

    As a former Parisian, French-US citizen now living in the US the last 25+ years, I can testify to what Karl said. In fact, many of my American friends who travelled with me to France, including Hongkong and Vietnam, who had some serious health problems while traveling, were at awe experiencing the top notch cares, stress free, and very reasonable costs for the extensive treatments in these countries. Here, in the US, I avoid seeing doctors at all cost! It raised my blood pressure un-necessarily each time I do so, as I often had to straighten out and follow up with prescriptions, insurance billings, erroneous issues and the run around between the doctor office (who is never available to talk or respond to patient), the pharmacy, any lab service, and the insurance company. So complicated and time consuming, unlike the fast, personable, and efficient services I am accustomed to in France or elsewhere. In fact, most countries in the world even have doctors come to the patient's home, almost right away. I CAN NOT understand HOW hard working, respectable Americans are OK to be treated as such and being gauged to the bone and thought it is "normal" ?

    HHD AAD Month ago

    lol u should have visited Denmark or Sweden everything would be free also for foreigners

  • oWESTYo
    oWESTYo Month ago

    100 euros!!!! costs me nothing in the UK.

  • Matt Klinger
    Matt Klinger Month ago

    My GF hasn't been to the doctor in 8 years because of this. She has some bad issues with her teeth and her back but we don't have the $5000 to pay for everything

  • Ghostdog4
    Ghostdog4 Month ago

    Come to MAssachusetts and just tell them you are an illegal alien and it's free!

  • Marta Chudek
    Marta Chudek Month ago

    In private clinic in Poland - 30 EUR for doctors examination, 10 for x-ray and 4 for antiinflamatory oitment. Proces in America are for us insane

  • mirka
    mirka Month ago

    US sucks cause ppl are brainwashed into believing "I'd rather pay insurance premium then allow gvnmt take care of my medical needs".
    In fact most Americans didn't have ANY insurance until Obamacare. Before that they just dutifully paid insurance premiums plus they paid for any medical intervention, and usually they got kicked out of the "insurance" if they got lifelong illness.
    The REAL price of healthcare in US should be what a person insured with Obamacare, with income below 400% Federal Poverty level, pays for "Bronze Plan".
    I have Obamacare Bronze Plan in California, I'm 55+, in reasonably good health.
    I'm getting Advance Premium Tax Credit of $800/month which covers most of my premium, I pay just $2/month, my out-of-pocket maximum is around $6k.
    Yearly deductible is low enough not to spend my whole income on healthcare.

  • fairy bliss
    fairy bliss Month ago

    In the US, even if you have insurance, you get bills forvthe ER. It’s a total fraud

  • strafrag1
    strafrag1 Month ago

    Hello Karl. That was one excellent video! Thanks. I am retired from a German company, have friends there and have been there over 20xs thru the years. Anyway, thankfully I have never gotten ill there but as one ages one has concerns. This is fabulous stuff to know. I envy you being your age as if I were I'd be living in Germany. Germany has come back from the poverty of the late 40s to be one of the best countries in the world. No, no place is perfect but the USA has lots to learn. Cheers, Peter.

  • julissa medina
    julissa medina Month ago

    I don’t have health insurance since I turned 19 and after a concert my back was KILLING me and I’ve felt back pain before like when I get my period but this was horrible I couldn’t stop crying for hours and I was 3 hours away from home. This was all in Texas at 4 In the morning and I vomited so I was taken to the emergency room the doctor checked me once and the nurse came in and i peed in a cup and then in the span of 20 minutes I was hit with a $1,120 bill I couldn’t do anything so I paid it even though it was way out of my price range and I rather had just felt that horrible pain then they told me that was ALL i was going to get charged. I made them confirm it because I didn’t want to go home and get hit with another bill. Weeks later I get hit with a bill of over $4,000 and I tell them I’m not paying for it because they specifically told me I wouldn’t have to and that I had 2 eye witness so they later told me I didn’t have to pay for anything. If you get hurt in the u.s just leave it will be a whole lot cheaper

  • guardians2010
    guardians2010 Month ago

    me in portugal for a x-ray i pay 1 euro and when i broke my hand with all i think i payed like 22 euros or something america sucks

  • Blanchette Fotopoulos

    Everything said in this video was of no value. I still don't know the monetary value of one health care system from the next.
    What are 80 euros in American dollars? You were charged 80 euros, whereas in America you'd be charged like $400. What's the difference in American parlance?

