Nova vs Garriga FULL FIGHT: August 21, 2016 - PBC on NBCSN

  • Abraham Nova and Wilfredo Garriga met for a scheduled 6 rounds on August 21, 2016 on PBC on NBCSN. The lightweight match-up featured Nova and Garriga trading knockdowns. Garriga came out strong in the first rounds and knocked Nova to the canvas with a counter left hook.
    But, in round 3 Nova knocked Garriga to the mat scoring a knockdown. Nova was in control in rounds 4 and 5 until the end of round 5 Garriga landed a left hook that stunned Nova.
    Nova won by majority decision and improves his record to 2-0.
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  • LilBucketZ
    LilBucketZ 5 months ago

    Does anyone know how to watch his fight tonight?

  • Arturo Sandoval
    Arturo Sandoval Year ago +1

    Ese Boricua Corre Más Que Una Gallina Cuando La Quieren Atrapar, Dominicano Metiendole La Mano En El Boxing A Los Boricuas Como Siempre😂😂

    • Leon Ponce
      Leon Ponce 3 months ago

      Pero cuál es el boricua el que tiene la bandera en el pantalón 🤣

  • DuckGoddies
    DuckGoddies Year ago +6

    Lmaoo I went to school with Abraham this dude just walked around school throwing punches at the air 😂

  • Manny Santos
    Manny Santos Year ago +2

    This fight open my eyes to a future champion. You can see his instinct to fight increase and his will overcame his opponent. When you consider that and his work ethic, there is no doubt that he is a future world champion. Very impressive.

  • IrvingM.
    IrvingM. Year ago +1

    I'm Rican but this nova dude is trash!!! Future champ my ass...

  • Brass Tacks Boxing
    Brass Tacks Boxing 2 years ago

    I'm sorry, but that was a robbery. a draw at best. am I the only one who thought Abraham lost?

    • samm jones
      samm jones 8 months ago +1

      Brock Nichols ugh....yup! Lol smh u buggin! Boyt! ALB shit!

  • Brass Tacks Boxing
    Brass Tacks Boxing 2 years ago +1

    hell of a fight. round 3 was lit!

  • YashuaTheEsseneNazarene
    YashuaTheEsseneNazarene 2 years ago +2

    Classic 6 round scrap

  • Jeremy Oberdorfer
    Jeremy Oberdorfer 2 years ago +3

    I had the pleasure to check super nova into his room when I was working a second job at the days inn in airway heights Washington when he was fighting for the Usa nation Am tourney at norther quest casino! Was a very nice and polite guy and everyday spoke with him and after he won gold he was still same self. Bought him dinner that night!!! Supernova is a boss

  • Tino Tino
    Tino Tino 3 years ago +6

    awesome way to check the wellness of fighters.double thumbs up

  • jean cedeno
    jean cedeno 3 years ago +3

    its tough being puerto rican and watching this Fight but SuperNova will be a FutureWorld Champion

    • Noel Rodriguez
      Noel Rodriguez Year ago +1

      Victor D he is full dominicam juzt born in P.R he is not a real Boricua

    • hip hop police state
      hip hop police state Year ago

      the fuck does being rican got to do with it

    • J smoothmoves
      J smoothmoves 2 years ago +1

      Victor D he's a client spanish speaker

    • Victor D
      Victor D 2 years ago +1

      jean cedeno of it makes you feel any better araham is half Rican lol

  • Ernesto Rodriguez
    Ernesto Rodriguez 3 years ago +1

    Daauummmm 🤔

  • Hector Bermudez
    Hector Bermudez 3 years ago +6

    That's what a future champion looks like. of course he needs to tweek some things and gain some experience. nevertheless, to go 6 rounds in just his 2nd fight says alot.

    • Kay gotsole
      Kay gotsole 4 months ago

      @Brass Tacks Boxing gtfoh.

    • Brass Tacks Boxing
      Brass Tacks Boxing 2 years ago

      a future champ who got his ass whipped. they robbed that other guy.

  • Triple Beast
    Triple Beast 3 years ago +3

    amazing fight

  • 1PunchMachineGun
    1PunchMachineGun 3 years ago +7

    The most annoying thing in boxing is biased commentating. Seriously, THE MOST ANNOYING SHIT IN BOXING!

  • flow8252
    flow8252 3 years ago +1

    Nova doesn't have chin.

    • georgelares
      georgelares 2 years ago

      Kay gotsole nova was gone but he recovered... Novas body punches hurt the other guy more than anything

    • Edsall Walker IV
      Edsall Walker IV 2 years ago

      Probably the first time nova was hit by some shots he never seen coming “I like” that he ate several others and kept coming from a tremendous fighter (garriga) excellent counter puncher his experience showed

    • Hector Bermudez
      Hector Bermudez 3 years ago +2

      he got caught right on the bottom with a haymaker and still recovered.

    • Kay gotsole
      Kay gotsole 3 years ago +3

      but the other dude does right?

  • walkwithme
    walkwithme 3 years ago +8

    was at this fight.... was easily the best fight of the night. Super fun to watch.

    • walkwithme
      walkwithme 3 years ago +1

      lol all good

    • Sam's Boxing Experiment
      Sam's Boxing Experiment 3 years ago +1

      walkwithme, I was feeling sassy when I wrote that

    • walkwithme
      walkwithme 3 years ago +1

      you know exactly what i meant so what difference does it make?

    • Sam's Boxing Experiment
      Sam's Boxing Experiment 3 years ago +1

      walkwithme, u should start that sentence with "I was at this fight" not just "was"

  • Kenith Bolston
    Kenith Bolston 3 years ago +2

    ONLY 4 LIKES!!!!! You people are crazy. Its not a technical fight because they both have abandoned the jab which is necessary to win in boxing but the brutality deserves way more likes.