  • Amina B
    Amina B Month ago

    Going to the ER for a foot pain of a week or more is just an abuse of the public system... It's a waste of time for the doctors and a waste of money for the public system and the ER. You can do a non urgent x-ray in any health centre without collapsing the ER.

  • Angelica
    Angelica Month ago

    its constitutional right in european countries to get treatment, in the US its a luxury.. thats messed up

  • mallemandet
    mallemandet Month ago

    Great video, you should spread the information as many Americans think that a global healthcare will increase their taxes or they will pay for the others. This is what the republican are mostly saying. I am French and my Uncle is American and living in North Carolina, 20 years ago, he has been saved by a French surgery while visiting us, He couldn't afford the surgery in the US and they were ready to let him die without any solution as the price they were asking was around 100 000 $. The french team did saved him for a fraction of that price and he has been refunded by his insurance as they couldn't believe when they saw the invoice. The American healthcare is a business where people think more about their wallet instead of saving lives. The healthcare system needs to be seriously revamped but before to do so, you need to explain the benefits as for the moment most people think that they will lose money and enter in a so called socialist system which is not true.

  • Chips O'Toole
    Chips O'Toole Month ago

    That's right bro. The USA is a SHITHOLE. And your video and your whiny little American voice is putting me to sleep.

  • Maple Leafs
    Maple Leafs Month ago

    The Canadian Healthcare system works great, you are able to see your Family Doctor anytime or a walk-in anytime, anywhere! Normally its a 2-3 day wait period to make an appointment to see the Family Doctor or a few weeks to see a specialist. Its hard to believe that people get changed in the US to see a doctor or get a massive bill after a surgery. Healthcare is a right not a privilege, when your sick the last thing a person needs to worry about is paying off a 50,000,00 bill for a surgery and losing your home.

  • Old Account
    Old Account Month ago

    Did anyone else read this and think that was a lot of money all in? Now I know why we have to take that E something or other card with us when we travel inside the EU

  • Richard Wagner
    Richard Wagner Month ago

    Makes you think about all the anti universal healthcare propaganda on the US and how it's all not true. The truth is our for profit healthcare is scared they can't make as much money. Ask yourselves healthcare workers if european doctors can have and be satisfied with one mansion and one luxury car why can't Americans? Do what is best for society and your fellow human beings not your pocket book. That goes for all people!

  • Espen Bøgh
    Espen Bøgh Month ago

    There is a Little misunderstanding on your side, of healthcare in Europe, it's not the state that pays for you, - you pay by the tax you pay to the state, - and for that they provide infrastructure ways, hospitals and so on. - it's like and Insurance you pay by the tax system in Europe and everyone is covered.

  • Philipp Krebs
    Philipp Krebs Month ago

    Hey i'm form germany and as i was 14 i skipt the shool 1 to 2 times per week and I was needing a certificate of my doctor so I was every week at a different doctor and never played 1 euro.

  • andrew stretch
    andrew stretch Month ago

    US health care get ripped off, or die!

  • LaWendeltreppe
    LaWendeltreppe Month ago

    I am so happy to be German when it comes to health care. And hey, the way you say Mönchengladbach is really good! This is a horrible name for foreigners. And do you know what: I have eaten my first Mc Donald's meal in Mönchengladbach when I was a kid. (I lived in Krefeld during that time. You might know this town too.)

  • Mark Jongebloed
    Mark Jongebloed Month ago

    Im im sitting here in Germany thinking 'dang; 80 bucks for an x-ray, that's expensive' 😂😂

  • Jennifer Vessio
    Jennifer Vessio Month ago

    Good share. I live in Italy and it’s similar to what you describe. When I lived in the states we had a month lapse in our health insurance back in 2010. My son burnt his hand. My husband took him to the er because it was after hours, there wasn’t a walk in near us, and because it was a pretty bad burn. 3 hours, only saw a nurse, nurse put burn ointment and wrapped the hand. 1500 dollars.